125+ Hibiscus Tattoos That Will Mesmerize People around You

One of the most beautiful and dainty flowers is hibiscus. When it comes to meaningful floral tattoos, hibiscus mostly takes the lead. This flower is more feminine and fits perfectly on women. North Americans of Victorian-era regarded this flower as a symbol of perfect women or a perfect wife.

However, the Chinese consider this flower as a symbolical totem of the magnificence of prominence or personal brilliance using it for both men and women. The uniqueness of this particular flower is that It can sync with any other design very easily. You can also play with various colors to make it more personal.

As floral tattoos are in demand, Hibiscus is the one that is getting most of the attention. Women would want to wear this motif on various areas of their body parts because of its symbolical significance. Usually, their original color is red and pink, however, in tattoo form, it can scale up to purple, darker hues and even black or white too. This beautiful flower is a pride of the Pacific.


Classy and Cool Hibiscus Tattoo Ideas


Hibiscus flowers are more of a feminine design that’s why I’m solely going to focus on the ladies in this article. There are various compositions from which you can select the best one. Let’s have a look at how women like to wear this motif and wear. The placement of the tattoo will depend on the size though. Below are a few composition ideas with some meaningful insights and placement ideas to suit your body.

Butterfly and the Hibiscus

Hibiscus is known as a flower for a complete woman and addition of butterfly is just right with it. Inking butterfly with darker shades and the hibiscus flower with a lighter shade like pink doesn’t only make it aesthetically eye-catching, but it also turns out that it represents a very peaceful woman symbolically. If you are considering to use shades of pink then, just know that it will represent your personality as a beautiful and complete woman, as pink is a symbolical color of women beauty. This kind of motif will best suit the area of your back, or if you want it to be tiny, then it will look very appealing behind your neck.


Decorative Hibiscus Tattoo on the Back

Girls with the feminist mindset usually get the feminine symbol as proof of their feminity. However, if you want to represent a similar thing but want something colorful and big, then a chain of three or four hibiscus flowers on either side of the back will look exceptional. As said above hibiscus is a symbolical representation of complete women who takes pride in their womanhood.

The feminine sign has got too old fashioned for the millennials of the 21st century, but this alluring flower has your back. Flaunt your pride on your back proudly. If men are considering to compliment their wives or their other half, then a small hibiscus on the wrist or near the heart area would look great. If you aren’t sure with it being colorful, then go for a blank ink or just have an outline.

A Hibiscus Wall Clock

This motif is relatively huge in comparison to other designs. That’s why before getting it you will have to find out a very professional and experienced tattooist. If this design does not come in illustration perfectly including its shade and details, then I fear that you will end up ruining a part of your shoulder and one whole side of your back.

However, a clock is a representation of time and hibiscus is for the woman. When you combine both of them, you can interpret two meanings out of it. One, that time is a very precious element in our lives, and it could be seen as a constant reminder for the wearer. Secondly, the woman or a girl wearing this particular tattoo is very punctual and for her life is the most precious gift. You can also personalize it by putting up your birth time on the clock or any memorable hour that you think should be celebrated on your body.


Bunch of Hibiscus On The Side Of the Abdomen

Females are one of the most empathetic entities in this world. It’s a saying that if a woman falls in love, then no power in the world can stop her to take her love and a woman only falls in love once. Another thing that is popular about a woman is her friendship with her friends, no matter what a woman will never betray her friends.

She will always keep her friendship first. To celebrate these two qualities, women often choose to have a bunch of red and yellow hibiscus on the side of their abdomen. The red flower represents love, passion for the deserving and the lucky person and the yellows personify with all her friends. This combination also tells us one more thing about a woman, and that is they can keep a balance in all their relationships, as they are equally important for her.

Wearing a Hibiscus Sleeve

All my male readers here is good news for you guys. You can wear a hibiscus sleeve. Although hibiscus usually pictures a feminine outlook, the hibiscus sleeve looks very manly and masculine. Men can give a tribute to the closest women in their lives by wearing a hibiscus sleeve as hibiscus also represents the perfect wife.

The sleeve would show his love for his woman. It would also show a man’s empathetic side as well. Usually, men are considered more systematic, and due to this when a guy shows emotion, he is considered as feminine or unmanly. Thus, their empathetic side hides somewhere under their systematic thinking. Hibiscus sleeve tattoo can be a great way to flaunt the love and feelings for someone or one’s inner self and special character that the societies stupidity has taken over.

Black Inked Hibiscus for Men

Black ink hibiscus is another design that men can consider wearing if they are a bit uncomfortable to wear a whole sleeve. This tattoo is relatively small and can fit anywhere. It can fit on the ankles, forearms, side of the chest, a thigh or wherever the one would like to have it. As there are no colors, it somewhat makes it neutral for both males and females.

However, kick-ass shading with different shades of black in the outline can be very aesthetically pleasing. This particular tattoo can represent anything. It has different meanings in different nations as Chinese sees this as a symbol of personal glory and the inside beauty. It is the kind of tattoo that any men would want to have it without any thoughts because of its hyper-realistic expression.

Grey and Black Hibiscus

Another side piece idea for both men and woman who are looking for something colorless yet classy and elegant. A bouquet of three or four hibiscus flowers lined in a row can look incomparable. The hibiscus comes into formation with black ink, and for the shading, the tattooist considerably uses a variety of shades of grey color. When you watch it, it brings out a royal look. It can also radiate a sense of confidence that a person has in him. If you are planning to make it more personal then adding your name or adding the name of someone you love the most would do it for you.hibiscus-tattoos

3D Hibiscus That Looks Real

This is the 21st century, and why can’t a tattoo be illustrated in 3d when we have 3d animations and theatre films. Getting a hibiscus in 3d design is very cool these days. Usually, girls like to have this tattoo on her back or areas near the hips and abdomen. Although these hibiscuses are similar to the other tattoo designs, it’s uniqueness lies in that any design can be turned into a 3d design.

Just imagine how classy and cool it would look when there is an impression that the hibiscus is coming out from your body. A beautiful 3d motif would be a great fit for younger girls and guys. Also, any woman can rock this tattoo, but the thing is that these kinds of tattoos need way more shading, due to which these are time-consuming and are very painful.


Wrapping it up, I hope that you may have got a few inspirations from this post. I have discussed almost everything about hibiscus tattoos including their meanings and designs although these were just a few suggestions.

You can use various colors and mix and match other designs to get a composition of your own, an illustration that describes you, that you own it. Choose the best hibiscus tattoo design for yourself,  as apart from womanhood it also symbolizes relaxing and funny lifestyle, easygoing and humoristic personality.