125 Mexican Tattoos That Will Help You Adore the Mexican Culture

Mexico is one of the places where citizens celebrate the Day of the Dead and other festivals related to death in glamour and glitter. Mexicans identify death as an event to celebrate other than to mourn. They show their love and respect for the deceased members of the family on this day.

Tattooing has been a big deal in Mexican culture, especially when it comes to the design you choose. There is an unlimited number of Mexican tattoo designs, and each has a deep meaning that relates to the culture. From skeletons to skull candy and roses, Mexican tattoos look absolutely stunning, especially the colored ones.

If you feel connected to the Mexican culture and fancy their tradition, the best way to cherish that bond is by getting a Mexican tattoo. We have gathered some of the best Mexican tattoo ideas for you. These ideas will help you out in choosing just the right tattoo. Read further down to get to know about the meanings associated with each tattoo.

Mexican Tattoo

The Meaning behind Mexican Tattoos


Mexican tattoos have one thing common in them; they all have some association with their religious belief. Skeleton and skull candy tattoo associate with the loss of a loved one. Mexico is famous for many cultural beliefs, and till today these beliefs are celebrated and remembered. One of the best ways Mexican does that is by getting these designs tatted on their bodies.

The colors present in the tattoos also have different meanings; for example, red symbolizes sacrifice, and white symbolizes faith. Make sure that whichever Mexican tattoo you choose, you are aware of its significance and know why you want to get it. It will help you explain your tattoo artist better what you want to portray, and get a more realistic and presentable tattoo.

Mexican Tattoo

Perfect Placements for Mexican Tattoos

With so much variety in Mexican tattoos, you can choose to get it wherever you want on your body. Popularly, many Mexican tattoos like the skull candy or skull bride appear on the full arm like sleeve tattoos. Many descriptive tattoos also get inked on the chest like the falcon and the snake tattoos or Aztec tattoos. The back and leg are also the right places for a Mexican tattoo.

The design plays a big role in the placement, so make sure to choose the right spot according to the pattern. Some tattoos that are small in size look perfect on the arm or near the wrist. If you’re going for a big descriptive tattoo, then consider getting them on your back or chest. Once you’ve chosen the right design from below, you can quickly figure out the perfect placement for your Mexican tattoo.

Mexican Tattoo

Mexican Tattoo Ideas

The Skeleton Bride

The skeleton bride is one of the most popular Mexican tattoos that you’ll ever come across. This tattoos associate with the Mexicans favorite festival known as the celebration of the Day of the Dead. This tattoo consists of a black and white inked skeleton dressed as a bride, with a veil flowing over the head and some skull candy designs on the face. You can choose to add some colors for an additional feature.

Some skeleton bride tattoos include the full body in which the skeleton appears in a full bridal dress, and some designs just include the skull. If you want to show how proud you are of this loved festival and get freaky with your tattoo, this is the right design for you. You can flawlessly flaunt this on your arm or back, depending on the size of your tattoo.

Native American Mexican Skull

Native American Mexican Skull tattoo

Some Mexican tattoos have a Native American touch to them like this Native American headgear tattoo. This tattoo gives out a fierce vibe and is perfect for someone looking for something unique and stunning. This tattoo includes a black and gray ink Native American skull with lots of Native American feathers.

For this tattoo, first, you need to find a tattoo artist with excellent skills, as this tattoo requires a lot of detailing and precision. The shading and contouring bring out the realistic feature in this tattoo. This tattoo is usually big; hence, it is best to get it tatted on your back. You can try to get the size reduced if you want it to appear on your arm.

The Skull Candy Tattoo

The skull candy tattoo is one of the most exciting Mexican tattoo designs you will ever come across. It helps to portray a skeleton in a fun way rather than showing the dark and gloomy side. This tattoo includes a skull with jewelry and colorful makeup on it outlined in black ink. What helps this tattoo pop is the different radiant colors present in it. You can also opt for a skull candy in white ink.

The Mexican skull candy tattoos symbolize the festivities of the “Day of the Dead,” which is a famous festival celebrated in Mexico. Instead of mourning the loss of the loved one, Mexicans celebrate the life of the deceased with color. It also symbolizes the hope and joy to see your loved one. Many people get this tattoo just because they love skulls, and the skull candy generally looks cooler than the regular fierce skull tattoo. You can showoff this tattoo perfectly on your arm.

The Mexican Skull Rose

The Mexican Skull Rose tattoo

Try out something fun with your tattoo and go for this famous Mexican skull rose tattoo. This tattoo includes black and white ink with red-inked roses near the top of the skull. Sometimes the skull includes a portrait of a beautiful female. Again, this tattoo also signifies the celebrations of the day of the dead.

The skull in this tattoo symbolizes both life and death, while the rose represents love and beauty. Both these objects combined show the concept of good versus evil. You can choose to get this tattoo on your arm, thigh, or back. You can always add in some skull candy designs on the skull for an enhanced Mexican tattoo look.

Mexican Aztec Tattoos

Mexican Aztec Tattoos

Aztec designs are quite popular in Mexican tattoos. These tattoos feature some stunning Aztec designs with different symbols. Most of the Aztec tattoos include shamans, monkeys, butterflies, and other things that are of great symbolism. Some of the Mexican Aztec tattoos consist of black and white ink, while some use all sorts of colored ink that makes the tattoo pop.

Aztec tattoos symbolize power, mysticism, and energies. You can also add in animals or insects like a butterfly, which symbolizes transformation. It complements well with the Aztec tattoo and meaning, as this shows your transformation to a healthier person. Other symbols like a frog represent joy, and a monkey represents dancing. Some Mexican Aztec tattoos consist of tribal designs that look perfect on the chest, while the others look good on the back and arm.

Till death do Us Apart

Till death do Us Part mexican tattoo

If you want to get a bit creative and cheesy with your tattoo, you can go for this till death do us apart tattoo. This tattoo includes two skeletons, and the accessories help to distinguish the male from the female one. Mostly, such tattoos include colored ink as it makes it pop more; however, you can choose to go for a simple black and white ink. You can also add in the phrase “till death do us apart.”

This tattoo is perfect for you if you’ve lost a loved one as you can get this tattoo in their remembrance. It is also an excellent way to express your love for your other half, and tell them how you two are inseparable. The ideal place for this tattoo would be on your arm, but if you’re going for a bigger version of this, then your back would be the perfect place.

The Mexican Flag and Eagle Tattoo

Mexican Flag and Eagle Tattoo

If you’re a fellow Mexican who wants to show pride and respect for their country, this Mexican flag and eagle tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo includes a Mexican flag that includes green, white, and red ink that features against a brown inked eagle. There are different ways you can present this tattoo. You can choose to have the eagle over the flag or next to the flag. The perfect place to get this tattoo inked would be on your arm or forearm; however, if it’s bigger, you can get it tatted on your back.

Mexican Rose and Gun Tattoo

Mexican Rose and Gun Tattoo

This Mexican rose and gun tattoo is another popular Mexican tattoo that leaves you with some fantastic imagery on your body. This tattoo includes black and gray inked guns with red-inked roses next to it. You can choose to add one big rose instead of many. The gun represents a significant movement in the Mexican culture as Mexicans love using guns.

This tattoo portrays a beautiful meaning by showcasing that there is beauty in goodness and evil as well. The rose signifies beauty while the gun represents death and evil. You can choose to get this extraordinary tattoo on your arm, back, or near your stomach. Many people get this tatted on their thigh for a unique look.

The Floral Mexican Skull

Floral Mexican Skull tattoo

You can go for this beautiful floral Mexican skull tattoo, and make a style statement. This tattoo is perfect for you, like floral designs. This tattoo includes a black and white inked skull featuring different small flowers. You could also go for a design that includes a simple black and white inked skull with black and white inked flowers to give it an excellent background.

The flattering combination of flowers and the skull symbolizes good and evil. It showcases that each person has two sides to them; one is the good side, and the other is bad. This tattoo also symbolizes the ongoing cycle of life and death. You can even perceive this tattoo as healing or sadness because a person may feel broken on the inside and only trying to put on a brave face. The ideal place for this tattoo would be on your back or arm.



Can men pull off the Mexican sugar skull tattoo?

Absolutely yes! Men can surely pull off the sugar skull tattoo by adding a masculine feature; however, that’s not necessary. Anyone can get the sugar skull tattoo inked on their bodies. If you’re not comfortable with all the colors, you can go for one that includes black and white ink, which gives out a more masculine touch.

How much do Mexican tattoos cost?

Mexican tattoos would cost the same as any other tattoo; however, this depends on the design, size, and your tattoo artist. Some Mexican tattoos include a lot of details and big scenery, especially the Mexican Aztec tattoos. So this would cost more than the skull candy tattoo. Some tattoo parlors may charge more, especially those who are pretty efficient in their work. Some of them charge on an hourly basis.

How painful will it be to get a Mexican tattoo on my chest?

If you plan to get your Mexican tattoo inked on your chest, then you should get ready to experience some pain as chest tattoos are much more painful than those in other areas of the body. This is because of the ribs present under the skin. Areas that have more bone and less fat will hurt more. However, this should not stop you from getting one as the pain is totally worth it once you’ve achieved just the right imagery on your body.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have an idea of the different Mexican tattoos, you can easily choose the right Mexican tattoo for yourself. Each of these tattoos comes with a rich history and meaning, and this is what makes it more beautiful and breathtaking. If you feel like you can relate to the Mexican culture in any way, you should get one of these tattoos right away.