155+ Eagle Tattoo Design Ideas You Must Consider

Every tattoo has a distinct meaning to it, over the years people have been inking their bodies with various birds, and the most supreme of them all is an eagle. An eagle tattoo has numerous designs, and each manifests a different meaning.

Let us look at some popular eagle tattoos designs and why one should consider it.

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Perched Eagle Tattoo Designs


A perched eagle tattoo design signifies that the person wearing it is healthy, provisional, and highly energetic.

This kind of tattoo shows an eagle sitting on top of the rocky mountain or a string branch. Also, this tattoo shows that you’re protective of your things in life whether it’s your family, friends, near and far kin, it displays you as an individual who is caring, and looking out people connected to him/her.

In a nutshell, if you’re emotional but strong-headed, then perched eagle tattoo design is the best option that you can pursue.

Tribal Eagle Tattoo Designs

A tribal eagle tattoo design is famous between Americans, as it shows a strengthening bond with numerous tribes and their fluctuating natures.

This kind of tattoo design shows an eagle with open wings which indirectly depicts that you are supreme and have authority over anything you wish either it’s your life, people you connect with or your long-term goals and ambitions.

The most popular of the tribal tattoo design is an “eagle with fuming flames”, and often inked on the back or shoulders.

The other tattoo design includes an eagle inked in a way that it looks like it’s aiming to fly higher with eyes pointed above and partially closed because of the wind-resisting. This signifies that its pace is elevating but won’t stop until there. This indirectly shows that the individual wearing it is powerful, persistent in his/her decisions and won’t give up until achieved what the person aimed in the first place.

Fighting Eagle Tattoo Designs

A fighting eagle tattoo is a representation of many emotions, some of which are listed below:

  • Bravery
  • Courage
  • Determination
  • Power
  • Resolved
  • Strength


Powerful Tattoo Design on the Back

This tattoo is seen to be inked on the whole back, this way it is visible to the outside world, as the magnified tattoo shows that the person who wore it, is not afraid to covey his intentions and ambitions to the world and has a bold nature. Also, stays firm on his/her decisions and has a higher endurance level than other, evidence that proves this can be how they undergo getting such a large tattoo, which hurts big time.

Eagle with Its Prey

One of the fighting eagle designs is where an eagle is shown to be holding its prey tightly, and such designs depict two meanings. First, you’re powerful, mentally and spiritually and secondly, you stay firm with your actions and life decisions.


Patriotic Eagle Tattoo Design

An eagle is like an apple of the US eyes, the reason; it is their national bird and signified as a symbol of “freedom.”

Patriotic eagle design is highly popular within the armed forces, as they take pride in inking their nation’s flag on their body and adding an eagle to it makes them look even more powerful than ever.

As the time passes, the younger generation of America takes responsibility of their country’s success and often displays their passion for the nation by inking a patriotic eagle tattoo design on their arms and necks, where it can be utterly transparent to others. Such representation of their emotions towards their country helps them to strive and make things work out in favor of the country’s betterment.

Eagle Feathers Tattoo Design

You can ink the eagle feather tattoo design in many ways, but all have one meaning, i.e., healing, and resonating with the nature around you. In a nutshell, it’s a way of expressing that you’re in the process of purifying your soul from past mistakes and regrets that have deeply wounded you, but you’re ready to forgive and forget.

There are several ways to can ink the eagle feather on your body. Some individuals opt for a single feather tied up with a string often inked on shoulders and knees. The single feather is an ultimate symbol saying that you’re ready to accept yourself and work towards self-love before you share that part with someone else.

Others tend to get two eagle features flowing randomly. This is a depiction of a situation where an individual believes that he/she is finally free from all worries, and they are ready to go with the flow and not worry too much. This design is usually on the ankles, the Side of the neck, stomach, back, and shoulders.

A colorful eagle feather design shows that you have faith in yourself, all set to pursue your dreams. Also, you feel light and enlightened with the present and prepared to improvise for your future.

eagle-tattoo design    

Eagle Head Tattoo Design

An eagle head tattoo is inked in different designs also all sizes. Adding, some get an eagle head in color, others go for a black in white design. Anyway, the meaning behind the head design remains the same, which is vision and focus.

The eagle head tattoo originated from Iraq and then gradually spread to the people of Europe and Russia.

This kind of design usually features on the shoulders and back. For a magnified look, inking it on the back and chest would do the job. However, if you want the world to see the tattoo, go for the shoulders, Ankles, back of the neck or lower leg area.

Eagles head tattoo has a distinct feature of expressing your mindset as strong and highly composed. Also, just like an eagle, alert, and highly observant.

Eagle Quote Tattoo Design

If you’re one of those who can’t decide what you want or have a lot of designs in mind, then its best to get an eagle quoted tattoo design inked to your different body parts. This quote will help you express various emotions at once. Honestly, it all depends on the choice of the quote.

Here are some short quotes that you can ink along with the eagle.

  • Free and Fearless: This quote is self-explanatory, but there are several other expressions attached to this three-word saying, some of which are bold, courageous, dynamic, and unbound.
  • Fly, and You’ll Be Free: We often hear people telling us the sky is the limit, and who hasn’t looked at the sky and wished that one day they fly like the eagle does, free and furiously. This quote is the perfect representation of that feeling.
  • Honesty, Freedom, and Kindness: Simplest quote of all, it perfectly defines the life purpose and the right way to live in the shortest form ever. Honesty and kindness are the ultimate secrets of a successful life, and freedom is what every person around the world wishes to achieve.

This quote design is usually inked on the arms and neck, and considered better if colored.

Bald Eagle Tattoo Design

Bald eagle tattoo design has zero gender boundaries and both the sexes can perfectly flaunt it, whether it’s colored or black and white, bigger or smaller. It has absolutely no space for restrictions and disagreements.

Bald eagle designs are highly flexible and can be rendered according to one’s needs and wants. Some people like it as merged in the US flag; others prefer it with only inked with only black lines. Also, a recent trend is to ink it as the original eagle color and with fierce looking eyes.

The design originated from a region where Native Americans took the tattoo as pride and sign of freedom.

Since then, it has been gaining a ton of attention as freedom is one thing every person craves for.


Flying Eagle Tattoo Design

A flying eagle tattoo design shows an eagle with widely spread out wings that symbolize a feeling of freedom and spiritual strength; also a strong urge of wisdom flushes through the tattoo wearer.

You can get this tattoo at different angles, some prefer a side view where one wing is visible, and the other partially sees. Moreover, most famous of the designs are on the chest with a front view that signifies power and courage to opt for constant risk and be fearless while onto a mission.

A flying tattoo is diverse and looks equally attractive in color or non-colored, thick or thin lines, and shaded or not shaded.

When getting a flying tattoo design, it is better to consider having a huge medium for it like back or your chest, as the wings if not widely spread then it ultimately kills the vibe.

Eagle Eye Tattoo Design

Eagle eye tattoo design is considered to be one of the most popular between youngsters and adults aged over 35. The tattoo symbolizes to portray a clear and focused sight. Also, it shows that the tattoo wearer is determined and always looking out for someone who can cause some trouble in any way.

One eagle eye tattoo design featured on most websites showed an eagle flying but having looking above the sky which represents that while it moves forward, it still looks back for any threat and at the same time stays focused on its prey too.

Similarly, a person with an eagle eye tattoo tends to show his intentions as powerful and highly focused in terms of their ambitions and to what extent they are passionate and determined to fulfill each one of them.

Eagle eye tattoos come in many different forms. Some prefer it with closed wings, and others tend only to get the eyes separately made usually on the hands, shoulders, and upper back.

This is the only design that looks better in black and white than colored. Shaded or not shaded doesn’t matter, because it’s highly flexible and looks great in both ways.

Eagle Along With Snake Tattoo Design

At times we’re at a stage of life where we usually retaliate to everything even the smallest things that deserve zero opposition. To express such feeling, most people prefer getting an eagle fighting with a snake tattoo inked to their exposed part of the body.

So before anyone even think of interrupting their thoughts and personal space, they instantly get the idea that they would retaliate that too fiercely and there’s no way they are letting wrongdoers slide away from their hands.

According to many leading websites based on tattoos and their history described an eagle and snake tattoo as a perfect representation of conflict. Conflict can be between any two mediums, for example, it can be your mind and heart, you and your life situations, a conflict between choosing the right and wrong, holding on or letting go and much more.

It is advisable to get a colored and thick lined eagle and snake tattoo. The stronger the message it holds, the more magnified the design should be, so every eye catches it and never mistake you as weak and defeated instead stay prepared and draw lines beforehand.


Bottom Line

History shows that the trend of getting an eagle tattoo is evergreen. Rather, the popularity has been elevating. Plus, advancement in technology has allowed all techies to design a personalized eagle tattoo design that fits accurately with their life situation and their feelings. Luckily, this made the job of all tattoo makers much easier and highly efficient than it was before.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a moment alone for self-reflection and think about your current feelings and note down what you want to tell the world. When done, search for an eagle tattoo that describes everything you’ve been searching all this time.