95 Creative Triangle Tattoo Ideas to Express Yourself

Triangular tattoos are very unrestricted, and you cannot generalize the meaning behind them. On top of the basic triangle, you have to make your own personal additions so that you can easily convey the meaning behind your tattoo. The triangular tattoo can have lots of different meanings. A cross in the middle of the triangle would make it a vivid representation of the trinity – a good choice if you feel connected to the Christian faith.

The Meaning behind Triangular Tattoos

Adorning the triangle with Norse imagery while changing it to an interlocking triangle would make it recognizable as a Valknut. Vikings believed this symbol helped the fallen in battle on their journey to Valhalla. This design will be very compelling for you if you are a Viking enthusiast, both for its deep meaning and attractive look.

If you want, you can also use the opportunity to try and express your masculinity or femininity through the tattoo. Making it rough around the edges, adding a sufficient amount of shading, and using darker hues would fulfill the purpose for one sex, while a smoother design and more colorful and cheerful shades would do it for the other.

Your tattoo doesn’t need to have any meaning either. If you just want to have something that looks cool on your body, then it really is up to you. A 3D design or a space-themed design would work best with a purpose like that.Triangle Tattoo

Where to get a triangular tattoo

Unlike a lot of other tattoos, the triangular design is usually not so large that it would require an arm or the back as a canvas. Sometimes, they contain such a lack of detail that they could easily fit on your palm, the back of your hand, or maybe even on your thumb.

That is not to say that you can get them as miniature only. For example, a continuous pattern of small triangles on the back, chest, leg, or any large area of the body will result in a beautiful, seemingly never-ending geometric mosaic.

 Another way you can display the triangular tattoo on a large part of your body is simply by sizing up the miniature triangle. This design is more suitable for people who lean more towards the expressive side rather than just wanting to have a cool tattoo that looks good.

Designs for a Triangular Tattoo

Space Triangle Design

The Space triangle design is a detailed and colorful design. Naturally, space-themed colors, such as black, blue, purple, and pink, are excessively used. If you want, however, you can get a less detailed image if, for example, you are low on cash. Some people also prefer a minimalistic design. You can also ask for just a single star, galaxy, or solar system as part of the triangle. That way, you can still express your love of space.

Eye of Providence Triangular Tattoo

This is an extremely popular tattoo design and is easily recognizable, even outside the circle of tattoo enthusiasts. This is not only a cool design that appeals to many, but it also has some religious meaning behind it. It depicts the eye of God watching over humanity.

For a lot of people, just a simple triangle with an eye in the middle is more than enough. Others tend to go to extremes to get their desired effect. You could go for a simple design like most people. A more complicated piece is also okay. The problem is that these detailed designs don’t look good on all people. Only certain people with certain body types can pull off the look.

Geometric Triangle Tattoo Designs

The geometric design consists of linear formations inside the main triangle. This can often combine to make up several other triangles or maybe even completely different shapes. A square and a circle inside the main triangle would make it an accurate representation of the philosopher’s stone symbol. Fans of the Harry Potter series could also get a line and circle inside the main triangle as the symbol of the deathly hallows.

Larger designs would allow you to add more details to the tattoo. Curves and tangents around the tattoo would serve to give it a geometric feel. It would actually look quite good and would be a great addition to your body, especially if you are a math enthusiast.

Scenery and Terrain Tattoo

While a lot of tattoos focus on certain designs and patterns, this type of tattoo does not. Its focus is to portray various landscapes and resemble miniature paintings. Some consist of mountains and hilly terrain, while others tend to focus on architecture.

Sometimes, the triangle serves as a frame encasing various scenes. It partially resembles a window and works like one too; a window through which you can steal a glance into the forbidden views of another world.

These tattoos are not completely devoid of symbolism, however. Often, you will come across a lone tree or moon in the middle of a field or something like that. You can use these tattoos either to display a place very important or dear to you or simply to express some clever ideas using the art of tattoo.

Penrose Triangle Tattoo Ideas

The Penrose triangle, also known as the “Impossible Tribar,” is a three-dimensional optical illusion, which has a triangle that seemingly never ends. In recent years, it has become an integral part of the tattoo industry, and you can see a lot of people wearing it. You could get this tattoo on your wrist or forearm. It is up to you how detailed you want it to be. Some people will be more than happy with just a simple Penrose triangle with some minute garnish around the edges. Others may prefer a more detailed design with other geometric patterns within or around the triangle in order to enlarge it.

The triangle itself is an impossible figure. For it to exist, you have to violate certain rules of geometry. Thus, it represents impossibility –a broken Penrose triangle may then symbolize the breach of impossibility. Something like that will be perfect for you if you are someone who likes to reach new heights and take on new challenges in life.

 Waves and the Ocean

The “waves triangular tattoo” doesn’t have as many variations to it as a regular triangular tattoo might. It usually comprises a single triangle with a single wave spilling slightly out of its triangular frame. This tattoo, like the eye of providence tattoo, is also very common.

People with love for the sea will usually have it adorned at someplace where others can see their passion and know their interests. Of course, some may only get this tattoo because they think it looks cool and not because they entertain some deep passion for the sea. The fact that this tattoo is easily recognizable could also play to your advantage if you are a sociable person, as it could help strike up a conversation.

3-D Triangular Tattoos

3-D tattoos are not a new trend. They have been around for quite some time. Artists make use of shading and other techniques in order to give the tattoo a three-dimensional effect. 3-D triangles are an integral part of optical illusions. You can ask the tattooist to give your tattoo such an effect. That way, you will have something slick-looking on your body as well as something to trick and impress family and friends with.

Architecture and geometry enthusiasts can also take advantage of the three-dimensional triangular tattoo to create custom designs of their own. They can ask the tattoo artist to construct the structure on their arm, leg, back, etc.

Flower Tattoos


The flower tattoo is not at all befitting of the description “unique.” It does not have any creative elements to it and may look boring and exciting to a lot of people. Many enthusiasts like unique designs that would not work unless they were created in the tattoo format.

 If, however, you are not of this opinion, then this tattoo is the right choice for you. It is not as unique as it is unconventional. Most people get it simply as an image of flowers within a triangular frame. If you like flowers but find the usual way too uninteresting, then you could add your own touches to give your tattoo a more daring look. For example, you could make the stems of the flower spill out of the frame. Or you could have the entire tattoo in black and grey if, perhaps, you are trying to convey some message through your tattoo.

Multiple Triangle Tattoo

You can use this tattoo to convey a lot of meanings. Depending on their placement, they could make up various patterns. As it is a fairly simple design, you can play around with the placement, size, and number of triangles on a notebook or a computer. If you are a fan of patterns, then you can arrange the triangles with the corners touching each other so that they form a uniform pattern across the tattooing area. The tattoo artist will adjust and apply the finished product for you.

Animal Triangles

Wildlife enthusiasts will find this idea quite pleasing. It involves encasing the picture of a wild animal inside a triangular frame. This is mostly a lion or mountain goat. However, you can get whatever animal you like. The image is usually exaggerated and fantastical. Getting a colored image is also an option though it would be better for you to get a black and grey version. This way, you can entertain your passion as a wildlife enthusiast while also retaining that tattoo feel.

David’s Star Tattoo

David’s star is a well-known international icon and is recognized as the symbol of modern-day Judaism. The artists form it by linking two ends of six equilateral triangles, leaving a hexagon in between. Jews and sympathizers of Judaism will find this tattoo very appealing. There is no rule, however. You can also get one just for the sake of looking cool. The Nazis forced Jewish citizens in occupied Europe to wear the star during the second world war. So, they adopted it as their signature as the Christians have done with the cross. For them, it symbolizes heroism and martyrdom.

If you’re not okay with a simple star, you can ask the artist to include some shading and scratch marks. Your tattoo will look more robust and will have a more rough feel to it.


Does getting a tattoo hurt less the second time?

There will not be a decrease in the intensity of the physical pain. It mainly depends on where you are getting your tattoo and how skilled the tattooist is. There is a good chance that you will be less shocked and will suffer less mental damage. This is because you will already have built up sufficient mental tolerance from the first time and will be expecting the amount of pain you receive.

Is getting a tattoo safe?

Getting a tattoo doesn’t pose any threats to you if you don’t suffer from any sort of skin disease. If so, your skin may react violently with the ink causing you to require the attention of a health specialist. If you are sure that this is not the case, however, then health-wise, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get a tattoo.

Will getting a tattoo send me into shock?

If you have a low tolerance to physical pain, then the endorphins released by the brain into your bloodstream can result in your blood sugar dropping. This can lead to nausea and fainting. The shock from tattooing is however, quite rare.

Final Thoughts

While the prospect of getting a tattoo is exciting (especially if it is your first time), It is dangerous to lose yourself in the moment. Think carefully about what you want to get so that you don’t regret it later on. Also, be aware of the worth of your tattoo so that you don’t get swindled. It might hurt, and you might faint, but it is alright if you are okay with it and don’t panic if some mishap occurs. Your excitement may result in the situation worsening. Therefore, keep a cool head and get a tattoo.