115 Cartoon Tattoos to Relive your Childhood

Who says you cannot watch cartoons when you grow up? Cartoons are an integral part of a person’s childhood and can play a role in their personality development. Turning on the TV in the morning and watching your favorite cartoon is a fond childhood memory of many of us. Many people relieve their childhood memories by watching their favorite cartoons whenever they get time. Some even throw a cartoon themed birthday.

If you feel like you still can’t get over your cartoon addiction, don’t worry as now you can keep your favorite cartoon forever in your heart by getting a cartoon tattoo.

Cartoon tattoos are pretty common in the tattoo industry, and the trend keeps growing with the never-ending list of cartoons. Getting a cartoon tattoo comes with a lot of emotions as it takes you back to your early days. Some of the famous cartoon tattoos are characters from cartoon channels like Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network.

Many people think that cartoon tattoos are too childish for older people. Well, whoever thinks that might be too conservative or not living in the moment. No matter how old you are, you can always get a cartoon tattoo, especially if that specific cartoon has a significant impact on your life or your families.

Since there are so many cartoon characters that you can get as your next tattoo, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. To help you out, mentioned below are a few of the best cartoon tattoos that you might like and will give you some inspiration on what type of cartoon tattoo to get.

Cartoon Tattoos 

The Meaning behind Cartoon Tattoos

There is no specific meaning for a cartoon tattoo as each cartoon has different characteristics and holds a different meaning for each person. Many people get cartoon tattoos to represent a strong relationship with their family. In many households, the whole family would sit together to watch cartoons like Tom & Jerry or Scooby-Doo. Getting that specific cartoon character inked can bring the beautiful childhood memories to life.

Some people learn different characteristics from different cartoons; hence they decide to get that specific cartoon tatted to gain some inspiration. Your cartoon tattoo doesn’t need to hold a meaning; you can just simply get it because it’s a fun trend or its cute appearance. The main thing every cartoon tattoo symbolizes is your childhood. These tattoos help you connect with other people as they may like the same cartoon you’ve got tatted on your body.

Placements for Cartoon Tattoos

There is no specific placement for cartoon tattoos. You can get your favorite cartoon tattoo inked anywhere on your body. The placement varies according to the size and design of the tattoo. The ideal places where you can pull of your cartoon tattoos are your arm, back, thigh, or calf, especially if you’re going for bigger ones.

If you opt for a smaller cartoon tattoo, then you could choose to get it tatted on your wrist, neck, ankle, finger, or hands. Moreover, it’s up to you whether you want your tattoo to be visible or not. Wherever you get your cartoon tattoo tatted, it will look cute and memorable as ever. Once you choose the design, selecting the correct place won’t be a big problem.

Cartoon Tattoo Ideas

Comic Book Cartoon Idea

Comic Book Cartoon Idea

If you’re a fan of comic books and read them till today, you might find this comic book tattoo an interesting option. This tattoo depicts a specific scene from a comic book in colored ink. There are many ways you can present your comic book tattoo. Instead of a scene, you can get a specific character tatted like Archie or Betty from Archie comics, or you can get all your comic scenes tatted all over your arm. Comic book tattoos look perfect on your arm and act as the best sleeve tattoo.

Cartoon Channel Logo Tattoo

Cartoon Channel Logo Tattoo

If you want to achieve a subtle and unique cartoon tattoo, you can go for this cartoon channel logo tattoo. This tattoo includes the logo of a specific channel. If you’re going for Disney channel, you can get the logo inked in black with small Mickey ears tatted near the logo. You can also choose the Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon logo. This tattoo represents your love for that specific channel and showcases how it filled your childhood with happiness. The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your arm, forearm, or back.

Mario Games Tattoo

Your cartoon tattoo doesn’t necessarily have to be from a cartoon series or movie; it can also be from your favorite video game you grew up playing. If you loved playing the famous Mario Bros game, you’ve got to try out this Mario games tattoo. This tattoo includes a colored ink Mario with all the other characters in the game. You can only get a tattoo featuring Mario if you don’t want other characters in the design. You can slay this tattoo anywhere; however, if you’re opting for a bigger size with all the characters, then you should get it tatted on your sleeve.

The Simpsons Cartoon Tattoo

Simpsons Tattoo

The Simpsons have got to be one of the most popular and funniest TV shows even today. If you’re a diehard Simpson lover and have grown up watching the series, you can represent your fondness for this family getting a Simpson cartoon tattoo. This tattoo includes a black outlined image of Lisa from Simpsons. If you want to get a bit more creative with your Simpson cartoon tattoo, you can add some colored ink or get the whole Simpsons clan tatted.

If you feel like you can relate to a specific character of this show, you can get their name and an outline of them tatted on your body. Considering the size of your Simpson tattoo, you should get it tatted on your arm or back.


Minion Tattoo

If you’re obsessed with animation, the moment you hear the word Banana, you will think of the cute little yellow character Minions. If you’re a true minion fan, you can’t ignore this cute Minions tattoo to be your next body tag. This tattoo includes a yellow inked image of one of the Minions smiling. You don’t have to settle for one when you can get the whole minion clan tatted on your back or arm. For a unique touch, you could get the faces of each Minion tatted on your fingers. This would look adorable and creative.

Anime Tattoo

Anime Tattoo

The anime tattoo craze is real and doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon. If you’re a true, diehard fan of the cool Japanese cartoons, then you’ve got to get an anime tattoo. This tattoo includes one of your favorite anime characters inked in colored ink. You could go for the character Kakashi Hatake from the Naruto series. This tattoo would be quite descriptive with a lot of details, and all the attention would go on Kakashi’s mask. The fierceness and smart fight tactics of this character might inspire you to be a stronger person. Hence getting this tattoo would be quite symbolic, and it will look best on your calf, arm, or back.

Classic Cartoon Tattoo

tom and jerry tattoo

If you’re obsessed with a cartoon that is an all-time classic, then you’ve got to get this tattoo of Tom and Jerry. You’ll hardly find a person who doesn’t like this iconic cartoon duo Tom and Jerry. Some love Jerry for his cuteness and the tricks he plays on Tom; others adore Tom and feel sad when he gets bullied by Jerry. If you feel like you can relate to the friendship and mischievous behavior that the cartoon portrays, consider getting this tattoo. It includes a colored ink image of Tom and Jerry in their classic pose, i.e., Tom is chasing jerry. The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your arm or calf.

The Mystery Cartoon Tattoo

tom and jerry tattoo

If you were obsessed with the thrilling mystery cartoon series in your childhood, you must try out this Scooby-Doo cartoon tattoo. This tattoo includes a colored tattoo of Scooby sitting with all his team. You could also get a tattoo of any other character from the cartoon that you might relate to more. If you loved all of them, you could get the whole crew tatted with the famous van in the background. This tattoo symbolizes your childhood and love for this famous and enjoyable cartoon.

A Mixture of Cartoon Characters Tattoo

Cartoon Characters Tattoo finger

If you’re a cartoon lover and can’t decide one specific cartoon character to get tatted, don’t worry because now you can try out this mixture of cartoon characters tattoo. It will help bring all your childhood memories in one image. This tattoo involves the faces of different cartoon characters inked in black and white. Each face appears on each finger. So you could get Scooby, Mickey, Doraemon, Tom, and many more characters tatted together. If you don’t want just the faces, then you can get their full bodies tatted together. This will look more like a reunion tattoo and is the perfect cartoon tattoo anyone will ever come across.

Pokémon Lovers Tattoo

Pokémon Lovers Tattoo

If you were one of those kids who would gather Pokémon cards and watch the cartoon almost every day, then you’ve got to try out a Pokémon tattoo. This tattoo includes an image of Pikachu in yellow ink looking all hyped up; however, if you don’t wish just to get Pikachu, you can get other Pokémons tatted as well.

Many people like to go with a Pokémon ball tattoo as this tattoo is quite powerful due to its unique powers. It helps you throw some cool and powerful vibes. The perfect place for a Pokémon tattoo would be on your arm or forearm, especially if you’re getting a tattoo of the Pokémon ball.

Classic Mickey Mouse Tattoo


If you were a Disney World fan, and have watched all episodes of the famous Mickey Mouse and friends cartoon, you might like this Mickey Mouse tattoo. This tattoo includes a tattoo of both Mickey and Minnie looking at each other, done in colored ink. Many people get this tattoo as matching couples tattoo because of the beautiful love that Mickey and Minnie share.

You could choose to get any other character tatted, like Donald Duck or Pluto, the adorable dog. For a subtle cartoon tattoo, you could get a silhouette of Mickey’s or all character faces together. You won’t regret getting this tattoo as it will bring all the old and golden memories to life. This tattoo would look perfect anywhere on your body, keeping the size of the tattoo in mind.



Do any celebrities have cartoon tattoos?

Yes, of course! There are a few celebrities who have pulled off some of the craziest and cutest cartoon tattoos on their bodies. Amy Winehouse has a stunning tattoo of Betty Boop on her lower back, and Tess Holiday still slays Miss Piggy on her forearm. Any person who has a deep connection with a cartoon character should get at least one cartoon tattoo.

How do I maintain my cartoon tattoo?

Once you’ve got your cartoon tattoo, you have to carefully maintain it for it to heal and set quickly. You must remove the bandage from your tattoo before 24 hours. Keep washing it with antibacterial soap, but also make sure to keep it dry at all times. Always use a moisturizing cream to soothe the area and keep it clean.


You can now fulfill your cartoon tattoo dreams with the help of these memorable and cute cartoon tattoo ideas. Getting a cartoon tattoo is a great deal for many people as it comes with a lot of thinking and emotions. Just keep in mind that you are never too old to get a cartoon tattoo. It’s more symbolic because it represents your whole childhood.