255+ Best Chest Tattoos You Can Opt For: #110 Will Blow Your Mind

In recent times, chest tattoos have become a fashion statement for both men and women. People have also started to use tattoos to express their beliefs and to display their attitudes. The chest has become an ideal spot for tattoos because the big surface area allows artists to draw a lot of stuff. You can find various celebrities such as David Beckham and Johnny Depp who are quite taken by tattoo art. Other celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Jared Leto have also adopted the same path by being tattooed on their chests.

It is important to note that the chest is a key part of the human body. It holds the heart, which is why you should be extra considerate when choosing a tattoo for it. A fine-toned chest can make any tattoo design look immensely appealing. A chest tattoo is not that painful to get, but it is certainly not for the faint-hearted. If you are having trouble finding the right tattoo design, we have got you covered.

Here are some of the top tattoos that you can try on your chest:-


Lion Chest Tattoo


Getting your chest inked with a tattoo requires some real courage. If you think you are brave and rule everything around you, then the lion tattoo is the best choice. Apart from being a ferocious animal, a lion represents nobility, loyalty, strength, and authority. The lion tattoo can come up in various designs. The most popular one is the roaring face that perfectly displays its power and fierceness. With such qualities, it won’t be difficult to know why we name it as the king of the jungle. One of the benefits of having a lion tattoo is that it looks good with every style. You can customize it by adding your favorite quote or having it in your preferred color. Before getting a lion tattoo, it would be wise to prepare yourself to live up to the expectations.

Tribal Tattoos

One of the coolest and the most popular chest tattoos you can find are the tribal tattoos. You can pick up designing ideas from various ancient tribes. The application of tribal tattoos doesn’t take up much time, and they are quite appealing. You can look towards ancient Aztec, Indian and Borneo cultures for tattoo ideas. Each of these has their own unique and powerful designs that can give your chest a macho look.

Batman Tattoo

This is more of a Batman fan tattoo. However, the bat look is quite popular when it comes to chest tattoos. Most individuals prefer a bat tattoo for representing all the prominent qualities of the dark knight. The bat symbol represents hope, justice, and dedication. It also portrays fear, authority, power, and courage.  The powerful meaning and the appealing design is the main reason why people have it on their chest. The tattoo is also quite inspirational especially for those who hope to get rid of all the evil around them. If you are an admirer of Batman, you will find a lot of variety in terms of tattoo designs. The tattoo suits both men and women and is quite popular amongst various tattoo artists.

Spiderman Tattoo

Similar to the Batman tattoo, the spider tattoo is mostly famous amongst the Spiderman fanatics. Spiderman is an inspirational character who perfectly represents justice, courage, hope, and intelligence. In this category, you are bound to find many different designs that include grayscale and red and blue color shades. One of the most popular designs also includes the transformation of the superhero into Black Spiderman. All of the designs are quite attractive, especially on a well-toned chest. If you are a fan of the inspiring superhero figure, do not hesitate to show it to the world by getting your favorite chest tattoo.chest-tattoos

Skull Tattoos

When it comes to getting a skull tattoo design, you will never be short of design options. A skull tattoo can carry different meanings depending upon the style and the purpose. Here are a few examples for you to know:-

Death’s Head– the design is common amongst drug dealers and usually represents moral looseness. People who have dark and loose characters prefer this on their chests mostly. The tattoo’s structure mostly comprises a skull without a lower jaw.

Bull Skull– the structure of the design comprises of a blend of a Texas bull and a skull. The sign indicates a character with qualities such as strength, courage, and liveliness.

Rose Skull– the design is quite an odd combination but is quite attractive on the chest.  It mostly represents the relation between life and death.

A skull tattoo is also a popular preference for many individuals due to its commanding image. It carries different interpretation that many of us can relate with our lives.


Stag Tattoos

The stag tattoo is a preferable choice for men due to its masculine structure. A stag has an interesting personality that consists of various positive and negative traits. Having a tattoo of it represents nobility, kindness, peace and unconditional love for family. A stag tattoo also suits people who are loyal and intelligent as well. The design also makes a striking image with other elements as well such as a skull, a crow or a tribal crest. You can also modify your stag tattoo with different shades, lines, curves to enhance its appearance.

Pirate Ship Tattoo

Anything related to piracy at first might seem like a dark tattoo design idea. However, this is certainly not the case with the ultimate pirate ship tattoo. The tattoo consists of a ship with its flag and sails held high. This represents courage and willpower of the highest level. A ship with visible sails indicates that the crew never gives up. If you have the same attitude and love some sea adventures, the design is an ideal tattoo choice for you. You can also insert different pirate phrases to the design for a more enhanced look of your chest.

Quote Chest Tattoos

Most individuals get quote chest tattoos to represent their beliefs. Whether the quote comes from a song, a book or a famous movie, the tattoo is quite significant for the wearer.  Some people also wear quote tattoos for motivation purposes. Phrases such as ‘Never give up’ and ‘Kings never die’ are some of the common examples amongst numerous individuals. Here are some additional examples that you can pick for your perfect chest tattoo:-

  • Families are the compass that guides.
  • Live full, die empty.
  • Don’t forget to love yourself.

Quote tattoos come up with many customization options. You can have your favorite font alongside different color options to ensure that your quote tattoo speaks loudly.

Country Tattoos

If you are passionate about your country and want to show your love for it, wearing a country tattoo might not be a bad idea. For instance, if you are a US citizen and want a flag tattoo, you can choose from many designs. The eagle in the flag can be worn on your chest sides while the original crest can be in the middle. The mix of different colors and the flag structure goes well with a flat or a well-toned chest.  Country tattoos are also available in different sizes and structure depending on your preferences.


Religion Tattoos

If you want to spread the real intended message of your religion, why not do it with a tattoo? Religious verses and signs are quite influential if presented in the right way. The font should be attractive and should be visible to the reader’s eye that is possible in a tattoo.

Another reason for using a tattoo for religious purposes is for inspiration. For instance, there are thousands of Biblical verses present that you can look for inspiration or motivation. Some individuals also wear religious signs due to personal reasons. It is important to note that a specific verse or a symbol can mean a lot to somebody’s life.  In recent times, more people have started to wear chest tattoos to show support to their respective religion and their beliefs as well. You can choose from plenty of design and styles to make them more visible and appealing.

Dragon Tattoos

A dragon tattoo seems like a cool idea especially if you have a flat chest. Wearing a dragon chest-tattoo represents strength, courage, and authority in character. Apart from such qualities, dragon tattoos also carry a powerful meaning related to various ancient civilizations. Dragons are assumed fierce, intelligent and kind at the same time. There are different types of dragons found in Chinese Mythology that possess different traits.  If you think that you have similar qualities, a dragon tattoo might suit well to your chest.

One of the benefits of having a dragon tattoo is that it is customizable to various lengths. You can add different quotes, icons and other modifications to make it look even more appealing.


The Diamond and Rose Tattoo

If you are looking for the perfect tattoo to express your undying love for someone, this is your best choice. The diamond and rose tattoo carry different personality traits. These include faithfulness, love, purity, and beauty. Some individuals also believe that the tattoo represents infinite love. One of the most famous categories in the diamond and rose tattoo is the blue diamond and red rose theme. The tattoo shows a diamond emerging from inside a rose that makes it a worthy sight to see.

You can also further add to the beauty of the design by making certain modifications. The design is also suitable for your arm, hip or your spine due to its striking look.

Snake Chest Tattoos

Another popular and an intriguing tattoo design category, you can surely not afford to miss the best snake chest tattoos. They guarantee an attractive look for your chest and come up with various customization options as well.

Here are some common snake tattoos and their interpretations for you to know:-

  • King Cobra- if you are looking for something to represent dignity and wealth, the king cobra design is your best choice. It is a perfect design for individuals who consider themselves superior to others.
  • Skull and Snake Combination- a perfect way to remind someone of their death, the skull and snake design is often put into the dark side. It is quite popular in fighting gangs and drug dealers.
  • Dragon and Snake Combination- the combination is unique and represents the fine balance of nature. A dragon portrays the wild side of nature while a snake calms it down.


Cyborg Tattoos

If you consider yourself a machine with a human heart, the cyborg tattoo designs are definitely made for your chest. There are numerous biomechanical tattoo designs that you can choose to make your chest look striking. These designs are quite popular as they are innovative and quite different from the traditional chest tattoos. Another good thing about such tattoos is that they are creative and do not require a specific technique to be drawn. A tattoo artist can make a biomechanical tattoo based on his/her imagination and still end up with an attractive design. To make it look different, you can add demons, vampires, and some other unique elements to make these designs even more innovative. These tattoo designs are available on both male and female preferences for you to enjoy.

Owl Tattoos

Apart from its eye-catching figure, an owl tattoo design carries some interesting interpretations. Some of these include wisdom, independence, freedom and the power of knowledge. Individuals with such qualities are more likely to get different owl tattoos.

An owl carries some unique traits. It has large eyes that can help it hunt in low light conditions. It has excellent hunting abilities, which are equipped with an outstanding vision. Such qualities make an owl tattoo quite symbolic and inspirational for many individuals. In recent times, tattoo artists have introduced some creative designs to the owl tattoos. Nowadays you can see owl tattoos with branches, clocks and other traditional and unique elements. These help in making the tattoo look even more attractive to the eyes.

Armor Chest Tattoo

An armor tattoo is mostly considered as a suitable choice for people who represent bravery of the highest level. Armor is a shield that offers protection against various dangers that we can surely relate to. Nowadays, an armor tattoo is combined with different animals, flowers, and other elements to give the design different meanings. Some examples include armor with rose, armor with a lion and armor with a wolf. Such designs come up with various customizing options that you can avail for an enhanced look for your chest.

Game of Thrones Houses Tattoos

Having your favorite game of thrones house crest on your chest wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. If you are a fan of the famous series, you can get a tattoo to support your favorite house. For instance, if you are a Stark admirer, your tattoo will consist of a dire wolf. Similarly, a Lannister fan will have a lion tattoo, and a Targaryen fan will get a dragon tattoo.

Lord of the Rings Tattoo

It would be quite an honor having a tattoo on your chest of one of the most iconic fiction series of all times. If you are familiar with the various popular characters in the series, you will surely consider getting a tattoo of them. Some of the popular choices include Aragon, Gandalf, and the Hobbits. To get the best tattoo, you will have to find a suitable artist who is good with realistic colors and different creative designs.


Bird Tattoos

Different bird tattoos carry different meanings. Birds make up a popular choice for chest tattoos because of the various customization options available. Here are some of the common choices:-

  • Eagle Tattooan eagle represents leadership, strength, and wisdom. If you believe in such qualifies, the tattoo will surely suit your chest.
  • Peacock Tattoo– it represents kindness, care, and knowledge.
  • Raven Tattoo– these are one of the most popular ones in the bird tattoo category. A raven tattoo describes a personality with traits such as wisdom, peace and a balance between the good and evil.

Hammerhead Shark Tattoos

If you have a great survival instinct and a confident personality, a shark tattoo is a good choice for your chest. A shark also signifies qualities such as fearlessness, power, and gracefulness making it an inspirational tattoo idea.  The shark tattoo suits those individuals who are not affected by emotional difficulties. This is because a shark possesses an emotionless character. If you are a shark fan, you can further modify your tattoo by adding various watercolor shades and other additional elements as well.

The Sands of Time Tattoo

The amazing tattoo design consists of a sandglass surrounded by eagle wings and faces of women. The faces are seen to be on the verge of decaying that indicates the end of time. The design also comprises of roses that further explains that all men will die eventually. The exact meaning of the design is that time is running out, and we have to use it wisely. The tattoo is best suited to a well-toned chest and can be modified with some creative designing options.

Meditating Skeleton Tattoo

The design might seem a bit unusual at first sight. However, it is simple and quite intriguing with a deep meaning. It comprises a simple skeleton structure that is meditating under the bright moonlight. The skeleton appears to be smiling and feeling relaxed. It means that sometimes you have to take out time for yourself to relax. The design also illustrates the importance of sustaining inner peace. The meditating skeleton tattoo is more suited to the center of the chest with various customization options available for you.


World Map Tattoos

The tattoo artist draws the design on the shoulder and stretches it to the chest. It means that the wearer carries a lot of responsibility on his/her shoulders. If you can relate to the deep meaning, the world map tattoo is the perfect one for you. The design is purely black and white. The black portion consists of the area covered by water while the white area represents land. However, you can add a bit of creativity to it by customizing it with different color styling options.

Tiger Tattoos

One of the top predators in its respective environment, a tiger, is the perfect representation of power and strength. It carries a character that also portrays danger, fierceness, and courage.  If you can live up to its reputation, a tiger tattoo will surely be a worthy choice for you. You can find various designing combinations when it comes to tiger tattoos. The most popular is the one where the tiger’s roaring face has red flames all around it.


Gun Tattoos

Gun tattoos make up some of the coolest designs you can find for your chest. While it may seem to possess a negative image, a gun tattoo can also represent some positive interpretations. These include security, power, and honor. You can also use a gun tattoo for representing meanings such as boldness, freedom, respect, risk, authority, etc.

Similar to other categories, gun tattoos also come in various designs and styles that are customizable to certain lengths.

Sometimes, choosing a tattoo for your chest can be a bit difficult. Your preferred tattoo should carry enough value and meaning before it goes on your body. You should be wise and careful in your selection to ensure that your favorite design is worth the pain.