155+ Symbolic Semicolon Tattoos to Punctuate on your Body (with Meanings)

Semicolon tattoos may look extremely simple with its dot and comma at the bottom, but it means more to others than just classic grammar punctuation. For many years, people are getting semicolon tattoos to bring the importance of mental illness in the light. They wear it as a sign of solidarity with people who have been suffering from mental illness and those who have lost their lives because of it.

As the semicolon tattoo trend escalates, people have introduced different types of semicolon tattoos, and have modified it by adding more elements to it. The tattoos look incredibly classy and have brought many people together as well. So if you’re looking for a unique minimalist tattoo with a strong meaning, you should definitely go for infinity semicolon tattoo.

To help you out, mentioned below are the different types of semicolon tattoos, along with the meaning behind the semicolon tattoo.


The Meaning behind the Semicolon Tattoo


The semicolon tattoo mainly symbolizes solidarity to those who could have ended their own life but fought their way through and survived it. For many years, people have been struggling with depression, anxiety, and many other types of mental illnesses. This is where the ‘Project Semicolon’ came into existence and used the semicolon tattoo to symbolize how an author could have ended their life but chose not to. Since the formation of this incredible project, the semicolon tattoo has grown and has become a significant fashion trend with a good cause attached to it.

Semicolon tattoos do not only help the person who wears it, but it also brings many people together and helps them open up about their struggle with mental illness. This tattoo is a symbol of hope for people going through mental stress and has allowed people to come out of their shells. Semicolon tattoos also remind you about your story how strong you are. This tattoo helps to motivate you to get through the daily struggles in life.

Even if you’re not struggling with mental illness, it is respectful to get this tattoo as it is a way of supporting people who have and are really going through it, and to give it the support that they will get through it.


Semicolon tattoos are small in size, so it is best to get it somewhere visible as this way people can identify how you’re fighting the battle of mental health, and that you have a strong story to tell. A few of the best places to get your semicolon tattoo tatted on are your wrist finger and near your ear. Many people have started getting it on their faces, along their sideburns, which is quite a unique spot.


Types of Semicolon Tattoos

Mentioned below are some of the classic and trendiest semicolon tattoo ideas that might convince you to get one even though the meaning behind this tattoo is quite compelling.

The Colon Cat

Some semicolon tattoos are unique in their appearance and may also have different meanings attached to it. This semicolon cat tattoo is one of the cutest tattoos you’ll find across the internet, especially for those who are cat freaks. This tattoo includes a black inked semicolon tattoo, but instead of a dot, there is a cat face shaped like a dot.

People usually get this tattoo to showcase their love for their pets, and it also symbolizes transformation and independence, as a cat is quite symbolic in many tribes and Japanese mythology. This tattoo could also represent how having a pet has got you through your mental illness. Give this cute semicolon tattoo a try to throw out some attractive and meaningful vibes.

The Watercolor Style

watercolor semicolon tattoo

You can now showcase the famous watercolor tattooing technique in your semicolon tattoo and make it pop. This watercolor semicolon tattoo includes a black ink semicolon tattoo on the wrist, tatted over a wave of watercolors that looks somewhat like a rainbow.

The watercolor technique compliments the semicolon quite well, leaving you with the perfect contrast of tattoo. This tattoo not only looks uniquely stylish but helps to bring some color in your life, mostly if you’ve gone through a rough patch dealing with your mental health.

Butterfly Fly Away!

This butterfly semicolon tattoo has got to be one of the best and beautiful semicolon tattoos you will ever come across. This tattoo includes black inked semicolon with small butterfly wings near the colon. The colon represents the body of a butterfly. This tattoo is an accurate symbol of transformation; it shows how you have transformed over the years as person and now feel so much better.

This also gives out a sense of hope that things do get better and that you’re not always going to stay a caterpillar. As at some point or another, a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. Just like this, you will transform into a new and better person, both physically and mentally.

The Sign Of The Cross

If you’re a true believer of the Christian faith and believe that it has helped you grow in miraculous ways, then this semicolon cross tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo consists of a black inked cross on the wrist slit in the middle where the semicolon appears. This tattoo represents your true belief in Christ, and how religion has helped you to get through your dark phase in life. So get ready to showcase God’s miraculous powers through this symbolic cross semicolon tattoo.

Fade Away Birds Semicolon Tattoo

bird's semicolon tattoo

This bird’s semicolon tattoo is truly unique and an exceptional work of art. This tattoo includes a blue and purple inked semicolon, where the dot appears faded away, fading into black inked birds flying away. The birds in this tattoo represent freedom as they are coming out of your shell. It shows how you have left all your worries and struggles behind and have finally moved on. It also symbolizes hope as birds are one of the significant symbolism of hope and reservation.

In many religions and cultures, birds classify as the messengers between heaven and earth, adding more emphasis on the representation of freedom. This tattoo is a hard one to resist with such a beautiful appearance and intense portrayal.

Heart Colon Tattoo

This heart semicolon tattoo is quite a classic and is one of the most famous semicolon tattoos. This tattoo includes a red-inked heart in place of the dot with the traditional black inked comma under it, showcasing it as a semicolon. This tattoo symbolizes how strong love is and how it has helped you in some of the horrible times of your life.

You could also get this tattoo to appreciate a loved one who got you through your dark phase. With this tattoo, prove to the world that all you need to have and give is love, mostly to survive in a world filled with cruelty and fraud.

Infinity Semicolon Tattoo

This infinity semicolon tattoo is quite a powerful one as both these symbols have a strong meaning, and combined, it throws out a potent vibe. This tattoo includes a black inked infinity sign with a semicolon completing the image.

Infinity tattoos represent loneliness and something everlasting. Along with the semicolon, the overall tattoo represents all the limitless possibilities you have in life and that there’s nothing you can’t get through. All you have to do is put your mind and soul in getting better, and this tattoo is the perfect way to motivate you to do that.

Semicolon a Beat

semicolon heartbeat tattoo

While the tattoo may sound very cringy, it still doesn’t defeat the fact that this semicolon heartbeat tattoo is one of the most stunning and subtle tattoos present in the art of tattooing. This tattoo includes a black inked heartbeat that ends in a semicolon. This tattoo represents how precious your life is, and that life is just one heartbeat away. You could also get this tattoo to showcase your love for someone and how they may have changed or saved your life.

All White Everything

If you’re looking for a unique tattoo, look no further, as this white semicolon tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo includes a white inked semicolon that looks perfect on your finger or near your ear. This tattoo is simple, yet stylish and unique as ever. This tattoo encourages you to always look on the bright side, no matter how adverse or challenging your situation might be. This tattoo also encourages other people who come across your tattoo to always look at the positives.

Dragonfly Semicolon Tattoo

Another fantastic element that could brighten up your semicolon tattoo is this dragonfly semicolon tattoo. The tattoo has a unique appearance and throws out a mystical vibe for some reason. This tattoo includes a black inked semicolon representing the dragonfly’s body, with black inked outlined wings.

Dragonflies symbolize bravery, joy, and strength. This tattoo has helped many people find these main attributes of life and apply it in their daily lives. It is mainly for people who have survived major suicidal episodes, and are now at a much better stage in life. So add a bit of an enchanting touch to your body and life with this incredible semicolon tattoo.

Music Lovers Semicolon Tattoo

music semicolon tattoos

If you’re a true music lover, this music notes semicolon tattoo is just the right choice for you. This tattoo consists of a black inked music note with heartbeat lines that connect to the semicolon. This tattoo represents how music has got you through some of the hardest parts of your life.

It also says how music and this tattoo may have helped you through your depression. This way, you can also show others how music can help them in their time of depression, especially when they can’t seem to get past their difficult time because music is powerful.





How long does it take to get a semicolon tattoo?

The time it takes to get a semicolon tattoo depends on many factors. These factors usually consist of the size of your tattoo, the design and the amount of detailing it requires, and the experience of the tattoo artist.

Semicolon tattoos are quite simple and don’t really include an over the top design. So if you’re going for the classic semicolon tattoo, it may take you a maximum of ten minutes to get done.

If it is your first time getting a tattoo, it may take longer depending on the pain tolerance you have, and the area you’re getting it tatted on your body.

How much will my semicolon tattoo cost me?

As semicolon tattoos are usually smaller in size, it will cost you a total of $40; however, this is not a standard price, and the cost may go up, depending on several reasons. Some tattoo parlors charge hourly. So this depends on the area on your body you’re getting it tatted on. The maximum cost per hour that tattoo artists charge is 200 dollars. If you add colored ink and other exotic details to your tattoo, then it will cost you more than $40.

Is getting a semicolon tattoo on my wrist painful?

Wrist tattoos are quite painful as there are many veins in that area, which may cause you to feel a lot of pain compared to in other areas. However, this shouldn’t stop you from getting one as you’ll feel the sensation for a few minutes. Semicolon tattoos are small, and they don’t take that much time to complete.

Final Words

With the help of these fantastic semicolon tattoos, you can now not only achieve some fabulous body art but also bring a change in the lives of many other people. This is one of the tattoos that tattoo fanatics often get, as it has helped so many people. So you should get this tattoo as you could bring a significant change in a person’s life who has been struggling with their mental health.