125 Music Tattoo Ideas to Rock Your Body

The music industry is one of the most thriving and diverse industries in the world that has a huge impact on people’s lives, both mentally and physically. It’s hard to resist something like music tattoos, as no matter how far away you are from listening to music and even if you don’t like it, it surely has impacted you some way or the other. Many people get music tattoos for different reasons.

For people who work in the music industry, music tattoos are quite meaningful as a musical tattoo signifies their passion and dedication to this thriving industry. People who love listening to music also get it, especially if there is a specific lyric that has impacted them. Some like to get musical instruments tatted, especially if they play it, or it may even have a bigger story to it. There is no one specific reason why someone would want to and should get a music tattoo.

There is a variety of music tattoo ideas you will come across over the internet, and it can get a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing one. So to help you out, we have collected some of the best music tattoo ideas that you should consider trying, along with their meanings.

Music Tattoos

The Meaning behind Music Tattoos


Anyone seen with a music tattoo makes it obvious he/she is a definite music lover. However, the real meaning of the tattoo may differ according to many things, such as the symbols and type of music tattoo. As mentioned earlier, there is a huge variety of music tattoos out there. You have to make sure to choose one that clicks with you, and the symbolism attached to it may give some meaning to you.

One of the most common music tattoos is musical notes tattoos. These are famous music symbols that portray musicians or their general love for music. The meaning of this tattoo has more to do with the story of the wearer and how and when music hit them. Besides, the meaning behind this specific tattoo is quite special and is something that many musicians and music lovers can relate to.

Some music tattoos symbolize the era you were born in or the type of music genre you like. For instance, some people would get cassette tapes tatted on their body to symbolize the era of music they belong to and enjoyed growing up. These tattoos give out a very vintage touch and meaning. Other symbolic music tattoo meanings lie within the type of instrument you get tatted. A specific instrument could hold a special meaning. It might remind you how you used to play that instrument with someone you lost or how you started your musical journey or career with that specific instrument.

If you opt for a unique music tattoo such as a play button tattoo, you will achieve something symbolic. Play button tattoos symbolize your love for modern music such as electronic and pop music. It also has a much deeper meaning than this, as it symbolizes how you should stop wasting your time and instead go out and play. The meaning of this tattoo is quite encouraging and motivational for people who want to start with their music career but are too afraid to do so.

As you can notice, the meanings behind music tattoos depend on the designs of the tattoo. Music tattoos do help create your personality, and these tattoos also help you connect with people who share the same love for music. No matter what type of music tattoo you go for, it will always have a deep meaning attached to it. This is how powerful the meaning of music tattoos is. Not to mention, music helps bring people together even if it’s in the form of a tattoo.Music Tattoos

Ideal Placements for Music Tattoos

When it comes to choosing the ideal placement for music tattoos, it’s not that difficult to choose one. Music tattoos are one of the most versatile tattoos, as there are so many designs that suit each part of your body. Choosing the right placement depends mainly on the type of tattoo you want and its size.

If you’re considering getting a small music tattoo, you can get one on your wrist, arms, neck, fingers, ankle, or near your collar bone. Small music tattoos like music notes or small instruments suit these areas. Music notes on the finger are a very common music tattoo and look incredibly unique and satisfying if you get them.

If you’re opting for a bigger music tattoo that may require more space, then you can choose to get it on your back, chest, stomach, sleeve, or thighs. If you want to go all out, you can get a whole music tattoo on your front body that would include different symbols and a lot of details. Small music tattoos are much more common and look much better. However, it is your choice, depending on what type of tattoo you may want to achieve.

Sometimes with so many design options, it can get a bit difficult settling on a perfect placement for your tattoo. Hence take your time to figure out the placement and make sure you feel comfortable with it. This also depends on whether or not you want your music tattoo to be visible. The best way to choose the right placement is by first selecting your music tattoo design from below, and then you can easily settle on the placement for the tattoo you’ve selected.

Music Tattoos

Music Tattoo Ideas

Scattered Music Notes Tattoos

Scattered Music Notes Tattoos

Are you looking for an overly subtle and unique design for your music tattoo? You’ve got to give this scattered music notes tattoo a try. This tattoo appears in one of the unique ways, making the tattoo more attractive to look at.

This tattoo consists of black inked music notes flowing in one direction. There are different types of music notes; you can always get as many as you want, depending on how much space you want to fill up.

This is one of the most flexible tattoos you will come across and perfectly symbolizes your love for music. It also helps showcase that you live life with the flow of music and that it’s the only thing that may help you get through tough times.

Rose Guitar Tattoo

Rose Guitar Tattoo

If you’re looking for a music tattoo that is quite expressive but subtle, you should go for this rose guitar tattoo. This tattoo features a black inked guitar with some amazing detailing that helps portray it as an old guitar.

Around the guitar wraps a long rose with soft green inked leaves. The detailing in this tattoo is breathtaking as it helps bring a vintage touch. This tattoo could mean a lot of things, but it looks more like a tribunal tattoo.

You could get this tattoo in remembrance of someone who used to play guitar or a famous country singer you liked. This tattoo may also showcase your love for playing this instrument if you’re not showcasing it as a tribunal tattoo.

Vintage Microphone Tattoo with Music Notes

Vintage Microphone Tattoo with Music Notes

You can also go for this vintage microphone tattoo with music notes, and achieve one of the coolest music tattoos. This tattoo consists of a black and grey inked microphone that looks almost real as ever due to the great shading.

Around the microphone are some black and brown inked music notes that are quite prominent and some black outlined stars that give out a pop star look.

This is one of the most common tattoos you will come across, but it never gets old, especially among celebrities and famous singers. Many people get this tattoo tatted on their wrist as it connects more with this microphone tattoo and adds more meaning to it.

High Definition Headphone Tattoo

High Definition Headphone Tattoo

If you’re a music freak who can’t survive the day without listening to your daily jams, we’ve got the right tattoo for you. You can go for this high definition headphone tattoo and achieve one of the best music tattoos that suit your music lifestyle.

This tattoo incorporates 3D like headphones inked in black with some red detailing. In the middle of the headphones, the artist has portrayed a red-inked heartbeat. It showcases the loudness and your heartbeat rate that flows with the rhythm of the music.

There are also a few black inked music notes in the middle. There is a lot of shadowing in this tattoo to give it a 3D effect, which makes this tattoo so unique and hard to miss out on. This tattoo is quite symbolic as it represents your obsession with listening to music daily.

It also shows you’re a person who uses music to block away from all the negative thoughts and reality they’re not ready to face. You’ll regret missing out on a tattoo with such deep meaning and artistic appearance.

Watercolor Music Tattoo

Watercolor Music Tattoo

If you want to add some color to your music tattoo, then you’ve got to try out this watercolor music tattoo. This tattoo consists of a musical note and ledger lines inked in black. The tattoo artist has splashed some watercolors over the lines, s, like blue, pink, and orange, to give it a colorful touch. The watercolor tattooing technique is one of the coolest techniques that tattoo artists love to use, and look amazingly good on simple tattoos such as this one. Again, this tattoo showcases your love for music and gives people a hint that you have a good ear for music.

Lyrical Music Tattoo

Lyrical Music Tattoo

The lyrics used in different songs are a big attraction for too many people, and mostly it is the lyrics that make people fall in love with the concept of creating music. Every one of us has a favorite lyric from our daily jams. If you want the perfect music tattoo, you can express your love for your favorite lyrics by getting it tatted in this lyrical music tattoo. This tattoo includes a black inked ledger line with musical notes inked in black and white.

Over the lines, your favorite lyrics of the song you’ve chosen will appear in black ink. These lyrics can be anything, but you must choose one that you can reflect upon or something that may push you in life to feel good and do good things. This is quite a meaningful tattoo and something that music lovers should not miss out on.


music tattoos

music tattoos

music tattoo designs


How much will it cost to get a music tattoo?

Music tattoos aren’t that expensive and usually cost what most tattoos cost. However, the cost will depend on the size and design of the tattoo. If you’re going for a small music tattoo on your finger, then you may have to pay around $60-$100. But if you’re going for a big music tattoo that might take up your whole body, you will have to be ready to pay around $200-$500. The cost also depends on the place you’re getting your tattoo from as some tattoo artists charge on an hourly basis that could make a big difference to the price.

Is it okay to apply Vaseline on my fresh tattoo?

After you’ve got your music tattoo, you can apply Vaseline on it, but only if your tattoo has fully healed. It is best not to rush with applying Vaseline unless the skin around your tattoo starts to dry up severely. Otherwise, Vaseline isn’t necessary.


Now that you’ve come across the best music tattoo ideas and have an idea of the meaning behind these tattoos, you shouldn’t hesitate to get one. These tattoos are the ideal choice for you if you’re a music fanatic, and if you can connect to it, it’s always good to get a tattoo that you can relate too.

With so many different options available, choosing the right design shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure to take your time in choosing the right one else you might end up not liking the design. So hurry up, get in the rhythm, and choose the best musical tattoo with these fantastic music tattoo ideas.