125 Top Neck Tattoo Designs This Year

The neck is perhaps one of the most visible parts of the entire human body – Despite wearing clothes, it is still completely exposed to many. Both men and women decorate their necks with fancy jewelry and trinkets, including necklaces, so their necks look elegant and gorgeous. But sometimes, these kinds of necklaces could be a bit pricey, and even look awkward on several necks. So what are you supposed to do when you want your neck to stand out from the rest? A great option is to get a neck tattoo. It is suitable for both men and women, since you can get creative with the look for the tattoo. There are plenty of ideas you could come up with for this kind of tattoo. Girls like to put cute patterns on their tattoos, while men like placing tribal-style neck tattoos.

Neck tattoos are highly noticeable. The reason why people like a good one is because they look attractive, not to mention, cool. However, if you have decided to get a tattoo on your neck, you must think about the pain you’ll go through. Getting tattoos in general is a painful process, and neck tattoos could hurt twice as much since the skin and nerves there are sensitive. Since there’s not much space to put a tattoo in, compared to other places like the arms and the back, neck tattoo designs are small and simple as well. But if the person wants a huge design, they can still go for it. As mentioned before, there are plenty of designs and shapes for the neck tattoo.

Types of Neck Tattoo Designs


Quote Neck Tattoo

The quote neck tattoo is commonly placed on the back of a person’s neck. This quote could be the name of someone they know, or someone they like. It could also be a phrase, like a popular saying, or a Bible passage. The quote neck tattoo might be simple, but it’s definitely a classic, and very memorable as well, since the phrase or word written on the tattoo will ultimately determine what the quote means to the person, and to whoever manages to read what’s on the tattoo. Getting a specific word or phrase tattooed on someone’s neck is also an excellent way to remember someone, or honor someone’s memory. Since you get this person’s name tattooed on your neck, it seems as if you’re highly proud of that person.neck tattoos

Tribal Neck Tattoo

Tribal designs for tattoos are utilized by clients and tattoo artists alike. These kinds of neck tattoos have drawn in plenty of looks, since they look beautiful on a person’s neck, and are highly popular across the globe. But despite that, the tribal tattoo could mean different things across various cultures. For example, tribal tattoos in the Maori culture means you belong to a high status among your tribe. Meanwhile, the same kind of tattoos in the Celtic culture represent faith, and courage. The tribal tattoo was first created for army rankings and religious purposes.

Dragonfly Neck Tattoo

The dragonfly neck tattoo is mostly seen at the back of a person’s neck. The shape of a dragonfly, with its long slender body and huge wings create a nice looking shape, and fits a person’s neck nicely as a tattoo. Dragonfly neck tattoos are common with the ladies. In popular myths, the dragonfly is often denoted as a sign of transformation, much like the butterfly or moth. So if a person gets a dragonfly neck tattoo, this means they have undergone a change in their lives in order to become a better person.

Barcode Neck Tattoo

Believe it or not, this kind of neck tattoo does exist – And it’s slowly gaining popularity as technology starts to become more advanced. Any kind of number is represented in the form of a barcode tattoo. The barcode neck tattoo is made up of a barcode of a certain product that the person likes, or a number that could hold a special meaning to the tattoo’s owner. These kinds of tattoos are mostly done at the back of the neck, instead of the front size – Mostly because the skin over there is thicker, so it holds the ink nicely.neck tattoo design

Meaning of a Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos typically means that someone is willing to take plenty of risks, or they could have a daring personality. They’re not afraid to make choices that could possibly change their lives. The neck is one of the most exposed parts of a person’s body – It doesn’t matter if the person’s wearing three layers of clothes when they step outside, the neck will always be seen by people. One must also remember that the neck is very sensitive, so this area could be quite painful for tattoos. All of the designs that the person chooses for their neck tattoo always depend on the person’s own preferences, as well as the artist’s design. Popular symbols for neck tattoos include flowers, hearts, or the name of a person.

The neck tattoo easily tells you a lot about the person who owns them. So always be cautious before you decide if you want a tattoo there or not. First, think about your job – Are tattoos allowed in your workplace? Are your bosses comfortable with the idea of their employees getting tattoos? Some people get rejected from jobs that they like, simply because they have a tattoo. But those who want to find a job in the arts shouldn’t feel too stressed, because tattoos are allowed in that line of work.

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Ideal Placement of a Neck Tattoo

Before getting a tattoo, you first need to consider the kind of artwork you’re about to place on your skin. Think about the size, as well as what the final outcome could look like. Is your tattoo small, or large? Is it simple, or detailed? Does it have to include certain colors which cannot be seen unless the tattoo is large?

If you have decided to get a large tattoo, including a picture of someone or your favorite character, pick the area of your body that the tattooist can gain easy access to, without forcing you to twist your body in angles in order to see it. Backs are the best place for big tattoos since not only is it broad, it also curves nicely. Other spots great for big tattoos include the upper arms, the stomach, the calf, and the thighs.

Neck Tattoo Preparation Tips

Talk to a tattoo expert to get rid of whatever anxiety you have when it comes to tattooing. If you haven’t had a tattoo done yet, prepare yourself mentally so you could remove all the mysteries and questions that you have surrounding it. The more relaxed you are during your session, the better your experience will be.

Average Service Cost & Standard Price for Getting Neck Tattoo Designs

One of the most common concerns when it comes to getting a tattoo is the average cost. If you visit the nearest tattoo parlor in your town, you could only pay a minimum amount for the final cost. It doesn’t even matter if that star tattoo is located on your neck, your leg, or your pinky finger – The cost will still be the same. The minimum cost will depend on the tattoo parlor’s current location. Europe is known for having some really expensive tattoo parlors, while in Chicago, a good tattoo could cost more than $60. So in short, the price that you pay for that tattoo will all depend on the location. You could pay a hundred dollars for a tiny tattoo, or twenty dollars for a big one. The tattooist could charge per hour, or might just price every tattoo individually. When it comes to cash, always keep in mind that you get whatever it is that you paid for. If this tattoo is your first, you might end up seeing it for a couple of months.

Maintenance Tips After Getting a Neck Tattoo

After you’re done with the tattoo session and have left the tattoo parlor, keep the bandage on for up to four hours. Then wash the tattoo with lukewarm water and let it dry naturally. Moisturize and wash your tattoo at least five times a day. Do not soak the tattoo in water, scratch it during the drying process, expose it sunlight, and wear form-fitting clothes. It’s also not advisable to go to the gym during the healing process. Go see your tattoo artist or a doctor if swelling occurs.

Your artist will also give you instructions on how to take care of your tattoo, so listen carefully. Each artist has their own set of aftercare tips when it comes to new tattoos, but the only thing they have in common is that they all have been proven to work. The main goal after getting a new tattoo is to allow it to heal correctly, and look great on your skin, so the artist definitely won’t give you with poor advice on caring for it.

Do not open the bandage after you leave the tattoo parlor – The bandage is there to protect your new ink from bacteria, since they can pass through broken skin. Leave the bandage on for two hours before peeling it off.