150+ Behind the Ear Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

There comes a time when an individual decides to have a full tip to toe makeover. Changing their overall vibe to something they always wanted to be, or something that others will not imagine them being is a good idea. For example, if people view you as an innocent or pure soul and you want them to view you differently, then what are you waiting for, it is time for a change!

Opting for a behind-the-ear tattoo would give you a rebellious and a much sassier look that you wished to be all this long. In addition, the variety of ideas will leave you completely flabbergasted, and we are not even exaggerating.

Don’t believe us?

Then check the following behind the ear tattoo ideas yourself, and be ready for the significant change.



Hummingbird has a whole ancient history; old Indian and Native American took hummingbird as a symbol of tranquility, happiness, and spiritual love and connection. This symbol was the passed to generations with the same message, where many got it inked behind their ear, as a symbol of devotion to others and themselves.

Not only did this symbol spread peace, but was also known as a power animal for many in the northern areas — a symbol which showed your strength and courage when people looked over your s weak and defeated.

Many people with hummingbird tattoo behind their ear shared that the tattoo encouraged them to stay down to earth, but speak up when needed. Briefly, it is a perfect combination of sugar and spice, bitter and sweet, love and hatred, fighter and a defender, and above all, honestly.

There are different meanings to every color of the hummingbird symbol, for example, if you get a full black hummingbird inked behind your ear, then it would mean, aggression, power, and strength.

If a red one, then faith, energy, and prolonged beauty. In addition, if a blue hummingbird tattoo, then it would mean confidence and wisdom.

Choose the color wisely, as with every color the symbol changes its meaning, but the vibe remains the same, it’s a sign of peace, and it will stay this way for years. 


Christmas Tree

Have you ever wondered why does the Christmas tree always come out in winters?

The reason is quite interesting, the Christmas tree, and its evergreen look symbolizes rebirth, life and the kind of endurance an individual needs to survive the winters peacefully.

Some get so addicted to the tree that they get a miniature black Christmas tree inked at the back of their ear. The idea sounds and looks quite intriguing and fetching for as long as it’s there.

The most popular color for this type of tattoo is three until now are black, green, and rusty yellow.


Paws as a behind the ear tattoo look cute. Most people who have cats and dogs as pets, tend to get such tattoos more often than a person with no pets.

Three or four little footsteps won’t hurt, but it will look fine on the skin and behind the ear.

People tend to get the paws in variations, some like it all black, while others opt for a brown and white combination.  In addition, people prefer the paw tattoo behind the ear usually paired up with quotes or one or two-word phrase, Such as, “never better,” “on my way,” “aim high” and much more.




Heartbreak is something everyone has gone through at least once in life, whether you’ve moved on or the scar has recovered, the heartbreak symbol hits you every single time.

 Wondering what the heartbreak symbol is, then let us remind you of the most common sign where an arrow pierces the heart.

If you’re someone who has been going through heartache, and you’ve been avoiding the feeling for a very long time, then getting a tattoo might help. History shows that owning your pain, feeling it deeply and then letting it go would make the process easier for.

The best part is you can always hide the heartbreak tattoo inked behind your ear; no one needs to know until you’re ready.

There are numerous colors to choose. You can go all black if you don’t know what caused the heartbreak. If a friend caused you to feel this way, get a yellow heart and a black arrow/Cupid. However, if you lost in love, a red heart with a black or brown arrow will work.


If you’re someone with a bubbly personality and you’re always looking out for people then, unbelievably, this tattoo is for you.

A sunflower behind the ear tattoo symbolizes love, affection, adoration, longevity, loyalty, and what nit, to be exact, it gives off the perfect happy vibes that only a few tattoos tend to show and feel.

Its shape resembles the sun, and its color is as vibrant as the light sun reflects. Most people call it a happy flower, as it brightens up the mood, which is something every single being craves for when feeling super drained.

There are three ways you can wear these tattoos behind the ear; some get it inked in its original color, while others opt for grey with black lines and the rest for a black dotted sunflower.


The feather tattoo design and styles are highly versatile and look great behind the ear, compliments the skin area it is on, also tends to depict different meanings from different bird’s feathers.

A neutral meaning that a feather reflects is mainly about freedom and hope. However, other additional meanings and inspirations depend on the type of bird from which the feather comes, for example, if it’s an eagle feather, it means power, authority, and determination. 

A famous choice of the feather behind the ear tattoo is a peacock feather, which means, royalty, protection, strong vision, and spiritual strength.

If you want to absorb negative energies and protect yourself from the wrong, then getting a peacock feather tattoo behind your ear might do the perfect job for you.

Most people opt for miniature falling feather design so that it can cover the whole behind the ear area, also gives an aesthetic vibe.

There are many color options for this tattoo design, either you can opt for a black line and grey shading, all black or colored feathers. Please go against your hair color, if your hair is of a lighter shade then opt for a dark tattoo, and vice versa. This way behind the ear tattoo will be visible and might stand out as well.


People tend to get the star tattoo behind the ear for it preserves several different meanings. Firstly, some believe that just as the stars appear at night, the star tattoo shows the fight against the darkness.

Second, belief related to the star tattoo behind the ear says that it is a sign of morality and righteousness.

The third belief has been the most intriguing and heart touching of them all, as some people when they get a star tattoo behind their ear reviewed their act as a connection with God, and its obedience.

Overall, star tattoo is an ultimate symbol of victory and hope, which is why most people also choose a falling star for inking behind their ear as it serves to motivate them and encourage them towards the goal they’ve always wished to fulfill.

Star tattoo is by far the only tattoo that looks good in black or shaded black.


Behind the ear, the diamond tattoo looks enchanting and captivating. If you’re curious to know the meaning, then let us tell you the message resides in the name itself.

Diamond is a Greek word, which means “unbreakable.” In the tattoo language, it means strength in every way, be it be emotional, spiritual, and so on.

There is numerous diamond tattoo design that you choose, such as multi-colored miniature diamond, Blue diamond tattoo, or a Grey diamond with black lines.

Busy Bee

 Are you the busy one amongst your friend’s circle, now looking for the perfect tattoo that would look good behind your ear, then what’s the better option than getting a bee inked, you can resonate with the tattoo in every way possible. As you’re also the real-life busy bee, buzzing almost all the time, and zero time for relaxation.

Bee tattoo behind the ear can give the funkiest vibe possible. In addition, the vibrant color adds value to the tattoo, i.e., yellow and black, which has been the deadly combo since years and remains to amaze many. Otherwise, a simple black outlined bee works well too, but the colored vibe is something rare.


Do you love pranking people?

Then here’s the opportunity to make people think that you have a bug crawling behind your ear, and then when it hits them like a bombshell and they tell you about it, you can laugh it off and show them it’s just a tattoo. Fun, right?

The bug tattoo behind the ear looks pretty fascinating and joyful, and is also a good way to attract lots of attention.

The color choice depends on you, but the darkest red and black would make it look realistic.

Wisdom Word

Some you hear, some you write right behind your ear.

There are many people who believe in the power of wisdom word; they think it strengthens them, and every word has an adverse effect. Also if you’re one of them, it’s better to get a word that empowers you inked behind your ear.

These are some wisdom driven words that you consider:

  • You’re strong
  • Faith
  • Honestly
  • Take me towards the light
  • Truth
  • Believe in yourself
  • Do it now
  • Let it go
  • Change is good
  • Dream big
  • Never give up
  • You got this


Peaking tattoo is quite a tattoo made for all the creative people out there.

Peaking tattoo involves a person silently peeking from the back of your ear might also design it in a way that it looks like it is listening to what your ear is listening.

It can be colorful or just a rough outline of a person.

The idea is unique and not experienced by many, if you want to stand out of the crowd then here is the ultimate suggestion for your behind the ear tattoo.

Zodiac Symbol

Some people do not believe in zodiac signs, where others have devoted their whole lives to their zodiac sign’s predictions, traits, and daily matches.

If you are one of them, then maybe it is time to get the priorities zodiac sign inked behind your ear, it can be a simple symbol or paired with quote or flowers around.

Cheetah Print

Many people are addicted to cheetah prints, and because it is exploitation, the better way is to get it printed on your skin, no harm done also your wish fulfilled.

Behind the ear, cheetah tattoo has been the talk of the town since the beginning. It looks highly fashionable and extremely eye-catching too.

Cheetah print tattoo does not necessarily have to be in the original color, which is the best part; you can play with your imagination, and even get it in a purple and dark green shade. There are zero strings attached.


Don’t Let Me Fall

One of the behind the ear tattoo idea that blew up several minds, that too in a good way, was this don’t let me fall design.

In the tattoo design, one person was shown falling off from the ear and holding the upper loop with one hand, while the other person is trying to pull him/her up the ear.

This tattoo amazed a vast audience, and many people got the design inked behind their ear. In addition, the tattoo was not just an idea; rather, it had a strong meaning.

The meaning was to show that there is still someone who cares, who won’t let you go or leave you alone, be it be your loved one or even your god.


You must have heard of the most common expression, “my heart was racing so fast that I could feel my heartbeat.”

Just like that, the heartbeat tattoo behind the ear is the reflection of such emotion. In addition, it looks beautiful and majestic at times.

You can’t have too much shading in such tattoos, but you can always play with colors black is not the only option, you can also opt for a multi-colored heartbeat, or even pair it with a three phrase calming quote like “All is well” or “Remember to live.”

Butterfly Fly Away

A butterfly behind the ear tattoo gives a feminine vibe, which is ready to be free and on its own.

There are numerous color choices to opt for, such as purple, all black miniature butterflies, yellow, red, blue, and green.


Do you assume yourself as the ultimate queen or king?

However, where is your crown?

Worry not, you can get the crown tattoo behind your ear, so whenever someone questions your royalty, flip your hair back and show them the beautiful crown.

The crown can be heavily embellished tattoo, or even a simple one, the empowering vibe matters, not the appearance.

You can even place different quotes with the crown, like “because I can” or “Always be yourself” or “Be the change.”

Color related queries are not a big problem.

These are the most intriguing shade ideas for behind the ear crown tattoo:

  • Yellow crown with pink diamonds embellished at the top
  • Black outlined the crown
  • Crown with multi-colored dots
  • Blue crown with white jewels
  • Crown with floral embellishments

Pretty Little Bow

There are zero boundaries drawn when it comes to behind the ear tattoo; you can be as creative as you want to be.

One of the ideas for behind the ear tattoo is also the tiny colorful bows that look cute wherever you place them.

Why not behind the ear?

You can have polka dotted bows, pink bows, blue bows, purple and green bows and also black bows.

Bottom Line

Behind the ear, tattoos look impressive if you choose the right design. It is better to know yourself first before you opt for a tattoo that does not resonate with you one bit, rather is the opposite of your personality. Remember to play with your creativity, as no idea is too stupid or irrelevant not to be tattooed.