55+ Amazing Heartbeat Tattoo Designs You Should Consider

Every tattoo enthusiast prefers to opt for outside of the box tattoo idea; whether it is first or additional one. A tattoo on your skin showcases a lot about your personality. From meaningful symbols to stylish and chic designs, you can imprint anything that brings out your inner-self accurately. So, if you are looking for something tasteful with solid meaning, a heartbeat tattoo is all you need. Not to mention, the trend of getting a heartbeat tattoo is popular amongst young and adults alike due to variations of the design.

You can go for the simple heartbeat to drastic strokes to make the design unique and appealing. Incorporating dates to your heartbeat tattoo does not only signify the depth of your relationship with someone but it determines your creative approach as well.

The general concept of imprinting heartbeat symbol on your body is often referred to as sustaining and appreciating the preciousness of life. In most cases, millennial tattooed their arms or ankles with a heartbeat in the memory of an emotional moment.

You can connect the idea to the celebration of an occasion, remembrance of someone or as a reminder that death is a heartbeat away. Next time, when you run out of tattoo ideas, look no further than a heartbeat design.



The Meaning of a Heartbeat Line


These heartbeat lines carry a slew of meanings, for instance, from renewed life to surviving the existing one. Various people opt for it to learn the significance of time whereas, for most young adults, this idea indicates taking advantage of opportunities to come their way each day.

Heartbeat tattoos are one of the symbolic tattoos. You can imprint any of them as a symbol of strength, passion, power, love, life, persistence, and endurance. It represents moving on regardless of hurdles life keeps throwing at you. Although the design appears simple and cute, the meanings associated with it are often complicated and personal.

Variations in Heartbeat Tattoo Designs

Heartbeat tattoos are quite simple and allow you to go creative with the design. Various fans of ink incorporate quote or symbol containing inspiration or sentimental meaning they can connect with. You can show off each heartbeat is a blessing via your tattoo. Adding letters, shapes, numbers, flags, color, or strokes also blend in well with a heartbeat tattoo design.

Personalize your Heartbeat Tattoo

If you prefer personalized tattoos, the heartbeat idea seems the best option. Since this design involves only one black line of ink, you can incorporate additional strokes without giving it a second thought. A heartbeat tattoo with a small heart on the arms or writs is a fun way to draw plenty of attention. To enhance the appearance of your design, add some distinct features as the symbol of your zodiac sign along with a crisp heartbeat line and you are good to go.

In Light Of This, Here Are Fantastic 20+ Heartbeat Tattoo Ideas That Will Encourage You To Imprint One Immediately:

Name with Heartbeat Tattoo

To keep your tattoo design straightforward with exact meaning, try to incorporate the name of a person. This idea seems ideal for couples. But showing affection to siblings, friends, or someone who has passed away via including their name in your tattoo is an interesting idea. You can even imprint names of your favorite celebrity to pay tribute or solidarity alike. 

Heartbeat With Cross Sign

Most people consider simple designs to enhance their overall personality. This idea may not sound exciting. But opting for a heartbeat inked with a cross sign can do the job in this context. A heartbeat commonly indicates the continuity of your life and cross sign represents faith in many contexts. Therefore, getting two symbols in one tattoo spread the strong message – to live a life with faith.

Heartbeat with Blurred Effects

Do sharper tattoos appeal to you? If no, then heartbeat tattoo with blurred effects will cater to your needs. It looks stunning and is popular due to the aesthetic vibe associated with it. Apart from the aesthetic part, blurred version of heartbeats portrays that you have overcome what you were going through. Let go of the bad memory and victory over a certain challenge can also become the reasons to get one.

Colored Heartbeats

Tattoos are all about revealing and embracing your true-self. If you appreciate colors, do not hesitate to imprint colored heartbeat on your wrist, chest, or arm. This idea permits you to go for any color to make your tattoo relatable to you as a person. For instances, vibrant ones like red will depict your passionate personality.

Heartbeats with Date

Incorporating date with your heartbeat tattoo looks super cool. Plus, it is one of the versatile tattoo ideas that identical twins can go to add some fun and excitement to the design. Not to mention, couples can add a wedding date or proposal date along with heartbeats to make this tattoo idea special. Moreover, any day that has changed your life upside down can also become a part of the design to finish it off beautifully.heartbeat-tattoos

Heartbeats with Powerful Word

It would not be wrong to connect heartbeats with strength. You can bring this connection to life via opting for a combination of a heartbeat with powerful words. Imprinting words such as hope, love, and faith along with a neat heartbeat seem the right way to craft this tattoo idea.

Tattoo with White Ink

White tattoo ink has become popular in a short time due to the subtle effect it creates on your skin. To neutralize drastic-traditional dark look of a tattoo, try white ink. The white heartbeat incorporates aesthetic effect and increases the visual appeal of your tattoo at the same time. Plus, it will look elegant without putting in significant efforts.

Initials and Heartbeat

If are looking for ways to appreciate your partner, imprinting initials at the beginning and end of the design sounds perfect. You can even think about additional features like a tiny heart to add details to the tattoo.

An Idea for Travelers

Touring the world and seeing the stunning places is nothing less than a treat for sore eyes. Various people have goals to visit certain untouched regions around the world. If you are a traveler or possess a passion to become one, tattooing the word travel in the midst of heartbeat seems the design made for you. It is simple, appears tasteful, and lets you show off your desire. So, get one immediately and be prepared to receive compliments.heartbeat-tattoos

Bright Pink Heart

A tattoo does not have to be bold and gothic. Sometimes a small design with a pleasant color can draw plenty of attention to it. Getting a tiny heartbeat tattoo that fits anywhere do not only look stunning but it adds style to your personality as well. Hence, do not overlook heartbeats following a heart with bright pink color when looking for tattoo inspiration. Bright pink sounds accurate for young girls and it makes things pop at the same time.

Love for Pets and Heartbeat Design

Not to mention, pets are always closed to heart. If this is the case with you as well, express your love for your furry friend with heartbeat tattoo featuring its paws at the end of the line. Anyone looking at the tattoo will instantly realize that your pet is your family.


Heartbeat and Beautiful Doves

The stunning doves symbolize love and peace. Incorporating a dove created with the hues of blue following a fine heartbeat line is the best way to make your tattoo design meaningful. The shades of blue will soften the overall design making it a unique tattoo idea.

Love for Family and Heartbeat Tattoo

Getting heartbeat line featuring the word family showcases the affection for your family. No question, this tattoo idea will appeal to anyone who is truly grateful to have a family around. If you want to be a part of the bandwagon, do not wait and ink a similar design to appreciate the people belong to your life.

Life and Heartbeat Design

It is true that life and heartbeat are inseparable. You can imprint this straightforward fact on your skin for two reasons. First, you need a constant heartbeat to live. Second, appreciation for life, get the word life written in cursive. It will add grace to your tattoo effortlessly.

Things You Love and Heartbeat Tattoo

It may sound bizarre but a tattoo containing your favorite things is a fun way to rock tattoo trend. Plus, it will depict your lust for living the life to the fullest. This tattoo design will suit anyone with an adventurous personality. All you need is to imprint a heartbeat featuring your favorite places like Eiffel tower, palm tree, or the Ferris wheel. It is safe to state that a distinct design like this will keep all eyes on you.

Heartbeat Tattoo for Couples

Couples can never go wrong with heartbeat tattoos. Merely carve the name of your partner at one end and yours at the next end of a heartbeat to finish off the design. You can keep the font size small or big depending on your preference.

Two Heartbeats Design

Do you appreciate the presence of your best friend? If yes, then this two heartbeats tattoo is a great way to reveal how grateful you are to have them in your life. The idea is quite interesting as each person has their heartbeat on wrists which will connect when you bring wrists together. This design is a creative tattoo idea to show the strong bond that you and your best friend share.heartbeat tattoo design

Behind the Ear Tattoo

In most cases, the design of a tattoo appeals to you. However, it is the size that restricts you from inking it on your skin. That is where a heartbeat tattoo featuring a red heart comes into the play. The design is neat and the size is small enough to tuck anywhere. So, take a step ahead and imprint it behind your ear. This placement looks uber-chic and ideal if you do not want to make your tattoo the center of attention.

Realistic Heart and Heartbeat Tattoo

A design where the heartbeat is coming out from a realistic heart containing veins that have headphones on sounds ultimately outside the box idea. This design features immense detailing that makes it an eye-catching tattoo. It will look drastic on the full arm and get you plenty of attention in no time.Also See:

Heartbeat Goes To Heart Idea

You should never overlook a standard heartbeat. If crafted and placed rightly, a simple heartbeat that goes to the heart can become a statement ornament for your skin. Moreover, the interesting fact associated with simple tattoos is that it blends well any style you intend to opt for. Not everyone appreciates bold designs and excess detailing, so a simple design like this is always there for you.

Thick Heartbeat Line

Giving your simple heartbeat a twist has become possible via keeping the lines thick. This idea is quite moderate and blends with any personality. Tattoo enthusiasts who look for something different can surely go for this stylish yet elegant design.   

City Landscape and Heartbeat

Tattooing the landscape of your favorite city sounds a jaw-dropping idea. The city can be your birthplace or the one close to heart. The landscape following a heartbeat not only looks stunning but it seems a rare design anyone can opt for.

Quote with A Heartbeat

No tattoo idea seems as worthy as inking a motivational quote. Seeing a phrase that has a solid effect on your personality keeps you on track. So, when it comes to getting a tattoo, a moving quote carved with the heartbeat can do the job for you. It will keep you motivated making you a part of the tattoo trend.

Heartbeat Tattoo for Sisters

No bond is stronger than sisters bond. And to show off this, imprint the word sisters following a heartbeat and a heart on your body. You can also share this idea with friends whether you have biological sisters or not. This is just a simple way to show affection to the women around you.

Passion with Heartbeat

Having passion is necessary to achieve the desired outcome. You should get a tattoo inspired by the fact to keep the passion boosted 24/7. Moreover, passion written between a heartbeat line appears a simple design but is significant. Although it looks trendy anywhere on your body due to the small size but placing the tattoo on wrists or on the sides of fingers bring out the most of it.

Flowers and Heartbeat

Young-adults who always look for details in a tattoo will surely love flowers with a heartbeat. You can incorporate flowers with hues of red and maroon to increase the visual appeal of your design. We suggest keeping it a long tattoo spreading from shoulder to full arm. Tattoos with colors and strokes are fun and draw plenty of attention.

Ornament for Wrist

Tattoos on the wrists appear chic and stylish. The heartbeat leading to the tiny red heart does not only seem interesting but it enhances your overall personality as well. Plus, the design is simple and subtle – perfect for people of all age groups.

Crisp Heartbeat on the Back

If you are struggling to find a decent tattoo design for your back, imprint a heartbeat immediately. Tattoos on the back are a huge part of a trend. You can become a part of it via inking a crisp black heartbeat.

Heartbeat Design for Fingers

Not to mention, if a tattoo is created neatly and beautifully, it will look good anywhere on your body. So, do not hesitate to get a long style heartbeat design between your fingers. This stunning style will add grace without incorporating excess strokes or details.heartbeat-tattoo

A Combination of Patriotism and Heartbeat

This distinct idea features the heartbeat in the middle of a flag. If you are a true patriot at heart, imprint the flag of your country along with a heart to pull off the look beautifully. Ideas like these are rare and catch attention immediately.

Heartbeat with a Splash of Color

Your artist will achieve the effect of color splashed over the skin using watercolor paint. You can opt for your favorite shades to create a unique design. The heartbeat will remain simple to maintain the theme of the idea.

Unique Heart and Heartbeat Idea

Twisting the traditional tattoo can turn it into a tasteful design. You should try incorporating a scratchy heart design at the beginning of a heartbeat to add the unique vibe to your tattoo.

Bottom Line

The heartbeat tattoos look stunning and set you apart in a crowd. From symbol to quote, you have plenty of option to get inspiration for a tattoo. So, imprint one and become a trendsetter in your social circle.