115 Ultimate Atlas Tattoos for 2022

Atlas tattoos are great for their diversity and style. These tattoos deliver a sense of power and loyalty when you roam around with them. Atlas was a character in Greek mythology having supernatural powers. The most famous of this folklore is that Atlas had to hold heaven and earth on his strong shoulders. This was a punishment given to Atlas by one of the Greek gods Zeus, who held Atlas responsible for putting Titans into a war with Olympian Gods for taking control of the heavens.

Titans had a rich history for not only being a strong and influential race, but they were ruling the world before the Greek god Olympians. They were famous for strength, wisdom, and knowledge of magic and ancient religious rituals.

Atlas Tattoos

Historic Connections


Atlas was the son of Titan Iapetus and Clymene. He had three siblings, Menoetius, Epimetheus, and Prometheus. As per the history of mythology, Atlas was the father of a sea nymph Calypso and Maia. Maia was the Goddess of fields and mother of the God Hermes.

As the folklore unfolds, Atlas and his brother Menoetius were supporting Titans against Olympians. Eventually, Titans lost the war, and they put Menoetius in a cage in Tartarus. However, Atlas’s punishment was different. The god Zeus put Atlas to stand on the West edge of the earth and hold the heavens.

In some books, Atlas had a mindful and responsible role for holding aloft the pillars that were separating the heavens and the earth. What’s more, Atlas has a reckoning in history books with the Atlas Mountains in Northwest Africa. The legend says that the Greek god Perseus transformed Atlas from a shepherd to a rock mountain.


The story has a unique look where Atlas was the father of Hesperides and nymphs. He was also protecting the golden apple tree.

Goddess Gaea hid the golden apple tree in a secret place. However, there was a prophecy for the golden apple tree that one of Zeus’ sons would steal it. In order to prevent such theft, Atlas would let no one visit his place. Hence, when Perseus asked Atlas to let him in his place, Atlas refused him. So, Perseus used the head of Medusa and changed Atlas to the mountain range in modern-day northwest Africa.Atlas Tattoo


This is arguably the most interesting part of the myth about Atlas and his role in the Twelve Labor of Hercules. The king Eurystheus put Hercules to steal the gold apple tree. This garden was under custody of multi-head dragon Ladon. 

Hercules, as per instructions told Atlas to get him the golden apple tree. In the meantime, Hercules with help from goddess Athena would hold the heavens for Atlas. Upon coming back with the golden apples Atlas was hesitant to resume lifting the heavens. Nonetheless, Hercules lured him back in the job under guise of getting him some cushions for weigh bearing. As soon as the arrangement was complete, Hercules took the apple and ran back to Mycenae.

However, in some story books Hercules in fact built pillars to hold the sky away from earth. This act of his resulted in liberating Atlas from burden.

Atlas Tattoos and variations

The term, Atlas, is in use for denoting a collection of maps. An Atlas tattoo may have multiple messages. This is a great acknowledgment for original and true Greek myth.  

Classical Myth – Atlas Tattoo

Atlas was famous in Greek mythology for siding with the wrong side against gods. What are the repercussions? Holding the earth, forever? This tattoo is showing Atlas as strong and muscular man. The style is perfectly depicting the narration. You can have this tattoo on your biceps or thighs to complete its looks.

It’s a large design that needs decent time and patience for needling process. If you have both, try this tattoo.

Greek Statue Tattoo


This tattoo will get you the closest you can get to Atlas as a person. Atlas was all about determination, so does this tattoo. It will look like an amazing tattoo, as if Atlas is still laboring and holding the globe.

In order to get a perfect tattoo, the artist must be high trained and skilled person to complete its looks in the best possible manner. This tattoo carries a little showing-off about the mystic Atlas.

Girl carrying the Atlas Globe

This female Atlas tattoo theory is a new twist for this Greek myth and the character. In the modern world, women have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders including the planet. This is a unique and one-of-a-kind Atlas tattoo to celebrate the never-ending battle for freedom.

This image should not imply only showgirls help the global industry, but that all women do.This is great tattoo wear for both men and women.

Strong Woman likes an Atlas Tattoo

This is another tattoo, where a strong lady is carrying the world globe, something like her very own. That’s what this tattoo is all about. You should see this tattoo is showing a powerful woman with caring attitude for all. This may be a good tattoo to wear around on your arms.

The tattoo of a powerful woman holding the Earth, is suitable for both men and women. If you agree that women can be tougher, then you may put up this tattoo proudly.

Dynamic Ink-wash Atlas Tattoo

Are you looking for Atlas tattoos to show off your tough side? then wear this exciting Atlas tattoo. Your arm or legs may be good to display this tattoo. Its gray ink wash has made it an exciting tattoo to wear on. It will highlight the muscles in gray shade.

This is showing Atlas in true blue colors. This tattoo is housing the holy globe rather than the earth as you may expect. To make it more catchy you can add a shade of blue or purple.

Abstract Black Lines Tattoo

Do you want an imaginary Atlas tattoo that symbolizes the drive and commitment in life? Then you have got it all right. Don’t think further to get another tattoo. This will look incredible tattoo style. It’s looking straight out of an artist’s sketchbook.

The majestic impression of Atlas is rightly expressed with these sketchy lines. This is an ideal tattoo for chest or shoulder.

Cloud Atlas Tattoo

Atlas, in any Greek mythology, is portrayed as carrying the weight of the entire sky on his shoulders. And this tattoo style in black and gray is a tribute to the fantastic explanation of the legend!

The Celestial Globe depicts the sky as a limit, a globe of all the familiar groups.

The cloud Atlas tattoo will make its purpose complete if you have likeness for Atlas story.

You can further accentuate its presence by adding a Greek quote of your choice. This is a special way how Greeks would remember Atlas.

Weight of the World Black Ink Tattoo

This is another way to present a well-known Greek myth.

Atlas can be seen with a flaming globe on his back. Though, it’s not a great way to present that humans have not been very kind to earth. But, it seems it’s important to know how we are treating the world in modern times. As you can see even the great Atlas is scorched in this tattoo.

Consult your tattoo artist to complete its placement. This may look great for stomach wear.

Golden Ratio and Atlas

This tattoo style is some dream come true situation who enjoys ancient Greece and mathematics. When a tattoo has the Golden Ratio it becomes more natural for perfection and beauty. So is this tattoo.

This Atlas tattoo idea’s drawing style is suggestive of the Renaissance era. It looks like the tattoo design was done by Da Vinci himself. You can have this tattoo on your body with or without aspirations for becoming a mathematician.  It will look good on any part of your skin.

Dad carrying his World like Atlas Tattoo

If you are a dad you will understand the true meanings that a tattoo can speak to you.  Even if you’re not a dad, you’ll see that for yourself one day!

Your family becomes your whole world, which you happily shoulder. You feel great pride in fulfilling their responsibilities.

You can use this tattoo inked on your body to honor the close connection it can reflect. For a more personal touch, you can switch the globe map with your hometown or city. You should try to use a different color that pops on your natural skin tone. A mix of crimson with royal blue will give you an amazing look.

Atlas Mythological Piece

Although the Atlas Greek myth has been around for thousands of years,

There are many artistic interpretations of Greek myth that are yet to be seen. Let’s see how this epic shot of Atlas holding all constellations on his back, will look.

This tattoo style would appeal to Zodiac experts. To bear all the characteristics of 12 Zodiac signs, they need solid and defined muscles like Atlas. You should appreciate the shading scheme that comes from small dots, giving patience and style, together.

Skeleton Atlas for the world


This is totally a different way to show Atlas as skeleton. Yet, Atlas is carrying burden of the earth. That’s his commitment for carrying the burden. This tattoo is reflecting that Atlas is ready to row the boat, even in a skeleton form. Few would argue Atlas has great stamina and guts for doing this, year after year.

In general, an Atlas tattoo symbolizes patience and persistence at best. This cool Atlas tattoo is good for use as a conceptual tattoo. Its looks will be far impressive in shades of gray and black.

Abstract Sketchy Atlas

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind Atlas tattoo in jet black ink, look no further than this idea. It’s an exclusive and classic illustration. This image is unique for its clear geometric lines and a sketchy faceless figure. You can get it on the shoulder, arm, or hips.

The image is like Atlas transporting the scorching sun. You should not miss out on this tattoo if you are keen on having multiple small tattoos.

Atlas Carrying the Virgo Constellation

Are you looking for an exclusive Atlas tattoo design? You should remember that Atlas was a Virgo to bear the weight of the earth. And secondly, it was a punishment for him given by god Zeus.

So, you may love this tattoo if you were a born Virgo. Then let Atlas bear the part of the sky tattooed on your body. Add your favorite flower or the Virgo birth flower, the buttercup to complete the template as more personal wear.

Atlas Carrying World and Melting

You should see that modern interpretation of the Greek myth of Atlas is stunningly inventive and stylish.

Look at this master piece of art that you can wear as a tattoo. Keep the shades of blue in some stroke of life to make it a lifetime tattoo. There’s an innovation in this tattoo – if you a sports person you can switch the globe with a ball to customize it. However, remember that large tattoo patterns are ideally good to look at on biceps and thighs.


Was Atlas forced to hold the earth or heavens?

They punished Atlas to carry the Earth on his shoulders. Whereas, the Titans fought Olympians to get control of the heavens in which they failed.

May I know who killed the Atlas?

Perseus asked Atlas for help after killing Medusa. Atlas was tired of carrying the earth, so he asked Perseus to show him Medusa’s head. Perseus took out Medussa’s head and Atlas turned into a mountain, now known as Atlas Mountains.

Who is stronger, Hercules or Atlas?

As per the folklore and story Hercules indeed acted as replacement to Atlas for holding the earth. That shows Hercules was quite strong. Atlas is stronger than Hercules for holding the earth and acting as the leader during Titan War.



The greek God Atlas tattoos had a lot of myth surrounding him and one of the main reasons behind it was that they reflected great strength, unity, wisdom and force. In fact, Atlas tattoos are very well known in tattoo world.

Atlas is the god of astronomy and stamina, according to Greek mythology, who is depicted with the globe on his shoulder. Some people would like to display maps of countries, places on their wrists;ankles etc. and others may prefer illustrating Atlas holding a globe on his back.

Likewise, boys love to display Atlas tattoos on their backs, chests, shoulders, biceps and other areas of their liking. However, any tattoo on biceps will look great, especially if the tattoo’s small details are there in full.

Furthermore, tattoos can represent thinking pattern. So, it would be best if you went through a thoughtful process before finally picking a tattoo of your choice.