155 Extremely Adorable Cat Tattoos You Should Get This Year

When it comes to cat designs for a tattoo, you will not disagree with the fact that these are not just adorable, but are widely appreciated for their symbolic meanings. Generally, cat tattoos are associated with feminine power and represent strong elegance, prosperity, protection, and good luck. Because of its amazing meanings, cat tattoos are always a popular design choice among many tattoo enthusiasts.cat tattoos

Cat Symbolism


The cat tattoo designs have different connotations in every culture. However, the cat itself carries meanings that revolve around the balance between opposites such as good and bad, light and dark, inner and outer. Being a nocturnal animal, cats are associated with the symbolic meanings of what lives in unknown or hidden places. These crazy critters are popularly known for its curious nature; cats love to knock over the things and squeeze in confined places. However, the cat personifies patience, healing, calmness, and courage.

Cats in Ancient Times

Cat symbolism has spread throughout many ancient and modern cultures across the world. Dated back to 2000 B.C.E., the Egyptians used to worship the Cat. For them, the cats were associated with goddess Isis and goddess Ba’at and called the cats “Mau”. They had a firm belief that the cats bring good luck, fertility, power, and beauty to them. Later on, they created Cat statues embellished with gold to worship. After a few years of that, the Egyptian culture began to transform and the cats were then started to being illustrated in Egyptian art.

What Cats Represent in Modern Times?

In ancient Greece, the cats were associated with lust, cleanliness, a cunning nature, and deviousness. At present, they are linked with independence and rebellion. You can have an idea of its importance from the protest occurred in South Korea. When the Korean government passed the law stating that only medical experts can make tattoos, meanwhile, several tattoo enthusiasts started protesting, with a specific design of cat tattoo as their symbol of protest. A symbol that could bring the power and good luck, they believe, with such they would win the case.cat tattoos  

Cat Tattoos

It is no wonder that cats are sweet but naughty critters. For a cat tattoo, you can have a great number of designs to wear on. Just remember that along with the adorable designs, each tattoo holds deep meanings in it. At present, the most popular designs of cat tattoos among women are of minimalist style. They mostly prefer small designs because those look quite pretty. Besides from which design you opt for your tattoo, you will have two choices, realistic and tribal.

Personality Reflection

Generally, it is believed that tattoo reflects your personality. For instance, if you wear a tattoo of a smiling cat combined with a floral garden shows your kind nature.  Similarly, a tattoo featuring a kitten catching a fluttering butterfly reveals that a wearer is soft-hearted. For the next time, whenever you choose a design, do consider the meanings and select the one that reflects your nature in the best possible way.

Tattoo Placements

Whether you are going for your first tattoo or the fifteenth one, you will not deny that it is always hard to decide the right spot for it. Even when you opt one, you still remain unsure if it looks good or not? More than that, you worry about whether your skin will hurt during a process or not. So, before getting a cat tattoo on your skin, you have to consider a couple of things. For that, you need to develop a clear understanding of where your cat design will look the best and where it will hurt less.

Let us make it clear with an example. The large and detailed cat tattoos such as a witch sitting with a black cat probably look decent on large parts of your body. In contrast to that, a simple and small tattoo will look more adorable on your wrist, at the back of your ear and even on your finger.

Visibility of Your Tattoo

Since the tattoos are permanent, once they are printed you cannot remove them. Therefore, if you want to hide your design, you can get it done on the lower back, or at your upper thighs. In case you want to show off your enchanting cat tattoo, perhaps the arms, upper chest, neck, face, hands, or the wrist would be a good option. Another thing you must consider is you must not wear highly visible tattoos if you are employed, as they are still considered inappropriate in many workplaces.


There is no doubt that a process you have to go through to mark a tattoo on your skin is really painful. This is why you must select such design that would hurt less than a design with lesser details because a tattoo that is elaborate can cause great discomfort. Also, remember that some complex designs are difficult for artists to render flawlessly. For that, you need to choose such something that your artist can make without compromising its quality. Besides, in case you have a sensitive skin, you will have to tolerate more pain.

cat tattoos       

Selecting the Right Size

Not to mention, your tattoo size depends on your design; a tattoo with details would require a large size to look clear and fine. In case you select a small size for your detailed tattoo, keep in mind it would look more like a tangled mess than a subtle design.

That means, an elaborated design should be large enough to depict the details, and the outlines must be clear and definite. However, a less detailed design tattoo can be done in a small size. Well, you don’t need to worry about the size, as your artist would suggest you the accorded one.

As we said, you must consider the meanings before getting a tattoo on your skin; we have listed down a few popular cat tattoos with their meanings for you.

1.     Minimalist Cat Tattoo

Some of you would like to have large and elaborated tattoos while others would love minimalistic styles more. Minimalist designs are rarely linked with realism; they are interlinked with abstracts. Therefore, if you want a minimalist cat tattoo, the design might not be filled with details rather it will be simple and artistic.

Placement Idea

Minimalistic tattoos are simple and less detailed but require fineness to look fabulous. As these designs are often small, you can place it on back of your neck. Furthermore, you can wear it on your wrist, behind your ear, or on your ankle. Just remember, whether it’s your arm or the upper chest, a minimalistic tattoo gives you appealing looks.

2.     Ying Yang Cat Tattoo

A Ying Yang cat tattoo can be designed in various ways. It can be incorporated with other things such as leaves, stars and flowers. If you’re wondering how a ying-yang cat tattoo looks like, let’s explain it to you. A ying-yang is a ball, having two symmetries; a black swirl is Yin and the white one is called Yang. However, in a ying-yang tattoo, the cat is placed in either swirl of a Ying Yang ball. Other than that, it can be designed in way that two cats are cuddled up with each other. Such design would look extremely adorable.

The Ying Yang’s white swirl is linked with brightness and growth whereas the black part represents shadows. As we told you that cats are known to maintain a balance between opposites, a cat in a Ying Yang demonstrates a balanced life.

Placement Idea

As the Ying Yang Cat tattoo is round in shape, it will look best on the center of your shoulder or arm, and on either side of your waist. In addition, a Ying Yang cat tattoo on the base of your neck will look immensely beautiful and captivating.

3.     Sleeping Cat Tattoo

If you ever had a cat, you probably know that it loves two things- play and sleep! They sleep a lot! Also, you might have seen yourself or heard from your friends how this crazy cute pet loves to sleep. Cats like to curl up in super funny places; it can be your wardrobe, your sink or even the underneath area of your sofa. Besides that, don’t be surprised if you find a cat sleeping on a computer, cats like to sleep at high-up places.

If we talk about a sleeping cat tattoo’s symbolism, a person who wears such tattoo is often calm. It represents tranquility. In addition to that, a tattoo of a sleeping cat combined with a heart represents that a wearer is a homebody; he likes to stay at home to spend most the time with his family.

Placement Idea

Well, the placement of a sleeping cat tattoo totally depends on what design you choose. You will have numerous design options to choose from.

A sleeping cat tattoo is usually small in size. Therefore, you really do not need to be fussy. Just keep in mind that you must select a visible part of your body to show off your cat. Other than your wrist, you can place it on back of your shoulder, on the upper part of your navel, or on your inner arm. But it will look more attractive on your inner wrist.

4.     Black Kitten Tattoo

All the way back in the Middle Ages, black cats were linked with the negative meanings that people ascribed to them. Black cats were considered a bad portent; they were associated with witches and demons. But today many societies believe that black cats actually bring prosperity and good luck. So, it’s reasonable to believe that a black cat tattoo personifies an intelligent, unorthodox, astute, secretive, clever, supernatural, playful and independent personality.

Other than this, people also believe that black cat tattoo represents feminism ideology. In addition to that, such tattoos depict an admiration for Wiccan or Pagan spiritual beliefs.

Placement Idea

According to the belief you just learned, a person who seeks good luck or prosperity wears such a tattoo on their skin. But in reality, the thing is that a Black cat Tattoo looks extremely fascinating when it is on a prominent part of your body.

If you want to show off your tattoo, place it where it is visible. A small tattoo of a black kitten can be made on your wrist, shoulder, behind your ankle joint or even on your neck. But if you are going for a detailed tattoo, perhaps the thighs, abdomen or the biceps would be a good place. In case you want a hidden tattoo, you can have it on your back, upper thigh, or on your chest.

5.     Semi-Colon Cat Tattoo

This kind of tattoos is illustrated as a black semi-colon incorporating a cat’s face in place of a dot.  It is believed that a semicolon tattoo gives strength to live for those who are struggling with drug addiction, depression, or attempted a suicide. If you are also dealing with such a situation, remember that a semicolon tattoo will remind you to never give up on your life.

The mark itself symbolizes new beginnings.  You would be curious to know the reason behind cat’s face in semi-colon tattoo. Well as the cat is known to keep a balance between opposites, a semi-colon cat tattoo balances your negative thoughts or prevents you to harm yourself while bringing you positivity.

Placement Idea

Possessing such positive meanings, a semi-colon cat tattoo must be placed where it is visible to you at every glance. For that, people usually wear it on their inner wrist. It’s not like only the people who are struggling with their lives can wear it while others cannot. Anyone can opt it and wear it on his tragus, behind the ear or on the ankle joint.

However, the ones who really need some motivation to live and agree with semicolon symbolism, you can place a semicolon cat tattoo on your wrist. Every time when you think about giving up on life, it reminds you of the promise. A promise you made to yourself that it is fine to reach out for help rather sulking in pessimism.

6.     Cat with a Moon Tattoo

Both the moon and a cat have always been subject to superstition. In many cultures, cats are believed to be linked with the night. They are widely known to hold a strong connection with the moon energies. If you own a cat, you can relate to it; you probably have noticed significant changes in your pet’s behavior every time when the full moon occurs.

Furthermore, a cat tattoo incorporated with a moon signifies that you’re a night person; you mostly like to stay up at night till dawn. So, if you eagerly want to select it for your next tattoo, remember that it expresses a strong connection along with such deep meanings.

Placement Idea

Small tattoos are easier to place as compared to detailed ones. Yet some designs look fabulous when rendered with subtle details. So, if you want to have a cat with moon tattoo, you must opt for a design that has details, it will look finer. For a large design, you can have it on your shoulder near the neck or you can wear it on your biceps. If you want a hidden tattoo, then it will look best on your back or on your waist.

Tips To Get Through a Tattoo

Before you head to tattoo artist, make sure that the professional has a license for tattooing. After that, when you are finally there, ensure that equipment he/she is using is well maintained and adhere to health standards. Used equipment can cause cross contamination resulting in a severe disease. The equipment may include needle, gloves, bandages, razors or swabs.

How to Tackle a Pain

A tattooing process can cause you great distress. You will feel intense pain in the most sensitive parts of your body, for example, at the back of the knee caps or where your skin is thin. These parts are the neck, spine, ribs, forehead, ankles, and your fingers or hands.

If you begin to feel pain during the process, ask your artist to stop the process right away. Meanwhile, take some deep breaths, as it will help reduce your pain. Tattooing is a long and grueling process, especially when you talk about detailed designs, and sometimes take several appointments to be completed.

Taking Care of Your Tattoo

Once the artist is done with the tattoo, he will clean and sanitize the area, and wrap a bandage over it. You will be asked to keep the dressing for a day, probably. Do not forget that a fresh tattoo is just like an open wound, so you must take a good care of your wound and prevent it from being infected.

When you remove the dressing, wash your hands and then clean your tattoo with a recommended antibacterial cleanser or soap. It is vital to listen to what your tattooist recommends. Avoid using scented cleansers as it may cause irritation. Once you are done with washing your tattoo, gently pat the area with a clean towel.

If your skin gets itchy and dry, apply an ointment or a lotion according to your artist’s recommendation. Your tattoo will start peeling and this is normal, it indicates that your wound is healing. But don’t take the skin flakes out yourself or you’ll ruin the ink. Let everything happen naturally.


Even though the Tattoo process is painful and takes time to heal but once it is done, you will love to see your favorite tattoo. Among the myriads of beautiful tattoo designs, cat tattoos are the most adorable ones. Each design has its own meaning and now you will have an idea of what design represents what and which design would be more suitable for you.