125+ Virgo Tattoo Ideas to Flaunt Your Stunning Horoscope Sign

Virgo is the 6th astrological sign ranging from 22nd August to 23rd September. Virgo’s symbol is similar to the alphabet “M,” with the end extended into a loop. Moreover, it is a sun sign, and the symbol is derived from Greek mythology.

According to the Greek methodology, the symbol represents innocence and purity. Also, people with a Virgo star sign are highly analytical and observant in their matters. They are near to the epitome of Perfection.

If you’re into simple yet artistic Virgo tattoo ideas, then we’ve made the research easier for you. Look out for the ravishing Virgo tattoo ideas listed below.


Virgo Tattoo Ideas


Virgo Symbol On The Wrist

Virgo Symbol on the wrist looks elegant. The color code that suits such a tattoo placement is black and grey. The reason being, dark shades bring out the accessory you wear and goes well with any outfit. The structure is kept as simple as the symbol itself. Such as a thick black line, or a colored dotted inking.  The tattoo has an aesthetic and graceful vibe to it.

Symbolic Meaning: Virgo symbol on the wrist represents purity and innocence with ease and flexibility. Also, it gives the symbol more of a bold nature. For example, the wearer might seem innocent, but they know how to take a stand for themselves.

Symbol Along With Butterflies

Maiden (Virgo Symbol) with butterflies looks fancy. The good kind of fancy that attracts and captivates you. The structure is diverse; the wearer can opt for thick-lined or thin-lined, dotted ones, or zigzag ones. A multi-color shade looks best on this design. Placement options include, back, neck, hands, forearms, legs, thighs, back of the ear, and fingers.

Symbolic Meaning: Butterflies are beautiful creatures. When combined with purity, they represent sophistication and struggles that always have a happy ending. The tattoo is meant to give hope to the wearer to keep moving and not giving up.

Flowing Symbol

Flowing symbol- the symbol M is made out of water waves, and the color looks like it is flowing back to back through the loop. The tattoo looks extremely intriguing and unique. The structure is mostly thin- lined. The placement options are immense, for example, back of the neck, wrist, shoulders, back, knees, and foot.

Symbolic Meaning: The water and Virgo symbolize birth and fertility.

Virgo Constellation

Virgo constellation is the second largest and the most beautiful of them all. The constellation tattoo looks gorgeous on certain placements, such as the side of the neck, forearm, shoulders, and back of the foot. Some people pair up a constellation with words, and it looks great. The stars are replaced with flowers, giving off a refreshing vibe.

Symbolic Meaning: The constellation represents purity and elegance. Also, motivates the wearer to be the brightest star, do more than others, be superior but with gratitude.

Floral Virgo Symbol

Floral Virgo symbol looks Charismatic. The placement options are great; the size varies. For example, huge floral Virgo symbol tattoo would look good on the back and shoulders. While miniature floral Virgo symbol tattoo would suit onto the wrist, back of the neck, knees, and foot. The structure depends on the wearer’s choice. A massive tattoo would look best in thick black lines and vice versa.

Symbolic Meaning: The floral Virgo symbol tattoo represents beauty, new beginnings, and whole-hearted forgiveness.

The Symbol With A Feather

A Virgo symbol paired up with a feather looks appealing. The tattoo has various placement options. For example, wrist, chest, back, foot, knees, forearm, shoulders, and fingers. The structure varies with the placement. A small space means a thin or dotted structure. Otherwise, a thick-lined structure adds up to the tattoo’s appeal.

Symbolic Meaning: The tattoo represents freedom with acceptable limits. Limits that don’t choke the wearer, but freedom that doesn’t make the wearer regret his/her actions — just the right amount of leverage.

Virgo Symbol Paired With The Moon

Virgo paired with the full, or half-moon looks soothing. The placement options are few, as the tattoo takes up a bunch of space, with a strong impact onto the wearer. The structure is simple, yet attractive, such as a thin black line, works perfectly fine. The color code is kept black and grey, and there are exceptions that color the Virgo symbol.

Symbolic Meaning: The tattoo represents new beginnings and hopes for upcoming opportunities. Also, it shows that sometimes the dark times look calming too if you stop and feel the moment for even a single second.

Water Color Symbol Tattoo

Water color symbol tattoo looks phenomenal. It is kind of an abstract concept. The placement options include the wrist, back, foot, knees, shoulders, and fingers. The structure is simple with thin grey lines. The color code is mostly lighter shades to make the tattoo look artistic and modern at the same time.

Symbolic meaning: The tattoo represents patience and perseverance.

Virgo Mandala Tattoo

Mandala Virgo tattoo looks beautiful and unique. The placement options are few, because of the space this tattoo requires, such as the back, chest, and shoulders. The structure that looks best onto the mandala is a thick black line or the dotted ones. The color code is simply black. The tattoo has a vintage vibe to it.

Symbolic Meaning: The mandala represents the circle of life being pure and highly transparent. The tattoo shows that there is an afterlife, which depends on how we live today.

Behind The Ear Virgo Tattoo

Behind the ear, the tattoo is miniature, yet super cute. Especially if the Virgo symbol is inked on the back of the ear, it looks bold and elegant at the same time. The thick black lined structure looks best in such placements. The color code is not much to focus on black, grey, and red would do a great job.

Symbolic Meaning: it represents the wearer as a good listener with pure intentions.

Dotted Virgo Tattoo

Dotted Virgo tattoo looks creative and highly captivating. The structure is pre-set, but the placement can be the wearer’s choice. For example, the wrist, forearm, shoulders, finger, back of the neck, and back of the foot. The color code depends on the wearer’s personality. A chirpy nature person would love a colored tattoo, while a sober, plain personality would love a black or grey tattoo.

Symbolic meaning: The dotted structure represents that “good things take time,” and every ounce counts.



What Should I Do Before The Tattoo?

There is a prolonged list of things that you should do before going for the tattoo appointment. Such as:

  • Soak in warm water for a good 20 minutes.
  • Sleep early, the night before the appointment, as you should be well-rested. Maximum 8 hours sleep is necessary.
  • Drink lots of water. At least eight glass a day. Staying hydrated would minimize the pain.
  • Eat less. A half-empty stomach is advisable.
  • Charge all electronic devices which you’re planning to take up with you to the appointment.

What To Do After The Tattoo?

Whatever you do, don’t touch the tattoo. Secondly, use a moisturizer over the tattooed part after two weeks.  After-care is necessary.  Take the cleanser and damp a cotton ball in it. Brush the cotton ball over the tattoo at least thrice a day, until three weeks of healing. Wear loose clothes. Also, try to conceal the tattoo when under sunlight. The UV rays can damage the inking and might cause a skin reaction.

When Should I Not Get The Tattoo?

Numerous medical conditions forbid any addition onto the skin, thus inking a tattoo would be forbidden in such cases too. For example:

  • Pregnancy
  • When you’re on drugs
  • Pre-surgery
  • Post-surgery
  • When you’re saving for the rainy days
  • When you have a fake tan onto your skin
  • When you’re unsure of the tattoo design
  • When you forgot your ID at home
  • If you recently had a skin reaction
  • If you brought your kids to the appointment.

Does Getting A Tattoo Hurt?

On a scale of 1 to 10, it is a 4.

What Is The Total Healing Time?

If you do not face any skin reaction and injury, the tattoo will heal less than three weeks. Otherwise, it can take up to 4 weeks and more.

Should I Tip My Tattoo Artist?

If this is your first tattoo appointment, or if the tattoo artist is new, then tip him/her double than the standard tip. Otherwise, a standard tip is necessary if you don’t want to come out as unethical and ignorant.

Can I Get A Tan Before Or After The Tattoo?

Before tattoo tan is only allowed if your tan has set onto the skin. After tattoo tan is allowed if your tattoo has dried up and imposed permanently onto the skin.

Bottom Line

Virgo Tattoo designs look catchy and great, just because of its simple, yet attractive symbol. If you have chosen which design you want, then it is advisable to consult an expert tattoo artist. Discuss all the health problems that can come in the way of the tattoo’s healing time. Besides that, ask someone to record the inking for you. Enjoy the process.

Happy Virgo Tattoo to you!