155 Finger Tattoos That will Make You Adore Your Fingers (with Meanings)

With the rising trend in finger tattoos, it’s hard to resist these fashionable and glowing tattoos. Finger tattoos originated from the ancient tribes, and now is one of the trendiest features in the fashion industry. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Arianna Grande, Clara Delavigne, and many others have some fantastic finger tattoos that have compelled their fans to get one. Finger tattoos come in different designs and sizes. You can opt for a subtle finger tattoo, including small symbols or letter, or you could go for an over the top finger tattoo that would require your whole finger getting tatted.

To help you out in choosing the best finger tattoo design, mentioned below, are some exciting finger tattoo ideas that will make you adore and flaunt your fingers forever!

finger tattoos

Different Finger Tattoo Placements


Finger tattoos are so versatile that they give you an option as to which finger and where you want the tattoo to appear. If you’re going for a subtle finger tattoo like two double lines or a simple cross, these usually appear on the middle finger in the middle. Some tattoos appear on the side of the fingers, such as a trail of designs or wordings. If you’re going for an over the top tattoo like a full floral design, it will cover your whole finger. And the best finger to choose for such tattoos would be your middle finger.

Some tattoos appear on all your fingers like astrology tattoos or witch design tattoos. Each finger includes a small symbol or a number of them. One of the most common finger tattoos is ring tattoos. These tattoos usually appear on the middle finger, especially if you want to signify some sort of commitment with your partner or a sign of marriage. Some people get ring tattoos on the index finger, such as tribal tattoos.

No matter what type of finger tattoo you choose, it will look amazing as ever; just make sure to get it inked on the finger that will help you achieve a decent unique look. The finger tattoo ideas mentioned below will help you in making your decision faster.

finger tattoos

finger tattoos

Types of Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos are versatile and fall into many different categories. Mentioned below are the different types:

  • Matching Couples Finger Tattoos
  • Tribal finger tattoos
  • Cartoon finger tattoos
  • Letter Finger Tattoos
  • Dot Finger Tattoos
  • Wording Finger Tattoos
  • Geometric Finger Tattoo
  • Arrow Finger Tattoos
  • Animal Finger Tattoos
  • Heart Finger Tattoos
  • Floral Finger Tattoos

These are only a few of the different types of finger tattoos. There are many more options for you. Scroll below to find out some more finger tattoo designs that will blow your mind.

Finger Tattoo Ideas

Printed Snake Finger Tattoo

Printed Snake Finger Tattoo

Printed snake tattoos are perfect for your finger tattoo as they look stylish as hell. This tattoo includes a black inked, printed snake tatted on your finger. It seems like the snake swirls around your finger as the head and tail appear on the surface. For an additional touch, you can add in a bit of green ink to enhance the snake tattoo. This tattoo symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. It also showcases the transformation of a person, so if you feel like you have changed over the past few years, this unique finger tattoo is just right for you.

Gothic Flowers

Gothic Flowers finger tattoo

If you’re a person who is more towards the darker side of life, this gothic flower finger tattoo is just right for you. This tattoo includes black inked gothic flowers that appear in a geometrical design on all your fingers in the center, one flower on each finger, with a small black dot on top of the flower. You can also choose to get it on one finger; however, it looks more stylish when you get it on all. The jet black ink brings out the dramatic vibe in this tattoo, making it the perfect gothic tattoo. So get your gothic mode on with these awesome gothic finger tattoos.

Yin Yang Shaolin Tattoo

Yin Yang Shaolin Tattoo.jpg

If you’re more inclined towards a symbolic finger tattoo, this Yin Yang Shaolin tattoo is perfect for your fingers, as it leaves you with one of the unique designs and meaningful tattoo. This tattoo includes four symbols. The first symbol is the Shaolin circle inked in black; next to it is the yang and yin symbols followed by two black and white dots for a unique appearance. These appear in a straight line on the side of your finger.

You can choose any finger you want, but it would look best on the middle finger. Shaolin symbolizes the way of nature, so if you feel like reconnecting with nature, this tattoo will help get you started. The yin and yang combine with the Shaolin circle symbolize the dark and cool personality in a female.

Pharaoh Finger Tattoo

Pharaoh Finger Tattoo

If you’re obsessed with the Egyptian civilization and the history attached to it, you should get the pharaoh finger tattoo. This tattoo includes a black and gray inked pharaoh in the center of the middle finger. You can choose to get it tatted on any finger you like. This tattoo symbolizes all the royalty, boldness, and power in you. It also showcases your love for Egyptian civilization. You can also get different hydrographic tatted on all your fingers as it connects to the Egyptian civilization.

The Finger Bone Tattoo

finger bone tattoo

If you’re looking for a unique tattoo, look no more at this finger bone tattoo is the perfect tattoo for you. This tattoo includes the anatomy of the finger inked in black that appears on the top of your index finger and goes halfway to your hand. This is one of the most realistic tattoos that you will come across for which you will have to find a well-experienced tattoo artist to execute the exact design with precision. So, spice up your tattoo game with this incredible anatomy tattoo.



Arrow Tattoo

arrow finger tattoo

The arrow finger tattoo is one of the most subtle finger tattoos you will come across, which will help you achieve a low-key tattoo look. This tattoo includes a simple black inked arrow that appears on the side of the middle finger. This tattoo symbolizes the focus in your life and reminds you to stay on the right track and move in one direction. Arrow tattoos also represent power, strength, and love, which are a few of the essential attributes of life.

Mr. Moustache

Moustache finger tattoo

If you can’t grow a mustache on your face, no worries as now you can get one on your finger by getting this Moustache finger tattoo. This tattoo includes a black inked mustache on the side of the index finger. The black ink gives a perfect touch to the mustache, making it look real as ever. It also gives out a very masculine vibe and is ideal for all the men out there. So if you want to get a bit creative and funny with your finger tattoo, this is the best way to do that.



Religious Rosary Finger Tattoo

rosary finger tattoo

This rosary finger tattoo is perfect for you if you’re a religious person, and if the rosary has a significant impact on your life. This tattoo involves a subtle black and gray inked rosary chain made of tiny dots, shaped like small diamonds, with a big black and white inked cross hanging from the rosary. This tattoo appears in the middle of your index finger. It looks as if the rosary is hanging from your finger. This tattoo symbolizes your faith in God and reminds you of how prayer is an essential part of your life.



Zodiac Finger Tattoo

Zodiac Finger Tattoo

If you’re obsessed with zodiac signs, this zodiac finger tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo includes jet black inked zodiac signs on your entire finger. It consists of different symbols like the crescent, pyramid, arrow, and feather. You can choose to get all of them tatted on one finger, but it would look more stylish if you get them inked on all fingers.

Zodiac symbols have quite a significant meaning, and they guide and motivate each person differently. If you’re looking for a way to motivate yourself daily, maybe this specific finger tattoo will do the job. So get this cool tattoo, and flaunt your fingers in a uniquely artistic way.


Music Lovers Finger Tattoo

Music Finger Tattoo

If music plays a big part in your life, and if you have taken it as a career, this musical finger tattoo is perfect for you. You can try out different tattoo designs, such as a violin tattoo. On one finger, you can get a black inked violin, and on the other, you can get the bow (the stick used to play the violin). You could also get music notes tatted on all your fingers, or headphones. This tattoo can reflect the type of music you listen to and the journey of your life that includes music.

Ancient Tribal Sign Tattoos

tribal finger tattoo

If you have deep roots with an ancient tribe, you should get an ancient tribal sign tattoo on your fingers; this way, you can keep your tribal culture alive and make it known to the modern world. This tattoo consists of different tribal sign inked in black, some containing dots, upside-down triangles, lines, and many other symbols. The pattern and symbols depend on the origin of the tribe you have chosen to get inked. This tattoo usually appears on all fingers as it leaves you with a unique and stylish look.

Some people get this tattoo just for the fantastic design, even if they don’t have any connection with a specific tribe. These tattoos only give your fingers a striking artistic look, something you wouldn’t want to miss.


Printed Feather Finger Tattoo

Printed Feather Finger Tattoo

This printed feather finger tattoo is one of the coolest tattoos you will come across and leaves you with some fantastic imagery on your finger. This tattoo consists of a back inked patterned feather with a different small design made in the feather. The pattern brings out a feminine touch to the tattoo, making it perfect for girls.

Feather tattoos symbolize travel, courage, and freedom. If you want a few of these characteristics to shine in you, this tattoo will help portray you as a courageous and truthful person. This tattoo also has a deep connection with the Native American culture. So if you have roots that go back to the Native Americans, this tattoo is the best way to represent your roots and background.

Dotted Finger Tattoo

Dotted Finger Tattoo

Dotted finger tattoos are one of the most subtle and minimal finger tattoos that you will ever come across. This tattoo consists of two simple black inked dots that appear on the width of your finger. You can always add more than two or three dots to create a unique design. You could also get the dots tatted on all your five fingers for a stylish look and feel.

This tattoo signifies the transition in your life and how you have developed as a more robust and better person. It also helps you compare your problems to the world, reminding you that your problem isn’t as big as you’re making it and that you will get through it with time.


Talk Like a Gypsy

gypsy finger tattoo

This gypsy finger tattoo is another unique tattoo design that looks incredibly beautiful on your fingers. This tattoo includes different designs with dots and spikes inked in black. These appear in the middle of the finger and even near the nail area. You can choose to get just one finger tatted or try it on the three middle fingers. The use of black color in this tattoo pops up the design; however, you can choose to add some colored ink for an additional feature. This tattoo represents the free-spirited person you are and also symbolizes mystery and freedom.



Geometric Designs

geometric finger tattoo

Geometric designs also create some fantastic imagery on your finger and are one of the coolest finger tattoo designs. This tattoo consists of different geometric patterns inked in black that comprise of different small shapes and dots. These tattoos usually look great on the thumb and appear in the medial area of the thumb. Get both your thumbs tattooed to match the designs. If not the thumb, you can choose to get it tatted on any other finger as well.

Geometric tattoos symbolize harmony and the different elements present on the Earth. So get this powerful and beautiful-looking tattoo that will present you with some flawless fingers.




Will my finger tattoo hurt?

Yes, finger tattoos are quite painful just like any other tattoo, but compared to other parts, finger tattoos tend to cause more pain due to the bony area. It happens because areas that don’t have much muscles or fat are prone to more pain as the needle stings the bone. Finger tattoos might be very painful, but the results are worth enduring the temporary discomfort. Pain is a part of the tattoos process, and it’s honestly not worth it if you don’t experience any kind of pain, as that makes the process more symbolic.

How do I take proper care of my finger tattoo?

Finger tattoos require intensive care as they are at a very vulnerable area that makes a lot of movement. To take care of your finger tattoos, make sure to regularly moisturize them with a natural and chemical-free moisturizer. Remember to keep the area clean, and limit as much finger movement as you can. The more care you take of your finger tattoos, the faster it will heal, and longer it will stay.

How much do finger tattoos cost?

Finger tattoos usually cost around $50-$100, which isn’t entirely bad for a finger tattoo; however, other factors might affect the price, such as the design and the expertise of the tattoo artist. Some tattoo artists charge you on an hourly basis, so this means you could be spending more or less depending on the time taken to complete the tattoo. It becomes more expensive when you have to get a retouch done as finger tattoos require that. So think twice before getting a finger tattoo, as it does require a couple of savings.

Why do finger tattoos fade?

Fading is very common in finger tattoos. It happens due to the constant movement in our hands, and frequent contact with water as we wash our hands several times a day. Also, it happens due to less softness in your fingers, as it contains more bones than fatty skin. This is due to which the tattoo is most likely to fade away. However, you can go for regular tattoo touch-ups to maintain the tattoo on your finger.

Final Words

You can easily get a finger tattoo right away now that you are well aware of the different types of finger tattoos. Remember, finger tattoos are still one of the trendiest tattoos of 2020, and it’s something you wouldn’t want to miss. So hurry and get some fantastic finger art right away.