125 Great Spider Tattoos (+ Meanings)

Tattoos are used to modify our bodies by inserting either temporary or indelible ink, pigments, and dyes into the dermis layer of the person’s skin to change the pigment. Tattoos are not only used to embellish the body, but they are also demanded as a form of expression by the respective person. Therefore, tattoo enthusiasts are constantly looking for unique features and designs to make their tattoos stand out from others.

Spider and spider web tattoos are fairly popular among both men and women. Even though the creepy crawlers may repel people in real life, but they are often preferred as a tattoo style over numerous other designs. Apart from being an attractive style, spiders have symbolic worth due to which people are drawn toward the design.


Meaning of Spider Tattoos


Spiders have diverse and interesting meanings in numerous cultures around the world and they are associated with a diverse range of concepts, such as deviousness, treachery, temptation and death. Simultaneously, it stands for positive concepts as well, such as intellect, protection, and wisdom.

Among many others, the most common symbolic meaning of the spider’s mark are danger, balance, art, perseverance, despair, female power, and life to name a few. Only the person bearing the symbol can fully elaborate the meaning of their design and what exactly does it represent.

Moreover, there are a number of myths, legends and cultural affiliations that are associated with spiders.


Importance of Spiders from Different Perspectives

The symbols of Native Americans represent the spider’s mark as a source of protection against natural disasters. They also consider the spider’s web similar to the dreamcatcher. They believed that Anishinaabe, ‘Spider Women’ visited every newborn in the village to weave her magical web that protected infants from all kinds of harm.

The tribes soon started to grow beyond spider’s capacity (spider women) to weave her web for every newborn in the tribe; so, women began to make their own dreamcatchers to ward off bad dreams and bring good dreams to their children.

Even today, dreamcatchers are valued by individuals to bring them good thoughts and keep bad ones at bay while they slept. Hence, comes the symbolic meaning of protection from the legend of the dreamcatcher.

On the other hand, people in West Africa have high regards for their folktale called Anansi. He is one of the most popular characters in West African mythology because he is clear and subversive. His exceptional qualities made him a competent opponent against creatures of all sizes. Anansi would keenly observe his challenger to analyze their exact intention and motives. This remarkable level of intelligence made him an excellent role model for every child in the tribe.

On the other hand, in Greek mythology, there are a number of legends that have spiders and the most popular one is the legend of Arachne. The woman spider named Arachne was known for her exceptional ability to weave. Athena, another weaver who was very jealous of Arachne’s talents, wished ill for her and made things very difficult for Arachne. When Arachne passed away, Athena felt horrible for her behavior toward Arachne. She felt so awful that she turned Arachne into a spider so she could be a weaver once again.

Moreover, in European tradition spiders are regarded with a negative implication. For instance, some are considered poisonous, who can attack by biting without warning if their space is invaded. In addition to that, spiders look alien and they are bigger in size and they are queerer than you think. Spiders structure – legs, hair, legs, and fast movement – make them a good pick for scary science fiction movies. Spiders have also been blamed for The Black Plague.

Inmates who wear spider tattoos bear their mark to represent prison bars. Most prisoners are said to prefer spider’s web tattoo over conventional spider’s designs, as it is a better representation of their long time behind the bars. So the larger the spider’s web, the longer the time spent in prison. Besides, the symbol of spiders and the spider’s web is often marked on white supremacist groups, such as KKK.

On the other hand, in India, spiders are linked with Maya, which is derived from a Sanskrit term “Ma” that means limitless or no form. The term Maya is used to describe the illusory aspect of appearances. Spider is linked with Maya and depicts the ambiguity of things and the concept that not all things are what they look like.

Meanwhile, in Egypt the symbol of spider is compared to Neith – a complex divine being who is shown as a hunter with arrows. Apart from hunting, she is regarded as the creator of dawn and dusk every single day. Neith is also respected as a weaver, so it mostly illustrated with a shuttle in her hand. Due to her quality of being a weaver, she is often associated with spiders.


Most Popular Spider Tattoo Designs

Realistic Spider is one of the most popular tattoo styles as they make these creatures look very real. These designs are usually created in a three-dimensional way to make them seem as real as possible as if they will jump out, or crawl on the person at any moment.

They are usually created in black, but special emphasis is placed on shadowing the body and legs to deceive a viewer’s eyes. Such tattoos are popular among both men and women as they make them feel empowered and sensuous. Some individuals tend to get these styles of tattoo to face their fears of these creatures.

The reason they are loved by individuals from all walks of life is that they tend to grab attention in such a way that no other tattoo style does.

They happen to look good on any part of the body on which they are inked, such as legs, arms, shoulders, back, and chest. For some these tattoos are purely for the purpose to appeal to and grab others’ attention, meanwhile, for others creepy crawly insects are really scary, but they still get them to eliminate their fear and possibly scare others with it.

Spider’s Web is another most commonly inked design. Even though the majority sees it as a tangle of lies and betrayal, in ancient Egypt, it was highly regarded as a sign of someone’s fate. As mentioned before, Neith was associated as a goddess and a weaver of destiny; so, a spider’s web has been highly respected for many centuries.

Some say that because a spider captures its prey in its web, numerous individuals view it as someone or something being trapped after doing something evil or making way for someone bad to be captured. Moreover, for some individuals a spider’s web is also regarded as a mark that all gang member would have as a sign of allegiance to their role in a place or a group.

Furthermore, individuals tend to find this style one of the most beautiful ones out there as it represents one of the most sophisticated things made by animals. A majority of times people prefer to have this tattoo etched on their elbows because that represents symbolisms in that location. However, the style of this tattoo design can be adapted in almost any place the person desires.

So, if you are someone who is looking to have this style of tattoo etched on their skin on a large-scale, then the ideal places for that would be on the chest or behind the upper leg or arm.


Back Spider is one of the most popular styles of tattoo among individuals because it tends to enhance their body’s structure. The number of people interested in back tattoos is increasing day by day because they happen to stand out.

The reason being that apart from enhancing their outer appearance, back tattoos can be easily concealed as well, when the occasion calls for it. In addition to that since the back provides a wide area almost any tattoo style can be comprehensively etched on it.



Tribal Spider design made in black and white is an ideal way to decorate one’s body. Moreover, these creatures have awed and inspired humans for ages so there is no surprise that indigenous people around the world view spiders to have divine attributes.

Spiders are regarded as the most cunning and wisest insect from the vast American areas to the Ancients Rivers of Egypt.

Furthermore, the insect’s connection with the spiritual world makes them well suited for tribal marking and patterns, with the purpose of transferring magical powers on the person bearing the mark. Indeed, tribal spider tattoos embody this notion of transmitting spiritual intellect and adds on elements of mystery to a simple tattoo design.


Black Widow Spider Tattoos are particularly popular among females as black widow possesses the qualities of being feminine, independent, sensuous and intelligent at the same time. The creature may seem delicate and vulnerable from her external looks, but it has the ability to strike at a moment’s notice.


Spiderman spider tattoo is for people looking for a legendary and adventurous mark. The character Spiderman is a well-known character that can be found in both comic books as well as films. With the basic plot revolving around a boy’s life whose life took a drastic turn after he was bitten by a spider is loved by millions of people. One can get a tattoo of spider that depicts the suit of the superhero, or the Spiderman suit itself across the chest.

Small Spiders on the neck can be a good choice if the person is looking for something delicate and small. If the spider is aimed to be minimalistic, one can have a number of spiders crawling on their neck, leg or arms. Small spider tattoos look better when they are etched on tinier areas of the body. Besides that, if need be, due to their size they can be easily covered with gloves, hair and other accessories.


Colorful spider tattoo is another style that is gaining popularity among men and women alike. The reason being that be it men or women they would mostly select the black color for their spider tattoos to deliver the intense message that they desire. However, lately, colors are being added to the creatures’ tattoo to elaborate on the positive traits of the insects and enhance its beauty.


Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

A spider weaves its web meticulously, similarly, we people should think thoroughly before making any decisions in our lives. One can take the spider symbol as a sign that our life choices make or break things and relationships in our lives.

Similarly, before letting the needle pierce your skin think through your decision. It is crucial for the person to get clear information by taking the necessary time to earnestly research about the meaning of the tattoo.

Spiders and the spider’s web are among one of those marks which have both positive and negative implications. Surely, you would not want to get a permanent tattoo just to find out later that its intended meaning is not the same as you want it to be.

A lot of individuals tend to act impulsively and make a wrong decision when getting a permanent tattoo, but in all honesty, they happen to regret their marks later in life. Getting a tattoo is a long and painful process. Even though now individuals can use the technology to get their tattoos removed, rest assured that getting them removed is far painful and expensive as compared to getting them inked. So, make sure you carefully decide the style, type, and area of your body before getting it tattooed on yourself.