Top 155+ Collarbone Tattoos You Can Opt For

Considering the amount of tattoo space on your body, a collarbone tattoo can be a good idea. Apart from your collarbone, there are numerous places where you can opt for getting your favorite tattoo. These include your ribs, ankle, forearms, spine, wrists, neck, hip, etc. it is important to note that the process of getting a tattoo anywhere on your body is quite a painful process. It might hurt more than you expect it to but in the end, a tattoo might be worthy.

The collarbone is now one of the trendiest spots to be tattooed.  It is a wonderful place to be creative with quotes, signs and different icons. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of designs for making your unique artistic statement.  A collarbone tattoo is a lot more than just expressing your personality. Nowadays, it is more like a fashion statement. Most individuals also use such a tattoo to share their beliefs. Other people make use of tattoos for inspiration as well. This indicates that collarbone tattoos are present for a permanent purpose rather than a fashion trend purpose.

In recent times, many celebrities have also opted for collarbone tattoos. A prominent example is of the nine times Grammy award winner, Rihanna who is an inspiration to many. Apart from her songs, she is quite popular for her unique collarbone tattoos.

Here are some of the best designs made for both men and women that you can opt for:-


Feather Tattoo


One of the most attractive tattoo options especially for girls, a feather design is an excellent collarbone tattoo design. Apart from being attractive, it is a perfect representation of your love for nature and your brave and courageous personality. All the prominent qualities of a bird are illustrated through a feather tattoo that includes freedom and a passion for traveling as well.

Mountain Range Collarbone Tattoo

If you like to travel and take a challenge, this tattoo is tailor-made for your collarbone. It shows your passion for mountains and rock climbing and other related activities.

Hakuna Matata

If you have watched the Lion King, you will surely be aware of the famous Swahili phrase. The phrase initially means no worries, which is quite inspirational. Such a phrase as a tattoo will show your confident and bold personality along with your love for the iconic Lion King movie. By having it on your collarbone, you can also show your love for the people who are the dearest to you.

Mandela Tattoo

A Mandela tattoo can mean many things. It is an excellent representation of balance, eternity and equality. The term Mandela implies a circle that is complete and has no faults. It is a brilliant way to portray your faultless personality. A Mandela comes in different designs that consist of various meanings. It is entirely up to you to choose what the correct representation for your character is.

Arrow with Bow Tattoo

If you have a firm belief in zodiac signs, this tattoo is undoubtedly the one for you. It shows a person who is committed and focused in life just like a Sagittarius is. It is perfect for someone who plans to move forward until he/she reaches his or her life goals.

Music Notes

A music note tattoo can have many different meanings. The most common one being a way to show your passion for music and the effect it has on you. An admirable quality about your favorite music is that it can speak a lot in times where words fail. Your favorite notes on your collarbone can show and speak volumes about your interesting character.


The Stark Tattoo

The massive Game of Thrones wave has taken over more than half of the universe with its exceptional and unique story. If you consider yourself a big fan of the popular series, then why not show it to the world. House Stark has a wolf sign that speaks about its unique qualities. These include bravery, loyalty, and dedication. You should know that winter is coming and as a Stark, you will need a wolf on your collarbone.

Floral Tattoos

Probably the biggest collection of tattoos you can find, floral tattoos are one of the preferred choices for many individuals. You can find sunflowers, roses, tulips and other flower types that can suit your character. For instance, a person who loves and hopes a lot is more suited to a rose tattoo. Similarly, a person who is full of energy and happiness will prefer a sunflower tattoo. Floral tattoos are best for those who are confused about their choices. They offer multiple styles and designs that can add further beauty to your tattooed skin.

The Chandelier Tattoo

If you are looking to be more meaningful through your collarbone, a chandelier tattoo is a wonderful idea. A chandelier represents luxury and class. It is made up of numerous attractive elements such as crystals, candles, and pearls. Such elements ensure that your chandelier is shining and always is the center of attention. Your collarbone makes up a perfect hook to hang a chandelier that shows your bright and classy personality.

Ying Yang Tattoos

Another classic collection of collarbone tattoos, Ying Yang, is something you can opt for. The fundamental meaning of a Ying Yang tattoo design is keeping a balance of all things in life. It also means that each and everything in this world has an opposite. It is mostly a choice for inspiration where people look to promote equality through it. You can find the popular Ying Yang tattoo with numerous customizing options that can match with your skin.

Solar System Tattoo

An interesting fact about our solar system is that each of its constituents has a different meaning. People divide planets into two distinct groups, which are inner and outer planets.  The inner planets consist of Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and Venus. These consistently change their position that means that they affect your mood shifts and habitual changes.

The list of outer planets consists of Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn. Each of these has a slower change in position as compared to the movement of the inner planets. This indicates that they have a more significant effect on your life.  The most common purpose of getting a solar system tattoo is to show your zodiac sign. This is because each planet somehow links to a particular type of a person’s personality.

Dedication Quotes Tattoos

There is no better way to show your love to your family or best friends than with a collarbone tattoo. You can choose from any quote that perfectly illustrates your love and dedication to a particular person. For instance, you select a quote that shows your affection for your mother. You can also pick a famous saying that describes your relationship with your best friends.

Nerdy Tattoos

Another excellent option for you collarbone is the vast collection of nerdy tattoos. One of the best ways to be proud of your nerdy profile is by getting yourself a tattoo. A popular type is a binary tattoo, which consists of a combination of different binary numbers. These numbers can have various meanings. Only the people who are experts in binary languages can know what you are representing. Nowadays, non-geeks are also taking a surprising interest towards nerdy tattoos that indicates their popularity and significance.


Statement Tattoos

These don’t necessarily have to be a quote or a famous statement. It can also be a design consisting of only two words that can describe you as a person.  A statement can also be any image or a sculpture tattoo that is solely there to make you look appealing. For instance, you can have a tattoo that says ‘silver lining.’ This means that sometimes to find beauty, you have to look closely. Such messages are always making an excellent appearance for your collarbone.

Tribute Tattoos

Tribute tattoos make up some of the most creative ideas to give tribute to your favorite characters. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you can get a golden snitch or a broomstick tattoo to give tribute to the boy who lived. The most popular tribute tattoo in this category is the Deathly Hallows tattoo. The tattoo has a triangular shape that represents the iconic Elder Wand, the Invisibility Cloak, and the Resurrection Stone. Getting the tattoo inked on your collarbone will undoubtedly make you the master of death.

Another example of such a tattoo is the Hunger Games collection. Similar to Harry Potter, the Hunger Games is also one of the most popular fiction series. You can give tribute to the famous Katniss Everdeen by getting yourself a mocking jay tattoo. Tribute tattoos are always fun and quite meaningful at times. If you have a matching personality with any of your favorite characters, do not hesitate to get a collarbone tattoo to show the similarities.

Ship Tattoos

If you love the ocean, you can always get a ship tattoo on your collarbone. Apart from an island or a fish, a ship represents a sharp image of the sea. A ship tattoo can also be a way to show an adventurous personality.

Lightning and Thunder Tattoos

Another choice that consists of a variety of different styles and designs, thunderbolt tattoos are quite striking. Once you get a lightning and a thunder tattoo, you will feel electrified and powerful.  The design is an inspiration taken from numerous sources that include the Greek Gods universe and the Harry Potter universe. You can also find numerous celebrities with such lightning tattoo that include Avril Lavigne and Hayley Williams.

Brutal Nail Tattoos

Some people are made up of steel that means stabbing nails is not enough to get under their skins. If you deem yourself as one of these, a brutal nail tattoo might be a good collarbone tattoo idea. A nail tattoo can also give other strong and meaningful messages. One of the most popular meanings is some hardships can last for life, and you have to deal with it by being firm and solid in your approach. Another meaning could be a representation of a dark personality.  It is entirely up to you to choose which nail design matches with your purpose.


Clock Tattoos

There are numerous clock tattoo designs that you can choose. For instance, to record a specific memorable event in your life, you can get a pocket watch tattoo. If you want to show your love for someone, a clock with a rose is a beautiful combination for you to consider. Another tattoo example could be of a grandfather clock. A grandfather clock symbolizes a lot of your past. Everyone has some particular memories that last forever, and such a tattoo could be a reminder of their importance.

Dragon Tattoos

A dragon tattoo comes in various sizes, shades, and styles. Each customization represents a different meaning. The most significant one is power and wisdom. Other meanings represent the common and the most admirable qualities of a dragon. These include courage, strength, independence, and confidence. Having a dragon tattoo can also portray your passion for freedom. If you have qualities similar to a dragon, you should consider getting a tattoo on your collarbone.

Heartbeat Tattoos

A heartbeat tattoo is one of the most adorable and attractive collarbone tattoo options you can find. A heartbeat tattoo is more for a romantic purpose. However, you can add other symbols that explain your character or your way of life. It is mostly used as a representation of a particular thing that you cannot live without. For instance, you can have your mom’s name inked with the heartbeat lines to show the importance of your mother. The heartbeat tattoos are also common amongst soul mates to express their love to their partners.

Other Quote Tattoos

A quote tattoo can have many different purposes behind it. It can be for inspiration or for presenting a message and making a personal statement. Here are some examples you can look towards for a quote tattoo on your collarbone:-

  • ‘Believe’
  • ‘Think positive.’
  • ‘Everything carries me to you.’
  • ‘Follow your heart.’
  • ‘Fearless’

Each of these quotes has different meanings. It is entirely up to you for which purpose you use them.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos make up some of the most popular collarbone tattoo choices, especially amongst the female population. You can find butterfly tattoos in different color shades, designs, and styles that represent different meanings as well.  Butterflies represent good luck, creativity, and purity inside a person. It can also portray a peaceful soul and royalty. Some of the famous butterfly tattoo designs include the Celtic design, Monarch butterfly, and the White Butterfly design.

Such a tattoo can bring out a person’s hidden beauty. If you relate your personality to a butterfly, you can opt for a butterfly tattoo.

Animal Tattoos

Each member of the animal kingdom has a different admirable quality that you can relate to yourself. A rare example is of a deer tattoo. It represents a strong and powerful personality that you can surely relate to your personality. Similarly, a lion tattoo will represent leadership and bravery inside you.

One of the best things about animal tattoos is that you are never running out of options. Another common animal tattoo choice is the raven tattoo. A raven can hold both negative and positive qualities. It mostly represents a mysterious, intelligent and dark personality.

Crescent Moon Tattoo

This is usually a less preferred collarbone tattoo option. It is easy to be inked with, and the process is not much painful as compared to other designs. The crescent moon tattoo is a more popular choice amongst the female population. This is because it mainly represents womanhood.  People who worship the Moon are also amongst the ones who get the crescent moon tattoos. A crescent moon is said to portray to growth and creativity as well. Hence, if you are a fan of astrology or like to study stars, a crescent moon tattoo might be the right thing for you.

There are other numerous options as well that you can choose for your collarbone. If you are a big fan of tattoo art, you will be surprised how many artistic designs you can discover. However, to get your collarbone tattooed, it is essential that you seek a professional artist. This is because a professional will always make use of the finest equipment and techniques. Hence, taking this step will ensure that you are not a victim of the numerous dangerous side effects of a wrongly inked tattoo.