95 Popular Dove Tattoos (with Meaning)

Tattoos are slowly becoming more of a fashion statement, rather than simply being a form of body art. People who have tattoos always have a story behind every chosen tattoo design. Tattoos are forms of a person’s point of view or a representation of a person’s characteristics. No matter how simple or complex a tattoo design may be, it’s meaning will always depend on its wearer.

Dove tattoos are some of the most beautiful kinds of tattoo designs available today. It’s a kind of tattoo design that fits both men and women. It’s a unisex design that promotes both femininity and masculinity. It’s up to the person looking at the tattoo to interpret it the way he sees it.

Dove tattoos also come in different sizes. There are people who want to get a large tattoo in order to convey a clearer and more meaningful message to others. On the other hand, there are also people who prefer to have small-sized tattoos that perfectly fit the wrists or the back of the neck. Actually, you can choose whichever type and size of tattoo you want, but you should always remember that knowing the meaning behind that tattoo is necessary.

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Types of Dove Tattoos


Dove tattoos are extremely popular these days. Some designs may only illustrate a single dove, while other designs combine doves with statements or other symbolic animals and things. The more symbols there are in a tattoo design, the deeper its meaning becomes. This is because every object carries different individual meanings.

Here are some of the most popular designs for Dove Tattoos today:

  1. Flying Dove Tattoos with Statement on Ribbons

People who want to convey a clearer message, in case other people can’t find the hidden meaning behind every symbol, normally use this tattoo design. In this tattoo design, the dove is holding a piece of ribbon with its beak. The ribbon usually contains names, special dates, favorite quotes or life mottos. Since this part is in plain text, many people automatically get what your tattoo really means.

  1. Turtle Dove Tattoos with Key and Lock

This is another popular design for dove tattoos. Couples use this design to show their unconditional love for each other. This tattoo best represents people who are in love or in some kind of romantic relationship. The design includes one dove holding the lock, while the other dove is holding the key. Both doves are flying towards each other, as a symbol for getting together. There are also variations of this tattoo design wherein the dove with the lock waits for the other dove with the key (flying dove).

  1. Clouds and Ascending Dove Tattoos

This tattoo design carries a religious meaning to many people. An ascending dove is like a spirit going to heaven. For Catholics, the ascending dove is often associated with the Holy Spirit. However, you should know that not only religious people who can have this tattoo design. With the addition of the clouds, this tattoo can also symbolize the beginning of a person’s quest to follow his dreams. When you have a dream, you naturally want to move forward and keep reaching for it until you turn that dream into a reality. That’s what this tattoo design says.

  1. Dove with Angel Wings Tattoo

Doves have long been a symbol for purity and peace. On the other hand, angels are like God’s messengers. When you combine these two symbols, you will be sending a message to everyone that you are a peace advocate or a bringer of peace. Actually, this design is very timely. Today, many nations are in conflict. If you are wishing for world peace, then this might help you in spreading awareness about it.

dove tattoos


Meaning of Dove Tattoos

Dove tattoos can have several meanings. The meaning of your tattoos solely depend on your own interpretation of the design. You can choose a simple tattoo design, or pick an elaborate one – the choice is ultimately yours. What matters is that your design should tell the people a message that you cannot say with words or do with actions.

Dove tattoos signify peace and harmony. Unlike any other animals that fight with each other, doves are often calm and seemingly at peace all the time. You won’t see doves that are fighting with each other. You will only see doves innocently watching whatever scene unfolds before their very eyes.

Dove tattoos also symbolize endless love. Dove symbols have long been romanticized way back olden days. The reason mainly is due to dove’s unique characteristic. Once a dove finds its mate, they will live together for a long time. Usually, when the other dove dies, the remaining dove will never find any other mate again and will normally die in the following days. When compared to humans, this shows the strong love existing between couples.

Dove tattoos could also mean family. Doves are loyal and loving creatures. Just like humans, doves stay with their families and raise their young ones for a long time.

Ideal Placement of Dove Tattoos

The placement of your tattoos is very important. Without thinking about the proper placement of your dove tattoos, you might end up wasting a precisely made masterpiece. If you want to create awareness regarding a certain issue by using tattoos, then you have to make sure that your tattoo is on an area where people can see. Also, you have to keep in mind that the size of your tattoo will affect your placement options.

If you want to get large dove tattoos, then you have no other choice but to put it on a body part that’s wide and spacious enough. Your back or your chest is the only body parts that could accommodate a large-sized tattoo.

There are people who are a little conservative when it comes to tattoo sizes. For those of you who want to get smaller dove tattoos, it would look good on the wrist or on one arm. These body parts are easily noticeable when decorated.

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Dove Tattoos Preparation Tips

The only thing you need to prepare when getting dove tattoos is yourself. Before going to your tattoo artist, you should feed yourself. Since tattoo procedures can be mentally stressful sometimes, especially to people who have low pain tolerance, you will need energy to get through the whole procedure. You will also need energy to endure the relatively painful tattoo procedure, especially if it’s your first time.

Another thing you should keep in mind is to keep yourself well hydrated before the procedure starts. This will help you relax and calm down, despite the scary tattoo gun sounds. You will have no time to hydrate yourself once the procedure starts because all you will be thinking about is the painful touch of the needles on your skin.


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Average Service Cost and Standard Prices of Dove Tattoos

The prices of dove tattoos depend on several factors. For example, the size of your tattoo design dictates the price of your tattoo. If you choose a large tattoo design, then you should be prepared to pay about $200 – $350. These rates are applicable to local tattoo shops and artists only. In case you want to get your tattoo done by a world-renowned tattoo artist, then get ready to spend at least double the amount mentioned previously.

Another factor that affects the price of your tattoo is the complexity of its design. Some tattoo artists charge service fee on an hourly basis. If your tattoo’s design is extremely complex and intricate, then it would probably take more time to finish compared to normal tattoos. This means you need to spend more just to get it done.

Maintenance Tips after Getting Dove Tattoos

The most important aftercare tip you need to remember is to never wear too tight-fitting clothes for the first 3 weeks or until your skin completely heals. One very good reason why you shouldn’t wear tight clothes is that it will surely stick to your tattoo. Also, you will be ruining your tattoo’s color if you wear tight clothes because the ink can still transfer to your clothes.

Tattoos will eventually fade over time, but you can do something that will delay the process. If you want your tattoo to last for a long time, then you shouldn’t rub it on clothes or with your hands. When cleaning your tattoo during the first few weeks, you should only gently wash it and never rub the area.