Ultimate Collection of Dragonfly Tattoos [155 Designs]

The history of people and tattoos date way back centuries from now. Tattoos have evolved from its ancient roots to the modern times, where people use them as a form of body art. Ancient tattoos involved symbols that are too hard to decipher, especially Egyptian symbols. Over the years, tattoo designs have conveyed clearer meanings. The designs have switched from mysterious to classy and chic ones.

Animal tattoos and statement tattoos are the most popular designs you can possibly get today. These designs may sometimes look childish in the eyes of other people, but it certainly speaks a lot about the natural relationship between animals and humans. Environmental advocates, pet lovers and nature lovers often wear these kinds of tattoos as well.

Dragonfly tattoos are extremely gaining popularity over these past few years. A dragonfly is one of the most beautiful living organisms on this planet. A dragonfly tattoo can hold so many different meanings, depending on the perspective of the person wearing the tattoo. Some people may get this design for pure fashion purposes only, but other people may have special memories about dragonflies. Whatever your reason may be, getting these tattoos will definitely make you look a whole lot cooler than you already are.


Types of Dragonfly Tattoos


Dragonfly tattoos are adorable. Aside from that, dragonflies appear magical because they exude a different aura when compared to other insects. Actually, dragonflies have different symbolic meanings throughout the world. Many cultures think positively about dragonflies for many reasons. The reason for this is that dragonflies are among the few types of insects that don’t bite and sting humans.

Here are some beautiful Dragonfly tattoos that you can get today:

  1. Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoos

This is one of the most eye-catching tattoo designs involving dragonflies. This design involves the use of bright inks to reflect the true colors of a dragonfly. At one glance, this tattoo looks like it was straight from a museum wall due to its picturesque look. The multi-colored ink used in this design adds a cheery and optimistic feel to the tattoo. This tattoo design would perfectly fit women with bubbly and cheery nature.

  1. Tribal Dragonfly Tattoos

This type of dragonfly tattoos is one of the most popular designs among youngsters today. Tribal tattoos are great designs that blend well with dragonflies, creating an attractive concept. The resulting image of this combination is outstanding. Usually, tattoo artists will show the tribal touch by using thick black lines to draw the wings of the dragonfly. There are also artists who draw the dragonfly as it is and just add tribal designs beside or under the dragonfly. This type of tattoo design gives off both ethnic and modern vibes.

  1. 3D Dragonfly tattoos

This is another type of tattoo design that gives tattoos a more realistic look. 3D tattoos are so different compared to regular tattoos because it emphasizes more on the depths and shadows of the design. The artist uses drawing techniques in order to make the design look like it’s a 3-dimensional figure. When you look at the tattoo from a certain angle, you will think that a dragonfly really landed on your body part. This tattoo will surely catch the attention of all the people who see it.


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Meaning of Dragonfly Tattoos

Different cultures have various meanings and explanations regarding Dragonfly tattoos. The Japanese culture highly associates dragonflies with strength and happiness. This means that Japanese people think positively about dragonflies. Every time Japanese people see dragonflies, they feel effortlessly happy and their disposition quickly changes into a joyful mode.

In the modern culture, dragonfly tattoos are symbols of agility and speed. Have you ever noticed how fast dragonflies fly? This is one of the most outstanding characteristics of a dragonfly. Athletic persons are the ones who constantly need to use agility and speed. Most of the sports played today, if not all, require athletes to be fast and quick in reacting to opponents and objects. This is probably one of the reasons why many athletes are getting this type of tattoo.

Dragonfly tattoos also symbolize self-realization, transformation and maturity. Many cultures believe that seeing a dragonfly means transformation or ongoing major transformation. Another belief is dragonfly is a sign that some aspects of your life need some changing. The reason why dragonflies are associated with change and maturity is because dragonflies evolve throughout their lifetime.

Dragonflies are born in water and they stay there until they learn how to fly. From the moment these dragonflies learn to fly, they will no longer consider the waters as their home. The sky will now become their haven as they continue to journey through adulthood – transformation process that is comparable to a human’s life. As you grow, you discover new things about yourself. You will acquire more knowledge and you will develop naturally as a person. All these changes will lead you to the so called “maturity phase”. During this phase, you will look at life from a different perspective. You will take life seriously and discover its deeper meaning.

Ideal Placement of Dragonfly Tattoos

Dragonfly tattoos can be big or small. It just really depends on your preference. However, you must remember that the size of your tattoo’s design will affect the placement of your tattoo. If you choose a small design, then that tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body. On the other hand, if you choose a big design, then you can only place it on body parts that are ideal for its size.

For small dragonfly tattoos, it will look good on your wrist or on the side of the neck. These placements are great if you want to give off a sexy vibe. These two body parts are easily noticeable since they are visible to the public, which make them ideal for tattoo placement.

For bigger tattoos, you can place it at the back or on your chest. These two body parts are perfect for those people who have moods when it comes to flaunting their tattoos. It’s perfect for people who want to conceal the tattoo sometimes and flaunt it other times.

Dragonfly Tattoos Preparation Tips

There are several things you need to do before getting a tattoo. Of course, the first thing you should never forget is to prepare yourself physically. You should drink a lot of water at least 24 hours before the scheduled procedure. Your tattoo will look best on skin that’s well nourished, and water will certainly help you have a better skin condition.

Aside from physically preparing yourself, you also need to be mentally fit for the procedure. Do not let stressful thoughts fill your mind. If you keep thinking about your worries and anxieties, you will not have the strength to undergo the procedure and might even pass out due to mental stress during the procedure. Although this happens on a case-to-case basis, it’s still better to be safe than sorry.


Average Service Cost and Standard Prices for Dragonfly Tattoos

There are several factors affecting the prices of tattoos. One major factor that affects tattoo prices is the expertise of the tattoo artist hired. Obviously, local tattoo artists charge cheaper fees compared to popular ones. If you go to local tattoo shops, you may only have to spend at least $50 for a simple dragonfly tattoo. However, going to popular tattoo shops might cost you a little over $150 for a simple design.

Another thing that affects the prices of tattoos is the size of your tattoo. Naturally, if your tattoo were small, the price would be cheaper than getting big ones. So before go to the tattoo artist, make sure your design fits the budget you prepared.

Maintenance Tips after Getting Dragonfly Tattoos

It’s natural to feel excited and giddy after getting your very own dragonfly tattoos. However, you need to listen carefully to the tips given by your tattoo artist after the procedure. Since tattoo procedures result to shallow wounds on the skin, you have to be extra careful not to make it bleed. You have to clean your tattoo at least twice a day in order to make the healing process faster. In cleaning your tattoo, you should only use water and non-scented soap. Also, you should remember not to rub the tattoo area harshly to prevent bleeding and discoloration.

Once you have finished washing your tattoo, pat it dry with a clean towel. You must also do this gently to avoid premature peeling of scabs. After drying it, you should apply moisturizing cream or sunscreen to your tattoo. You should only put an ample amount because putting too much will only delay the healing process. Sunscreen is very important since freshly acquired tattoos can be sensitive to too much sun.