125 Unique Arrow Tattoos with Meanings

Arrows have long had a highly important spot in pretty much every culture in history. They have appeared in plenty of Native American cultures, have been used in history, warfare, hunting, visions, dreams, and plenty of other signs. The arrow has also showed up in ancient, modern, and recent histories.

The ideas that you can come up with arrow tattoos are limitless. You can make an arrow tattoo that combines together loads of cultural and historical significances. You could also create or sketch your idea of a tattoo and wait for the right moment to place it on your skin. These tattoo ideas could be filled with lots of adornments, allowing both the artists and you to provide it with your own personal touch.


Types of Arrow Tattoos


Single Arrow

One of the most common types of arrow tattoo designs. When it comes to symbolism, a single arrow can be pointed towards a specified direction. In real life, arrows can serve as a form of protection from evil and negative elements. An arrow can change its meaning, depending on the other symbols that accompany it. A single broken arrow could signify peace, and an end to a long conflict.

Two Arrows

Two intersecting arrows could symbolize a close friendship with someone, or with a group of friends. You could get this type of tattoo as a matching tattoo with a good pal. But two arrows pointing away from each other also stand for war, so make sure to be specific when getting this kind of tattoo.

Multiple Arrows

A tattoo that includes a group of arrows together represent strength, preparedness for war, and unity. This kind of tattoo has been around for a long time now, first spotted in most Native American groups. During their era, multiple arrow tattoos are seen as a type of union between the different Native American tribes in times of war, or families coming together to hunt for their food. In Mongolia, the multiple arrow tattoo symbolizes Genghis Khan’s own teachings about the importance of family and unity to his children.

Broken Arrows

Yet another popular design for the simple arrow tattoo is the broken arrow. Those who get broken arrow tattoos are often acquired by those who recently have had their hearts broken. Some people might think that the concept of this type of tattoo is tacky, but they’re mistaken – Depending on the placement, broken arrow tattoos always look amazing, especially when you place it together with a couple of other spectacular symbols that are sure to relay the person’s message to those who see it. Aside from heartbreak, this tattoo could symbolize peace, as well as a sign that conflict is not an answer to anything.

An arrow tattoo can be placed together with diamonds, hearts, stars, quotes, feathers, flowers, and dreamcatchers. Arrow tattoos actually look good together with a quote, because the arrow’s shape lets you get the quote right in front of it, and this could be a cool-looking arrow tattoo design. One more popular design for  is mixing it with compasses and arrows, as well as a Nautical Star.


Meaning of Arrow Tattoos

People who want to find a good kind of outlook with their own lives can get an arrow tattoo. That’s because it represents passing through a meaningful kind of direction, or searching and finally discovering the correct path towards their own lives. Arrow tattoos always provide its owner with the message to keep moving forward, and embracing whatever the future has in store for them. Arrow tattoos with the arrow being pulled back from the bow could be connected to someone who wants to accomplish so many things in life, but is unable to do so because of different reasons. After the arrow has been released from the bow, this pretty much symbolizes moving on to a stage in their lives that is both exciting, positive, and most of all, brand new.

The arrow tattoo is frequently seen as a sign of masculinity. This is most likely one of the reasons why plenty of those who get this kind of tattoo are men, more so than women. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the arrow isn’t just a tattoo design limited to the guys – Women can get this kind of tattoo too, and some even incorporate sub designs to it, in order to be suitable to their own taste.

Arrow tattoo designs are also connected to a particular zodiac sign – Sagittarius, which is generally represented by a bow and an arrow. Oftentimes, arrows are used to represent love, power, strength, or a good sense of direction. This means that you’re just moving forward to whatever direction you’re heading off to, and not looking back at what you have left behind. Another meaning behind this is that you are all set to leave your previous life, forget about your grudges or mistakes towards someone, and look for a second chance at life. The arrow tattoo must be connected to positive feelings, so whenever you get the chance to see your tattoo, you can remind yourself of your own personal strength, and how you can surpass everything in order to fulfill your goals in life.

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Ideal Placement of Arrow Tattoos

You could get a tiny arrow tattoo design affixed to your ankles, wrists, finger, and ears. Tattoos of a bigger or medium size are always placed on the leg, shoulder, chest, thigh, arms, sides, and backs.

Placing an arrow tattoo on your foot also means moving on to a new life – This type of tattoo symbolizes heading off towards one direction without reminiscing about the past.

Certain people also get arrow tattoos on their spine, but this process is very painful. A person’s backbone is one of the last places where people should put a tattoo on – Since a person’s spine comprises of twenty-six bones, with twenty-four of them going from the back of the neck, to the pelvis.

If getting a sexy tattoo is your thing, then the best places to get them are the bottom of the spine, the stomach, the back, the ribs, and the thigh.

Arrow Tattoos Preparation Tips

Before you decide to get a tattoo, you need to tell the tattoo artist if you have any allergies or skin diseases, or other types of illnesses such as hemophilia, hemorrhaging, allergies to metals, iodine or creams, diabetes, pregnancy, or high/low blood pressure. If you decide to get a tattoo while pregnant, then go see a doctor first before proceeding. A person must not feel tired or hungry when they step inside the tattoo parlor.

After your tattoo is done, you must not rub chemical peels, lotions, or ointments all over your body. Nor you must not visit the tanning salon, go for fake tans, or get cuts or scrapes on your body, especially on the area where you’re going to be placing the tattoo in.

The foot arrow tattoo could take a long while to heal up, so you must think thoroughly first before deciding if you really want one. Do not wear closed shoes or socks three days prior to the session – So if you get a foot tattoo during the winter season, be prepared to stay home for up to three weeks. Don’t soak your feet in water, since this can ruin the pigmentation of the ink. Keep in mind that fresh tattoos and water are not a good combination.

Average Service Cost & Standard Price for Getting Arrow Tattoos

There are dozens of people out there who want to get an arrow tattoo design as their first one. The tattoo’s simplicity also means that it is cheap, and you won’t have to save too much for it. Tattoo artists also won’t have to charge you as much, since arrows aren’t too much of a complicated design and that they won’t experience too much difficulty in engraving it. So to sum it all up, the arrow is highly recommended as a good first tattoo.

The average tattoo shop usually charges by the hour. Most experienced tattoo artists will charge at least $250 every hour, tops, and a minimum charge of $100. Even tattoos that come with the simplest design, and take only thirty minutes to finish, will also be pricey.

Maintenance Tips After Getting Arrow Tattoos

Caring for a tattoo will all depend on the artist’s advice. Follow certain precautions, especially when you’re about to go to sleep. During the first night after you get your tattoo, it might ooze out clear plasma with some ink mixed in. Don’t be alarmed – This is only your body’s way of preventing certain types of infection. However, this could also be a great way for your bedsheets or clothes to be ruined. Wear raggedy, or old pajamas or shirts before heading off to sleep – If not, you could wake up so several ink blots and plasma stains on your clothes and sheets. Use non-abrasive clothes and sheets and do not touch your tattoo while it’s healing.