125+ Tattoo Ideas to Adorn Your Elbows

Tattoos are one of the best ways to bring a unique change to your overall appearance, making you look classy and attractive. The perfect way to bring that uniqueness is by trying out elbow tattoos. Elbow tattoos are not that common, but because of the unique tattoo location, the elbow tattoo trend has started to grow. Just like how every tattoo has a deep meaning, so do elbow tattoos.

And if you’re looking for a way to express something in a unique way, you should definitely try doing it by getting a tattoo on your elbow. To help you out, mentioned below are a few tattoo ideas to adorn your elbows.elbow-tattoos

The Eye of Providence


If you come across elbow tattoos, you will notice that the Eye of Providence is quite a famous elbow tattoo, as it fits perfectly well on the elbow. If you plan to get the eye of providence tatted on your elbow, you should definitely try out this tattoo.

elbow tattoo

This tattoo includes the eye of providence tatted on the tip of your elbow, and around the eye, there are structured lines that help create a 3D impact. The structured line design gives depth to the eye and goes perfectly well. This tattoo includes grey ink, which makes it more dramatic and bold.

Open-Mouthed Animal

Open-Mouthed animal tattoos are the perfect tattoos for the elbow. It’s a fun addition to your elbow and the fact that every time you move your elbow, it looks like the animal opens its mouth, is pretty cool. This cool tattoo includes an open-mouthed bear.

The open-mouth effect appears on the tip of the elbow while the rest of the animal’s details surround the mouth. This tattoo includes a lot of detailing and skill. This tattoo also portrays that you’re fierce and not scared of anything. So bring out your fierceness with the help of this tattoo.

elbow tattoos

Sunflower Power

If you’re looking for a creative way to cover up the darkness on your elbow or just generally want to give it an aesthetic touch, you can do that by trying out this sunflower power elbow tattoo. This tattoo includes quite a big sunflower where the tip of your elbow acts as the center of the flower, and it surrounds yellow sunflower leaves.

There’s a bit of detailing on the tip to make the center look more prominent. So get this stunning tattoo and achieve the perfect cover-up tattoo for your elbow.

The Dramatic Spider Web Tattoo

Spider web tattoos are a classic elbow tattoo that is most popular among big gang members and prison inmates. Many people don’t know the deep meaning the spider web tattoo has, which is strength and power.

This tattoo isn’t only for gang members or prison inmates, but even you can pull it off, especially if you’re looking for something dramatic, and that gives you the courage to start your day with strength and positivity.

This tattoo includes a big spider web that surrounds the tip of your elbow using black ink. For a more dramatic vibe, you can add spiders or different four-legged insects on the web.

The Geometric Flower

Flower designs are one of the most creative ways to get the perfect elbow tattoo. If you’re looking for something that includes different designs and a lot of detail, you should definitely go for this geometric flower elbow tattoo.

The tip of your elbow acts as the main center of the flower and around that different geometric designs make up the flower. For a unique look, you can add in some watercolors into the flower while the outline includes plain black ink. This beautiful design will draw everyone’s attention to your elbow and earn you a lot of praise.

The Skull Flowerskull elbow tattoo

Skull tattoos have been quite common in the tattoo world, but this skull flower tattoo is unique and holds a lot of meaning. This tattoo includes a flower and a skull in the opening of the flower. There’s a lot of color in this tattoo, which makes it so descriptive and interesting. You can tell that this tattoo holds a deep meaning just by the look of it.

Skulls signify a dark and scary side, whereas a flower signifies a very graceful and beautiful vibe. So if a person is going through a scary period in their life, or if they have a dark personality, there is always a beautiful side hidden. Even when everything appears dark and gloomy, there’s a ray of hope. If you’re looking for a meaningful tattoo, this is the perfect tattoo for you.

Seashell Star

If you’re in search of a tattoo that is over the top and is the perfect fit for your elbow, look no more as this seashell star elbow tattoo is just right for you. Now you may think why a sea shell star? Well, seashells hold a lot of meaning. A seashell acts as a protectant of love, this tattoo will help to remind you to love without fear, and a star also has great quality.

The tattoo includes a big seashell star on your elbow. The tip of your elbow acts as the center on the seashell. You can choose to add any colorful ink to the tattoo for a better appearance. So if you’re a beach person who’s all of about love, you should definitely try this tattoo.

Bow Heartbow heart

If you’re looking for something simple and cute, you should definitely try out this bow heart elbow tattoo. This tattoo includes a black outlined pink heart that ends into a nice pink bow. The heart appears around the tip of the elbow, and there is some black ink shading done in the bow and heart to give the tattoo some depth and feature. This tattoo is subtle, and it’s the perfect elbow tattoo. So try out this cute elbow tattoo and get ready to show it off.

Shamrock Elbow Tattoo

If you’re a fellow patrician or looking for something that will bring you some good luck, you should definitely try out this shamrock elbow tattoo. The shamrock is a four-leaf clover that symbolizes good luck and faith. The tattoo includes a shamrock leaf made from green ink.

The middle of the leaf appears right on the top of the elbow. This tattoo holds a lot of meaning, as it is the perfect good luck tattoo.

The Circular Maze Tattoos

If you’re in one of those serious and dark moments in life and feel like it’s time to become realistic about everything and move on, this circular maze elbow tattoo has got to be just the right tattoo for you. This is a trendy tattoo, and people have gotten it tatted on different parts of the body. But because of its shape and appearance, the appropriate place for this tattoo is the elbow.

As the name suggests, the tattoo features a circular maze with a small circle at its center around the elbow. This tattoo has a deep meaning, it signifies and reminds you that if you’re going through a big change in life, which is not all rainbows and butterflies, and there’s no way you can get out of it, you must not lose courage. It motivates you to embrace the change and work through it.

The Circular Swirl

The circular swirl tattoo is one of the most common tattoos tattoo fanatics love to adorn around the globe. This tattoo may look extremely simple, but it symbolizes different deep meanings. The best meaning to concentrate on is perfection. This tattoo itself is perfect because of how accurate the swirls are, but it also reminds you to connect with yourself.

No matter how many swirls the circle makes, it’s always connected to its core, just like this, you must stay connected with yourself. Keep circling in the right direction, and you’ll always stay connected. This tattoo includes black ink. The swirls start from the tip of the elbow and go all the way around.

Compass Elbow Tattoo

A compass tattoo might come as an unusual design to you as to what makes it worth getting on your elbow. Well, a compass tattoo holds great significance. As you may know, a compass is of good use to sailors as this leads them in the right direction when they are at sea.

Just like this, a compass reminds you to go in the right direction in life, especially when you’re stuck in a difficult situation. The compass tattoo includes black ink and appears right in the middle of your elbow. This tattoo includes a lot of detailing and has all the four directions, i.e., north, south, east, and west.

Snowflake Tattoo

If you’re looking for a tattoo that’s decent enough for your elbow and has a simple yet profound meaning to it, well, look no more as this snowflake tattoo is just the right tattoo for your elbow. If you’ve ever seen snowflakes in real life, you may have noticed or sensed a feeling of freshness and newness.

A snowflake symbolizes rebirth and reminds you that it’s okay to start new and fresh, as it is essential to move ahead in life. This tattoo includes blue ink and some dark colors to add depth. The snowflake appears right in the center of the elbow.


How painful are elbow tattoos?

Yes, elbow tattoos are much painful compared to getting a tattoo on any other part of your body. Elbow tattoos are usually painful because this area doesn’t have much flesh. You may feel like your elbow bone is about to burst out due to all the vibration caused by the tattoo machine.

The starting is quite painful, and you may want to stop at that very moment, but you got to push yourself because the more breaks you take during the tattooing the process, the longer it will take to finish, and the more painful it is.

There is nothing that is going to reduce the pain, not even a dose of ibuprofen. You just have to remind yourself as to how much you want this tattoo and push yourself through it.

Are elbow tattoos prone to fading away quickly?

Yes, elbow tattoos usually start to fade away quickly, especially if you do not take proper care of it. Since the elbow is at constant movement and hits many places, it tends to fade away soon. If you notice the skin on your tattoo, it’s really soft; hence the looseness of the skin also causes the tattoo to peel off or fade away quickly.

Why Should I get an Elbow Tattoo?

Elbow tattoos are quite popular nowadays, and people are going crazy after them, and there are many reasons that would encourage you to get your elbow tatted. Firstly, elbow tattoos have a lot of meaning, so if you’re a person who’s not expressive with words, people will be able to tell something about you by looking at your tattoos.

So, an elbow tattoo is more like your identity than just a regular tattoo. These tattoos also help upgrade your physical appearance. The elbow is in such a position that if you get it tatted, it’s going to lead everyone’s attention to you instantly.

Final Words

With the help of these exciting elbow tattoo ideas, you can now achieve the perfect tattoo that will be not only the right fit for your elbow but also your personality. Tattoos help you to identify yourself as the person who you really are, and it also helps you in different situations. These tattoos may be very painful, but the end results are totally worth it. So don’t waste time and book your tattoo appointment immediately.