5 Reasons to Get a Smiley Piercing [with 75+ Pictures]

Smiley piercings have managed to become one of the biggest tattoo piercing trends of the year. Starting off as a taboo that was incredibly rare to see, smiley tattoos have become incredibly popular amongst both piercing veterans as well as newcomers.

Although this piercing was originally called an “Upper Lip Frenulum Piercing,” people soon began calling it a scrumpur. However, since the piercing was only visible when someone smiled, people settled on calling it smiley piercings.

Due its immense rise in popularity over the past few years, people have been all the more open to getting a smiley piercing; mostly because of its location.

So, if you happen to find yourself in the position and can’t seem to decide whether or not you should get a smiley piercing as well, here are five reasons why you should get a smiley piercing.


Reasons to Get a Smiley Piercing


1.      Looks Incredibly Beautiful

Starting off with what is possibly the most obvious reason to get a smiley piercing is because they look incredibly beautiful. As they are placed just in front of the gums and behind the lips, they aren’t visible until the person wearing it smiles; it makes the piercing all the more beautiful.

On the other hand, there is also a massive variety in accessories for smiley piercings. From rings to studs, the choices for your smiley piercing are almost endless.

2.      Are Easier to Hide

Another one of the major benefits that smiley piercings have over other piercings is that they are a lot easier to hide. Piercings, although the most famous type of body modification, are still not acceptable in a multitude of different institutions. In case of jobs interviews or even admissions for other institutions, people with piercings are often not given the job.

While other piercings are explicitly visible to other people, you won’t have to worry about covering your smiley piercing. Since the smiley piercing is done behind your lip you won’t have to go out of your way to hide it.

This makes it especially good for people who still attend college or university, as well as for people with jobs.

The piercings’ placement is possibly the greatest reason why people prefer it in the first place, as it is not explicitly visible to everyone.


3.      Very Less Pain

Smiley piercings are one of the least painful piercings that you can get. While it may look incredibly painful, the procedure of piercing your upper lip’s frenulum is virtually painless. The major reason why pain is less is because of the size of the frenulum. The frenulum is incredibly thin and piercing happens in a swift motion, so the most that you will feel is a slight sting.

Moreover, most piercings are done with numbing agent with the consent of the customer. This further decreases the pain that you would otherwise experience with this piercing. Various piercing veterans refer to this as the least painful piercing that people can get. Other influencers have also said that the procedure doesn’t last for more than a few seconds.

4.      Incredibly Easy Procedure

Piercing is a lot more complicated than most people believe. While most people think that piercing is simply pushing a nail through a part of the body, they way they insert the needle and where they insert it is very important.

With that said, among technicians, the procedure of installing the smiley piercing is a lot simpler than other piercings. This is mainly because of the size of the frenulum, which is incredibly thin and small. This makes the procedure a lot easier than those of, for example, the tongue or the lips.

Although the procedure is quite simple to perform, it is also incredibly easy to make the piercing in the wrong place. While making the smiley piercing, the technician will have to determine the right place for the piercing.

 The piercing has to be far from your teeth and gums to prevent damage, but not too close to the lip so it does not lead to any damage. So, even if the procedure is incredibly simple you have to go to a professional to get your piercing.


5.      Less Time Consuming

Speaking of the process being incredibly simple, the procedure also takes a lot less time. Since the piercing procedure is simple, it takes a lot less times as compared to other types of piercing. The overall process of inserting the needle into the frenulum only takes a few seconds, after which you can get back to your day.

However, while the process itself takes very less time, you will have to take extensive care of your piercing. The healing process for your piercing can take four to 12 weeks to heal properly. During this time you will have to avoid talking unless necessary and avoid various foods and drinks until the piercing heals properly.

You will also have to apply certain kinds of cream and ensure that you mouth is clean at all times.


Ideas for Your Piercing

Getting a piercing is a massive responsibility that requires a lot of determination. Since the piercing procedure is often very painful and the piercing will take at least 4 or 12 weeks to heal, it is not necessarily easy to choose what kind of piercing you want.

This is all the more evident with smiley piercings, as the piercing that they will make will be designed with that specific style in mind.

Since you cannot change the style of your smiley piercing, you will have to put a lot of thought into the choice of style that you will make.

So, to help you make it through that process, here are a few ideas for your very first smiley piercing.

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1.      A Simple Barbell

As someone who is getting a smiley piercing for the first time, you should always get a simple barbell. Simple barbells are so much easier to handle and incredibly easy to take off as well. Simple barbells, like this, not only look amazing, but they don’t require any additional care on your side.

Of course you can start with this and then eventually transition to another type of barbell once you are comfortable with the one that you had. Simple barbells are also incredibly elegant and not too flashy, making them great for everyday use.

2.      Bedazzled Barbell

While simple circular barbells are great for every occasion, there are times where something flashy and a little more stylish is needed; hence a bedazzled barbell. The Bedazzled barbell is incredibly beautiful and especially great for some of your fancier occasions.

This is also one of the hardest to care for due to the jewels at the edges of the barbell. This makes it great for events where you will only have to wear it for a shorter period of time.

3.      Conical Barbells

A little something for people who wish to look a bit more ferocious, yet incredibly delicate, the Conical Barbell is the best accessory for you. Conical barbells look incredibly good and add a certain level of ferocity, making them great for people looking to leave a lasting impression on someone.

This barbell is perfect for any informal event and casual wear thanks to its incredibly unique design. The barbell sports an oddly shiny dark blue color that goes great with almost any color. Thanks to this versatility, it is one of your best options in terms of accessories.


4.      A Golden Ring

Barbells are not the only accessory that people get with their smiley piercing, as rings are also very common. So, if you don’t find yourself too impressed with barbells you can always get rings for your smiley piercing; and the best ring for nearly every occasion is this golden ring.

Golden is timeless in every way and manages to look good with nearly every type of accessory, and this golden ring features diamonds in the front for fancier events. The ring is also incredibly easy to put on and take off, making it good for people who are new to smiley piercings.

5.      The Red Stone

Another ring for your smiley piercing that looks absolutely gorgeous and is fit for any occasion. The Red Stone ring is a piercing ring with an incredibly beautiful red stone in the middle. The red stone is surrounded by a multitude of smaller stones that create a pattern of sorts.

This ring is one of the fanciest of piercing rings in this list without being overtly fancy and shiny. This makes it great for every occasion by being incredibly stylish while not being overly complicated and bedazzled, and by sporting a very low profile.

6.      Rose Ring

The rose ring is also an incredibly beautiful piercing ring and is the best ring for couples looking to get a piercing together. The rose ring features a rose in the middle of the ring along with leaves surrounding it.

Although the rose lacks any color, it still looks incredibly good and is a great ring to wear along with your significant other. The rose ring also features an incredibly bold and low profile design that is not too fancy and looks great for every event. 

7.      Gold and Purple Ring

The gold and purple piercing ring is an incredibly fancy and beautiful smiley piercing accessory, fit for any fancy occasion. The ring is completely made of gold and features an amazing purple stone at the end of the ring.

This stone is surrounded by smaller golden stones which make the ring all the more beautiful to look at. This ring is one of the fancier piercing rings available and is great for any informal event.

8.      Simple Ring

While it is great to have and wear fancy piercing rings, nothing quite matches the plain yet amazing style of simple rings. People often underestimate the style that a simple ring with an adornment can offer.

The simple ring features a simple ball adornment at the edge, which is sporting a silver color. Moreover, these simple piercing rings are also incredibly easier to take off and put on, and are the best choice for people getting a smiley piercing for the first time.

9.      Triple Adornment Ring

Rings are possibly the best piercing accessory that you can own as they are incredibly versatile in their use and very diverse in style; case in point, the triple adornment ring.

 The triple adornment ring is a silver piercing ring that features three adornments that vary in size, with the one in the middle being the largest and the two beside it are equally smaller than the larger one. Its unique design makes it great for any informal event and its color allows it to blend perfectly with other colors.

10.  Sky Blue Barbells

Barbells are possibly the best piercing accessory for people who are new to piercing as they are easy to put on. However, even if you settle for barbells it does not mean that you have to do so at the cost of style and design; hence the Sky Blue Barbells.

 These Sky Blue Barbells are incredibly beautiful to look at and go especially well with smiley piercings. This barbell goes well with any event and looks good with various other colors.


Smiley piercings are one of the best types of piercings for both veterans as well as people trying it out for the first time. With its start in the 90s, only in the past few years has the popularity of smiley piercings greatly increased. Thanks to its position it is especially favorable for people that attend a professional institution or work in a firm, as the piercing is not visible to anyone without the wearer smiling.

Smiley piercings are the most inclusive of any piercings and offer a great place for someone to start if they want to get into piercing.