125 Wolf Tattoos That will Blow Your Mind

Animal tattoos are the best types of tattoos that help you achieve aggressive and realistic imagery on your body. One of the best animal-inspired tattoos is Wolf tattoos. Wolf tattoos come in different sizes, forms, and ink colors. With so much variety and meaning packaged to wolf tattoos, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on them. Wolf tattoos mainly include black and gray ink; however, some tattoo designs do include a touch of color.

The best wolf tattoos are those that look realistic as ever, and the only way to keep the realism alive in your tattoo is getting it inked by a highly talented tattoo artist. To help you out, mentioned below are the top 10 Wolf tattoos that will compel you to get one immediately.

Minimalist Wolf Tattoo

minimalist wolf tattoo

If you’re looking for a simple wolf tattoo, look no more as this minimalist wolf tattoo gives out a fantastic tattoo vibe with its subtle touch. This tattoo includes a simple black inked outline of a Wolf with its half body and an outline of a moon. This tattoo also has an abstract touch. It will barely take any time to achieve this tattoo, and leave you with a subtle yet unique tattoo on your body.


This tattoo symbolizes a person’s honest and straightforward personality. If you have these characteristics in you, the best way to portray it is by trying out this simple tattoo.


You can get this tattoo anywhere on your body you like. Since this tattoo is small, the perfect choices for you would be to get it on your arm, forearm, or near your ankle.

Dream catcher Wolf Tattoo

dreamcather wold tattoo.jpg

This dreamcatcher wolf tattoo is one of the best duo tattoos you will ever come across if you’re looking for the perfect duo tattoo. It includes a black and white inked dream catcher, with a Wolf’s face coming out of it inked in black and gray. This tattoo also consists of a subtle blue inked background to give the overall tattoo some depth and feature. The detail in the Wolf is marvelous; hence you will have to get it tatted by someone who is an expert in shading and detailing animal tattoos.


Dreamcatchers represent protection, and so do Wolfs. Hence both these things combined leave you with a powerful symbolism of security and give you a sense of being safe, especially when you’re stuck in a horrific situation.


As this tattoo is big, the perfect place for it would be on your arm or back. You can also get it tatted on your upper thigh, but it won’t be as visible as it would be on your arm.

A Pack of Wolves

This pack of Wolves tattoo is the perfect tattoo for you if you’re looking for a tattoo representing the true meaning of a Wolf. This tattoo includes an abstract black inked outline of three wolves. The middle one seems to be looking directly straight, while the other two are looking sideways. There is also gray ink used to outline the features of the Wolf, making it more abstract-like. This is another minimalist wolf tattoo that helps you achieve the perfect tattoo look.


This tattoo symbolizes love and loyalty, as Wolves always stick together and fight for each other. This reminds you to always stand by your family, and help them in times when they need you the most. This tattoo also symbolizes strength in you, and the strength you use to protect your family. You can also get this tattoo if you’re a Game of Thrones lover, as the show puts a lot of emphasis on the unity of a pack of Wolves.


The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your chest or back, as the tattoo’s size fits perfectly on both these body parts.

The Geometric Wolf

geometric wolf tattoo

With the rising trend in geometric tattoos, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on this Geometric wolf tattoo. This tattoo includes a black outline wolf with different geometric lines and a dimensional shape. This tattoo looks like a diagram that you study in maths or Physics. The different geometrical shapes present in the Wolf makes this tattoo unique as ever.


There are many hidden meanings present in this unique tattoo design. The main symbols present in this tattoo are protection from any danger, freedom, strength, your relationship with nature, and wildness. If you feel like these attributes reflect in your personality, then this tattoo is just right for you.


You can slay this tattoo anywhere on your body. A few of the best places would be on your arm, forearm, thigh, and back. No matter where you get this image tatted on, it will still look exotic as ever.


wolf tattoos


Wolf Mouthed Skull

This Wolf mouthed skull tattoo is perfect for you if you’re looking for something dramatic and intense. This tattoo includes a black and grey inked demonic Wolf with its mouth widely opened, and inside the mouth of the Wolf is a white and black inked skull. The detailing and shading present in this tattoo are incredible and necessary. These details are what make this tattoo so unique and help you achieve that realistic tone.


The tattoo symbolizes the calling of death, and it helps you to prepare for it. The skull in this tattoo represents death, while the Wolf represents a spiritual guide that guides you about the afterlife. Hence this tattoo is a way of asking the Wolf to guide you through your death.


The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your chest. For a unique touch, you can get this dark and dramatic tattoo one side of your chest, and another bright tattoo on the other side to create a perfect contrast between the two tattoos.

Wolf Hand Tattoo

wolf hand tattoo

You can try out this Wolf hand tattoo and achieve a fierce and full-fledged wolf tattoo on your hand. This tattoo includes a black and white inked face of a Wolf with its mouth open and vicious teeth showing. So whenever you flex your wrist, it’ll look as if the Wolf is opening its mouth. This tattoo also includes a bit of red ink shading to give it a fierce look.


This tattoo symbolizes the love for family. It’s like a trademark on your hand that shows everyone how you’re all for your family.

Other Placements

Since this tattoo is a hand tattoo, the perfect place obviously would be on your hand, but you can also get it tatted on your elbow or near your collar bone.

The Eye of the Wolf

This Eye of the wolf tattoo is the perfect tattoo choice for you if you’re aiming for a unique yet straightforward tattoo. This tattoo includes a bandage-shaped strip of wolf eyes inked in black and gray with yellow inked eyes. You can add any color of your choice to the eyes such as red, blue, or orange. The more skilled you tattoo artist is, the better you will able to achieve fierce and realistic-looking Wolf eyes.


This tattoo depicts all the different emotions in you. The eye of the Wolf helps to represent the emotional highs and lows. This tattoo also symbolizes mystery, power, and determination. The best way to portray these essential characteristics is by getting this tattoo.


The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your forearm as the bandage shape suits the forearm more. For a unique presentation, you can get this tattoo tatted around your ankle, making it look like an ankle bracelet.



Mandala Wolf

mandala wolf tattoo

This Mandala Wolf tattoo is another fantastic duo wolf tattoo. The mandala style compliments perfectly with the Wolf, leaving you with some incredible imagery on your body. This tattoo includes a black and white inked Wolf’s face with two different sides. One side of Wolf’s face consists of a Mandala design with crystal-like eyes, and the other side includes a fierce look of Wolf.


This Mandala wolf tattoo represents all the ability in you to adapt to different life situations thrown your way and encourages you to move forward and bigger in life. This tattoo also symbolizes your resourceful energy and how you use all of your energy for the right things. If you feel like you’re not doing something right in life, this tattoo till remind you how to use all the energy positively and for the good of others and yourself.


As this tattoo is big, the perfect place for it would be on your back or chest. All the details and descriptions will fit perfectly in both these places.

The Japanese-Style Wolf

Japanese style wolf tattoos are quite ancient and include a lot of meaning and details. This tattoo contains Wild dog-like purple inked Wolf with bells and flames tatted on the Wolf. The colors present on this folklore tattoo make this one of a kind. If you’re a fan of the ancient Japanese folklore, this tattoo is perfect for you.


This tattoo originated from native Japanese time. These Wolves represented being the messengers of the Kami spirits and were presented in rituals to catch the attention of the Shinto gods. The symbolism of this tattoo may be too ancient for you to get, however, the Irezumi art present in this tattoo is one reason why you would get this beautiful piece of art tatted on your body.


You can get this tattoo tatted anywhere on your body. A few of the perfect places would be on your full sleeve, back, and legs.



The Watercolor Wolf

watercolor wolf tattoo

If you’re looking for an over the top colorful tattoo, look no more as this watercolor wolf tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo includes a black-ink outlined Wolf’s face with different watercolors splashed on the Wolf to add some features. You can see colors like purple, plum, blue, orange, yellow, and green dripping from Wolf’s face. This tattoo is a real beauty that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


Wolves usually symbolize loyalty and remind you to stay loyal even in a world that gives you so many reasons not to. But the watercolor splatters give you the motivation to remain loyal and kind in a world filled with wickedness and backstabbers.


The perfect place for this tattoo is on your forearm as its more visible this way; however, you can try it on your back as well as the size of the tattoo suits the back correctly.




Can Women Wear Wolf Tattoos?

Yes, of course, women can wear Wolf tattoos, and it looks really good on them. Most of the Wolf tattoos have a masculine touch to it; however, many wolf tattoos have a feminine flair, such as the women with a Wolf mask. Women can also go for minimal and geometrical Wolf tattoos.

Are Wolf Tattoos Painful

All types of tattoos are painful. However, this depends on the place you’re getting a tattoo. If you get a wolf tattoo in a place where there are more veins, then you may experience more pain than usual compared to soft areas. Bony areas are also very painful, mainly if your wolf tattoo includes a lot of detail.

How painful is it getting a wolf tattoo on your stomach?

The intensity of stomach pain while getting a tattoo depends on the shape you’re in. If the skin on your stomach is tight, you’re likely to experience less pain.

Final Thoughts

With the help of these mind-blowing Wolf tattoos, you can now achieve one of the most delicate tattoos on your body and slay it on the appropriate placement spots. Make sure to choose a wolf tattoo that reflects your personality and life-events.