125+ Flower Tattoo Ideas That You Can Try (with Meanings)

If you’re someone who has a particular liking towards flowers and now you’re looking for an appropriate tattoo that matches your aura. Then, getting a flower tattoo inked to your skin is the best option as every flower has a distinct meaning, also if you’re even a tiny bit confused between your choices, then the selection can be predicted according to your birth month and personality traits.

There are uncountable flower ideas out there, but we’ve filtered the best floral tattoo ideas that you can try and cherish for the rest of your lives. Without any further due, let’s have a look at the following ideas.

Lily flower Tattoos

Lily Tattoo

Lily tattoo has the most diverse nature amongst all the flowers. If you’re thinking to get a Lilly tattoo inked to your body, then it’s important to know the meaning that differs with lily’s color, culture, and flower type.

Just the flower itself, the story behind the origination is extraordinary. According to the myth, two people, Hera and Zeus were husband and wife, but Zeus had a baby from another woman, to which he pleased Hera ( the wife), to breastfeed her milk, but Hera refused.

One night, when Hera was in a deep sleep when Zeus took the baby and tried to feed the milk silently, but the moment Hera woke up she pushed both of them away, and while the retaliation, the milk dropped on the ground and lilies grew.

Till this date, Greek cherishes the story and believes that lily tattoo is a sign of motherhood and rebirth.

Whereas, in China, lilies are a symbol of good luck, so if you’re someone who’s looking for a positive response in later life then getting a lily tattoo inked can be the best option of all.

Lilly tattoo color and meaning

  • Red Lily Tattoo: if you’re highly passionate about your goals in life, then you should consider a red lily tattoo. Also, expressing passion is a strong emotion and deserves to be seen to the outer world, getting it on the neck, your wrist, feet, fingers, and shoulders will do the job.
  • Orange Lily Tattoo: This tattoo denotes wealth, confidence, and pride.
  • Yellow Lily Tattoo: associates with desire for freedom and shows that you’re grateful.
  • White Lily Tattoo: just like the color, white lily tattoo shows signs of purity and integrity
  • Pink Lily Tattoo: a pink lily tattoo is the most demanded of them all; it shows prosperity, well-being, and positivity.

  rose-tattoos rose-tattoos rose-tattoos

Rose Tattoo

Rose flower is a symbol of love and compassion, but different color roses have different meanings attach to it.

Some people prefer a rose tattoo with a stem, which symbolizes that you’re going through some loss and ready for defense. Other people like the flower raw with only two leaves attached.

Rose tattoo designs are mainly on arms and shoulders, but the new trend shows that people prefer it in a small size that too on the wrist. Also, one of the most popular rose tattoo designs were the rose petals inked in a way that it looked like they were bursting through the chest which meant the tattoo wearer was full of love, life, and positive energy.

Besides the red rose, other colored roses have significant meaning attached to them.

  • Yellow Rose Tattoo signifies strong devotion and friendship towards everything in life.
  • Black Rose Tattoo: most people get a black tattoo when they’re mourning and bidding farewell to a feeling or thought that they never to they have to let go.
  • Orange Rose Tattoo: a symbol of excitement and attractiveness.
  • Purple Rose Tattoo: falling in love, at first sight, is a magical feeling, and what can be a better portrayal of such emotion than inking purple rose tattoo to your skin.
  • Peach and pink Rose Tattoo: represents grace and immense elegance.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoo is considered to be the most brittle flower but has the strongest vibe, which is why, men and women both pair it with other tattoos, as they believe it enhances the beauty of anything and everything.

Cherry blossom tattoo is a flower fleeting away from its branches, which according to the Chinese tradition, signifies that beauty might fade away with the growing age, but moral values are immortal.

Most people ink cherry blossom tattoo on their shoulders and back; also, the vibrant colors releases a sense of immense serenity, which is what w=every other individual craves for these days.

flower tattoos

Lotus Tattoo

Before you jump onto getting yourself a lotus tattoo inked, it’s important to know its purpose. The real meaning attached to a lotus flower of any color shows that the person wearing the lotus tattoo has been through a lot of struggle and hardships from the beginning because the lotus flower grows out from intact mud. The growing process is as difficult and strenuous as the life of the person carrying the lotus flower tattoo on his/her body.

The best is the hope this tattoo provides the wearer, that no matter how difficult it gets, you will bloom much brighter than ever.

People tend to get this tattoo mostly on their hand, so whenever struggling or stuck with any situation, they can look at it and stay patient and hope that the dark cloud will pass soon.

Hibiscus Tattoo

Hibiscus tattoo originated from Hawaiian culture, known for its three distinct values, such as respect, power, and royalty.

This type of tattoo is mainly popular in the regions of Japan, and people tend to get a magnified look on their back and shoulders.

If you have a beauty and gentle related aura, then, hibiscus is the premier option to consider.

Hibiscus flower tattoo

Orchid Tattoo

An orchid is a pleasantly eccentric flower, and a great choice if considered as a floral tattoo.

Plus, orchid tattoo design is mainly worn by women as it is related to feminine beauty and elegance. In this regard, many women get a thick inked orchid tattoo, while others go for a thin lined but shaded look.

Trending look of orchid tattoo shows that most women opt for getting it inked on their ankles and single mini flower on their fingers.

Orchid flower tattoo

Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflower is general is a sign of longevity and good health. The color is vibrant and radiates happiness, where it goes.

If you’re someone who has a funky nature, you are always hopping from one place to another, looking at the bright side of the picture and making people feel good about them. Then, believe it or not, sunflower tattoo is ideal for you in every other aspect.

It’s a tattoo made for both men and women, also highly versatile, can be paired with anything and looks equally good when inked alone.

In the eastern regions, the sunflower is considered as a sign of good luck and a ray of hope when struggling with life.

 Also, many people get it sunflower tattoo inked to their body before the winter season; they believe that this kind of tattoo, releases a sense of warmth and happiness in the cold. Which is partially equal to the combination of hot chocolate and marshmallow, but still any medium of warmth is a blessing in cold weather.

Magnolia Flower Tattoo

Magnolia tattoo has an empowering and strengthening vibe, and many tattoo wearers have approved of this, while others feel the lighter shade they got in the magnolia tattoo, the strongest spiritually and morally they felt.

These are the list of things a magnolia flower tattoo symbolizes

  • Simplicity
  • Beauty
  • Self-esteem
  • Purity
  • Yearning
  • Selflessness
  • Charm
  • Love

Magnolia flower tattoo is diverse and proves to be fair to both the genders. For women, a pink magnolia flower plays well with her aura, whereas, for men, yellow and white magnolias justify their presence on the body and in mind.

There are several places you can get the magnolia flower tattoo, but the most frequently seen and trending are the full armed magnolia flower tattoo design.

Magnolia Flower Tattoo

Simple Miniature Flower Tattoo

If you’re new to the tattoo experience, then it’s better to opt for miniature flower tattoos that include jasmine, or mini lotus petals.

The first time tattoo process is scary, and lots of individuals often faint while the inking, so the better option would be getting a microscopic flower inked, as it won’t take much time, and also you will feel comfortable, and the first tattoo would look comparatively pleasant to watch too.

Miniature Flower Tattoo

Violet All The Way

It’s a fact, the bigger the flower tattoo, the lighter the shade. Surprisingly, violet slower is the only tattoo that turns out darker than ever. Also, when paired with small white flowers alongside with pink blooming buds, it looks phenomenal on the skin and to the eye.

Similar to the magnolia flower tattoo, people also get this mostly inked on their arms; the darker shade is highly attractive and shows confidence and a great sense of commitment with anything that comes your way.

The traits that violet flower tattoo radiates is summed up in four words, modesty, humility, spiritual wisdom, and faithfulness.

violet flower tattoo

Lavender Tattoo

In the era of technology, many individuals have detached from the real world, in return feel depressed and dull all day long, if that’s the case with you then getting a lavender flower tattoo can fix your sadness.

The evidence to this enriching theory is how people often meditate on lavender fumes around; they believe the smell or the aura is so calming and satisfactory, that once anyone is addicted to the flower, there’s no going back.

A lavender tattoo is a purple, green combination design, which significantly is a sign of purity and ultimate silence that feeds the soul and keeps it contented with their self.

Lavender Tattoo


Flower Alongside A Bird Tattoo 

A bird is the ultimate symbol of freedom, where if combined with flower, it shows how some fleeting can be beautiful plus peaceful and fulfilling.

If you’re feeling even a bit reluctant before getting a  flower inked with a bird, then release that stress, as we assure you, the tattoo will be worth it in the end, and why not. It will be full of colors, textures, a living creature. In a nutshell, it will give a hopeful and enriching vibe, which time o time we all look for conscious or unconsciously. A human being is always in search of peace.

Flower Skull Tattoo

Aren’t black and white skull tattoo’s boring and out-dated as well, but if paired with a bunch of colorful and vibrant flowers growing out of the skull. That would, for sure, steal the show, as it would be a unique concept with even a more special message.

This kind of tattoo shows the embarking reaction between life and death; in other words, beauty or decay. A strong aura tattoo is all we need at the end of the day. And who isn’t fighting between the two? Thus it is a universal tattoo, that won’t ever go irrelevant, or out of trend, every generation will think about life and death with the same passion and persona as this generation does.

Bottom Line

Remember when choosing a perfect tattoo for yourself there is zero need to rush, take your time, and search thoroughly, also if still, you feel like you have no idea of what slower design you should get inked then it’s better to consider the birth month chart which has assigned particular flowers for every month. For example, June babies should consider a rose tattoo, whereas a May born should opt for a lily tattoo design. And there are ten more like this.

Be vigilant and smart with the research, and you will find the right flower tattoo for yourself by hook or by crook.