Freehand Tattoos: The New Tattooing Technique You Need to Try Out

If you’re a tattoo freak and are open to different tattooing techniques then you might just be at the right place. Freehand tattoos have been in the mix for a while, but not everyone is open to it as a lot of trust and techniques are required to carry out such tattoos.

The difference between freehand tattoos and other tattoos is that freehand tattoos do not consist of the standard tattooing process, and mostly involve the wearer taking a leap of faith in the tattoo artist and allowing them to carry out whatever design on their mind.

 It requires a lot of guts to go for something like this, but you often end up with some brilliant masterpieces on your body that leave you starstruck. If you think freehand tattoos are something you might go for, then read further below and learn more about freehand tattoos. From what it is, and the process, to different designs, here is everything you need to know about freehand tattoos.

What Are Freehand Tattoos?

Freehand tattoos include a technique that is much different from getting a standard tattoo. These tattoos don’t require you to go through the process of selecting a design and that getting a print of it, and taking it to the tattoo artist. All you have to do is go to your trusted artist and they will carry out a freehand design using markers. There is no stenciling carried out in this tattooing technique, or no discussion of different colors and concepts.

Sometimes the tattoo artists won’t even use markers; they may directly start tabooing with the tattooing machine. You will obviously have a discussion with your tattoo artist before they do such a thing, but the technique involves a lot of guts and faith. The design of the tattoo features the creativity of your tattoo artist. It is like they tattoo whatever is on their mind.

While some tattoo artists do have specific tattoo designs in their heads when doing such a thing. The success of this tattooing technique depends mostly on the skills and talent of the tattoo artist.

The Process of Freehand Tattoos

Freehand tattoos come with a very simple yet daring process. There is a lot to consider when you opt for a freehand tattoo. Mentioned below explains the freehand tattoo process which will give you an idea of what to expect if you ever plan to go for one

Removal of Body Hair

Once you have confirmed with your tattoo artists that you want a freehand tattoo, they will give you an appointment time and you have to show up. The first thing the tattoo artist will do is if you haven’t already removed any bodily hair on the area where your tattoo will take place. The hair has to be removed as it could come in the way of the tattooing process, and may cause many mistakes to happen if the hair isn’t removed properly.

Drawing the Design

The next step involves drawing the design, so instead of using a stencil to outline the designs, the artists will use colored markers to sketch the design on your body. The artist will use light-shaded makers, to begin with, the general form of the tattoo, and then go on to using darker ones to finish the design and give the overall design a more defined look.

 Some artists tend to skip this step and directly start to tattoo on your skin using ink, this will obviously keep you unaware of what design to expect as compared to the markers that give you a slight idea of what the tattoo artist has in mind and what the final result will look like.

Tattooing the Design with Ink

Once the tattoo artist completes the marker version, and you’re satisfied, the artist will begin permanently tattooing your skin. The marker outline is just a sketch, so you can expect the tattoo artist to go a bit away from the outline when permanently tattooing your skin.

This is the final step of the tattooing process. Once you have the tattoo you have to pay attention to the aftercare instructions the tattoo artist will guide you with. Following these instructions will determine the success and long-lasting appearance of your tattoo.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Freehand Tattoo?

Freehand tattoos seem very risky, and for some might seem like a terrible idea, but there are many benefits attached to getting this tattoo. Mentioned below are a few reasons why you should consider getting a freehand tattoo:

§  Tattoos That Match the Shape of Your Body

Freehand tattoos don’t require the use of stencils as the tattoo artist uses his own creativity and tattoo design. When doing so the artist keeps in mind the placement and shape of the specific body part. This makes them more likely to focus on the shape while tattooing the design in their mind. Sometimes with stencils, the design may look great, but it doesn’t exactly blend with the shape of your body.

Fitting the design exactly to the structure of your body prevents any faults and makes the design look as natural as possible.  This is a good thing for people who have muscular bodies, as your freehand tattoo this way will highlight all your muscles which look quite cool.

§  Add Additional Touch to Your Per-Existing Tattoo

If you already have a tattoo, and notice there is a lot of empty space around it, you can change that up with the help of a freehand tattoo. The tattoo artist can carry out a design around your existing tattoo, giving it an additional touch, or a complete tattoo makeover. This comes in handy when you don’t like the empty negative spaces included in your tattoo design.

§  Your Achieve Originality in Your Tattoo

If you want to achieve a tattoo that’s purely unique and fresh, then freehand tattoos are the only way you can achieve that. Freehand tattoos come directly from the creative mind of an artist, and it’s usually something that inspires them at the moment. With the help of this tattooing technique the tattoo artist can express whatever they are feeling, and you could have been an inspiration to the ideas they have in the head. It is always good to get to know your tattoo artist before going for a freehand tattoo.

This way your tattoo artist will know what you’re expecting in your tattoo and could use your personality and character traits to deliver your tattoo so that it has some of you as well. Freehand tattoos don’t have to have meaning, as it is more about creativity. These tattoos also give tattoo artists the confidence they deserve especially if they are extremely talented. It’s good to build that trustworthy bond with your tattoo artist, especially if you plan to get more often tatted by them.

§  Allows You to Make on Spot Modifications

When getting a freehand tattoo you can have the freedom to make changes and modifications once you have the marker version of the tattoo on your body. The fact that you can make on spot changes and discuss the design while it’s happening is a cool way to get a tattoo. This makes the tattooing process even more interesting and in the end, you can say that some of your ideas were put in the tattoo design achieving a personalized version.


Freehand Tattoo Ideas

Eagle Wing Freehand Tattoo

This eagle wing freehand tattoo is a beautiful example of a freehand tat. This tattoo is carried out on the biceps and chest of the wearer, beautifully inked in grey and black.

Woman’s Portrait Freehand Tattoo

You can also achieve a portrait like this woman’s portrait freehand tattoo. The excellence of this tattoo depends on the skill of the artist, and it’s easily achievable if you are able to trust your artist with this design.

Eye and Rose Freehand Tattoo

This eye and rose freehand tattoo just show how this technique is worth it. You can achieve something exactly like this if you choose the right tattoo artist.


How Long Does It Take to Get a Freehand Tattoo?

The time taken for a freehand tattoo depends on several factors such as the design, placement and the skills of the tattoo artist. On average it should take around 30 minutes – 1hour, and can even go longer depending on how big the tattoo design is. There are also many interpretations and distribution ideas before the tattoo can permanently start tattooing with the tattoo machine. This may also take up some time so there isn’t really one specific time.

How to Know My Tattoo Artist is The Right Fit for a Freehand Tattoo?

You have to make sure you choose the right tattoo artist when it comes to a freehand tattoo. To know you are choosing the right tattoo artist you must go through their portfolio and check if they have done this before. You need to trust and have confidence in your tattoo artist as this helps to achieve the perfect freehand tattoo.


With the help of this article, you are hopefully convinced to get a freehand tattoo. If you plan to get one make sure you choose the best tattoo artist in town who has experience in freehand tattoos.