128+ Amazing Wing Tattoos to Adorn Your Skin

The culture of inking bodies with meaningful symbols has a long history. There are various tattoo designs out there. However, there is one style that never gets out of fashion. This symbol is a choice of many tattoo lovers because of its significant meaning.

This tattoo is not just meaningful and full of personal commitments, but it’s also aesthetically alluring for people. These are wing tattoos. Normally people associate wings with freedom. However, they aren’t aware of its numerous deep meanings yet.

wings tattoos

What Is The Significance Of Wing Tattoos On Your Skin?


 There are various sizes, colors, and designs of wing tattoos; some people also prefer to add on some emblems to make it more personal. This engraved mark could be your view of freedom in your existence or freedom of movement. Others may make get it to remember one’s dear departed. A handful of people may also remind themselves about the lemons that life threw on them and how did they make lemonade out of them.

Sometimes, wing tattoos are accompanied by an animal figure, and spiritual figures, etc. Involvement of one single figure changes the meanings. For example, some of the potential meanings of wings on the body are: the remembrance of a loved one, a special bond with nature, two personalities lying within one human being, faith in the religion and there are many other countless meaningful designs you can think of.

Below you will get a few ideas of wing tattoos, and we will continue. We will also discuss its meanings and possible placements.

wings tattoos

Wings of an Angel [Angel Wings Tattoos]

It is the most basic and classic tattoo design. Angel wings tattoo can easily be customized, so that people who are getting it have something to cherish when their transitory period completes in this world.

You can also demonstrate your hard work to achieve your goals, your hardships, and losses that you may have experienced before in your life. When you get this set of angel wings on your entire back, it symbolically means that your stay here is just a phase.

Your destination is to live among the angels one day. It depicts your waiting period in this world until you are lifted to reach your destination and live there forever. A discreet and smaller tattoo of a pair of angel wings on your neck, shoulder or wrist may depict that there is an angel who guards you all the time and who gets you out of difficult situations with ease.


Halo and Angelic Feathers

When someone close to you departs from the world, it is hard to bear their loss, but as said the show must go on. Although you get back to your normal routine after some time, you can never forget that person or you can never avoid missing that loved one.

To make their memorial and to keep them with you till the day you join them, a halo with angelic wings would be great. Some add ons like the initials of the person under the wings or between the wings can make it specific as well.

 Or you can also add some meaningful phrases and quotes that you think may describe them or your feelings for them. These tattoos are well suited for the arm area or the chest area where you can see it every time.

Wings with Crucifixion

There are some memories that we can never forget, even if we want to. It could be anything, like an accident that changed your life, an incident that made you a different person or even an occurrence where you experienced death.

 Death is frightening for some people, but for some this near to death experience may become a life-changing event. To signify this, people often opt for a pair of wings with a cross as a tattoo. It can also be the representation of the death of a loved one.

The other thing that this tattoo depicts is religious freedom. If you want to customize the design, you can add a crown of thorns to symbolize your sufferings. However, people may confuse this with the suffering of Jesus Christ, but actually, it would be about you.

 Now you know that people who are excited to get a cross with wings tattoo are symbolizing some dark events that have occurred during their lives. Wings always suit the back, but if you don’t want to publicize it on your back a small and discreet tattoo can also be drawn on your arms, legs, forearms or wrists. The placement may also depend on the feeling and symbolical meaning of the tattoo.


Love with Freedom

A universal symbol that represents love and affection and power is the heart and as we read above, wings are often associated with freedom. When these two symbols get combined for a tattoo, it truly makes a deadly combination.

This combination is best suited for people who want to flaunt their love for their partner or their significant other. Engraved initials of both of you or your partner alone inside the heart make it more personal and intense. To get this tattoo you don’t have to be committed, or into a serious relationship, you can also get this engraved for someone close to you, it could be your parents, your siblings, your grandparents, etc.

 If you want to let other people know about a free-spirited and loving personality you have, this tattoo is good to go. It gets confusing when there are three different symbolic meanings of one symbol, but it also keeps your secret and makes you discreet.

 The best placements for this kind of tattoo are on the shoulders, thigh, chest (area closer to your heart) and back, of course.

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Wings of a Bat

There are two very opposite meanings to this tattoo. It is actually, yin and yang. In most cultures, batwings are a representation of the fallen angel. As white angelic wings represent freedom, these batwings associate itself with one’s fallen state.

When a person feels helpless or worthless, they get these wings. However, Chinese culture sees bats and batwings from a different perspective. According to it, bats bring happiness and luck. So, if someone is a fan of Batman and also wants a tattoo, this can be a great choice.

 Batwings can become a symbol of a favorite superhero, and according to Chinese culture, it could depict luck and happiness as well. It can be worn on your shoulder blades or at the back. If you want a smaller one, then your wrists or forearm or legs or even your chest can be a great choice.

Wings of Lucifer

Demonic wings are usually a rare choice. You have to be bold and accepting to get this tattoo for the rest of your life. However, you can go way more creative with this pair of wings. You can shape these wings into scaled wings like a dragon’s or bats paneled wings.

 If you desire, you can also fill colors representing your desires. If you are one of those Lucifer TV show fans, then you would know what we are trying to say here. As Lucifer’s first question was always “What are your deepest darkest desires?” you can flaunt them symbolically on your demon wing tattoo.

For example, a pink or red color can depict lust, green can be associated with your greed for more, etc. The ideal placement of this tattoo is on your back, but it depends on you where ever you want it on your body.


Bird Wings

Usually, when we talk about bird wing tattoos, we end up having eagle wings. There is nothing wrong in that, but it is more masculine for females, and more American for the rest as the eagle is a symbol of American Marine Corps.

There are other birds as well whose symbolical meanings are way too deep. For example, a phoenix is a good example. A bird who rises from its ashes. It can symbolize that you never give up, no matter how hard you fall, you will rise eventually. You can use a variety of colors and choose any size.

Another bird whose wings you can have is a pigeon. Since the beginning, a pigeon is a symbol of peace. It is also celebrated for its services as a messenger and to top it all off the most loyal bird in the world is a pigeon.

To celebrate loyalty and peace, you can use pigeon wings. Commonly bird wings are great for back pieces, but if you want it smaller, it can easily decorate your ankle or wrist.


Coming towards the end, we hope that this article helps you gain insight about wing tattoos and will also prove to be a handy guide for you while you chose your designs for wing tattoos. We are in the 21st century, and we live where we have freedom for everything, and to be honest, wing tattoos are a great way to celebrate this freedom.