155 Star Tattoos That Will Make You Shine

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo that would hold a philosophical meaning and some cool elements? Well, if you have, then star tattoos must have crossed your mind for sure. Star tattoos have been pretty common in the tattoo industry due to its unique designs and meanings. The best part about star tattoos is that each of them reflects on the reason you are getting it, as there is not one standard meaning for a star tattoo. To help you out, mentioned below are a few star tattoo ideas that will look stunning on your body, and will leave you with some excellent imagery.

star tattoo on back

The Meaning behind Star Tattoos


Star tattoos are quite symbolic, and they depict amazing things that reflect a person’s true personality. A few of the main things that star tattoos signify are honor, ambition, hope, and success. If you are going through a rough period in your life, a star tattoo will guide you in finding the right direction as it also symbolizes ‘finding your way home’ and will give you some hope for a better future. It also reminds you always to stay ambitious; through this, you will achieve all the success in life.

Stat tattoos also have a linkage with culture and religions. Many cultures associate themselves with mystical stories, and stars have played a significant role in some of these stories. Stars also represent a person’s love for astrology or traveling by sea. The best part about star tattoos is that it gives you the free-will to add in your own meaning, something that reflects you, and that’s one of the main things to consider when you get a tattoo. Your tattoo should speak about your personality, your beliefs, and your approach to life.

star tattoos

Types of Star Tattoos

There are different variations of star tattoos, and each of them has a unique and symbolic meaning. Below you will discover the different types of star tattoos that might reflect your personality, making it the perfect choice for you.

  • Nautical Star: These stars originate from the early days where sailors used them to navigate the sea routes at nighttime. These stars represent finding your way back home and include two different colors, such as green and red, each color representing a dimensional depth. This type of star tattoo could also symbolize how you have found your way back to yourself after a few years of being lost due to a certain incident that may have changed your life completely.
  • Three-Star: The three-star tattoo consists of three stars that usually appear in three different parts of the body. This type of tattoo design is quite famous and looks amazingly unique.
  • Gold Star: Gold stars are one of the main types of star tattoos that symbolize success and achievement. This tattoo is perfect for those who want to score big in life and seeking some motivation to do so. It also represents a person’s ability to overcome the obstacles in their life.
  • Russian Star: The Russian star is an 8 point star that represents Russian prisoners. This tattoo allows men to show off their masculine strength and power and mostly appear on the shoulder.
  • Astrological Stars: This tattoo represents the constellations in the sky and is perfect for all the astronomy lovers out there.
  • Shooting Star: These are one of the most feminine types of stars that symbolize a person’s charm and uniqueness. It also reminds you of how you can reach the ultimate goal in your life, directed by the movement of the stars.

Nautical Star tattoo

Perfect Placements For Star Tattoos

Star tattoos come in different sizes and shapes; you can choose to get them tatted anywhere on your body. There are some tattoos designs like the three-star tattoo that looks best on the torso and back. Each of these stars usually appears on different parts of the body that create a unique pattern. Most star tattoos appear on the wrist and neck, as these places are more visible, and suit the size and design of classic star tattoos.

If you are going for an astrological star tattoo, the best place for that would be on your shoulder blades or hip. No matter where you place your star tattoo, it will look magical as ever, leaving you with some starry imagery on your body. With the help of the star tattoo ideas below, you will be able to decide better on which type of tattoo to go for and where to place it best.

Star Tattoo Ideas

Mentioned below are some fancy star tattoo ideas that will give you some fantastic tattoo inspiration, helping you achieve the most subtle yet modern tattoo looks.

Tribunal Star Tattoos


Star tattoos are the best way to pay tribute to someone you may have lost, or cherish forever. This tattoo usually includes a couple of stars with that person’s name near the star and an important date. Some tribunal star tattoos include three or four simple stars that symbolize a mother’s love for her children, and how grateful she is for them. Each star represents one child.

 This tattoo also symbolizes how much talent you see in that one person, and how important it is to remind them even if you have to get it tatted on your own body. You could get this tattoo inked anywhere on your wrist or near your neck.

Shoot for the Stars


This is quite a new tattoo and is something that every girl would opt for if going for a star tattoo. This tattoo includes a trail of black inked stars that appear best on the foot and hand. It may appear to be very simple, but it leaves you with some shiny imagery. This tattoo symbolizes how it’s never too late to dream big, and life is all about big dreams and accomplishing them. It reminds you to shoot for the stars even if you have already crossed half of your age. You can always add in colored ink for an additional touch.

A Cluster of Stars

cluster of star tattoos.jpg

Many star tattoos usually include one star; however, many people perceive that as a lonely star. To make your tattoo more friendly and fun, you can try out this cluster of stars tattoo. This tattoo includes a couple of black outlined stars tatted together on your wrist or near your neck and includes color. You can choose the type of color you want; the best colors would be pink, purple, yellow, or blue.

This tattoo symbolizes how sometimes you need the support of your friends and family to shine along in life, and that being alone and self-centered has its drawback. Some people usually get this tattoo because of its pretty appearance, which is fair enough.

Starry Sky

stary star tattoo

For a more girly and colorful vibe, you have got to try out this starry sky tattoo. This tattoo includes a couple of different black outlined stars with different colors, from pink, purple, blue, yellow, and lots more. The starry sky usually appears near the neck or arm. It helps you achieve a fun party look, making it perfect for the summers, and you can slay it off at the next Coachella or Tomorrowland.


The Flaming Star

flaming star

You can try out this flaming star tattoo and achieve a fiery and unique look. This tattoo includes a black outlined star with flames all around the star using red and orange ink. This Tattoo will look perfect anywhere on your visible body. It represents your fiery soul and characteristics to achieve something extraordinary in your life, and how you will do anything to make that specific goal happen. It also symbolizes your bravery and transformation into a more robust and brave person.

The Celtic Star

Celtic Star tattoo

Celtic star tattoos are also quite common and help you achieve a royal tattoo look. This tattoo includes a black inked star in Celtic design that usually appears on your arm or back. It has a very masculine vibe attached to it, making it perfect for men. This tattoo represents the pride of the Celtics; however, many people get it just because of the fantastic design it holds, especially the ones with the Celtic knot.




Star Necklace

star neckless tatoo

If you are fond of jewelry and are aiming to achieve a permanent one, then you have got to try out this star necklace tattoo. This tattoo includes a couple of black outlined stars that appear a little below your next, forming a necklace. Some of the stars include black ink to give the necklace tattoo some stylish feature. This tattoo is perfect for you if you don’t like wearing heavy jewelry, and this way, you will not have to worry about losing your necklace on a drunken night or in the swimming pool.

Watercolor Stars

watercolor star tattoo

If you are fond of colorful tattoos, this watercolor stars tattoo is the perfect choice for you. It includes a couple of black inked stars with a splash of colors consisting of splashes of yellow, blue, pink, and red ink. The watercolor effect on this tattoo makes it extraordinarily unique and gives out a pleasant and fun vibe. The perfect place to get this tattoo would be on your arm or near your ankle. This tattoo showcases your bright and joyous personality and how you look at everything positively, no matter what consequences it bears.

star tattoo designs


Star Plant

star plant tatoo

If you are looking for a unique way to show off a star tattoo, you should try out this star plant tattoo. This tattoo includes black inked branches with black outlines stars growing from them that look like flowers. This tattoo is the perfect representation of growth, and will look lovely near your ankle. The tattoo represents starting fresh in life, and the new and positive growth in you that will lead you to become a star in the future. You would not want to miss out on this beautiful tattoo, with such a lovely meaning.

The Nautical Star Tattoo

Try out this popular nautical star tattoo, and achieve one of the best star tattoos on your body. This tattoo includes a simple nautical star featuring black and white designs. The design and structure of the star are what make it unique. The best part is that you can get it tatted anywhere on your body. Just make sure to get it in a more visible place. This tattoo symbolizes the hardships you have gone through in life, and how you have overcome each one of them.

This tattoo originates from the days when sailors used to get them inked to guide their way home, or to a particular discovery. So if you are in search of something new in life, this tattoo will represent that correctly. Many people get this tattoo just because of the unique design, which is quite compelling.

star tattoos for men


Minimalist Star Tattoo

minimalist star tattoo

If you want to go for a low-key star tattoo that is not too over the top, this minimalist star tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo includes a small black star outlined in black with yellow ink. You can always change the color, but yellow represents the star better. The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your shoulder or wrist, as the size suits these areas well. This tattoo represents how your personality outshines others because of your generous and caring heart.

Neck Star Tattoo

Neck star tattoos are unique and look amazingly stylish. This tattoo usually includes a cluster of small black inked stars or one black inked star. Rappers famously wear neck tattoos as it adds to their gangster style of living and rapping. However, many other people have also started to get this tattoo due to its unique style and appearance. Many people believe that neck star tattoos have a devilish meaning attached to it; however, this should not stop you from getting one right away.

The Geometric Star


If you are looking for an over the top tattoo, you have got to try this geometric star tattoo. It includes different stars made in one feature out of black and white ink. You may find the design very confusing, and you will have to find a talented and experienced artist to make this exact tattoo on your body. The best place for this tattoo would be on your arm. It symbolizes the balance and stability in your life, along with your lavish and glowing personality.



The Tribal Star


The Polynesian tribe has a deep connection with star tattoos and holds a considerable representation. This tattoo usually includes black inked stars with different tribal lines and dots, and appears best on your arm and is the perfect men’s star tattoo. If you have any linkage with the Polynesian tribe, getting this tattoo would be the right thing to do as it is always good to represent your heritage, especially in an artistic way.

star tattoos          


Butterfly Star

butterfly star tattoo

Another girly star tattoo is this butterfly star tattoo that leaves you with a cute tattoo design on your body. This tattoo includes a black and white inked butterfly with small mini stars under it. You can add in some color to the butterfly for an additional feature. This tattoo has quite a meaningful touch to it as the stars symbolize your goal, and the butterfly symbolizes rebirth. If you merge both the meanings together, it represents how you have strived and changed yourself to reach a specific goal in life. It also showcases how change is essential sometimes in life.



How much will my small star tattoo cost me?

If you are aiming for a small, subtle star tattoo, it will cost you around $50 to $250, depending on the design of the tattoo and how much space it covers up on your skin. Some tattoo parlors charge hourly, so depending on the time it takes to complete the tattoo, your tattoo artist will charge accordingly. Most of the tattoo parlors charge a minimum fee of $50, so regardless of what type of tattoo you are going for, you will have to pay $50.

What will my wrist star tattoo represent?

Each body part has a different representation, and so does wrist star tattoos. If you want to get a star tattoo on your wrist, which is a standard placement for star tattoos, it will represent the positive personality in you and how you handle everything in a positive mood. It also symbolizes all your achievements in life and the struggle you have put in to achieve that particular thing.

Final Words

With the help of these fabulous star tattoo designs, you can achieve one of the best star tattoos anywhere on your body. Each tattoo holds a specific meaning, so before rushing into the looks of the designs, make sure to study the true meaning behind it as what makes a tattoo special is the meaning it holds, and of course, its unique design as well. So have fun in choosing the best star tattoo!