145+ Wrist Tattoos Ideas That Will Make You Go “Wow”!

Wrist tattoos are one of the most excellent artistic impressions. It is simple yet meaningful and means a lot to the wearer. Tattoo design on the wrist dramatically varies depending on the user’s preferences. They are incredibly fashionable, and you can easily give them a personalized touch.

Body art is becoming more common, and many people love the idea of having their skin adorn with beautiful textures. When we talk about wrist tattoos, there are a lot of options to choose from, even though it is one of the painful places to get inked.


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The Sun Tattoo

The black inked sun tattoo is a bit masculine but also fits perfectly on the female gender. Have you ever looked at the sun and thought of the way it powers our life? Our sun is the primary source of energy to our planet, and without it, no living thing can survive. The tattoo first great for people who are pro-life and naturalist and can adequately emphasize their message. 

Besides the tattoo fits perfectly on every skin type, and its board borders signify the influence of the sun in our daily lives. Further, the rays on the outer part are also mesmerizing and depict an excellent impression of afternoon sunset.

The Paws

People are fond of their pets and love spending time with them. Some even go a step ahead and make sure that their pets come along during the morning walk, while others prefer having quality time with them after office hours.

The Paws tattoo is for dog lovers or for the people who are impressed with the loyalty of the dogs. The tattoo is adorned with dark black ink on the wrist and getting it tattooed might be a little painful to the wearer. However, if you are into dogs and love seeing them around, then getting this tattoo would be worth the time and money.

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The 3d Butterfly Tattoo

3D tattoos are becoming quite popular among teens. This tattoo is exceptionally colorful and is way different from those mentioned above. The 3D Butterfly tattoo doesn’t incorporate black ink. Instead, it uses a combination of blue, white, and black color to provide a more meaningful art on your wrist.

The butterfly tree tattoo is perfect for every gender. It beautifies your wrist and is for the individuals who prefer a more diversified look. Additionally, the tattoo blends perfectly with white or brown skin tone, and you can heavily customize the colors depending on your preferences.

The Bird’s Flock

The bird’s flock tattoo is for the females, although a man can also wear it depending on the skin tone. The birds flock a tattoo is a preferable option if you are looking for a decent tattoo on your wrist, representing nature. The tattoo consists of four small birds with their wings open in the air representing freedom.

The tattoo is easy to get inked, and your tattoo artist might further beautify it by adding decorative textures around its surrounding. The bird flocks tattoo perfectly fits on light skin color and might look a little dull if you are embedding it on brown on dark skin tone.

Love Yourself

Love yourself tattoo is specifically for the people who are going through sufferings and trials in their life. The tattoo signifies the importance of a healthy lifestyle and encourages happiness with what you have. Love yourself tattoo is perfect for every gender and works best for teenagers because they are usually the one facing difficulties in their life.

The wearer can also decorate the words and make it look more attractive by stylizing the tattoo with different colors. However, the tattoo is more prominent in comparison to those above, which might be a turn-off for people looking for decent but attractive art on their wrist.

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The Mountain Wrist

The mountain wrist tattoo represents strength and power. The tattoo is perfect for those people who are fond of bodybuilding and wants to emphasize the importance of strength in one’s life. Mountains are part of nature that firmly upholds the land and prevents sudden drifts and earthquake. The tattoo symbolizes strong bond and dedication to hard work for achieving life goals.

The tattoo is for masculine personality and integrates perfectly on the wrist of weight lifters. However, a female can also get it done depending using soft ink tone.wrist-tattoos

Bird Believe Wrist Tattoo

The Bird Believe wrist tattoo is a decent artistic work to implicit a breathtaking texture on your wrist without extensive work. The tattoo is straightforward and blends perfectly with lighter skin tone; however, you can still wear it on brown skin. Besides, the tattoo contains the motivational word “Believe”, which in itself can provide great hope and encouragement to the wearer. 

Bird Believe wrist tattoo doesn’t take much space on your wrist and is neither painful, like the Paws tattoo. The tattoo consists of little bird flying in the air, emphasizing how small things can make a big difference, and with determination, every human can achieve his goals.

In other words, the Bird Believe tattoo highlights the importance of believing in oneself while undertaking any task or work. Moreover, the tattoo is not gender-based, and any person can adorn it on their wrist and use it as a motivating factor.


The Word Map Tattoo

The world map tattoo is perfect for travelers and Vloggers who are fond of making videos and publishing it on their YouTube channel. The world tattoo is made up of several different colors to make it look more appealing and attractive to the eyes, although you can pick hues of your choices depending on your preferences.

The tattoo to highlights a complete world map, and it can be one of the great is impressions if traveling and discovering new places is among your hobby. Further, the different colors on the world map reinforce the message of peace and co-existence between societies, which can be a great way to show off your positive viewpoint. You can also portray the World Map tattoo in your YouTube videos and can remind yourself of the places you are going to visit for your next trip.

The Family Heart Tattoo

The family heart tattoo is for everyone. There are no restrictions in terms of skin color, gender, or age. The family tattoo is simple and contains the word family within the heart to glorify the bond. The tattoo represents love and strong connection between your friend and family member and reinforces the importance of their presence in your life

The family heart tattoo usually comprises of black ink. However, you can choose a color of your own depending on your preference or interest. Additionally, you can also select the font and style of the tattoo, and your artist might further decorate it by adding simple textures around its outline.

The Black Rose Tattoo

The black rose tattoo is perfect for females that love nature and are fond of flowers. However, the tattoo is quite bigger when comparing it to most of the tattoos listed above. The Black Rose tattoo portrays a beautiful texture, decorated around your wrist. It is sharp and impressive and blends perfectly with a light skin tone.

Black rose tattoo also consist of small leaves and expanding petals to capture the attention of the audience. You can even add more ideas to the tattoo such as decorating it flower stem or adding a small butterfly on its top.

The Bird Feather Tattoo

Bird’s feather tattoo is perfect for people with ambition and for those who dream big and work hard to achieve their life goals. The bird feather tattoo further represents freedom and is ideal for people who work for the Human Right Organization, NGO’s, etc.

The tattoo is made from black ink, and will hardly fit with any other color. However, the bird feather tattoo is for the feminine gender, and as a male, you should be looking for alternatives.

Think Positive Tattoo

“Think Positive” are great motivational words and can recharge a human determination to achieve his dream. The think positive tattoo is especially for those people who are going through stress and other mental health-related issues. The tattoo provides hope and encouragement to the wearer and is a sneaky art to boost self-esteem

Thinking positive is a mental issue and revolves around a person’s attitude towards negative and unfavorable circumstances. The process requires creating thoughts and transforming the unwanted event into happiness, and joyful movement. Further, the tattoo is not specific to one gender or skin tone, and anyone can wear it on their wrist.

Love Wrist Tattoo

The love wrist tattoo signifies the strong connection between you and your loved ones. This includes the love for your family members, including your friends or co-workers. Love wrist tattoo is a small tattoo similar to the Birds Flock tattoo above and doesn’t require extensive artwork.

The love wrist tattoo contains the word “Love”, which is engrossed in a heart, emphasizing the importance of a strong bond between people. Thus, if you wish to show-off your feelings and emotions using tattoos for the people you love than Love Wrist tattoo would be one of the perfect choices.

Heart Bracelet

Wrist tattoos can be a lot different than those on your neck or back. The heart bracelet tattoo is a unique artistic impression to picture a heart embedded with a bracelet. This is one of the fashionable wrist tattoos a person can wear and can be heavily customized.

At first glance, the tattoo might look suitable for the feminine gender; however, it blends perfectly in the male’s wrist. Besides, the wearer can remove the heart symbol from the bracelet and can ask the tattoo artist to attach any other texture such as star, cube, or skull.

The Pink Ribbon Hope Tattoo

The pink ribbon hopes tattoo is for people who are concerned with the increasing number of health-related issues, especially breast cancer. The artwork consists of the word “Hope” embedded on a person’s wrist. The focus point of the word is the letter “O”, which is made from “Pink Ribbon” to highlight the growing importance of medical facilities.

The “Pink Ribbon” is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness, and the wearer expresses moral support for the women fighting this deadly disease. The symbol is used to fund campaigns to cure the disease and is used all around the globe for breast cancer awareness.


The Sad Whale Wrist Tattoo

The sad whale wrist tattoo is a symbol of hope and living for the sea creatures. The art spotlight the plastic pollution that is affecting the deep seas and causing mayhem in our oceans. The tattoo fits the people who are environmentalist and look for ways to reduce plastic and sea pollution.

Dying corals and excessive fishing will eventually lead to loss of the hundreds of sea species. The Sad Whale wrist tattoo focuses on the massage of sustainable growth and blends perfectly on any every gender and skin tone.

3D Creepy Spider Tattoo

The tattoo might look creepy but can be one of the magnificent artistic designs if done right. 3D Creepy Spider tattoo uses red and black color along with grey ink for 3D looks. The tattoo is small and can be a great way of having fun and entertainment.

You can also sharpen the color tone and make it look more realistic and eye-catching to the audience. With a spider crawling on your wrist, everybody would likely be amazed!

Anchor Wrist Tattoo

A tattoo is a perfect option for small wrist designs. The anchor wrist tattoo includes light black ink. You can easily get this tattoo on your wrist without much pain. The tattoo highlights the importance of remaining strong at times of distress and misery.

The anchor is important for holding the ship from drifting away due to sea current or wings. Similarly, the tattoo implies remaining steady and bearing the difficulties with a positive attitude.

Peacock Feather Tattoo

The peacock feather tattoo is great for animal lovers and for individuals who love spending their time with animals. Besides, if you are a bird lover, then getting peacock feather tattoo should be in your priority list.

The tattoo consists of several different colors to stylize the texture. The most dominant of the color is green, which highlights the natural tone of a peacock feather. Although, you can change the color and style of this tattoo depending on your taste, keeping it simple will likely keep it more vibrant and appealing.

The Star Tattoo

Star makes up a cluster, and they form the galaxy. By every means, the world outside our planet is amazing and contains physics that we might not be able to comprehend. However, individuals can’t pass through our atmosphere, making it impossible to wander the galaxies.

The star tattoo is a replacement of this interest, and hope for the future generations to discover the world outside our planet. The tattoo contains several stars lining up in zigzag textures, surrounded by dots representing the planets around them. If you love reading about space and have a deep interest in astronomical science, then this tattoo should be among your consideration.

The Skyline Tattoo

The skyline tattoo is perfect for people who miss their hometown. If you are a person living far from your house and miss your family and friends, then this tattoo might be one way to express your feelings. If you are a proud native of your city or hometown, then showing it off to the public will help them idealize the feelings and emotion you are going through.

Further, the tattoo fits on every gender and you can wear it on dark and light skin tone without any additions. However, if you think that the artwork is unappealing and straightforward, then there is always the possibility of decorating it with additional textures.

High-Class Jewels

The high-class jewels tattoo is for the people who love decorating their skin with magnificent texture. If you are fond of jewels and love fashionable items to adore your lifestyle than high-class jewel tattoo might be your perfect choice.

Although the tattoo is quite big than the majority of the artwork listed above, which might be a turn-off for people looking for small and decent tattoos. Besides, it is not customizable and doesn’t fit a dark skin color.

Branch Out Tattoos

Trees can make a wonderful design. Same is the case with branch out tattoos as it demonstrates how trees branches can work together to form a natural artwork. The flower contains few leaves and branches to decorate the texture.

Made with black ink, the Branch out tattoos focuses on the left and right side of your wrist instead of the center. The tattoo is simple to wear and can work well with dark and brown skin color.

In Conclusion

Deciding for a wrist tattoo can be very stressing. A person might have a lot of moods and preferences. Some may prefer skyline tattoo with heart bracelet while the others might opt for the family heart tattoo. As a bottom line, make sure that your decision is based on your interests and hobbies to showcase your wrist instead of regretting it later.