95 Smoke Tattoo Ideas That Are Simply Astounding!

Whether you have already inked your skin with a tattoo or it will be your first tag, you will agree that getting a tattoo is quite thrilling. From the excitement of adorning your skin with a beautiful piece of art to the fear of experiencing intense pain during the process, getting a tattoo brings a mix of emotions to you.

From providing a visual pleasure to adding meaningful art to your personality, tattoos are one of the great forms of expression.

When it comes to getting a tattoo, you will find a plethora of designs all over the internet. From floral and tribal designs to geometric and realistic styles, you can go extremely creative with this specific type of body art.

 In addition, the most interesting feature of tattoos is that they add stunning flair to your appearance with meaningful illustrations. While there are hundreds of thousands of breathtaking tattoos out there, choosing one becomes a very complicated task.

Lucky for you, we have some outstanding ideas for your next tattoo. We are talking about smoke tattoos. Although Samurai and warlords are the timeless selections, wearing smoke tattoos will make you stand out from other tattoo wearers.

The Symbolism of Smoke Tattoos


Believe it or not, the symbolism of smoke goes far beyond cigars and pipes. Often associated with flames, it’s widely believed that smoke represents a transition of matter into spirit. It is derived from a concept that during ascension, smoke vanishes and leaves ashes behind. In a similar way, souls leave behind mortal bodies.

Moreover, there is no doubt that smoke signifies different meanings in every society. This might sound surprising to you but smoke is associated with protecting people from evil and disease. That said, burning traditional herbs has various meanings in different cultures.

Similarly, burning a rose signifies strengthening courage and producing vivid dreams. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of such tattoos is that they undoubtedly represent a variety of meanings.

If you talk about Vikings, they used to place the dead ones on boats and let them drift away before setting them on flames. Furthermore, Navajo used to burn dead people and their houses too. Also, they believe mourning in such a situation would cleanse their bodies and minds. Well, you may find it strange, but even the King of Persia used to burn sandalwood to protect himself from evil and disease. 

Besides cultural and historical beliefs, smoke has a significant association with realistic purpose, which is to send messages and communicate.

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Stunning Smoke Tattoo Ideas

Whether you wear it as your sleeve tattoo or just as a small ornament on your skin, smokes tattoos allow you to be quite creative. Nevertheless, smoke tattoos are one of those that require skilled experts to ink them flawlessly.

 Here is a list of bold yet astonishing tags for you!

Wear a Skull Smoke Tattoo

Often associated with a rebel’s hallmark, a skull smoke tattoo represents the free soul. Put simply, it shows that a wearer has broken all the chains and constraints of old customs. Surprisingly, due to its simple yet bold aesthetics, this design is often understood as a symbol of mortality and death.

However, skulls can stand for optimistic ideas, such as protecting valuables and overcoming obstacles.

Go for a Minimalist Smoke Design

If you don’t like opting for an intricate tag, you can choose this minimalist smoke tattoo. However, keep your tattoo size small or medium and not too large. To keep its simplicity, don’t fill in vivid color, but use bold outlines to have a subtle appearance.

In addition, you can also add grey or black color hues to give it a dramatic effect. But for that, you will have to approach the best tattoo parlor in your town.

An Incredible Combo of Smoke and Demon

Whether you agree or not, demonic tattoos bring a mysterious flair to your personality. Mostly worn to depict a naughty and impish nature, demon and smoke tattoos look incredible when inked in tribal style. If combined with an angel, it often represents that a wearer has undergone difficult times, but was saved by the angel.

Whether you want to keep the spaces empty or to fill it with colors, this tattoo will certainly look beautiful either way.

Smoke Tattoo Encrusted in Japanese Style

If you’re a tattoo fanatic and love Japanese style, adorn this outstanding smoke tattoo on your neck or forearm. Nevertheless, Japanese style was first introduced during the Edo period (1603-1868).

Also, Japanese style tattoos unfold stories about Japan’s past. So, if you want something like that, you can add their dramatic smoke illustration with a scene or text depicting one of their stories. Well, this is a perfect tag for people looking for a classic style.

Adorn a Smokey Rose Tattoo

You can wear this tattoo in remembrance of your beloved’s departed soul. Inked in vibrant color shadings, a rose with smoke tattoo represent a jaw-dropping artistic style that will certainly mesmerize everyone around you.

Not to forget, this tattoo requires intricate details and therefore, you will need to choose a large part of your skin to have a flawless tattoo tag. Besides that, make sure to reach out to a professional artist to get a tattoo with a captivating perfection.

Fire Flame Smoke Tattoo

For many people, especially Americans, a tattoo is one of the best forms of expressions. Whether to celebrate your manliness or to reveal your unique personality traits, get this tattoo to express your inner-self.

With its bold aesthetics, fire flame smoke is a perfect combo to captivate everyone’s attention at a glance. Just make sure to wear it on your shoulder, forearm, or below your neck. Wearing this incredible tattoo on visible spots will bring captivating flair to your looks.

Realistic Smoke Tattoo

If you want something simple yet realistic, this piece of body art reflects what you need. Not to mention, classic realism tattoos have long been a part of the art since the Renaissance. Embracing such a style will bring a surreal look to your tattoo, making you feel awesome.

You won’t ever regret getting this tattoo. Instead, you will get so many compliments for this unique piece of art. Just make sure to approach an experienced tattoo expert for this tattoo.

Text with Smoke

Often times, people wear tattoo tags in remembrance of their loved ones. Moreover, some incorporate an inspirational phrase, a sentence, or any text they like. If you’re one of them, this tattoo perfectly serves the purpose.

 With its artistic style, smoke with text tattoo represents strong meanings. For placement, you should wear this tattoo on your forearm. Due to the large space for writing, your artist will easily render the design in an impeccable manner.

Blowing Smoke

As a perfect tag for females, this bold design depicting a woman blowing smoke is an awesome choice. Whether you paint the entire illustration with basic color shadings or just her lips with bold red ink, this tattoo will mesmerize everyone. Whether you wear it on your back, shoulder, or neck, you will never regret getting this rebellion tattoo.

Cigar and Smoke

If you want to a more daring and bold tattoo, this is a perfect option to stand out from the crowd. However, you can be more creative by adding other objects, such as a hat or a hand holding the cigar. Well, there is no doubt that such a tattoo is perfect for tattoo enthusiasts who are in their late 30s. When it comes to placement, cigar and smoke tattoo will look best when sported on a visible part of your skin. Specifically, such a tag will appear amazingly incredible on your arm.

Eagle with Smoke

Whether you want to portray a robust expression of freedom or celebrate your sovereignty, this tag is for you. Depicting eagle with smoke, this tattoo provides strong illustration along with unique meanings of liberty.

Symbolizing power, wisdom, and spirituality, the eagle and smoke tag depicts your strength and makes you feel like a free soul! To enhance its subtlety, you can ink it with sharp and bold black ink. Moreover, if you don’t like keeping spaces empty, paint your tattoo with dark colors to add a vintage style.



The Bottom Line

While the art of tattoo is widely popular among millennials in America, it’s highly likely that you would be searching for a unique tattoo design. If that’s the case, what can be better than getting a smoke tattoo?

The ideas shared in this article would perfectly suit your style and enhance the meanings of your body art, for sure. Now that you have amazing tattoo ideas, don’t spare another minute and rush to your tattoo expert to get one of these incredible tags to stand out from the crowd and be bold.