125+ Butterfly Tattoo Ideas for Depicting Transformation

The ideas are endless when it comes to getting a tattoo. From quotes to sacred symbols, you can opt for anything that complements your personality.

Various people go for bold patterns and even inked skull on their body whereas many tattoo lovers prefer to get a permanent butterfly.

It seems like a feminine idea. You can find simple ones or butterflies with several designs. No question everyone attracts to this delicate insect, and it looks great as a tattoo.

The colorful creature depicts human transformation as well, and that is why it is considered as a splendid tattoo idea.

Getting a tattoo has become a widely followed trend amongst young adults and adults alike. You may have seen numerous teenagers with one or more tattoos showcasing their real-self too.

Like other designs or patterns, butterflies also describe your soft and elegant side. That is one of the primary reasons why most women prefer to get a butterfly tattoo. You can also find plenty of excellent butterfly tattoo designs. Getting one has become a trend due to its versatility.

We suggest opting for a temporary butterfly tattoo first if you want to be a part of the bandwagon. This way, you will get a clear picture of whether it speaks your personality or not. All you need is to spend some time searching for what shape, size, and color you would want.

Plus, trying something new with permanent ink does not sound a smart idea as you cannot get rid of it quickly in case of an undesirable outcome.

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Why Women Prefer Butterfly Tattoos

You may agree with the fact that most butterfly tattoo designs look effortlessly good on specific body parts of women such as neck, ankles, and wrists. A delicate butterfly tattoo on the side of neck or ankle enhances overall beauty and seems fashionable and chic.

That is why getting a butterfly tattoo is common amongst women of all age. It is worth noting; most workplaces do not welcome bold or gothic tattoos. So, opting for a cute and colorful butterfly seems a safe bet in this context as well.

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Famous Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs look attractive if placed on the right body part. For instance, various tattoo artists recommend getting a small butterfly tattoo on hands, wrists, ankles, feet, and neck.

You should get large ones such as Celtic and tribal butterflies preferably on the back. Also, you can inked-on a fantastic scrolling butterfly scene on arms, sides of the torso or legs as designs like these work well on more extended body parts.

The mid-sized tattoos designs appear great on shoulders and upper arm. You cannot make the most of a detailed tattoo design imprinted with dark shades on shoulders or neck.

Therefore, it is better to decide beforehand what sort of tattoo would go well on the body part you are planning to get tattooed.

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Here Are Some Jaw-Dropping Ideas For Butterfly Tattoos

1.     A Butterfly on a Chandelier Idea

A butterfly is sitting on a chandelier seems captivating. This idea is an example of creativity. The details create distinct lines on the body. A butterfly on a chandelier idea will appeal to you if you are looking for a reasonable butterfly tattoo idea.

2.     Tribal Design Tattoo

Who does not appreciate straightforward yet elegant tattoo design? A tribal butterfly design idea seems pretty specifically if made with jewels. A tattoo with jewels sounds a creative way to draw plenty of attention to it. Plus, it will complement your feminine side as well.

3.     Colorful Butterfly Design

Opting for the right shades to come up with a creative butterfly tattoo is an art. You can add glamour to your lifestyle via getting a colorful butterfly tattoo on your neck. The bright colors will blend well with any skin tone. However, they will stand out against pale skin and blonde hair.

4.     Butterfly Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos look trendy and chic. Moreover, getting a butterfly with flower detailing sounds an out of the box idea. You can go for traditional butterfly and flowers in sleeves form to come with something new and exciting. Incorporating hues of your choice will further add freshness to it.

5.     Shadow Butterfly Tattoo

That seems a fun idea if you are planning to get matching tattoos with your friends. Shadow butterfly tattoo sounds a cute way to show unity and bond you share with your friends. Moreover, you should get the silhouettes of butterflies instead of conventional designs. This way, your tattoo would stand out more. Having three or more butterflies shadows – each one bigger than the previous butterfly – will surely get you plenty of compliments.

6.     Butterflies in Mandala Idea

The butterflies in Mandala seem a symbolic design. You should consider getting one like this if you are looking for gorgeous details. You may have seen various tattoo patterns. Butterflies in Mandala will surely cater to your need for definition. This idea shows that you can be creative with a butterfly tattoo.

7.     A White Butterfly Design

You do not need to stress over colors of the tattoo. It is quite common to get either a black butterfly or a mix of various shades. You can stay unique via getting an all-white tattoo. It will incorporate sophistication to your overall appearance. Plus, the delicate wings drawn with white will depict its fragility. That is something you cannot get when a butterfly is inked with black color. You should try a white tattoo if you possess dusky skin complexion and embrace it.

8.     Modern Butterfly Tattoo Idea

A butterfly with the vibrant color scheme and torn wings do not only looks stylish but it is a unique idea as well. Moreover, you will receive plenty of compliments for being creative and opting for the bold color scheme after opting for this bold piece of art.

9.     Straight Forward Butterfly Tattoo

No doubt, butterfly tattoo seems a feminine idea. Despite that, you can find ideas that work for well for a man. A moth inspired idea is not stereotypically a feminine design. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that straightforward design involves minimum details and looks good in any size. A big butterfly tattoo on the chest seems a fun way to portray your personality.

10.  Symmetrical Leg Tattoo Design

You can never go wrong with symmetrical tattoo idea. It looks beautiful and playful at the same time. Also, you can break the symmetry rules if you prefer different butterflies on each leg. You should keep rest of the design girlish to make the most of this idea. Many tattoo artist advice to get symmetrical designs on the legs. However, if done correctly, these designs can look gorgeous on other body parts as well.

11.  Realistic Tattoo Idea

You can opt for pragmatic approach when it comes to getting a butterfly tattoo. The details, size, and color scheme of butterflies with roses imprint with vibrant shades of red will stand out. The idea seems traditional, but the combination of roses and butterfly never loses charm. So, do not hesitate and add some color to your appearance.

12. Butterflies on Branches

You should not overlook the fact that sometimes less is more. You can go for minimum colors, size, and shape tattoo and it can still appear gorgeous. Butterflies on the branches would look like a painting hanging in an art gallery if inked correctly. It will showcase your passion and appreciation for art as well.

13.  Glam up Wrist

It is evident that not everyone is a fan of big and dramatic tattoo designs. In this case, you should consider getting a small one. It is worth mentioning that you can still get details in small butterfly tattoo designs. You can ask your tattoo artist to outline sides of each butterfly along with light strokes to get the right amount of detail in a small butterfly. Also, you can keep each butterfly same or distinctive in size. Moreover, getting a series of small butterflies on your wrist combined with a fresh manicure not only looks stunning but brings out the stylish and chic side of every woman.

14. A Butterfly with Blue Hue and Lace-Like Wings

It is true that creativity has no limits. In current times, you can add as much definition as you want to your make your tattoo design stand out. You should try opting for butterfly made with blue hues and lace-like wings. It would look like a real butterfly. Plus, you can get a slight curve on the wings to finish off the design beautifully. This awesome idea goes well on your back as well.      

15.  Butterfly Frame Idea

Asymmetric leg tattoos are an excellent option to showcase your mysterious personality. You can go for a butterfly along with landscape in a frame to achieve outside of the box tattoo design. It looks pretty. You can either place it on the leg or arm to show off your tattoo.

16.  Giant Butterfly Tattoo

The size of a tattoo matters to some extent. A big butterfly will eventually draw more attention, and you will receive compliments. Some of the big designs allow you to incorporate details to make the most of them. We suggest getting giant – two or more butterflies depending on your preference with vibrant colors to satisfy your bold personality. Plus, imprinting them on the sides of your body sounds a perfect place to ink a tattoo.

17. Geometrical Butterfly Idea

Modern tattooing has reached another level. Now, you can ask and get almost every design in no time. Like other, getting a geometrical design seemed like a dream in yesteryears. However, in current times, it is quite easy to opt for unique ideas. So, you do not need to worry when it comes to choosing a design inspired by geometry. You can combine it with different patterns on the background to incorporate details. Moreover, a clean geometrical design is considered an incredible work of art. Once you got it, traditional butterfly tattoos ideas might not appeal to you again.butterfly tattoos

18. Modern Sleeve Painting

Sleeve painting tattoos require plenty of time and meticulous efforts to finish. It seems heart-warming once the job is done. You should consider opting for a modern approach in this context. And the option like painting-style sleeve tattoo looks impressive and festive. You can combine butterflies and a peacock in the idea to get vivid color scheme. No question, some tattoos designs are hard to comprehend. Moreover, getting a butterfly and peacock one shows your love your nature to some extent.

19. Music and Butterfly Combination

If you are a music junkie, imprinting a butterfly tattoo combine with music will surely blend well with your personality. Moreover, the butterflies placing on the back creates an effect of carefree melody. This tattoo design would look like a piece of art if done correctly.

20. Modern Roses and Butterflies Idea

If you are not a fan of traditional rose and butterfly tattoo, you can get a modern one for you. It will be a refreshing take on old and mesmerizing tattoo idea. You can give a new touch via placing profound butterflies on the front and blurry ones on the background. Plus, opting for faded roses will pull off overall tattoo design. So, do not hesitate to get traditional tattoo design just because roses and butterflies do not blend well with modern tattoo trends. You can always find options to make your tattoo stand out in public.

21. Light and Dark Butterfly Tattoo Idea

Dramatic butterfly tattoos appear trendy as well. It depends on the way they crafted. A tattoo featuring butterflies in an evil swirl along with leaking and dark ones seems a bold idea. You can go for light and dark themed tattoo if you crave something bold and dramatic.

22. A Butterfly on Shoulder

Traditional butterfly designs appear elegant if placed on the right body part. The idea of tattooing a medium-sized butterfly on the shoulder seems straightforward and sophisticated at the same time. It is necessary to learn that getting a tattoo on the right place is essential to make the most of it. A top-notch tattoo idea on the wrong body part will not only ruin its beauty but your money and time as well.

23. Enormous Butterfly Tattoo on the Back

The details and finishing make a tattoo stands out. With a giant butterfly on your back, you can flaunt it and receive plenty of compliments. It looks tasteful and brings out the girlish side of your personality. Also, tattoo on the back blends well with V-back dresses. An enormous butterfly on the back looks trendy and chic. Moreover, you can always go for a vivid color palette to enhance your butterfly tattoo or keep it black to add grace to your personality.

24. Go For Painted Butterflies

Nothing brightens your mood like a correctly done new tattoo does. That is why you need to try various styles and ideas to explore what suits you best. A fresh and carefree painting of butterflies using vibrant color palette sounds a beautiful idea. This idea suggests you do not need to follow the trend and go for the shades that make you happy.

25. A Butterfly made of Butterflies Idea

Get a butterfly tattoo made with tiny butterflies to reach new heights of creativity. You should opt for black ink to highlight details of the design. Usually, the tattoo is small to medium in size. And, you can place it on legs, shoulders, arms, or the sides of your body as per choice. This idea is a fun way to be a part of tattoo trend while maintaining your elegant personality.

Why You Should Go For Butterfly Tattoos

Amongst all the idea, butterfly tattoo got popularity in a short time span. Not to mention, a significant number of women has reportedly inked butterfly tattoos for various reasons including:

  • The primary goal is the butterfly itself. Its delicacy and beauty ultimately become tattoo inspiration.
  • A butterfly tattoo symbolizes appreciation of art and nature alike. Moreover, various people considered it a representative of freedom, faith, and transformation as well.
  • In many traditions and culture, a butterfly seems connected to affection and femininity.

So, next time when you think whether you should go for one or not, recall these factors and get yourself a top-notch butterfly tattoo.

How To Keep Your Butterfly Tattoo Crisp And Bright

Getting a fresh piece of body art seems satisfying. It is quite unfortunate that it begins fading over time. It usually happens when you expose your tattoo in the sun regularly. Moreover, various tattoos lose its vibrant colors in just a matter of weeks or months. Seeing your favorite tattoo in this condition is upsetting. However, you can stop the drastic disappearance of your tattoo with the help of these steps.

Follow Directions

Tattoo artists always provide aftercare tips and tricks. You need to follow them religiously. Also, do not try to switch to skin lotion or cream merely because it is affordable. Tattoo artists prescribed specific products as they already know what aftereffects you might encounter.

Use Antibacterial Soap

Your small negligence can lead to the harrowing outcome. Thereby, to avoid circumstances like these, you should remove bandage in the allotted time. Do not remove it before or after the specified time. Moreover, once removed, wash your tattooed area with an antibacterial soap gently. Also, apply aftercare products prescribed by your tattoo artist.butterfly tattoos  

Keep it Clean and Moisturized

That is a critical step as your tattoo should stay moisturized, but you should not overdo it. Your tattooed skin needs to breathe during the healing process. Excess application of skin ointment may lead to the unpleasant outcome. Plus, it contributes to pulling out the color of your tattoo as well.

You should wash your tattoo twice a day with an antibacterial soap to keep it clean and germ-free. This way, you can remove the buildup of old skin products. Once your tattoo is healed, apply a moisturizing lotion to retain its colors. You can use it on a daily basis or when your skin feels dry and flaky.

Do Not Scratch your Tattoo

Scratching seems tempting; however, it dismantles your tattoo. The occurrence of scabs is quite common after getting a new tattoo. Despite that, you should refrain from pulling it off whether it is small or significant. Tattoo artists suggest that these scabs heal with a tattoo. Consulting with a doctor in case of a lot of scabs is necessary as it could be a symptom of tattoo infection. Also, the colors of your tattoo will stay for an extended time if you get treatment for scabbing on time.

Pay Attention to Clothing

You should wear loose clothing until your tattoo is healed completely. Tight clothes will rub on your new tattoo and irritate and scrape your skin. Plus, constant irritation contributes to pulling off scabs and flakes. And, this condition affects vibrant colors of your tattoo as well.butterfly tattoos

Avoid Excess Water

You do not only need to stop swimming but reduce your shower timing as well. Various tattoo artists recommend staying away from water for at least 15 days. Give your new tattoo some time to heal. Moreover, avoid swimming in lakes and public pools when your tattoo is new as the water in there is full of microorganisms that can cause skin infection.

Avoid Tanning Procedures

Tanning lotions contain plenty of harsh chemicals that might contribute to skin infection specifically when your tattoo is just a few days old. You should avoid tanning bed as well as it can cause further damage. Also, do not expose tattooed skin in the sun and try to hide from ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Bottom Line

Getting a butterfly tattoo seems fun and exciting idea. You can play with colors and can showcase the feminine side of your personality. So, get one and be ready to welcome a pleasant change.