125+ Creative Hip Tattoos You Need To Get (2024)

Tattoos have been used as symbols through time, at a point in history these tattoos were identified as a passion for the rich and powerful. The image of this form of body art has both seen highs and lows. At another point in history, tattoos signified the corrupt and the criminally insane.

Fortunately, the stigma over tattoos has lifted enough for anyone to dive into this form of body modification without feeling out of place.

Tattoos have been a part of culture, tradition, and beliefs for a long time. Modern technology has facilitated the growth of this industry to a large extent, and you will find most people opting for tattoos just for the aesthetic appeal.

But once you divulge a little deeper, you will find that every marks, line, and pattern that the tattoo artist places on your body may very well hold meaning. But this is not it for tattoo wearers, for some the purpose of a tattoo is sole to follow an icon or because people around them are getting it done.hip-tattoos

Hip Tattoos


Beginners or those who have gotten a tattoo will hardly ever get this area inked. It is more likely to be opted for by a tattoo enthusiast who wants to place a particular design on this part of the body. But, there are no hard and fast rules here, you can get this placement even if you are new to the world of tattoos.

The idea is to understand what works for you, what it will feel like getting a tattoo placed here and what kind of design best suits the contours of this placement.

Hip tattoos have been around for centuries, and there is even speculation that symbols were placed here as talismans to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. However, the placement of a modern-day tattoo has more to do with privacy and statements rather than warding off evil.

The design you choose may signify some things, and if you believe, so you can get tattoos as forms of prayer, incantations so on and so forth. The tattoo world is huge, and there are no limits to self-expression here.

Hips tattoos are easy to wear, this placement allows you to decide whether you want to share it with the people around you or keep it to yourself. It can mean some things, it can either be your very personal reminder of what you have accomplished (depending on the design you choose) or be a statement to the world. Either way, tattoos are the unique form of self-expression and each piece ever inked on your body will remain your very own.

The Procedure


The hip area offers a relatively small space for some designs. The designs here can only be moderately elaborate and may be connecting parts of designs inked on other parts of the body as well.

The tattooing process is often similar to any other placement. It is best to do your research before you enter a tattoo parlor. Moreover, do not settle for cheaper options as this may be a more considerable risk than you can imagine.

Look for a reputable parlor to get the tattoo. Hip tattoos are usually elaborate so you may need to spend some time in the salon, but this strictly depends on the details of the design you choose.

Make sure that the tattoo expert knows how to ink the design you have chosen. Take a look at his previous works with the exact placement to ensure you get satisfactory results to some extent.

It is common to feel anxious before getting inked, but knowing that you are in the right hands can be very calming. Ensure that the tattoo artist thoroughly cleans the hip area and his instruments before you get a tattoo.

The tattoo expert should be wearing gloves while the procedure lasts. A hip tattoo can take anywhere from 25 minutes and upwards depending on the design.

tattoo on hip

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The hip area is usually chubby and contains a lot of muscle that can cushion the needle. This tattoo is most likely to feel like a scratch or burn when the needle moves back and forth creating the design. Again how long the burning sensation will last depends on how elaborate the tattoo is.

Areas that contain less skin, tissue, muscles, and bones are usually the most painful areas. Thankfully, the hips may be easier to handle if your pain tolerance is low. A hip tattoo can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to heal complete depending on the aftercare.


What kind of tattoo should you get?

This is an area with low visibility; this is why any design will work for this placement. You can also opt for more intimate designs on this placement. The most popular designs for the hips are butterflies, wings, roses or names.

However your choices are not limited to this, people also opt for smaller bird tattoos, flowers, skulls and whatever they like. It depends on which design you chose, whether it should be elaborately detailed in the form of a smaller tattoo or it should be part of an elaborate design that covers other parts of the body.

Some Creative Hip tattoo ideas for you

The fact that the choice of design is completely your remains, but, in case you want some inspirations, going through some popular choices for a hip tattoo won’t hurt.    You can go a few different routes with these tattoos, while most associate the hip tattoos with the feminine appeal, there are no limitations, and anyone can try these out

1.     Meaningful words

Writing words that motivate you can be a great choice for this area. You can choose a sleek font and get it done. You can either get this done in English or chose the exact word in some other language to increase the mystery and appeal of the tattoo. For example, you can get the word Chekaty inked onto your hip. This is a Ukrainian word which translates to “be patient.”

2.     Flowers

Since roses have a considerable significance in the tattoo world, this is an excellent place for a tiny rose. You can, of course, make it elaborate by extending the tattoo towards the side of the hip or upwards. Skulls with rose or other flowers are a few of the most popular designs you will come across.

3.     The Dragon

This tattoo is indeed an elaborate affair, but there can be no better placement than the hip for this. You can also get a 3D image with colors for this design. The tattoo extends both upwards and to the lower area of the hip towards the side. This can be a traditional or a symbolic choice as dragons signify dominance and power.

4.     Feathers

This is a delicate design that fits perfectly on the hip bone. The hip bone may be a slightly painful area to get a tattoo, but feathers as hip tattoos have been quite popular. You can either opt for a single feather with elaborate detailing or a series of feathers all filled in with color or pitch black ink.


People opt for quotes that are personal to them and hold significance in their lives. Quotes or sayings that are reminders or motivators are often placed on the hip in quotations. Since this can be an extremely personal placement, you can opt for something that is close to your heart and keeps you motivated.

6.     Names

Hip tattoos are also mostly just names. Specifically, names of lovers are placed here to signify commitment and love.

7.     Butterfly

Butterflies are one of the most popular designs for a hip tattoo. These are tiny tattoos with details usually placed on the side of the hip facing the front. You can opt for a single butterfly or a trail of butterflies flying upwards.

8.     Tribal designs

There are also a variety of tribal designs you can choose from to place here. Make sure that the tattoo artist is aware of the techniques required for needling these tattoos. Moreover, a tribal tattoo is likely to be an extended design that covers the area upwards and lower than the hip.

9.     Birds

A tiny trail of birds flying upwards can be placed on the hip bone. This can be birds sitting or flying, whatever works for you. These designs are extremely tiny for most cases and are filled using pitch black ink.

10.  Hearts

There are several variations of a valentine heart that can be drawn here. You can opt for just the heart without any detailing or get yours and your partner’s name in the shape of a heart. You can also get your favorite quote inked in the shape of a heart here.

11.  Snake designs

Despite snakes not holding such a great reputation in society, people often get a tattoo of a serpent. This is usually done to relate to this animal as being “different and misunderstood.” If this works for you, you can get this done on the hip.