125 Pretty Peacock Tattoos You Can Try

Seeing someone who has various aesthetically pleasing designs on their bodies is quite overwhelming and it gets more intense when you hear about the symbolical value of that art. Peacock tattoo compositions are some meaningful tattoo design that grabs your attention almost immediately.

Although it is not much popular but, it for sure gives you a unique look. Colorful display of peacock’s feathers and displaying one of the most beautiful creatures in this universe on parts of your body is nothing else than a perfect decision. Peacocks are the pride of various cultures and regions. Let’s have some discussion on what does peacock tattoos symbolize.


The Essence Of Peacock’s Inky Expression


 A majestic bird with a crown on the top of its head originates from a culturally rich country like India. Colorful feathers and dignified posture are the major reasons for its beauty. These extraordinarily delicate yet graceful creatures are Peacocks.

They hold a very prestigious status in many cultures and religions around the globe. Indians have granted it a status of being their national bird because India’s historical events include both symbolical and physical existence of Peacocks. For example, one of the Indian rulers, Emperor Shah Jahan of the Mughal Empire Had a preference for a peacock throne to sit, and due to this; today peacock tattoos are made for royalty and nobility.

In India, peacocks enjoy a special status of being the vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi who gets worshipped for wealth and prosperity. Thus people with peacock tattoos wish for richness and accomplishments too. Glorious Hindu god Krishna also used to wear a peacock feather o his forehead.

Other religions in which a peak holds a high status are Christianity and Buddhism respectively. Buddhists see a peacock as a symbol of honesty and integrity. Christians find the symbolical reflection of Jesus Christ and Church in a white peacock.

The reason behind the symbolical reflection of beauty and vanity of a peacock is its association with a Greek goddess Hera, who use to become jealous of people who were more attractive than her. A few cultures attach the titles of Wise and knowledgeable with a peacock. In China, peacocks bring a good fortune for a pregnant woman according to mystical beliefs. People with a belief in resurrection and renewal of soul and body synonymously link a peacock with this idea.

Peacocks are immune to toxins and poison due to their internal healing power; thus; it is linked with the healing too. Furthermore, peacocks are also symbolically attached with magnificence, eternity, passion and purity.

Peacock is a synonym for every adjective used above. Even the feathers of a peacock have different symbolical evidence attached to it. When a peacock displays its colorful dance, it’s not just entertaining people.

Instead, it is giving a signal to the female peacock for mating purpose. Therefore, showing love and passion. The interpretation of an eye in the feather is God’s eye in Christianity and an evil eye in oriental culture. There are a variety of symbolical adjectives attached to it. However, it depends on the wearer of the peacock tattoo that how one sees it and what is the value and meaningfulness of the composition.

Esthetic Compositions For A Totem Of Beauty

Peacock ink art on various parts of the body is an epitome of dazzling motifs and expression of meaningful emotions.  As said you are what you wear, and mash-up of peacock tattoo designs with other motifs or wearing a simple peacock tattoo is your choice.

Be creative with the designs and do good research before you finalize the composition. To help you out and ease your way, here are a few pleasant compositions that would be great for you. Just remember, listen to everyone but do what you feel is right.


Ethnic Peacock Tattoo On Your Skin

It brings royalty and gracefulness when you get a  peacock on you in a tribal motif. There are various designs of tribal peacock tattoo which you can get. The black outlines and fills give charm to your tattoo. If you want it to get this tattoo done less painfully, then a motif on the area where there is more fat would be great. Like abdomen, thigh, biceps, etc.

However, if you have it on your collarbone, forearm, near ribs or on the side then, oh my pal be prepared for the pain. Although it would be painful but, the end result would make you forget all the pain in a sec.

Combination Of Flowers And A Peacock Tattoo

Peacocks are the most beautiful creature, and they look more picturesque when they move or dance in the flowers. It makes it look grander and spiritual. When you combine both of the strong motifs, it makes a deadly combination.

Getting a large motif including a peacock and flowers on the thigh or the arm would look very attractive but, smaller motifs on the forearm or behind the neck aren’t lesser. The design of this art piece should be yours, be it colorful, abstract or any kind but do remember it must express something that you want to remember for the eternity.

A Feather To Attract Your Other Half

Peacock dances by opening all of its two hundred colorful feathers to attract the female peafowl. Getting a peacock feather done is a signal that you are very passionate about your other half and have a very deep and spiritual bond with the one.

There are different sizes, and it’s your choice if you want to add colors to it or want to keep it in black ink. My honest suggestion would be to fill the colors in it. You can have a tiny feather on your finger, collarbone or behind the neck. However, if you wish to have a bigger motive then a long feather starting from your collar bone and ending on the side of your abdomen would look great. You can have it where ever; on the front or at the back. This long motif would look on a thigh and calves too.

Just An Outline For Good Luck

According to the Chinese tradition, a peacock brings fortune and luck. In a world full of competition and hate everyone needs a lucky charm. Getting the outline of a peacock on the body in black ink would be your lucky charm for the rest of your lives.

Also, people of the past had the belief that Peacock would lead your way to the paradise, so all those sinners get an outline of a peacock for a free entry in the paradise. As it is just an outline, so I would suggest you that keep it small. Decorate an outlined ink peacock on your wrist or an ankle. Also, your forearm or side near the abdomen or the belly button would be great for a tattoo like this.


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Mix-Up Of Black And Colors

There is wild design out there, but a mix and match of black and colors for a peacock tattoo is just awesome. A black silhouette of the body with colorful dancing feathers would give a very deep and spiritual meaning.

It would be a symbolization of darkness within the person or the sadness within oneself but filling colors in the life of others and keeping them happy is what you do. Although it has a darker side, however, this is also a bitter truth that we have to make others happy even though we aren’t in that state. This tattoo can be expressed on various parts of your body including the area around your heart, thigh, chest, collar bone, etc.


Henna Designed Peacock Captured For Eternity

Henna is always associate with a woman. Even in past centuries, all the ladies used henna to carve temporary designs for big occasions. This tradition is still going on in many countries like India and Pakistan etc.

The royal designs of Indian queens and princesses were a mashup of flowers with a peacock. So, a peacock tattoo inspired by henna design reveals the gracefulness, royalty, dignity, honor, and beauty of the wearer. These henna design peacock tattoos can rock on wrists, back, calves, sides near the abdomen and once again behind the neck right after the hairline.


In this article, I discussed the uniqueness and meanings of various peacock tattoos. I hope now you have one more idea for getting a tattoo. I feel there are many common designs that people have on them like anchor, ship, compass, etc. but a very few people have something unique like this tattoo.

Although peacocks on the body aren’t that much in these days, their individuality makes them stand out from other popular tattoos. I hope you got some inspirations after reading this article. If you are getting a tattoo and want something that is also not very common, then peacocks are the best choice. Peacocks are aesthetically beautiful and are also very meaningful for turning it into a tattoo. It was a pleasure to write on this topic for all you guys, enjoy tattooing.