150 Stomach Tattoos That Will Help Make A Bold Style Statement

Tattoos are the perfect way to adorn your skin, especially if you want to achieve a stylish look and try out some exciting art on your body. One of the unique and fun places to get a tattoo is the stomach. Most of the time, your tattoos will hide underneath your clothing, but you can show off your stomach tattoos while enjoying a relaxing day at a beach or on an island.

Stomach tattoos are perfect for you if you don’t want your tattoos to be visible all the time. Many people avoid getting tattoos due to their workplace rules. However, you don’t have to worry about such restrictions in this case. Rules won’t stop you from getting a stomach tattoo as you have the ease of keeping it covered.

There are different types of tattoos you can get on your stomach; some of these are designed specifically for this area. If you read further below, you will come across some extraordinary stomach tattoo designs that also vary in placements. So if you plan to give your stomach an artistic touch, stick around and get going with your stomach tattoo hunt!

Stomach Tattoo

Meaning behind the Stomach Tattoo

People have different reasons to get stomach tattoos; some get it to cover their stretch marks after pregnancy or surgery, and some get it just because of its unique appearance. You can choose to get any type of tattoo tatted on your stomach. Each tattoo you choose has a different meaning attached to it.

Many people, especially females, get their child’s name or portrait of their child tatted on their stomach to symbolize the journey of their pregnancy. It also represents the strong bond the mother and child develop even before the child comes to this world. You can also get your other half’s name or portrait tatted on your stomach to symbolize how the person gives you butterflies.

For many people, stomach tattoos are quite precious and symbolic due to the hidden meaning in the tattoo. Your stomach tattoo doesn’t have to have any meaning as long as it perfectly fits the area and makes you feel comfortable about it.

Stomach Tattoo Placements

There are different ways you can present your tattoos on your stomach. Some people don’t like getting their whole stomach covered with a single tattoo. Hence, they opt for multiple smaller designs and wear these tattoos as an accessory.

Middle stomach tattoos are the most common as they allow you to try out any design. Many people get small tattoos tatted on the middle or side of the stomach, such as symbol tattoo or name tattoos. But some people don’t like getting a tattoo inked in the middle of the stomach; instead, they opt for upper/lower stomach area.

Some tattoo designs suit the side of the stomach or the ribcage. These mostly consist of floral designs or a design that has a slant shape. You could get one on the lower part of the stomach or the upper part. No matter where on your stomach you get a tattoo it will look gorgeous as ever.

Stomach Tattoo Ideas

Mandala Stomach Tattoo

Mandala Stomach Tattoo

A Mandala tattoo is a very common tattoo design, and because of its round shape, it perfectly fits the stomach. This tattoo includes black inked mandala design and is quite big, so it covers most of your stomach. The shading and artistic lines in this tattoo make it more unique and presentable. You can always adjust the size of this mandala tattoo and can get some colored ink added if you don’t want to go for a plain black shaded tattoo.

The balanced structure of circles and lines in the design symbolize perfection and balance in life. It helps in reminding the wearer to maintain harmony in personal relationships and work-life balance. This tattoo is perfect for you if you’re going for a designed tattoo look, and also brings out a feminine touch.

Deadly Skull Stomach Tattoo

Deadly Skull Stomach Tattoo

You should try out this deadly skull stomach tattoo if you want to go for something over the top that covers up your whole stomach area. This tattoo has a black, grey, and red-inked skull face that appears on the stomach. For a dramatic touch, the tattoo artist has created a few body muscles in the background with red ink. The tattoo travels up to the chest and arms, which includes different skull bones with some dramatic shading.

This tattoo is like a whole cover-up, and it looks like you’re wearing a tattoo shirt. The tattoo symbolizes the dark or bold side of your personality and how you’re not scared of death or anything else. It brings out that fierce and scary nature in your personality. Hence, this tattoo would be ideal for men to get.

Tiger Stomach Tattoo

Tiger Stomach Tattoo

This tiger stomach tattoo is another brilliant tattoo design for your stomach, and it also gives out a very feminine touch. This tattoo includes a black inked outline of a tiger face with its mouth open and a few outlined leaves in the background. What makes this tattoo more unique is the mandala outlined at the top of the tiger’s head. This tattoo appears right in the middle of your stomach, where the tiger’s nose pops through your belly button, making it the right fit for this area.

The tiger in this tattoo represents independence and free-spirit, while the mandala symbolizes a balanced lifestyle. Both these meanings combined leave you with a powerful tattoo that showcases how you value your independence in a balanced way and never miss use it.

Religious Passage Tattoo

Religious Passage Tattoo stomach

You can also try out this religious passage stomach tattoo and achieve a subtle yet unique stomach tattoo. This tattoo includes your favorite religious passage from the holy book inked in black. You can get the whole passage or verse tatted word to word in bold black ink with a creative writing style. You can add some doves and clouds in the background, referring to the verse to make this tattoo more presentable.

This tattoo would look great on you if you get it tatted on the side of your stomach. You can also get it in the upper part of the stomach if the passage is small. Make sure to choose a passage that you’re able to reflect on, and that inspires you to get along with your life.

Dramatic Colored Tattoo

Dramatic Colored Tattoo

If you want to get a colorful tattoo on your stomach, you’ve got to try out this over the top dramatic colored tattoo and achieve one of the coolest stomach tattoos. It includes a traditional design featuring a dog with purple inked dog bones and different other elements in the background, like colored flowers. This tattoo incorporates colored ink and brings so much attention to your stomach.

 If you like the traditional style tattoos and relate to the vibe of this exotic design, you should go for this tattoo without thinking much. The best part is that this tattoo covers your whole stomach leaving just a few empty spaces. So this tattoo design gives you a good artistic chance to cover all the unwanted stretch marks you hate seeing on your stomach.

Anatomical Heart Stomach Tattoo

Anatomical Heart Stomach Tattoo

This anatomical heart tattoo is one of the coolest and realistic stomach tattoos you will come across. This tattoo includes a black inked human heart tatted exactly the way the real human heart looks like. The detailing and contouring done in this tattoo is out of the world and brings attention to it. Hence, if you plan to get this tattoo, make sure to book an appointment with a well-experienced tattoo artist.

This tattoo appears in the middle of your stomach. Some people position it right where the heart is. This tattoo symbolizes long-lasting love that you have for your friends and family. It also symbolizes your meaning of life and how devoted you are to live every moment to the fullest while staying on the right track. It helps remind people to spread positivity and love, but also not to forget to love yourself first.

Small Rose Stomach Tattoo

Small Rose Stomach Tattoo

If you’re looking for a simple yet creative design for your stomach tattoo, you’ve come to the right place as this small rose stomach tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo includes a medium-sized black inked rose with some beautiful shading on the lower area of your stomach.

It’s always fun to add various tattoos on different areas of the stomach. This tattoo is perfect for you if you don’t want to cover your whole stomach. Not to mention, minimal stomach tattoos always give out a fun and creative look.

This tattoo is quite symbolic, as the rose symbolizes hope, new beginnings, and promise. But, it also has a darker meaning attached to it as it represents loss and thoughtlessness as well. Hence, this tattoo is ideal for you if you’re searching for some positive motivation. At the same time, it is a perfect fit for someone who wants to reveal a dark, inconsiderate, or gloomy side of their personality.







Will pregnancy ruin my stomach tattoo?

Unfortunately, yes, if you get pregnant and have a stomach tattoo, you will notice some drastic changes in the shape and appearance of your tattoo. During pregnancy, your stomach starts to stretch, causing the design of the tattoo to change. If you want to get a stomach tattoo, but also planning a baby, you should wait. Get it done afterward so that you don’t waste your time and money.

How much will my stomach tattoo cost?

The cost of your stomach tattoo depends on the size and design of your tattoo. If you’re going for a small or medium-sized stomach tattoo, that will cost you $100-$200. If you opt for a bigger tattoo that covers your whole stomach with extraordinary details, you will have to pay around $250-$400 or even more. The other factor that you must consider is whether the parlor charges per tattoo or per hour. Some tattoo artists charge on an hourly basis that is around $100-$150.

Are stomach tattoos painful?

Stomach tattoos aren’t that painful compared to other bony parts of the body; however, the intensity of pain may vary due to a few things. If you have extra fat on your stomach and loose skin, you’re likely to experience more pain than a person with a tight stomach. The pain also depends on your tolerance level; however, the results are worth all the pain.

How can I make my stomach tattoo pain less?

No matter what you do, you will experience some kind of pain during the tattoo process. But, there are a few things you can do to control the pain. It is very important to stay hydrated and eat a healthy meal before heading for your tattoo appointment, as this prevents you from getting sick and collapsing. Also, avoid alcohol intake as it makes your blood thinner causing more pain and get a good night’s sleep rest before the big day.

Final Words

It’s time that you start getting comfortable in your skin and love it more. The best way to do that for some people is by getting a tattoo, as it makes you feel unique and stylish. Now that you’re aware of the types of stomach tattoo designs, there is no way that you’re missing out on getting a stomach tattoo. Go through each design carefully and select the best one that will make you look like a diva. You can find one to accentuate your stomach with an artistic touch.