125 First Tattoo Ideas & Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your 1st Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is intimidating in the first place. When you plan to get a tattoo, there must be a lot of questions that will arise in your mind, and it is wonderful. A tattoo is going to stay forever on your skin, so it is a good thing that you clear all your doubts before inking yourself.

There was a time when tattoos were seen as taboo, but with time people are accepting tattoo art as an art form, and it is getting the respect that it deserves.

When most people get their first tattoo, they follow its theme. So, when you get inked for the first time, you need to keep the first tattoo.

Rose Design Tattoo


Rose is a timeless tattoo design in the tattooing world. Most girls go for a rose design because it signifies elegance, charm, gratitude, an enchantment that in mind too. In this article, you will get to know about different tattoo ideas which you can get as your heart desires.

A rose design makes the perfect first tattoo. A rose will look beautiful on any part of your body, which is its charm.

Vine Design Tattoo

The Vine tattoo has many meanings. Some people don’t know, but a grapevine signifies religious aspects. A vine will also signify that you have a deep connection with nature, or it also signifies personal growth.

The Vine tattoo will be perfect for people who want a large-sized simple tattoo. A vine is a simple tattoo design so that you can add to it with time. 

Palm Tree Tattoo

palm tree

A palm tree is also considered as a religious tattoo. A palm tree usually signifies gardens of paradise. They also signify wisdom and goodness. Some people even say that its branches symbolize ‘God.’

The palm tree is a simple tattoo, which has various meanings. The good thing about this tattoo is that you can always add to its design.

Willow Tree Tattoo

Most people get tattoos in the remembrance of a loved one. Most people consider the willow tree as commemorate of a loved one. People will usually get the tree tattooed with the initials of the departed loved one.

The willow tree is also considered as simple design, in which you can add more designs. It shows how much you loved the person.

A Lion Tattoo

You must know that lion, the king of the jungle. Since he is the king, its tattoo signifies power, strength, wisdom, and leadership.

A lion tattoo makes a person think of them as a powerful leader, and they can have faith in themselves likewise of a lion. Lion tattoo is one of the most meaningful tattoos.

An Owl Tattoo

An owl is the most knowledgeable and wisest animal in the entire animal kingdom. Owl tattoo has a lot of meanings, like other animal tattoos. It is a very rich tattoo. 

In some cultures, people say that owl is the only animal that is able to communicate with the dead. So some people get owl tattoo after their departed loved one.

A Wolf Tattoo

A Wolf is one of the most powerful animals of the animal kingdom. To some, the wolf signifies good power, and to some, it means evil power.

In some cultures, the legend says that wolf is the animals that were sent to guide the humans, and some say that wolves were gifted with great power from the Great Spirit.

A Paw Print Tattoo

Usually, paw print tattoos have two meanings. Some people get the tattoo in celebration of moving on from some difficult part of life, or a difficult situation. In some cases, people get paw prints in remembrance of a beloved pet. In the gay community, paw print tattoo means “bear culture’.

Pawprint tattoos are also simple tattoos. They can be extended with time. You can get more tattoos on the same theme, and it will make it into a beautiful tattoo sleeve.

A Butterfly Tattoo

Most women and girls get butterflies as their first tattoo. It is a common practice because getting a tattoo is very liberating, and butterflies signify beauty, change, and freedom.

A butterfly looks like beautiful decor on the body with deep meaning. Most Women also relate a lot to butterflies.

A Feather Tattoo

In the Native American culture, a feather tattoo signifies spiritual protection from the Great Spirit. A feather also has several meanings.  A feather symbolizes travel, courage, bravery, and freedom. Some cultures consider feathers as a message from the spirit world above.

A Dove Tattoo

Dove is a godly bird. People usually get a dove tattoo to portray peace, love, god, and victory. In some cultures, a dove also signifies a new beginning. There is much meaning for a dove tattoo. 

Dove tattoo is also one of those tattoos which will age very well. A dove tattoo is not very detailed or small, so that it will make a perfect first tattoo. 

A Chocolate Tattoo

Everybody loves chocolate. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. Just like everything, the chocolate tattoo has a lot of meaning. Some people think of chocolate as the food of love and romance. 

If you are a chocolate lover, then there is no harm in dedicating your first tattoo to your favorite food. You can get a tattoo of your all-time favorite chocolate bar or a basic chocolate bar.

 A Cupcake Tattoo

A cupcake tattoo usually signifies cuteness, bright personality, and sweetness. Usually, women who have a cute personality get a cupcake tattoo; it is a common stereotype.

Cupcake is a self-indulgent treat. People also think of it as an innocent form of full-size cake.

Sentimental Food Tattoo

You must agree you have a sentimental attachment with some foods.  A food might remind you of a loved one, your childhood city, or a part of your life you want to keep fresh in your memory.

If you are from New York, you must have a connection with bagels; if you are from Asia, you must be fond of some kind of soup or dumplings.

Tattoo of Some Coordinates

Some coordinates make special places in your heart. There are some events, people, or places which have a very special place in your hearts.

Most tattoo parlors will tell you; most people get coordinates at their first tattoo in remembrance of a certain event or some special place.

Map of a place

Places make a special in people’s heart, so maps also qualify as great first tattoo options. You can get a tattoo of your birthplace, your home town, and even your country.

Maps make up a meaningful tattoo. For people who live far from their homes, it makes a great tattoo. The good thing about map tattoo is you can get it in any size, and it will look good.

Tattoo of the Earth

The Earth tattoo has several meanings.  For some people, it means the existence of life; for some, it means Mother Nature, and some get earth tattoo in the tribute to global warming.

Earth tattoo shows your love for the earth. Earth tattoo has a different meaning, which varies from person to person.

A Moon Tattoo

The different phases of the moon signify something different. For instance, a waning moon tattoo signifies letting go, reflection, and consideration of something. A waxing moon tattoo signifies creativity, achievement, and growth. A crescent moon tattoo signifies the transition of time, a reminder of something, or changing ways.

A Sun Tattoo

The sun is a Celtic, tribal symbol. It is one of the symbols which has various meaning from different cultures.  In most cultures, the sun tattoo denotes life, light, energy.

 A sun tattoo is a simple tattoo that miner details, so it looks good on all parts of one’s body.

Stars Tattoo

The Star tattoo has a lot of meanings. In some cultures, stars signify a ray of light in the dark. In some spiritual legends, stars are interpreted as direction, security, and direction. Stars also signify the celestial association between a person and his Lord.

Star tattoos also make great fist tattoos. You can get doodled stars, or you can look for various designs in it.

Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Zodiac sign tattoos are also very common amongst first tattoos. Many people get their zodiac sign as tattoos, for a reason it looks very artsy, intricate, and most tattoo artists can draw them.

Zodiac sign tattoos are also very safe to get because you will for sure not regret getting it later. These types of tattoos are usually small, so people are will to get them.

The Infinity Symbol Tattoo    

The infinity symbol is also a very common first tattoo. The infinity symbol has a lot of meanings. People usually make up their meaning of it.

Many people get specific words written in the shape of infinity symbols. The infinity symbol is usually a tiny tattoo so you can get it on your fingers and wrists.

An Equation Tattoo

If you love something, there is no shame in showing off your love for it. If you have a favorite scientist who has given a famous equation, there is no shame in tattooing it.

There are many people who get famous equation tatted on them. You can also get the equation written in the scientist’s handwriting as well.

A Specific Date Tattoo

There are some special dates which have a special place in your heart. Like your mother’s date of birth, your first-born’s date of birth, or any date that is close to your heart.

After the release of Avengers End Games, many people got its release date as a tattoo. Some people even get their favorite celebrity’s birth date tatted on them.  Singer/ songwriter, Justin Bieber has his mother’s date of birth tatted on his chest in roman numbers.

A Clock Tattoo

A clock tattoo also has deep meanings. The time that the clock shows in the tattoo can have a deep association with you, or you can incorporate the clock tattoo with elements that give the tattoo a personal touch.

You can mix the clock design with skulls, flowers, roses, grim reaper, natural elements like fire, and earth.  When it comes to tattoos being creative is the best thing you can do.

Sea Waves Tattoo

Sea waves have several abstract meanings. In many cultures, sea waves signify emotion, nature, strong subconscious, dreams, existence, and whatnot. Sea waves can mean anything.

In Japanese culture, sea waves symbolize life and power. They say sea waves are an artistic way to show immense strength.

Your Favorite Cartoon Character

As a child, cartoon characters have a special place in one’s heart. Many researchers say, your favorite cartoon character tells a lot about your personality.

Many people, as kids, think of their favorite cartoon character as their greatest friend. So why not dedicate your first tattoo to your childhood best friend.

A Fish Tattoo

All the fishes have their main character and are known for their specialty. Some fishes are famous for their strength, some for their beauty, some for their size, and their taste.

You can get a tattoo of the fish which reflects your character the most. Or you can get a fish tattoo that looks the most aesthetically pleasing.



Why should you get a tattoo?

Getting a tattoo for the mere reason that it looks good is not the right to get it. When you get your first tattoo, you need to have a personal connection with the design. It does not matter if your personal design is in trend or not.

The design needs to be close to your heart that when you see it later, you remember why you got it in the first place.

How can you pick the right design for your first tattoo?

Picking a design for your first tattoo is going to be one of the most difficult decisions of your life. You need to choose a design that you will never regret having.

When you talk to the person with tattoos, you will notice that their first tattoo is either their best or worst. Most tattoo experts will tell you that your first tattoo should be small and something meaningful to you.

What should you research before getting your first tattoo?

Researching before your first tattoo is one of the most crucial parts of getting a tattoo. You need to know everything. You need to know all about the tattoo artist, his successful design count, what pigments he is using to ink you, and if he can make your design.

You should also know about yourself. You need to know if you have an allergy to the pigments, you should know how your skin reacts to pigments, and the make.

You also need to keep in to find a suitable tattoo removing artist if, in a worst-case scenario, you do not like your tattoo.

Who should you consult for your first tattoo?

When you get your first tattoo, it is a great idea that you ask your experienced friends about the tattoo. Your inked friends will show you a clearer picture of which tattoo shop to choose and which specific tattoo artist is the best.

You can also consult your un-inked friends if the tattoo design that you have chosen fits your personality or not. A good friend will tell you the truth.

Why should you not get a small detailed tattoo?

When you get older, your fine lines get thick, and your skin starts to sag. So if you get tattoos that have intricate details and are very small in size, the tattoo will disappear.

Small tattoos fade after some time. Their saturated colors start to fade, and the colors start to get softer. The tattoos, which are photorealistic, mostly last for only a few years, and you need to get them done after some time.

Why shouldn’t you get a large tattoo at first?

It is never a good idea to get an extra-large tattoo. For your first tattoo, what you can do is, choose an element of the large tattoo and get it inked. It is very risky to get an extra-large tattoo for your first tattoo.

A bigger sized tattoo with lesser details will also age nicer. A bigger tattoo will take longer to fade.

What are the ideal designs for your first tattoos?

When you get your first tattoo, make sure that the design is very simple with very fewer details. Many people think smaller sized tattoos are simple, but in reality, smaller tattoos are usually trickier to do right.

Final Words

Your fist Tattoo is one of the most exciting events of your life. Your first tattoo will design the whole theme of your other tattoos, so you need to make sure that it looks the best.

When you are getting your first tattoo, make sure that you are in safe hands. Always have a backup plan in case you are unhappy with the results.

Consult your friends about your tattoo design, or if there is no one, then ask your tattoo artist about what will look the best.