5 Exciting Reasons to Get a Conch Piercing (45+ Ideas That Always Work)

For tattoo and piercing enthusiasts who enjoy decorating their body with jewelry or works of art, getting a new one can be an exciting experience; each new piercing or tattoo has a story.

However, it’s a whole different journey for people who have only had a few experiences with piercings. After the earlobe, many people wonder which part of their ear to get pierced next. Usually, upper lobe piercings are considered a pain-free option, but if you’re in the mood for something a little bold and unique, a conch piercing will look great.


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What is a Conch Piercing?


A conch piercing is a hole in a part of the ear’s cartilage that resembles a conch shell, and piercings are worn on the inner and outer part of the cartilage. You know the ones, they’re all over your Pinterest and Instagram feed, and they look gorgeous for that messy look that complements your boho chic look.

Well, it’s time to move past your smartphone screen and look in the mirror; you would look amazing with a conch piercing, and you know it. But before we jump to some exciting reasons why you should get a conch piercing, let’s get into some important details about it.


When You Should Get a Conch Piercing

Conch piercings are all the rage nowadays so if you were waiting to get into the trend, now’s the time. Of course, you should already have gotten a piercing or two before getting a conch piercing, so that you’re ready for the healing process.

Does it Hurt?

The amount of pain you feel when getting a conch piercing depends on how your specialist makes a perforation. If they opt to use a needle, it won’t hurt as much. Think of it this way; it will hurt more than getting your earlobe pierced, but not as much as your helix. However, a dermal punch will hurt more because it creates a larger perforation.

How Fast Does it Heal?

A conch piercing will take a few months for initial healing, after which you’ll need a further six months for it to heal completely. Fortunately, it’s quick and easy to clean up your conch piercing too. All you need to use is sea salt dissolved in warm water and wipe the area with a Q-tip.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get One

Sure, you could get an upper lobe or helix piercing, or any other piercing, for that matter. However, they don’t compare to the prominence and style that a conch piercing offers. So just in case, you’re still on the fence about which piercing to get, here are five reasons that will convince you to get a conch piercing.

It’s Super Trendy

For starters, a conch piercing looks very trendy nowadays, no matter what kind of style you prefer to wear. Fashion now is all about looking at ease with a few subtle yet bold statement pieces, and a conch piercing is just what can give you that fantastic look. Also, speaking of trends, have you seen the runway recently? You’ll see piercings everywhere.

These days, when you’re going through a significant transition and want to change the way you look altogether, a hair cut or color change is no longer enough; you need to go all-out and get a conch piercing, which can add a distinct and enigmatic feature to your face without actually changing it.

Therefore, you have every reason to get a conch piercing and ride the wave. Not to mention, you can liven up your look with a trendy accessory any day, and it’ll bring your entire outfit together.


It Can Look Delicate or Fierce

It doesn’t matter if your style is dramatic or minimalist, intricate or messy because accentuating a conch piercing with jewelry is much easier to do. Other facial piercings tend to look rather bold in comparison, so you’ll need to cover them up with a suitable hairstyle; this can make it a hassle to go out.

Meanwhile, it isn’t a challenge to highlight a conch piercing with adequate jewelry. When heading out to a formal or black tie event, use elegant gemstone or pearl jewelry to highlight your conch piercing without coming off as too bold.

On the other hand, you can go all out for festivals, parties, or a casual day out when you’re feeling special. Use asymmetrical earrings, metal beads, circular barbells, and even add a cuff; go wild!


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Looks Amazing on Guys Too

For guys, there’s no limit to all the different kinds of piercings they can get, and the conch can look rather impressive too. Ultimately, it all comes down to the type of jewelry they choose to wear in a conch piercing.

Silver tones for beads, cuffs, and barbells look fantastic on guys, and considering how piercing jewelry is increasingly becoming an acceptable means of self-expression, conch piercings can look great with suits too.

Super Visible and Prominent

With so many types of ear piercing styles available, some of us want the most prominent option out there; a captivating look that makes people do a double take. In this case, a conch piercing will do just the trick. While it doesn’t attract as much attention as a daith, a conch piercing still looks very prominent, so it doesn’t take much prepping to get an eye-catching look with minimal jewelry.

In the case of other cartilage piercings like the helix, you’ll need to wear earlobe jewelry to accentuate it further, and that can make things difficult if you’re trying to go for a subtle and minimalist look.

So Many Jewelry Options and Suits many Looks

Last but not least, a conch piercing offers a lot of jewelry options that you can choose from. To begin with, you can choose between an inner or outer piercing, but more than that, there are a lot of jewelry styles you can choose. Although everyone has their particular style, it’s true that on some days, you’ll feel like wearing a cuff, and on others, a gemstone earring seems apt.

There are barbells, metallic beads, pearls, and various styles of studs on offer. Semicircles give the illusion of multiple piercings, and pearls are always a to-go for a semi-casual feel. So if you’re feeling like a conch piercing will provide you with minimal options for jewelry, rest assured that you can pick a different accessory for each occasion.

For instance, if you’re going to a music festival, get a boho-chic look with spiral barbells, cuffs, metallic beads, and ethnic style earrings. On the other hand, get that feminine aura with magnificent zirconia or colored gemstone earrings. Then again, you can always mix and match with unique styles, colors, and metallic tones to spice up your look.

10 Conch Piercing Ideas to Help You Get Started

So we’ve given you enough reasons to get a conch piercing of your own, but whether it’s your first or third conch piercing, you’re probably on the lookout for some ideas. If that’s the case, we’ve got some amazing conch piercing ideas that look awesome on a casual day out, and even at fancy parties.

1. The Bold Triple Conch

This piercing look isn’t for the faint of heart; you’ll need three conch piercings for this bold style. You can arrange three different studs any way you like; a smaller, dainty stud between two big ones, or place them in order from smallest to biggest. You can also mix and match colors with metal tones by placing a colored gem stud in the middle, and gold or silver beads on the sides.


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2. The Cuff

An elegant single cuff looks great on a casual movie night and when you’re going out with friends for drinks. You can pair it up with a stud in your earlobe but a bit of flair, or a pretty earring for a captivating look. Choose a cuff that contrasts and complements your skin tone. Gold and silver tones look amazing no matter what, but darker metal colors like copper and even rose gold give off a distinct charm.


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3. Boho Style Designs

With a few interesting studs or earrings, and a silver conch cuff, you can give your ears a beautiful boho style look. Usually, these cultural patterns and designs look best in silver, but gold tones are attracting attention too. As a symbolic stud in your ear lobe and upper lobe, and top it off with a chunky silver conch cuff to make your look stand out.

4. Symmetrical Styles

This option is for when you’re opting for a somewhat refined look that suits formal parties and events. Conch piercings are often considered a part of rogue fashion, but little did you know that such a bold piercing can look elegant too. All you need to do is match classy earrings with delicate conch studs that accentuate your ears but don’t take it too far.

5. Minimalist Gems  

How about using minimalist gemstones as a way to accentuate your outfit and highlighting your favorite colors? There’s nothing wrong with taking the minimalist route and wearing a single conch piercing for those days when you’re short on time and need to get ready quickly. Of course, you can pair it with drop earrings, metal studs, or more gems in your earlobes; but keep it subtle.

6. Hoops with Diamonds  

Well, we’re not asking you to get real diamond studs for your conch piercings, but even finely sparkling zirconia will do fine. Adding some of these shiny crystals will give your outfit some shimmer and shine, which is just what you need on a boring Monday.

7. Spiral Barbells

A spiral barbell will look different from the usual metal or gemstone stud, and under the right circumstances, it doesn’t have to look too overdone, either. A single spiral barbell can look minimalist with a tucked in t-shirt and sneakers. Pick a simple spiral or one with an arrow tip for extra emphasis, and add a few finishing touches like an earring in your upper lobe.


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8. Delicate Circular Barbells

So an overly spiral barbell isn’t for you, but delicate circular barbells look pretty neat too. These can have pearly ends or even gemstones that add a touch of whimsy to your ears. Match gemstone colors like blue with metallic tones like silver, and warmer gem colors with gold. Of course, you can opt for rose gold-colored circular barbells as well, make sure to complement it with beautiful earlobe studs.

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9. Inner Semi-Circle

For when you don’t dare to get another conch piercing, even one can look magnificent when you use the right jewelry. Semi-circle lines of gems can give an exquisite look that radiates elegance; perfect for a black tie event! Whether you opt for silver or gold, choose gemstone colors that complement your skin’s undertones.

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10. Pearl it Up!

For a mermaid aesthetic that matches with smart casual attire, opt for pearly jewelry to fill your conch piercing. Classic white pearls look fabulous with any metal color, so you’ll have plenty of style options to select from. Not to mention, they look delicate and intricate as well, so you have no reason not to show off your fabulous piercing.


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Piercings are no joke; they can hurt during the process, and they take quite a while to heal completely. Nonetheless, it’s a great feeling when you think that all your outfit needs is a unique piercing to give it a brand new appeal, and you have the right piercing to get the job done. A conch piercing should be next on your list if you’re looking to try something new and bold, so don’t hold back from taking a leap forward with your appearance.