110+ Monroe Piercing Ideas with Pain, Healing Time, Scar, Cost & More

Every trend has a unique history; same is the case with Monroe piercing.

In the early 1950s and 1960s, Marilyn Monroe, a famous American model, actress, and an impeccable singer, was declared as the trendsetter and has been an inspiration for many till this date.

Are you wondering what made her stand out the most and inspire other people?

Let us tell you, Marilyn Monroe was the first actress in the ’90s who had blond hair and a mole on her left cheek. In the beginning, she used to hide it with makeup; gradually, she started owning her natural beauty and inspired many other women to do the same.

That is when the trend of Monroe piercing took off.

Monroe piercing is an off-center lip piercing, which is placed just above the corner of the left side of the lip, the idea is to resemble the Marilyn Monroe mole, but what people don’t realize is that Marily n’s mole, also known as her beauty spot, was on her left cheek not above the lip.

There are two types of Monroe piercing. First, Madonna piercing. Second, double Monroe piercing.

Also, there are numerous nicknames assigned to the Monroe piercing, some of which are, beezy piercing, angel bites, Crayfish, and anti-bites. Plus, the healing takes almost 6 to 12 weeks in general, in extreme cases can go up to 15 weeks as well.

If you’re one of those who love to cherish the ancient and vintage beauty trends, then getting a Monroe piercing can be the most enriching experience ever.

Let’s have a look at some Monroe piercing ideas that you can consider.

monroe-piercing   monroe-piercing

Black Ball Monroe Piercing


Black balls and other associated metal balls have secure ends made up of surgical steel and acrylic. Black balls are the most popular piercing after jewels Monroe piercing, because it resembles a mole or beauty spot a lot, and looks real if seen from a distance.

Also, it heals faster than any Monroe piercing and causes fewer bruises too.

The best part is, black goes well with everything, and it is predictable the person getting a Monroe piercing has his/her nose pierced or will get it pierced in future, and face zero regrets as the black ball would compliment any nose piercing, colored, jewels, white or anything. The black ball; would, fortunately, fit well with everything and anything.

Delicate Piercing

If you’re someone with a mild and fragile personality, with a perfectly toned body and face, now looking for a suitable Monroe piercing, then getting a stick on minor jewel pierced over your left lip would serve your needs well.

Also, delicate piercing is advisable for people with thin lips and a huge nose pin. Getting a shiny miniature piercing would look good on such faces.

A delicate Monroe piercing will be light on your face and easy to wear, covering a small area would cause minor bruise that would heal fast, and will turn out to be much comfortable if you’re new to such experience.


Nose Matching Piercing

Some people like to match things, and if you’re one of those and now onto getting yourself a Monroe piercing then you should opt for a piercing ball which accurately matches your nose pin or any other piercing on the face.

Some people tend to get a silver jewel pierced above the left side of the lip because it is similar to the color of their nose pin. Otherwise, this trick is for people who are confused about which color to choose for Monroe piercing.

The size the piercing can vary from women to women; some prefer large balls, while others choose to go lighter on the facial skin.

Nose matching piercing is considered to be highly feminine, as compared to other Monroe piercing ideas. For instance, if any man opts for this kind of piercing, then a black or grey ball would do justice to their looks.

Black and Silver

Combining the right colors is a talent on its own. Similarly, if you want a unique Monroe piercing, and want the spotlight on you, considering a black and silver ball, where the stud can be black, holding a matte silver ball.

Especially, nowadays matte silver is in trend, and black never went out of fashion, so the perfect combination of colors that are already loved by many people in the current market.

Most individuals opt for a black stud, as it easily penetrates through the facial skin, and cause pain for less than 5 seconds. Plus matte silver does not react to the heat, and you won’t have to worry about the sunny days at all.

Madonna Piercing

Unlike Monroe piercing, placed on the left- side of the lip, Madonna piercing is on the right. It is similar to the Monroe piercing; just the positioning is different.

According to many reviews, people believe that getting piercing on the right side of the lip resulted in higher pain levels than getting a ball inserted on the left.

But for all the lefty’s, the Madonna piercing proved to be the best thing ever.

Most people prefer a Madonna piercing in shiny white, diamond, matte black and grey.  The size varies from person to person, but the most preferred size until now is a medium.

Opposite Piercing

Piercing lovers can never get enough piercing, so this idea is especially for such individuals. Good news is you can get a Monroe piercing on both upper left-side and lower right-side of the lips or vice versa.

Opposite Monroe creates a beautiful look, as it draws eyes to both of your lips and not just the upper one.

Opposite piercing looks good in all colors and jewels, but the most popular of them all is a black ball opposite Monroe piercing, and the ruby embossed Monroe piercing.

Two-way Monroe piercing is suitable for both the genders but usually famous with young males that might be going through an emo stage or have a deep love for piercings.

Lastly, if you have big lips then getting a small Monroe piercing would look good, whereas, if you have small lips then getting a popped out Monroe piercing would look splendid on you. 

Metal Pop up Piercing

Are you a germ freak, who wants to get a Monroe piercing?

Some people are reluctant to get a facial piercing because of the germs can be stuck up to your skin and cause numerous infections. But not anymore, as with a metal piercing you can rest assured that the studs and ball are completely sterile, also the popped up design will help you clean the pierced area easily.

Also, the popped up piercing helps the after-piercing bruise faster than others, exposed to the air, and the healing spray spread equally throughout the wound.


Colored Monroe Piercing

Some people avoid wearing white, black, grey, or any other subtle color that is usually worn by old aged people. In a nutshell, some people are full of colors and want anything, and everything colored even if it’s a Monroe piercing.

Also, some makeup artist who has Monroe piercing has shifted to the idea of matching their pierced balls with the shade of their lipsticks or the eye makeup they’ve applied for the day.

Colored Monroe piercing looks good in any medium, be it be, jewels, colored metals, sterilized colorful steel, and much more.

A colored Monroe piercing gives an edge over other types of piercing, and some are even easily replaceable.

Jewel Based Piercing

You must’ve observed that if you wear something other than gold, silver, or any jewel, instantly your skin starts to react and cause infections.

For such people, it is suggested to opt for a jewel based Monroe piercing, so the bruise doesn’t get worse than it usually does.

Moreover, jewels tend to be sold at the same price or higher if you wished to quit or get a new piercing.

Also, jewels have a variety of options, designs, color combination, and sizes.

Most preferred jewels for a Monroe piercing is a diamond, topaz, and sapphire.

Multi-Colored Monroe Piercing

If you’re someone who loves to watch galaxy, because of it’s a range of color spectrum and mind-boggling combinations, then you might be surprised to know that you can get the same effect in you Monroe piercing ball.

The piercing ball would change its color with the intensity of light and angle. Most people take it as a combination of sky blue and shiny mustard, but in reality, it is made up of all the rainbow colors and gives off a different effect every time observed closely.

Who wouldn’t want a heterogeneous natures Monroe piercing, it is highly user-friendly and compliments any look.

Skin Color Shiny Piercing

The motive behind Marilyn Monroe beauty spot was to own your natural color, spots, acne or anything that you were born with, and some people take it literally, which is not at all a bad thing. Instead, it looks pretty great on some individuals.

Such extraordinary piercing idea is known as skin color shiny Monroe piercing, which means people opt for the same color ball as their skin color, the difference is the ball is shiny so you can see it when light falls on the face.

Skin colored ball piercing looks elegant, also shows that you own your skin color and you don’t need any other dark color to make it stand out, it’s already under the spotlight.

White and Blue Piercing

White and blue are great combination mostly wore by women in summers, as they resist heat and portray a cool and calm vibe, of someone who wears it.

Wearing a light-colored piercing ball helps you detect the germs or dirt easily and can be a counterpoint against any sudden unwanted infection.

Also, most people with ocean blue or simple blue eyes prefer this Monroe piercing design; they believe it goes well with the eye and enhances facial beauty.

White and blue piercing looks good in medium size; also a diamond cut adds value to it to a huge extent.

Simple White Pearl Piercing

For years, white has a distinct quality of enhancing anything it is paired with, in this regard, if a white pearl is part of a Monroe piercing, it will give a subtle look, also make your face look fresher than ever.

Pearls are a thing of every age and can never go out of trend, so if you’re someone who will only invest on a Monroe piercing once in a lifetime, it’s better to opt for a white matte or shiny white pearls. Both won’t disappoint you and might be the best investment you’d ever make.

Moreover, pearls will look good with any shade of lipstick, or any eye color and also nose piercing.

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Side By Side Monroe Piercing

Certain individuals have the power and intensity of pulling off any look; they carry themselves in a way that anything looks good on them; the same is the case with side by side piercing.

You must be thinking, why to get two piercing in the same row, just with a little distance, then let us tell you, some have exceptionally succeeded to look good in such way of the piercing.

Some reviews of such men and women with side by side piercing said they were happy with how they looked, they believed it gave them a bold look with a hint of innocence which was a perfect combination, and almost everyone looks for such portrayal.

monroe-piercing       monroe-piercing  

Bottom Line

Choosing the right kind of Monroe piercing is important. Also, the person opting for such an act should take care of hygiene and rinse the mouth to eradicate any further germs I mouth before the procedure. Also, applying medicines and sprays to heal the after-procedure wound is crucial. Maintain consistency until it heals completely.