75 Lock and Key Tattoos that Will Make You Feel Secured

Lock and key tattoos are quite popular among tattoo fanatics, especially couples and best friends, who love to adorn their skin with matching symbols. Nowadays, many people get both the lock and key tatted on their bodies, and it looks incredibly beautiful. The lock and key are two very symbolic tattoos, and when they appear together in one design, it becomes even more meaningful.

There are many meanings attached to lock and key tattoos, and you will find a variety of lock and key tattoo designs as they are very versatile. You may have a hard time choosing a design as each tattoo looks extremely beautiful. Lock and key tattoos are considered to be one of the best tattoos to express the strong bond and love two people share, whether they are friends or a couple.

If you plan on getting a tattoo of a lock and key, scroll below and go through some of the top lock and key tattoo ideas along with their meanings and the perfect placement for it.


The Meaning behind Lock and Key Tattoo


Lock and key tattoo have a powerful meaning that makes it even harder to resist getting it as your next body tag. Many people create their interpretations, which is totally fine as the whole point is to get a tattoo that reflects your personality and express your thoughts.

The first meaning it holds is very metaphorical, as it symbolizes success and knowledge. You can gain knowledge/access when you unlock the door with a key; especially when a person opens up to you, only then you can discover their true personality. Hence, without the key, you cannot get access to the locked door. This tattoo also symbolizes power, as whoever has the key in their hand is an authoritative figure, and they have the advantage to unlock the “doors” at any time. The tattoo also represents good luck.

One of the primary meanings attached to the lock and key tattoo is the path of love. When a couple unlocks (knows) the different sides of each other’s personality, they get to know each other better. They accept each other with all their flaws and build a strong bond. Many couples get this as a matching tattoo; one gets a tattoo of the lock, and the other partner gets the key inked. This showcases that both of them complete each other, just like a lock and key.

This tattoo also symbolizes freedom as the lock holds you back from many possibilities, but the key helps you let loose and reach those possibilities. It is okay if you do not relate to the meanings mentioned above; your tattoo may hold a special meaning or symbolize something unique to you. Any lock and key tattoo you get will look meaningful from just the looks of it.

Ideal Placement for Lock and Key Tattoo

With so much variety in the lock and key tattoo designs, you can choose to get this tattoo anywhere on your body. The ideal place for this type of tattoo is the arm, especially if people are going for one that is big. If you are going for a small design that includes a mini lock and key, you can get it tatted on your fingers, wrist, earlobe, or neck. A big lock and key tattoo looks perfect on the chest, leg, and back. There is no specific place where you need to get your lock and key tattoo inked; it depends on whether you want your tattoo to be visible.

People usually wear lock and key tattoos as matching tattoos; hence couples get them in different areas of the body. However, some tend to match the placement as well. No matter where you get your lock and key tattoo inked, the meaning of the tattoo will always make it look beautiful and adorable. Once you select the right lock and key tattoo design from below, choosing the ideal placement for it will not be a problem.

Main Types of Lock and Key Tattoos

There is a variety of lock and key tattoos; mentioned below are some of the types that might give you an idea on what type of tattoo you want:

  • Floral Lock and Key Tattoos
  • Skeleton Lock and Key Tattoos
  • Watercolor Lock and Key Tattoos
  • Matching Lock and Key Tattoo
  • Three keys Lock and key tattoos

Lock and Key Tattoo Ideas

Unlocking Jewels

Unlocking Jewels

This tattoo features a vintage key inked in yellow, pointing to a diamond with a lock opening. The diamond includes blue ink and represents the lock. It is quite a unique tattoo and has a very feminine touch to it. The tattoo means unlocking your real personality. The diamond could represent your peaceful and beautiful nature, hidden from the world. This may also represent that only you can unlock the door to happiness and bring joy to your life. This tattoo will look incredible on your forearm.

Owl Lock and Key Tattoo

Owl Lock and Key Tattoo

This owl lock and key tattoo is one of a kind and holds a strong meaning. This tattoo includes a black and gray inked owl holding onto a black key with its claws (talons), and a red-inked heart-shaped lock under its wings. It looks as if the owl is protecting the lock. The owl in this tattoo symbolizes the guardian of secrets and wisdom. It showcases the secrets that you hold and also showcases how you have kept many secrets safe with you.

Floral Lock and Key Tattoo

This floral lock and key tattoo is lovely to look at and includes a gray inked lock and key. In the middle are some flowers inked in purple that flow around the lock and key. You can always change the color if you want different types of flowers. This tattoo has a similar meaning to a lock and key tattoo, but it mostly represents how you open up before the people you love, as the flower symbolizes love. This tattoo is perfect for you if you have someone worthy enough for your love.

Tiny Matching Lock and Key Tattoo

Tiny Matching Lock and Key Tattoo

This lock and key tattoo are perfect for you if you want to get a matching tattoo with your better half. This tattoo includes mini black inked lock and key; the lock has a heart shape. This tattoo represents the love you have for your partner and showcases how you can be yourself and express your real emotions when you are with each other. It also shows how your other half knows you the best and vice versa. You can also get this matching tattoo with your best friend. This tattoo will look perfect on the fingers.

Dove and Three Keys Tattoo

Dove and Three Keys Tattoo

If you are looking for a unique and symbolic tattoo, this dove and three keys tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo includes a black and gray inked dove holding a pair of three chained vintage keys by its mouth. The three keys in this tattoo symbolize the path you have taken to unlock love, wealth, and health. It showcases that you may have already found these three things in life. It also symbolizes good luck. This tattoo symbolizes many things, and you can also come up with your own meaning. The perfect place for this tattoo is your back or rib cage.

Skull Lock and Key Tattoo

If you are in a mood of getting a dark and dramatic tattoo, this skull lock and key tattoo is the ideal choice for you. This tattoo includes a black and gray inked skull with a vintage lock and key inked in black and gray near the skull. The detailing done in this tattoo is incredible and brings out the realistic feature in it. This tattoo symbolizes gothic traditions. It can also symbolize how deep down you may have a dark personality, and it’s only visible to those who are close to you. The ideal spot for this tattoo is your arm.


Will lock and key tattoos look good on men?

Of course, anyone can get the lock and key tattoos. There are many masculine designs like the lock and key skull tattoos or those that have back and gray ink. Men can perfectly show off a lock and key tattoo on their feet or arm.


Final Thoughts

You can now achieve the perfect lock and key tattoo with the help of some of these exciting ideas, especially now that you also know what this tattoo means. If you want something precious and symbolic, you are making the right decision by getting a lock and key tattoo. So do not waste any more time thinking and get your cute lock and key inked on your body right away.