155+ Crown Tattoo Ideas That Are Royally Elegant

Do you always feel like you’re a queen or king?

If so, then a crown tattoo is the perfect option for you. Crown as a symbol has a prolonged history. Moreover, it has been the center of attention for centuries. The reason being, the attributes it beholds are strong and effective that no sane person would want to avoid such a symbol inked to their skin.

A crown tattoo is an epitome of power and royalty. Surprisingly, each crown tattoo portrays a different sense of power and authority. Also, both men and women are eligible to get a crown tattoo inked to their skin.

The best part about getting a crown tattoo is how they pair with anything and everything. In that regard, most people urge to get a crown tattoo design in their first attempt, or when opting for a new tattoo.

Are you convinced to get a crown tattoo, but confused on which one to choose?

Stop worrying and check out 155+ fascinating crown tattoo design idea listed below.

155+ Crown Tattoo Ideas with Meanings


Crown Tattoo with Wings

If you’re looking for an intricate and powerful tattoo design, then crown tattoo with wings would look best. The crown with wings tattoo is popular in the west. The tattoo is mostly worn on the chest. The reason being, the wings attached to the crown needs a large surface area to be inked on the skin.

The color depends on the tattoo wearer. However, black, shaded grey, monochrome color code suits the crown tattoo with wings vibe. Some people like to get quotes imprinted on the wings. Also, the crown with wings tattoo is inked onto the hands, when the wearer wishes to see the tattoo and seek strength.

Symbolic Meaning

In ancient times crown with wings was a symbol for rulers with immense power. With passing time, the meaning evolved and people started inking crown with tattoos onto their skin, as a lucky charm. Most people felt that this tattoo instantly strengthened them to do more and not give up. All in all, crown with wings had a motivational and an aesthetic vibe to it.



Lion Crown Tattoo

Lion Crown tattoo looks majestic. There are various placement options for a lion crown tattoo. Each of them portrays a totally different meaning. If you want people to believe that you have the power to do anything and everything like a king does, then get a lion crown tattoo on your shoulder. This way, it is going to be visible and aware people of your nature and strength.

If you’re someone with a dominant personality, then getting a colored lion crown tattoo would do a perfect job is defining your nature. Moreover, if you’re spiritually strong and you want a tattoo design that accurately portrays your firm beliefs. Then, it is advisable to get a grey lion crown tattoo, onto your hand or neck, so it is highly transparent to others.

Symbolic Meaning

Three main meanings are attached to the lion crown tattoo design, such as:

  • Pride
  • Victory
  • Defense

Behind the Ear Crown Tattoo


If your piercing doesn’t look fancy enough, then get yourself a colored embellished behind the ear crown tattoo. The vibe is over the top, great for a care-free and popping personality.  The placement option is limited, but the color-code and style options have a whole lot of variety.

If you have all black studs pierced onto your ear, then getting a colorful crown tattoo behind your ear will enhance the overall look. Otherwise, if the studs are already too shiny, then a simple black crown tattoo behind the ear would balance the facial look.

Other color and style options for a behind the ear crown tattoo includes single-lined crown tattoo, grey-shaded crown tattoo, and dotted crown tattoo design.

Symbolic Meaning

Behind the ear crown tattoo symbolizes that the wearer is a good listener and has sounded opinions. Also, the wearer has a strong eye-contact when interacting. Therefore, they develop interest and increase concentration wherever they go.

The best part about the tattoo is how it describes the wearer’s personality as a person who knows how and when to react. It is a valuable trait to know. As you would know that the wearer is sensible and mature enough to hear you out on whatever has been bothering you.


Multi-Color Crown Tattoo

If you’re someone with a vibrant personality, then a multi-colored crown tattoo will look perfect on you. Also, if you’re am artist, then take multi-colored crown tattoo as one of your paintings. The color splash looks intriguing and glows up the skin wherever inked.

The placement options are immense. Most people opt for a colorful crown tattoo on the hand or back of the neck. Whereas, others who want the crown tattoo to be less visible get it inked on the chest and knees.

The structure varies with the type of personalities. Some people like a free splash of colors, while others prefer colorful dotted crown tattoo. Also, the rainbow-like lined crown tattoo has been the talk of the town in recent years.

Symbolic Meaning

The multi-colored crown tattoo represents multiple attributes, some of which are mention below.

  • Leadership
  • Authority
  • Independent
  • Care-free
  • Strong headed
  • Creative

Shoulder Crown Tattoo

Shoulder crown tattoo are easy to conceal. In that regard, if you’re someone who loves personalized crown tattoo. Then here’s your chance to get that quote inked with the crown onto your shoulder. The shoulder crown tattoo gives the wearer the liberty to get a crown design that reminds them of someone or something special.

It is the easiest way to remind yourself of your dearest memory anytime, anywhere and no one would even get a single hint about it.

Most people pair up self-written poetry with the crown tattoo whereas, others prefer symbols and pair them with the crown. The combination might be something close to your heart, and you don’t even have to explain it.

Symbolic Meaning

A shoulder crown tattoo is usually customized so the meaning varies with the design and pairing up. Suppose, if someone got crown tattoo paired up with rose, the symbolic meaning would be the divine authority, royal status, pride, nobility, and love.

Single Lined Crown Tattoo


If you want a subtle tattoo, then single-lined crown tattoo would look the finest.

The single lined crown tattoo has a sophisticated and elegant vibe. It is not necessary for the line to be black, as the color depends on the wearer. Some opt for red, while others prefer dark blue or dark green single-lined crown tattoos.

The placement options are Massive. You can get the single lined crown on the hand, wrist, neck, fingers, foot, knees, chest, shoulders, or even back of the neck. It is the most diverse and adjusting tattoo design.

Symbolic Meaning

Single-lined crown has numerous meanings associated with it, such as Power, Authority, mental Strength, Leadership, perseverance, righteousness, resurrection, and victory.

Embellished Crown Tattoo


Not a jewel person? But a little embellishment is important. To escape the heavy accessory embellishment, opt for the embellished crown tattoo. The reason being, they look super realistic and have the same fancy and royal vibe to it. The placement options are extensive. You can get an embellished crown as a pendant, or even on one of your fingers, as a ring.

The color options are unlimited. You can get a full ruby embellished crown or a diamond-like crown as well. Most people opt for sapphire embellished crowns as they have a universal effect. They look great with every skin color, pairing, and placement.

The structure of the embellished crown tattoo is usually lean.  However, in recent recommendations, some individuals shared dotted embellishments, and they looked equally ravishing than the normal ones.

Symbolic Meaning

The embellished crown tattoo portrays the wearer as the rich or privileged, with a fancy aura. Such crown also represents leadership, integrity, honesty, righteousness, great thinking, and sound knowledge of general matters of life.

Floral Crown Tattoo

Floral Crown Tattoo

The floral crown tattoo looks ravishing. The options for flowers paired up with the crown are vast. Each flower has a vibe. The color combination is easy to make, and the choice is easier. If you like the red color, then straight away red rose will look perfect with the crown. Similarly, if you like the white color, then jasmine or lily would look great with the crown tattoo.

Floral Crown tattoo allows the wearer to create customized tattoos and resonate easily with it.

Symbolic Meaning

Crown has a standard symbolic meaning, which is power, leadership, and authority. But when a flower is added to the crown, the meaning extends.

Symbolic Meaning of Rose: Promise, beauty, hope, new beginnings, and balance in life.

Symbolic Meaning of Lily:  humility, devotion, truthfulness, and innocence.

Symbolic Meaning of Jasmine:  appreciation, good luck, purity and spirituality.

Symbolic Meaning of Lotus: self-regeneration, enlightenment, rebirth, and eternal beauty.

Heart Crown Tattoo

Heart paired up with crown looks astonishing. As well as it is the most popular amongst the frequent tattoo wearers. The placement options are great. Also, the size varies with the placement. If the tattoo is placed on the back or chest, it would be huge in size, whereas, if the tattoo is placed onto the shoulders or wrist the size will be a miniature.

Also, if you have a loving personality, or you’re a sensitive person, then heart crown tattoo is made for you. The most amazing placement is when wearer gets the heart inked on the left side of the chest, and a crown is embossed over it. Such design went viral when first introduced. It looked dangerous but great at the same time.

Symbolic Meaning

Heart crown tattoo has a pretty simple symbolic meaning. The heart signifies love and affection. At the same time, when combined with power, it portrays love and passion as a whole.

Crown Tattoo on Finger

Finger tattoos are popular in the west. The crown tattoo is one of those symbols. The finger has a small surface area so that a colored crown tattoo might kill the overall vibe. Therefore, it is advised to get a single lined crown tattoo on the finger. Also, the single lined crown tattoo complements the jewelry women wear.

Symbolic Meaning

Crown tattoo on fingers look miniature but has a major effect on the wearer’s personality. As it describes that wearer has a royal and dominant nature. The wearer does what he/she feels right. They control their lives and make their own decisions.

 Skull with a Crown

Skull with a crown tattoo might look scary but has an interesting concept behind it. Most people get the skull crown design onto their hands and side of the neck. The reason being, they want the tattoo to be highly visible.

The structure varies with wearer’s choice. Some like the skull to be grey with a highly embellished crown while others prefer the whole tattoo to be grey. The skull can also be inked in a dotted structure. Otherwise single lined would do fine too.


Symbolic Meaning

The skull crown tattoo shows that sometimes too much responsibility and power can leave you lifeless and dull. Also, another meaning would be that the wearer dreads being in a leadership position and thinks that any kind of power would leave him wounded.



Is getting a tattoo safe?

If your Tattoo Artist is an expert at his/her job, then getting a tattoo is perfectly safe. Also, remember to be honest with the tattoo artist about your skin condition or any medical treatment of the past. Sharing your previous medical experience prevents any after tattoo skin reactions.

Does it hurt?

Someone with a lot of tattoos was to rate the pain level, then he/she would’ve given the process 3 out of 10.

Should I tip my tattoo artist?

Tipping your tattoo artist is a good gesture. However, if you frequently visit this tattoo artist, then no need to tip every time you visit the store. Also, if it is your first visit and first tattoo appointment, then tipping a good amount might result in helpful after-care tips from the tattoo artist.

What should I do before the tattoo?

There are several things to keep in mind before you hop onto the tattoo chair.

Some of which are listed below.

  • Take a warm shower before the appointment.
  • Sleep early, so you’re well-rested. At least 8 hours and above sleep are advisable.
  • You should have eight glasses of water before the appointment. As staying hydrated will help you to bear the pain.
  • Don’t go empty stomach. Eat something, not too much, but more than a little.
  • Charge up all the portable electronic devices that can divert your mind during the inking.
  • Try to take a few people with you. Two will be more than fine.

What should I do after the tattoo?

The after-care process is of high importance.

All you need to do is moisturize, cleanse the tattoo with a cotton bud. Also, avoid scratching. Don’t take hot showers, until your tattoo heals and gets permanent.

When should I not get the tattoo?

Certain medical conditions and other scenarios can worsen the crown tattoo such as,

When you’re drunk

  • High on drugs
  • Pregnant
  • Pre-Surgery
  • Post-Surgery
  • When you’re out of sufficient cash. Even saving for something important.
  • When you’re unsure of the tattoo design, you chose.
  • When you have a tan
  • If you haven’t showered for days
  • If you took your kids along with you to the appointment.
  • If you recently had a skin rash
  • You didn’t bring your ID along.


Can I get a Tan if my tattoo is still fresh?

A tan will remove or lighten if your tattoo is still fresh, or moist.

Bottom Line

A crown tattoo looks phenomenal. Most experts and tattoo wearers have rated the crown symbol at least 8-9 on the scale of 10. Such a positive response is rare. Also, this guarantees that the crown tattoo would look great regardless of the pairing, color code, or placement.

Before you hop onto getting yourself a tattoo, remember to research well about the structure, color-code, and placement. Also share your medical experience and skin condition.

Happy Crown Tattoo to you!