125 Fascinating Infinity Tattoo Ideas You Can’t Ignore

If you’re still stuck thinking about what type of tattoo to get, these interesting infinity tattoos will make your decision easier. Infinity tattoos have been quite popular for the past few years and are simply one of the best minimalist tattoos. If you’re aiming for a tattoo that has a minimalist appearance and straightforward meaning, an infinity tattoo is what you should get. To help you out, mentioned below are a few beautiful infinity tattoos along with their meanings, and guidance to the right place to get it tatted on.

The Meaning behind Infinity Tattoos

Infinity tattoos are quite a famous symbol, especially in the fight for breast cancer. This tattoo has a few different interpretations, but the primary meaning is eternity. As you can see, the infinity sign doesn’t seem to have an end; hence it symbolizes a person’s life cycle and the never-ending journey of life. This tattoo also represents unity and everlasting love. Infinity tattoos are the best way to showcase your endless love for someone you care about.

The infinity tattoo also symbolizes rebirth and a snake. You can picture the infinity sign as a snake eating its tail. Other meanings attached to the infinity tattoo are opportunity, cyclical, seasonal changes, reincarnation, devotion, and the cyclical process of when the earth orbits around the sun. While most of these are secondary meanings, the central meaning, as mentioned above, is eternity and something that lasts forever.

You can showcase your infinity tattoo in many ways by showcasing something infinite in your life; for example, you can showcase your faith by getting your religion symbol tatted in the middle of the sign. You can also get an Infinity heart tattoo to represent your never-ending love for someone.

If you want to showcase something in your life that you think will last forever, you should check out the infinity tattoos mentioned below.


Best Places to Get Your Infinity Tattoo Tatted On

Most infinity tattoos are in small sizes; hence it makes it easier to get it anywhere. Infinity signs are strong symbols, and it is best to get it on someplace that’s more visible like on your wrist, fingers, arm, and face or near your ear. If you opt for infinity tattoo that includes other elements like hearts, names, or other objects, these usually appear bigger. If the size of your tattoo is big, the best place to get it would be on your back.

The placement and size of the tattoo depend totally on you. But for a better feature, it is best to opt for smaller infinity sign tattoos that will look perfectly good on your face, neck, or wrist. If you want to get it on someplace unique, you can get it tatted on your hip or ankle.

No matter which placement you choose mentioned above, your infinity tattoo will look beautiful as ever, especially if it has a strong story and meaning attached to it.

125+ Best Infinity Tattoos

Dragon Infinity Tattoo

dragon infinity tattoo

If you want to add a magical touch to your infinity tattoo, then you should go for this dragon infinity tattoo. This tattoo includes a purple and black inked dragon in the shape of an infinity sign. The tattoo represents the good and evil in the world you’re living in. It also distinguishes heaven and earth. This tattoo portrays the dragon eating its tail, which somehow connects to the symbolism above. So get ready to light that fire in your soul by getting this exotic dragon infinity tattoo.

Two Times Infinity

infinity tattoo

This double infinity tattoo is quite a standard tattoo design and has a very appealing and unique feature to it. This tattoo includes a black inked infinity sign with a double part creating parallel curved lines. This tattoo mostly identifies as a piece of jewelry, and it represents the long-lasting time and space you have to become a bigger and better person.

Anchor Infinity Tattoo

anchor infinity tattoo

If you’re looking for an innovative and meaningful infinity tattoo, look no further, as this anchor infinity tattoo will help you achieve all the uniqueness you want. This tattoo involves a black inked infinity sign with an anchor tatted along with the infinity sign. This tattoo reminds you never to give up, and never let the troubles in life sink you, even though sometimes they may last forever. For an additional touch, you can add in a heart or the name of your loved one along with the infinity sign.

The Destination of Life

infinity tattoo

You can try out this cool new airplane infinity tattoo, and achieve one of the coolest infinity tattoos on your body. This tattoo includes a black inked infinity sign with an airplane. One line of the infinity sign includes pure black ink, while the other line compromises of doted black lines followed by the aircraft. This tattoo showcases life as an endless journey that keeps going until the day you die.

Many people get this tattoo for the love of traveling, as this gives them the hope that they are never going to stop traveling and exploring the world, and motivates them to travel more. You could also get this tattoo if your passion is flying an airplane.

Arrow Infinity Tattoo

arrow infinity

If you’re looking for a tattoo that you can match with someone, look no more as this arrow infinity tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo includes a black inked arrow with an awesome tattoo in the middle of the arrow. This tattoo has a very significant meaning attached to it as it reminds you that no matter how bad your life may be right now and whatever it is that is making you fall will eventually end, and something better will come out of it. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on this tattoo with such a significant meaning and beautiful appearance.

Family for Life

infinity family tattoo

If you want to get an emotional tattoo that signifies your deep love for your family, this infinity family tattoo is perfect for you. This tattoo includes a black inked infinity sign with the word family written along the infinity lines. This tattoo symbolizes how family sticks with you forever, no matter what circumstance you’re facing. It also portrays the love and respect you have for your family and how you would even be willing to die for them.

Paw Infinity Tattoo


Another cute and meaningful infinity tattoo is this paw infinity tattoo. This tattoo is perfect for you if you have a pet that you adore. This tattoo consists of a black inked infinity sign with two paws on one side of the sign, and a red-inked heart on the other side. This tattoo symbolizes your love for your pet and showcases how a bond with a pet is everlasting. Pets typically have a short life span, so even if they die, this represents that the bond will never go away no matter how many other pets you get after that.


Why Should I get an Infinity Tattoo?

If you’re looking for a way to reconnect with someone or make your bond stronger, getting an infinity tattoo will help you do that as you’re engraving it on your skin, which means a lot more than it does on a piece of paper. If you’re scared of the thought of dying and the afterlife, this tattoo will remind you how vital rebirth is and also give you a sense of preparation. Regardless of the meanings, infinity tattoos look beautiful on your body and help you achieve a unique look.

Can Men Get Infinity Tattoos?

Infinity tattoos have more of a feminine touch to it and are very popular among girls. Nonetheless, even men can get infinity tattoos on their bodies, especially the ones that showcase love towards their other halves, such as an infinity heart or name tattoo. One of the common infinity tattoos among men is the double infinity signs, as it gives out a powerful and masculine vibe.

Do Infinity sign tattoos have a religious background to them?

Infinity signs have more of an association with Christianity showcasing the representation of the ‘eternal being.’ Many Christians get this tattoo to showcase their never-ending love for Christ and their religion. The best way to showcase it is by trying out the Cross infinity tattoo with a cross in the middle of the infinity sign.


Now that you’ve learned almost everything about infinity tattoos with the different types of infinity designs, you should surely not avoid getting one. Infinity tattoos don’t only have a special meaning, but they look spectacular once you get them tatted on your body. So get ready to ink one of the coolest and striking tattoos on your body that you will admire forever.