155+ Bird Tattoos That Are Absolutely Exquisite

Hey there, tattoo lover. Planning to get inked and actively searching for some cool design inspiration? Well, search no more. Bird tattoos are the new craze for their cute esthetics and even cuter meanings. In addition to being cute, their meanings can be quite deep and significant too. These tattoo design ideas are so cool that you’ll fall in love instantly. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to ignore.

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Birds mostly denote peace, positivity, optimism, happiness and bliss. They also symbolize independence, self actualization and the ability to develop a perspective. These are all very intense and heavy traits. Developing a perspective allows you to think rationally and be far sighted. It also helps you erase out all petty concerns that come in the way of your growth and gives you a very pleasant sense of freedom.

Getting inked is a major decision. Your tattoo is going to be your life long partner. Choose wisely and go for something that would remind you to be positive, to be hopeful and full of life.


Placement- Where you should get this design inked

Bird tattoos look best on the wrist or the ankle, although some people like to get it on their necks or behind their ears. It is entirely up to you. However if you choose a spot that is easily visible you can flaunt it easily. Also, you can look at it and admire it. It will constantly remind you to be positive and believe in love. The human mind works in amazing ways, if you feed it with positivity you will feel peaceful, content and at ease.

Choose the location wisely, though. If you feel like you wouldn’t want to show it off or look at it a lot then select a spot that is easily to hide. Tattoos are hard to conceal using make up. Just for your information.  

Let’s get straight to the point and look at 155+ bird tattoo ideas and their meanings. They are absolutely exquisite and amazingly fascinating. So, if you’re thinking about getting one, go for it and be prepared to make a sassy style statement!


Dove tattoo

This tattoo idea is very popular and chic. Both men and women can show it off easily.

Meaning: Dove tattoo denotes peace and harmony. However, it even has a religious and spiritual meaning attached to it. Dove is linked to Christianity and is mentioned in the Holy Bible multiple times. Dove was mentioned in Noah’s ark, for instance. It also represents faithfulness and victory.


Hummingbird Tattoo

hummingbird-tattoos hummingbird-tattoos

This tattoo idea is great and holds very positive meanings. Mostly, people who have gone through a lot of hardships in life get it inked on their body. It acts as a reminder for them and lets them know that losing hope is not the option because life is beautiful and promising.

Meaning: Humming bird symbolizes good luck, news and recovery. This bird is said to bring all sorts of good news and energies along with it. It also indicates freedom and independence. Interesting fact for you, this bird has the ability to fly backwards! It is associated with Native Americans and Aztecs. They used to believe that this symbol attracts the opposite sex towards them. American actress Sarah Hyland wears this beautiful design behind her ear and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Owl Tattoo

This tattoo idea is unique and allows you to be creative with it. You can ask the tattoo artist to make pretty patterns inside the owl or add a splash of color in it to make it appear more fabulous.

Meaning: The owl symbol mainly represents wisdom and knowledge. The Greek Goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom had an owl tattoo on her shoulder. If you are a good secret keeper, you should definitely get one inked. Owls have excellent night vision and are said to be great thinkers. They are learned and think at night.

Parrot Tattoo

parrot tattoos

This is a very cute tattoo design idea. If you are a talkative person and want to let everyone you meet know that, then this is the right design for you. The fact that this is the only animal that can talk to you is very fascinating and makes this animal even cooler.

Since parrots are colorful and attractive animals, you can ask the tattoo artist to be creative with this design. Add a bit of color and other cute embellishments to it for the extra glam.

Meaning: Parrots indicate playfulness, wit, companionship and joy. They are like your pet pals. They are also said to be rebellious like pirates. That explains the similarity of names.

Birds of Paradise Tattoobird tattoos

Another very popular bird tattoo design. The use of vibrant colors and bold outlines makes it even more beautiful. The feathers of these birds are mainly inked in red, yellow and blue.

Meaning: According to popular belief, these birds are from heaven and they never land on earth. They represent elegance and grace and are religious birds. African tribes used to wear this design a lot. This design indicates that you believe in life after death and the concept of heaven or hell.

Blue bird or Blue jay Tattoo

This is a very gorgeous design idea that will surely catch a lot of attention.

Meaning: These birds are seen in Native American and German stories. They are also very commonly heard in songs and poetry lyrics and verses. They represent happiness and prosperity. Their blue color indicates the color of the sky meaning eternal happiness. Also, blue jays are very protective about their family. They are faithful and also have a lot of knowledge. Native Americans used to believe that the blue bird is a symbol of good health and a good future.

Peacock Tattoo


Peacocks are colorful, exotic and extremely stunning.  If you want a bold and vibrant design this is your go-to for sure. Peacocks are very popular among other birds because of their unique appearance. This design will surely gather you a lot of compliments. Some people like to get large peacocks outline on their ribcages while others like small ones on the ankle. If you get it inked, you can enhance your inner and outer beauty.

Meaning: Peacocks like to admire their beauty so you can say that they are somewhat narcissistic. They open their colorful feathers and walk like divas. They represent confidence, freedom, knowledge, compassion and kindness. Peacock was the vehicle of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth. This is because of its majestic and royal appeal. Its feathers are even used in Kings and Queen’s crowns, due to this reason.

Eagle Tattoo

This bird tattoo is mostly preferred by men. This bird is somewhat masculine in nature. It is iconic and is on the American flag as well. If you get an eagle inked on your ribcage you can be reminded of the fact you have the power and freedom to achieve your goals. This reminder will support you and drive you to get one step closer to your goals at each passing day.

Meaning:  It represents strength, courage and dominance. The Greek god Zues had an eagle that used to work for him. They are extremely observant birds and they fight for what belongs to them. Other birds know that they can’t mess with the eagle. Native Americans used eagle feathers in their ceremonies because they depict strength, wisdom, vision and are considered sacred. An eagle is also known as the King of the sky. 

Little birds flying away Tattoobird tattoos

This tattoo design is minimalistic and cute. This is usually worn on the wrist because these birds are tiny. It is very popular among girly teens. It is plain and simple, no fuss. Birds flying away with absolute freedom inked in bold black ink.

Meaning This designs shows that the wearer has absolute freedom to discover new things, places and have interesting experiences in life just like the birds fly away with no care in the world. This tattoo, sometimes hold a personal message to it. It reminds you of the passing away of a love one, because once the birds fly away you can’t spot them. They go far away leaving you curious and inquisitive

Vulture Tattoo

vulture tattoos


This is another brilliant tattoo idea specifically for men. The wearer of this tattoo can show to the world that they are not afraid of anyone or anything and will do anything to protect their loved ones.

Meaning:  Vulture tattoos make a very solid statement. They indicate death, protection, strength and renewal. Even though a vulture is mostly seen as a villain, it is a symbol of strength.  Vultures are very fiercely protective when it comes to their young ones. They are not afraid of other birds and attack them mercilessly if they try to disturb their family.

Raven or Crow Tattoo

This body art idea is also very popular mainly because of the fact that it gives gothic vibes. Gothic teens and individuals who like to stay mysterious often get this tattoo inked.

Meaning: Mystery is a very major element attached to ravens and crows. They are mostly dark symbols and indicate death. Greek myth has it that Ravens acted as God’s messengers between gods and mortals. In addition to its dark touch, it has a couple of goods attached to it too. They represent intellect and communication with spirits. This is a very powerful feature.

Tailor Made Bird Tattoo

The best part about choosing a bird tattoo design is the fact that it allows you to explore. You can choose your favorite colors, different geometrical patterns, pearly embellishments or a plain simple bird and manage to rock it. It looks awesome and holds deep meanings as well, which is a plus because who wants a permanent body art that has no meaning or depth.



It is now time to answer the most frequently asked tattoo related questions and queries. We hope to clear them out for you.

Is getting a tattoo a very painful process?

That entirely depends on your pain tolerance level. Some people are more sensitive to pain than others. It is usually less painful on the thigh on your upper arm. It is very important to stay hydrated and your system should be free of alcohol as well. Have a healthy meal and then sit for your session. It will be painful and stingy, not going to lie. It may cause burning but it gets better and you get used to it.

Are tattoos very costly?

If you go to a cheap tattoo parlor, you will get it done in cheap rates. However it is important to note that cheap parlors can compromise on hygiene. So pay some extra cash and don’t compromise on hygiene, since it is a delicate and a risky process. Good tattoo parlors in the US charge around 100 to 200 dollars per session per hour.

How much time does it take to complete?

If you have selected a large sized detailed design it will take time to complete.  The process is delicate and involves needles being punctured into your skin using special tools so try not to move or fidget.  The key is to remain patient and trust your tattooist with his job. It will be painful but the end result will make you happy.

How long does the rash/burning/stinging take to heal?

It takes about a week to heal. However, if it burns and stings a lot and you can’t bear the pain, go see a doctor. Do that before an infection starts to form because the rash is still open and can invite infections. Other than that, avoid water related activities like swimming and don’t cover the area with band aid or tight clothing. Let it breathe and heal.

We hope this was helpful. Good Luck!