155 Best Friend Tattoos to Cherish Your Friendship (with Meanings)

Friends are an essential part of your life; they are a family we choose. There’s always this one person who you can rant to whenever, someone who understands you and gives you a shoulder to cry. That is your best friend. Your best friends don’t necessarily have to be your childhood friend or a person you’ve known since Kindergarten. They can be your siblings, parents, or even aunts. As the bond between you and your best friend keeps growing, you want to try out something new that will help you value your friendship more. You can do that by getting a matching best friend tattoo.

With so many different types of best friend tattoos, you can easily decide the right one that will signify your love and bond. To help you out, mentioned below are some of the cutest best friend tattoos that will get you obsessed. So get ready to mark your friendship with some of these coolest best friend tattoos.

best friend tattoos

The meaning behind Best Friend Tattoos


Best friend tattoos could mean a lot of things, but one of the main reasons to get a best friend tattoo is to symbolize the incredible bond that you two have built over the years. Best friend tattoos are more like symbols that represent your friendship, so if someone notices that you have matching tattoos with another person, they will at once understand that yeah, these two are best friends.

Sometimes people get their best friend tattoos to remember a friend they have lost, so in remembrance, people get their best friend’s name and the date they last met or lost tatted on their bodies. These tattoos also symbolize the ups and downs both go through and their efforts to fight for their friendship. So whenever they’re going through a rough patch, they can look at the tattoo and remind themselves that we’ll get past though it because they’re endgame.

If your best friend agrees to get a matching best friend tattoo with you, that shows how much they believe and cherish this friendship. So don’t miss out on this opportunity and go through the fantastic best friend tattoo ideas below.

best friend tattoosbest friend tattoos

Perfect Placements for Best Friend Tattoos

You can choose to get your best friend tattoo tatted anywhere on your body as there are so many different types of best friend tattoos that come in various styles and sizes. If you’re getting a small tattoo that’s more like a symbol, the ideal spots to get it inked include your wrist, ankle, near your ear, or on your fingers. You can also get it tatted on your shoulder, forearm, feet, back, chest, spine, near your hip or thighs, especially if the tattoos are big.

Make sure that both of you get your tattoos on the same spot as this way you can match it together, for example, some tattoos include a half heart, so if you both get half of the heart tatted on your wrists, both of you can join your hands together and make the heart whole. Sometimes different placements look cool too as long as the tattoo designs match.

The whole point of matching best friend tattoos is to showcase them and make it visible to everyone like yeah we’re BFFS for life! So it is best to get it in places that are more visible like your wrist, hand, finger, and near your neck; however, this depends entirely on you and your best friend. No matter where you get the tattoo tatted on, it will still look meaningful and make you cherish your friendship more than ever.

best friend tattoos

Types of Best Friend Tattoos

There are different types of friendship tattoos that you can choose from, and most of these have some cool details and strong meanings. This list might help you in choosing the perfect best friend tattoo that both you and your best friend will adore forever.

  • Symbol Tattoos
  • Cartoon Tattoo
  • Funny symbol tattoos
  • Name Tattoos
  • Long Distance Tattoos
  • Animal Tattoos
  • Flower Tattoos
  • Memorial Tattoos
  • Infinity Tattoos

This list might somewhat be too overwhelming, but the list doesn’t end here as there are many other types of best friend tattoos that you will get to explore in the next section.

Opposite Sex Best Friend Tattoo

A best friend from the opposite sex is one of the most beautiful friendships you will ever have. It’s important to cherish such a friendship, and the best way to do that is by getting this lightning bolts tattoo. This tattoo includes two lightning bolts outlined in black ink. The masculine one has black ink filled in the bolt, while the feminine one is just a simple outline to distinguish both from each other.

It would look amazing on both your fingers. This tattoo symbolizes the strength in your friendship, and assures that no matter what hurdles may come your way, both of you are willing to overcome those and strengthen your bond. You could also get another best friend symbol similar to this one tatted on your fingers or the wrist.

Always and Forever

best friend tattoos

If you want to symbolize your friendship’s longevity, you should go for an infinity tattoo that will represent the quote ‘Always and forever.’ This tattoo includes a black inked infinity sign that ends in an arrow. These are one of the perfect best friend matching tattoos. This tattoo symbolizes that no matter whatever different direction you go in or routes you take, it will not affect your friendship because it will remain the same always and forever. This tattoo is perfect for those who have a long-distance friendship.

Angel Wings

If you want to add a mystical touch to your best friend tattoo, this angel wings tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo includes a black inked angel-like wing on each hand, and when you and your friend bring each other’s hand together, it completes the wing making it the perfect matching best friend tattoo.

This tattoo symbolizes how both of you lift each other in anything and everything you do. It also represents the hardships and trials you’ve had faced together to make the bond strong. These wings have an angel-like feature, which also means the loss of a friend.

Wreath Heart

The perfect tattoo to symbolize the bond with your best friend is by getting a heart tattoo. You can try out this heart wreath tattoo to achieve some fantastic body art signifying your best friends’ importance and love. This tattoo involves a black outline of a heart with roses all over. This tattoo is perfect for all those girl best friends as it has a very feminine touch to it.

The tattoo isn’t just pretty, but it’s also quite symbolic as it shows the love and affection you have for each other. It is a straightforward tattoo but looks beautiful once you get it tatted. There are many different heart tattoo designs that you can customize by getting some colored ink added into it.

Crossed Arrows with Initials

If you’re looking for a tattoo with a strong meaning and bold appearance, look no more, as the crossed arrows with initial are the perfect best friend tattoo for you. This tattoo includes two black inked crossed arrows with a touch of vintage design, and the first initial of your name, and your best friend’s on both sides of the cross. For an additional touch, you can choose to add in some bold colored ink. This tattoo symbolizes the journey of your friendship from Kindergarten till today. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on this beautiful tattoo with such a strong meaning, and boastful design.

The Sun and Moon Tattoo

sun and moon best friend tattoo

You can also go for this sun and moon tattoo, and achieve one of the perfect best friend tattoos. This one is a classic and has quite a simple appearance. This tattoo includes a black inked moon and sun. Each one of you can either get it tatted on your arm or wrist. It has quite a meaningful background to it as it symbolizes the perfect balance in your friendship, regardless of the differences. It also illustrates how both of you need each other to function correctly, just like the earth needs both the sun and the moon to work.

Flower Power

This flower power tattoo is another minimalist tattoos that are perfect for a best friend matching tattoo. This tattoo includes a simple flower tatted on each other’s hands. You can choose the type of flower you want and the design, which could be a sunflower, rose, daisy, or a flower that reminds you of a unique friendship moment. This tattoo signifies the everlasting love you both have for each other and gives you hope for more fun and happy moments that both of you will create as the years pass by. If you want to go for something subtle, this tattoo is just perfect for you.

Swallow Birds Tattoo

Swallow bird tattoos are one of the most popular worldwide tattoos that you can also slay as your matching best friend tattoo. The tattoo includes three black inked sallow birds flying in one direction. Using your creativity, you can add some colored inks for more depth and features. This tattoo is perfect for you if you and your best friend are doing long distance, as this tattoo represents the swallow birds returning home after a long time.

So if you and your best friend miss each other, this tattoo gives you the hope that you will reunite together soon. It also represents loyalty, as even though you two may be miles apart, you will never let each other down.

Quote Your Love

If you and your friend are book worms and love playing around with different quotes, you should go for this quote tattoo. This tattoo usually includes your favorite line from a book tattooed in black ink across your forearm. You don’t necessarily have to choose a quote from the book; you can also get lyrics or dialogues representing your friendship tatted on your arm.

 If you don’t want to get the same quote tatted on each other, both of you can choose to get half of the quote inked on each other’s arm. So when you bring your arms together, you complete the quote. Make sure that the quote or phrase you choose reflects your friendship, and motivates the both of you in some way.

best friend tattoosbest-friend-tattoos

155+ Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

Mentioned below are the different types of best friend tattoos that will ideally suit the bond and love you share with your buddy. Each tattoo design is different in its way, and the best part is that you can choose a tattoo that will match not only the design but also narrate the background story of your fantastic friendship. The more substantial meaning the tattoo has, the more attractive and appealing it looks.

Pinky Promise

One of the main attributes that every friendship should have is commitment and promise. Friendships revolve around making and keeping promises. Getting this pinky promise tattoo is the perfect way to signify promises in your bond. This tattoo includes two hands making a pink promise with the pinky finger tatted in black ink. Both of you can get it on your forearm. This tattoo represents all the promises your friendship holds and serves as a reminder to never break any promises till the day you die.



The Butterfly Effect


Butterfly tattoos are one of the most common best friend tattoos to represent the connection between you and your best friend. This tattoo includes a black inked butterfly with flowers on one side of the wings. It is the perfect matching tattoo and will look lovely anywhere on the body as long as it matches the design of your best friend.

This tattoo signifies how your friendship has evolved and become a life-long bond, just like how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. It also represents all the hardships and trials both of you had to go through.


The Key to My Lock

lock and key tattoo best friend

If you’re looking for a minimalist but meaningful best friend tattoo, this lock and key tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo features a small black inked key on the one hand, while your friend’s hand includes a black halo inked lock. You can always adjust the size of this tattoo if you want it to appear more prominent, and it will look perfect on both your hands and wrist.

This tattoo symbolizes how each of you can freely open up to each other and complete each other. This tattoo also represents how both of you bring out the best in each other by unlocking each other’s potential.

Best Friend Tribute Tattoo

If you’ve lost your best friend and want to mark their remembrance uniquely, the best way to do that is by getting this best friend tribute tattoo. These tattoos usually include black inked initials of your friend or birthday date in roman numbers. You could also get any other important date tatted that signifies your friendship. In most of these tattoos, there are flowers like red roses as these associate with memorials and represent that the bond and love between you and your friend transcends death. This tattoo is an emotional and beautiful way to remember your deceased friend.


How painful is it getting a finger tattoo?

Finger tattoos are quite painful, as that area has a lot of nerves. Body parts that have more nerves often hurt more when getting tattoos, as the needle’s sting right on your nerves; hence they are quite painful compared to other areas. But this shouldn’t stop you from getting one, as the after results are marvelous and definitely worth the pain.

What is the perfect flower for a best friend’s flower tattoo?

The best friend flower tattoo is beautiful as ever and is quite symbolic. The best type of flower you can get tatted for the best friend tattoo is the alstroemeria, as it represents the true meaning of friendship. It symbolizes other things as well, such as prosperity and good fortune. These elements are something that every friendship bond wishes and prays to keep alive. Getting this type of flower will help you appreciate and care for your friendship more.

Final Words

With the help of these fantastic best friend tattoos, there’s no chance you wouldn’t think about getting one. If you’re blessed with a group of best friends and want to do something that will showcase your love and thankfulness to them, then you should definitely not miss out on getting one. The best part is that these tattoos don’t just leave you with some eye-catching imagery, but portray your strong, lifelong bond with your best friend.