115 Great Vine Tattoo Ideas that you can share with your Friends

Vine is focused on long stems. The vine utilizes other plants’ energy, rocks’ exposure and needs other support to survive to approach sunlight. Several plants like vine use this procedure for survival.

You can have vine tattoos inked on your body in many ways you can imagine. A luxurious vine will represent the seductive curve of your body. You can add various elements like flowers, Ivy, or bunches of grapes to amplify the effect. Vine tattoos have a wide variety of images that look extremely beautiful and are popular globally. Every single tattoo incorporates deep meaning embedded in its design.

Anciently, people used to tattoo their body with vine images, especially vine grapes tattoo. According to Greek mythology, grapes are the sign of Dionysus, “God of Vine.”

Another concept explains that vine tattoo along with grapes shows harmony, inner growth, and abundance. In addition, the individual who wears such a tattoo is considered to be under God’s protection. 

Vine Tattoos

Vine Tattoo Meaning

The vine tattoo symbolizes strength, progress, partnership, endurance, promise, survival, and friendship. It is a sacred symbol as per the Christian belief. Vine tattoos along with fruits portray bounty and crops.

A vine tattoo with roses and a butterfly over it represents a unique interpretation. Another vine tattoo with a rose signifies passion, beauty, devotion, love, and good fortune.

In addition to that, a combination of vine tattoos with flowers enhances the beauty of the tattoo. It portrays multiple symbolic meanings like

·       strength

·       power

·       authority

·       femininity

·       fertility

·       determination

·       love

·       devotion

·       loyalty

·       eternity, and

·       commitment

So, you can select the tattoo for yourself as per the meaning that suits your personality and showcases utmost importance. So, go for the tattoo that compliments your personality.

Placement Ideas for Vine tattoo

The best thing about vine tattoo is, you can wear them in various ways on your body due to their versatility. It depends on your choice, whether you want to cover a large part of your body or you may wear it on your lower back. The Vine tattoo comes in innumerable options and decoration forms. The flexible options make it a highly sought tattoo.

Vine tattoo gives an excellent look when used alone. On the other hand, it provides a distinctive look when used with other images. Vine tattoo best suits a more significant part like legs, backside, shoulder, arms, sleeve design, and many more.

Single and straightforward vine tattoos look better on ribs, lower back, wrists, ankles, and thighs. In comparison, more petite and tiny vine tattoo designs are suitable behind the ear or over the fingers. Besides, a popular feminine and unique design among women is “vine graters,” tattooed around upper thighs and gives a stunningly sexy look.

Vine Tattoo Ideas

Vine tattoos have their attraction in green and brown color naturally, but you can go for further exceptions. However, you can find a wide array of variations in size, design, and color. A brief look at each vine tattoo format entails taking you to the most favorable tattoo.

We hope to bring stunning vine tattoo ideas that will surely convince you of your next pick.

Vine tattoo with decoration

A vine tattoo portrays decorative meaning. You can use a vine tattoo to decorate your body with stunning looks. You can accessorize different body parts with beautiful themes.

Just go with this Vine tattoo with extreme decoration if you are a fan of novelty performance. The colors used in this tattoo are eye-catching, and the butterflies are the highlight. You can choose different colors according to your choice or add more butterflies to this one.

Vine tattoo with flowers

One of the most demanding ways to wear vine tattoos is a vine with flowers that signifies a unique meaning. It’s up to your choice to add flower-like grapevine, lotus, lily, daisy, or roses. Vine tattoo with flower gives an attractive look that you cannot take your eyes off.

A Vine tattoo with a flower has more feminine characteristics, portraying more feminine properties and enhancing fertility as men love darker and more serious designs. Check out this Vine tattoo with a flower that looks stunning. The artist has used black ink, but you can go for colored ink as well.

Vine tattoo with symbolic meaning

Most people wear vine tattoos to represent a particular symbolic position. However, symbols portray different meanings in different cultures and civilizations; Christianity associates with the grapevine. It focuses on crowns and wreaths for decorating tattoos onto the body. It usually portrays love, devotion, power, and strength.

Here is the Vine tattoo with symbolic meaning that will make you look attractive and grab onlookers’ attention.

 Ivy vine tattoo

Ivy is the most adequate and popular type of vine tattoo with deep meanings associated with it. People utilize it to make crowns and wreaths. Roman and Greek culture give extra importance to Ivy and use it on their special occasions for decoration purposes.

Ivy symbolizes friendship and love, so you can wear it to show your love for your friend or soul mate. Primarily, it is for females as it represents femininity and fertility. The attractive ivy vine tattoo designs present novelty with ivy leaf custom tattoo as well.

Colorful Flowers Vine tattoo shoulder tattoo

Colorful flowers vine shoulder tattoo is the cutest tattoo that men get inked. A shoulder tattoo has a traditional association with strength and power.

Colorful flowers Vine shoulder tattoo design brings meaningful and excellent options and more exciting plans. Look at this colorful vine shoulder tattoo that can symbolize feminine features because it instills multiple colorful designs. This colorful flower Vine shoulder tattoo will give you a blooming and stylish look.

Black and white Vine shoulder tattoo

Black and white vine shoulders tattoos are something that tattoo enthusiasts wear proudly. Men are more likely to wear Vine shoulder tattoos. They also add exotic features and combination themes. You can get it tattooed on the back of the area that lies below the collar bone.

It incorporates symbolism, strength, power, and diversity. These tattoos are the most popular artwork around the world. Black and white ink sound decent and adequate. The typical concept behind it is the rough attitude of men. It represents their strong personality.

Skull and Vine tattoo

Skull and Vine tattoo is famous for years around the world. The skull represents association with boldness and badass. Some interpret it as the conquering feeling of fear of death. Another concept says skull vine tattoo portrays strength and determination and a reminder that life ends at last. 

However, it may explain a combination of determination and mysterious concepts. You can find this association in most cultures. Therefore, the skull and vine tattoo is an ideal choice for you if you are a brave survivor who is not going to lose hope.

Rose vine tattoo

If you are a flower-loving tattoo bearer, choosing a rose vine tattoo would be interesting. It is because roses are the unmistakable symbol of love and beauty. Yet, at the same time, the vine signifies duality, good and evil, and life and death.

So you can go for this pure ornamentation as the best feature in the rose design and find a wide range of styles, designs, colors, and implications. Look at this rose vine tattoo with a brilliant and exciting flourishing revolutionary concept. 

Burning Vine Tattoo

Every individual has personality characteristics, and they get a tattoo to portray their personality. Burning vine tattoo signifies life after death. It may conceptualize to defeat an enemy and step into a new life.

If you have personality traits like you feel proud to conquer someone, this burning vine tattoo best fits you. This burning vine tattoo also gives a meaning of aggressiveness. Individuals having this tattoo may show some anger, rebellion, and aggression in their personalities.

Vine tattoo with Blue Rose

Vine tattoos with blue rose often depict the imagination, fantasy, and mysterious perception of the impossible attainment. So if you are one with fantasy feelings and adore scrolling in fiction more, a vine tattoo with a blue rose is for you.

If you want to show your feelings for your loved one who has passed away, you can tat vine tattoo a blue rose for memorial dedication.

Vine tattoo with a nature theme

Are you the one who gets inspired by nature? So you are the perfect match for a vine tattoo with a nature theme. A Vine tattoo with a nature theme will inspire you a lot. Vines are a combination of flourishes of leaves, flowers, small bulbs, and large roses.

Floral designs with vine provide an emphasizing look. Moreover, you can add birds and butterflies for more creativity and make it visually appealing. Both men and women can wear vine tattoos with nature themes to enhance delicacy in their design. All sizes will go with this design. 

Vines and Words Tattoo

Vine and words tattoo can add a delicate touch with the curving lines of plant figure. You can make a script of your choice and add it to your vine tattoo with its swirling style.

The properly blended words with vine tattoos present a stunning look. You can either place it on fingers, toes or anywhere as a smaller design. For more significant parts, you can select another banner in a combination of vine tattoos. So, select the most beautiful Vine and words tattoo, adding your favorite words to it.

3D Realistic Vine Tattoo

3D realistic vine tattoo is another form of skillful art that is hard to design. If artists render it realistically with the collaboration of entire, detailed leaves, it showcases a less feminine design.

Besides, a realistic vine tattoo gets another forest iconography like tree branches, maybe mushrooms to enhance the nature and wood theme. This 3D realistic Vine tattoo would bring an appealing look to your personality.

Celtic Vine and Custom Leaves tattoo

Celtic vine and custom leave tattoo appear as the combination of leaves, hearts, stars, and other shapes to create forest-like imagery for a more traditional look.

This type of tattoo will match you the best if you are a female because it consists of feminine characteristics representing delicacy and a fairy-like appearance. In addition, you can wear this tattoo in heart shape to instill a natural forest motif in traditional images. Choose the attractive Celtic Vine, and custom leaves tattoo to get something extra-ordinary.

Vine tattoo concerting growth

 Vine is fundamentally a symbol of consistent growth as the vine incorporates this trait as the wild. Vine in real continuously moves out to look for water and sunlight. If your personality also has this trait to look for spiritual growth and new opportunities in your life, so this vine tattoo is for you.

In addition, a vine tattoo concerning growth also represents personal change and development.

Ivy vine tattoo with leaves

Ivy vine tattoo with leaves showcases the importance of overcoming adversity and determination. The vine in real nature strives to survive longer, and Ivy grows continuously to cover a wall with its leaves.

Suppose you accept challenges without any fear and deal with the toughest situations in your life. This vine tattoo finds the best match with your personality traits. It represents its ability to endure rough and challenging conditions, symbolizing high strength and determination. People who can deal with complex situations will choose this Ivy vine tattoo with leaves design.

Vine tattoo with butterfly/Dragonfly

You can personalize this vine tattoo if you are a freedom seeker and are willing to transform and adapt to every condition with flexibility. A butterfly is the symbol of transformation, freedom, spirituality, and life. Females can wear this tattoo as it portrays feminine traits.

A vine tattoo with a dragonfly signifies strength, prosperity, and luck. Therefore, men are more likely to wear this design. Get this Vine tattoo with butterfly/Dragonfly to add a stylish touch to your personality.

Vine tattoo with birds

It is comprehensive and profound because millions of birds around us have unique characteristics. So it isn’t easy to specify its traits. But, if you want to showcase that your freedom in your life matters, it would be the best pick for you.

For the spirituality that you intend to own, a vine tattoo with birds goes for you. Get this Vine tattoo with birds to celebrate freedom and show your personality.

Vine tattoo with the throne

Vine tattoos with thrones are complex to create. People who ink themselves with vine tattoos in combination with the throne are most likely to represent hardship. If you can overcome difficult situations in your life so get this tattoo to accessorize your body.

For men, this tattoo would be more suitable owing to its properties. Have a look at this Vine tattoo with the throne. It is really an excellent representation of hardship and adversity.



How can I aftercare my tattoo?

Follow these rules after you get a tattoo on your body.

You can remove the bandage but not too soon. Whenever you wash it, be gentle and light. Scratching can cause your tattoo to get damaged. You also need to avoid excessive use of water. Keep your skin moisturized to prevent dry conditions. Finally, do not wear tight clothing and ensure protection from direct exposure to UV rays.

How much does it cost to have a Vine tattoo?

Every artist charges differently, so we cannot say any fixed price for a vine tattoo. If you are seeking a high-quality tattoo, then it would likely be costly. However, a smaller vine tattoo may range from $100 to $150, whereas larger vine tattoos are complex to design and cost from $300 to $600.

How long does it take to have the vine tattooing procedure?

The procedure length depends on the artist’s experience and the design you choose. It takes time to design because it is delicate and complicated to create a vine tattoo. Therefore, you require a lot of patience. The average period it may take is around 3-4 hours for a simple vine tattoo. Still, the larger one may take approximately ten or more hours.

Is it possible to remove a vine tattoo?

The older a vine tattoo gets, the easier it is to remove. The laser removal procedure is the most authentic and effective way to remove a vine tattoo, and even it is cost-friendly. Another method includes a surgical procedure that is less expensive than laser removal. However, it may leave a scar on the skin after the removal of a tattoo. Besides, tattoo removal creams may also be effective. But make sure you do not have any critical conditions like eczema, darker skin, and herpes at the time of removal.


Let’s get into the world of tattoo as it carries great significance. As a vine tattoo wearer, you must understand the in-depth meaning behind the tattoo as it stays on your body for a long time. So, determining what particular type of Vine tattoo suits you the best is not challenging now. The ideas mentioned above can assist you in making the right decision.