150 Best White Ink Tattoos in the USA This Year

Tattoos have been around even during the prehistoric era. It’s one of the most common forms of self-expression and as a form of art. During those times, tattoos were purely on black ink, but today, tattoos come in multiple colors! In fact, there’s even a stranger trend going on today with tattoos. You can now have white ink tattoos, and mind you, it looks cool under UV lights.

White ink tattoos are perfect for people who are not bold enough to show their tattoos to the public. This kind of tattoo is usually not that eye-catching in plain light, but when UV lights hit it, you will see the intricate details of the tattoo’s design.


Types of White Ink Tattoos


White ink tattoos can be anything. It can take the form of animal-inspired designs or complex symbols, just like any normal tattoo. The only difference between this kind of tattoo and the regular ones is the color of the ink used. Obviously, this kind of tattoo only uses white ink instead of using the usual black and multi-colored inks.

Here are some of the most popular white ink tattoos you can get today:

  1. Statement White Ink Tattoos

This is one of the most common white tattoos adored by youngsters. From a distance, it impossible to see the tattoo, which is why you’re better off incorporating the message you want to convey in plain text. This kind of tattoo usually contains the name of its owner, the name of the owner’s family, or the name of the owner’s significant other. It could also be the owner’s favorite quote or his very own motto. Actually, statement tattoos can be anything that’s in plain text.

  1. Geometric Shapes White Ink Tattoos

This is another popular design for this kind of tattoo. Geometric shapes can represent a number of things. Some of these shapes combine to form a certain symbol. Most of the time, geometric shapes tattoos form a certain pattern that looks like a symbol of a secret society or a group that is highly respectable. This kind of tattoo is usually the most difficult and complex design that can be done by professional tattoo artists. Mirrored shapes create a repeating pattern on the body part chosen by the person getting the tattoo.

  1. Zodiac White Ink Tattoos

Most of the people in the world, if not all, highly believe in their zodiac signs. Believing that celestial bodies affect your life’s future is a practice that goes back Greek and Roman times. Although, not proven true, people have made it a habit to consider their zodiac signs when making life decisions. Getting a zodiac tattoo will remind you of your beliefs and own culture.

  1. Flower Tattoos

This is most common in women. Flowers have this certain appeal that makes it look so beautiful, no matter what form it may take. Tattoo artists all over the world surely have at least one flower tattoo design available because of its popularity. This kind of tattoo can go from a simple rose to a complicated bunch of different flowers to represent what the owner wants to imply.

  1. Star Tattoos

A star tattoo never gets old. During the ancient times, many people highly believe that the stars in their sky play a significant role in their lives. This belief has been around for generations, keeping the practice alive until today. Many people get star tattoos to remind them of this belief, while others also want it simply because the star designs are extremely artistically wonderful.


Meaning of White Ink Tattoos

Just like any other regular tattoos, white ink tattoos can have different meanings. The meaning of each tattoo depends on the design chosen by the person getting the tattoo or the artist making it. There can be a lot of messages hidden behind a simple rose tattoo, and there can also be only one meaning implied in a complex geometric shapes design tattoo.

The only difference between white ink tattoos and the regular ones is that it uses an ink that has white pigments. Usually, people with naturally fair and white skin are the best ones to use this kind of tattoo. This is because darker skin tones have the tendency not to absorb the white pigments from the ink, making it almost impossible to draw a design on the skin with it.

White ink tattoos are highly becoming popular because of its eccentricity and sophisticated aura. Although this kind of tattoo usually goes unnoticed by people, it still remains popular because of the personal connection it has with its owner.

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Ideal Placement of White Ink Tattoos

Tattoo artists believe that every part of the body is a great canvass for tattoos, but it would be better to put the right kind of tattoo on the right body part. The ideal placement of your white ink tattoos will depend on the design you have chosen. If you want to have geometric shapes tattoo, then it would be fitting to put it on a wider area like the chest (for men) or the back. You can also have this design on the leg or arms, depending on the size of the design you chose.

For small hearts and star tattoos, a good spot would be the back of the neck and the hand. You can also have it at the back, just a little below the shoulders to accentuate it more. There are also other people who place their tattoos on one side of the neck, just a little bit below the ears. This placement is hot and sexy, making it a popular option for women.


White Ink Tattoos Preparation Tips

Getting a permanent tattoo needs to be thought of, carefully. Once you get tattoos, it will be hard to erase later, let alone very expensive as well. If you are half-hearted in getting a tattoo, then you might as well not get one because you might end up regretting it in the future. However, if you really want to get a tattoo, then you must choose a design that you will love for the rest of your life. Otherwise, you might want to erase the tattoo if the design becomes insignificant to you.

When getting white ink tattoos, it’s extremely important to consider your skin tone. Those having dark skin tones will have a hard time getting a perfect white in tattoo. This is because dark-skinned people have low tolerance on white pigments used in white inks. As a result, the tattoo will not show that much, which somehow makes it become useless. However, this is a case-to-case basis and it’s not impossible for dark-skinned people to get white ink tattoo done.

Before going to your tattoo artist, make sure that you already have decided on the concept and design of your tattoo. This will save you a lot of bucks, and time as well. Although you can ask for a customized design at a tattoo shop, it will be beneficial to know beforehand what concept you want to show. The tattoo artist usually has a portfolio of designs where you can choose from, so you might end up picking every cool design you see. This is not so practical for people who are getting their very first tattoos.

Once you have decided on your design, make sure to prepare yourself physically. You should have already taken a shower before going to the tattoo shop because you might not be able to shower for days because of the pain from getting a tattoo. Is it really that painful to get a tattoo? Well, it depends on your level of pain tolerance. Usually, it would only hurt for a few minutes. After a while, your body starts to adjust with the pain and turns it into a satisfying sensation.


Average Cost of Service & Standard Cost of White Ink Tattoos

White ink tattoos are generally more expensive than the regular black ink tattoos. This is due to the special ink for covering the design. Also, the cost of the tattoo will depend on the design you have chosen and the size of the design. Usually, tattoo artists charge $50 – $100 for the whole design. This is only for simple tattoos like hearts, roses, stars and basic geometric shapes.

The location of the tattoo shop is also a factor to consider when thinking about the price of the tattoo. More popular tattoo artists can charge more than start-up artists. If you go to places where celebrities get their tattoos at, then you should expect that the prices are expensive.

For complex white ink tattoos, some tattoo artists charge an hourly rate that can reach as expensive as $250 per hour. So carefully decide on what tattoo you want to get before going to your artist.

Maintenance Tips after Getting White Ink Tattoos

Although white ink tattoos are gorgeous to look at, what most wearers are not aware of is that it has the tendency to fade faster than black ink tattoos. That is why it’s important for white ink tattoo owners to know how to maintain their tattoos and make it look beautiful even after several years.

The first tip you should remember is to keep it away from sunshine. The white pigments used for your white ink tattoos are not that fit for outdoor activities where the sun is burning hot. You have to understand that this kind of tattoo becomes more vulnerable in fading when exposed to the heat of the sun for long periods of time.

Another tip you have to remember is to keep the wound clean until it heals. After getting your white ink tattoos, your skin will have a few scratches and wounds. Make sure to keep it clean and don’t try to rub it too hard.