95 Minimalist Constellation Tattoo Ideas You Can’t Miss Out On

Constellation has been in the mix since the start of many different cultures. However, in recent years, it has become popular due to advanced technology in the tattooing industry. Constellation tattoos have become a trend. These tattoos have a strong connection with space; surely, all the space lovers are already considering this tattoo. But, constellation tattoos are a few of the only minimalist tattoos out there that suit everyone.

You will understand this when you go through the meaning of constellation tattoos. Constellation tattoos also have a lot to do with your horoscope sign. Even if some people don’t believe in horoscope, they are still likely to get this type of tattoo. You will come across a million constellation tattoo ideas. To help you out, we have categorized some of the top constellation tattoo ideas and their meanings.


The Meaning behind Constellation Tattoos

Constellation tattoos come with a variety of real meanings, and people would get it for many reasons. Even today, many tattoo enthusiasts love to adorn their skins with constellation tattoos. The obsession with constellation tattoos has developed due to its minimalist design. So many people don’t even give that much importance to the meaning.

Constellation tattoos signify guidance and finding your way back home. Before the invention of compasses, sailors and other people would use stars as a source of navigation. Getting a tattoo of a constellation reminds you that no matter how lost you may feel right now, you will always find your back home, even if home means your soul.

Moreover, constellation tattoos also have a meaning of mystery attached to it. Many people observe the universe as a mysterious existence and continue to learn more regarding it. Constellation tattoos symbolize the mysterious nature of the universe we live in. One of the most beautiful meanings associated with constellation tattoos is the connection between people and different things. Constellation tattoos symbolize humans’ connection with things as a constellation cannot exist if not connected with other stars.

 Hence, just like start need each other to stay connected and create something beautiful, so do humans. If you want a relationship to work, you have to stay connected. Thus, constellation tattoos are a beautiful way to portray your love or relationship with someone close to you. Otter things constellation tattoos represent are good luck, protection, hope, and guidance.

One of the attractive meanings is guidance as contestation tattoos guide you through the different struggles in life and help you find what you’re looking for in life. Now that you’re aware of the beautiful meanings behind constellation tattoos, are you willing to get this beautiful piece of art tatted on your body?

Ideal Placement for Constellation Tattoos

Constellation tattoos are one of the most versatile tattoos designs you will come across. You can get these tattoos anywhere on your body as constellation tattoos have various designs and look good almost anywhere. It does get a bit confusing with so many placement options to choose the ideal spot for your body tag. The common placements for constellation tattoos are the wrist, forearm, collar bone, shoulders, lower abdomen, thigh, and feet.

 If you incorporate a bigger constellation tattoo with various elements, you can consider getting it tatted on your back or thigh. These tattoos are ideal for you, as even if you don’t want to show it off, you can easily get it on your stomach or chest. This way, it will stay covered under any piece of clothing. Once you choose the right constellation tattoo design from below, you can easily choose the correct placement. Make sure to choose a spot that allows the artists to construct the tattoo properly and a place that you will feel comfortable with.

Constellation Tattoo Ideas

Watercolor Constellation tattoo

Adding color to your constellation tattoos is one of the most exciting decisions you can make. This watercolor constellation tattoo is the perfect choice for you to achieve something unique and vibrant in your tattoo. It consists of a black inked constellation inked with stars, moons, a heart, and one planet. The background features the watercolor technique showcasing a colorful galaxy.

The galaxy’s inked background includes blue, sea green, purple, and pink ink. The tattoo artist has made some minimal detailing in the background using white ink to add more depth. This tattoo is perfect for those who are absolute space lovers and are truly obsessed with galaxies.

Crystal Moon Constellation Tattoo

Crystal Moon Constellation Tattoo

If you want to try something extraordinary and mysterious, you must go for this crystal moon constellation tattoo. This tattoo features a grayish inked moon filled with a mixture of brown and black ink. Over the moon is a piece of white crystal inked in white and outlined in black. Across both objects is a linear constellation that fits perfectly. This tattoo represents mystery and makes you question the existence of many things. If you want to portray yourself as a mysterious person, this tattoo is ideal for you.

A Cluster of Constellations Tattoo

A Cluster of Constellations Tattoo

Do you want to get beautiful imagery of different constellation tatted on your body? If yes, then you should go for this cluster of constellations tattoo. This tattoo includes multiple constellations inked in black ink. The constellations appear in different directions and shapes, indicating a beautiful cluster of stars. This tattoo is the perfect choice for you if you love the constellation stars and want to feature that in your style and personality. You can portray the constellations the way you like or use this exact design.

Naturist Constellation Tattoo

Naturist Constellation Tattoo

If you want to go all out with your constellation tattoo and try out something mind-blowing, you must go for this naturist constellation tattoo. This tattoo includes a beautiful view of a forest inked in black and grey with a few mountains and a fireplace. There is also a wolf inked in black with a minimal constellation design in the mountains.

This tattoo is one of a kind, and you will need to get it done by an experienced and professional tattoo artist. You will have to choose a placement like your chest or back for such an elaborative design so that the tattoo artists can freely design this tattoo on your body. This tattoo symbolizes your love and appreciation for nature.

Matching Constellation Tattoo

Getting the same tattoo as your loved one or best friend is exciting; it’s a beautiful representation of your relationship. If you’re looking for a meaningful matching/couple tattoo, you must go for this matching constellation tattoo. This tattoo involves a minimal constellation tattoo inked in black. You can choose how you want the constellations to appear, but it has to match the same way it is on the person you’re matching it with.

This could be the love of your life, your family member, or best friend. Getting a matching constellation tattoo portrays the bond between you and the person you’re matching it with. It also represents the hardships both of you have gone through and overcame them together. This tattoo represents how you have to stay connected for a relationship to flourish and grow stronger.



How much do constellation tattoos cost?

Most constellation tattoos are small in size, so if you’re going for a very minimal constellation tattoo, it will cost you around $100-$250. The prices increase if you get a complicated constellation tattoo with many elements. The cost can go up to $300-$500. The price differs at every tattoo parlor, depending on how experienced they are. Some tattoo parlors charge per hour, which also makes a big difference in the tattoo cost.

Should you tip the tattoo artist?

There is no hard and fast rule about tipping tattoo artists, but many people like to do it out of courtesy to appreciate their amazing tattooing skills. If you plan to tip your tattoo artists, you should always tip them at least 20 percent of the price they charged. But, it’s up to you on how much you want to tip them.

Do I have to bring anything to my tattoo appointment?

There’s nothing necessary that you need to bring to your appointment. But it’s always good to stay prepared. Hence you should always carry an extra pair of socks, a jacket, and extra clothing if you don’t feel comfortable or if ink gets spilled on your clothes. Sometimes people tend to get cold during their appointment; so, carrying a sweater is a good idea.


With the help of these marvelous constellation tattoo ideas, you can now finally achieve the tattoo of your dreams. The best part is that the meanings behind these tattoos are so realistic; hence anyone who gets this tattoo can relate to it. Make sure to select a design that clicks with you and suits the area you plan to get it tatted on. So hurry and book your tattoo appointment to achieve one of the most mesmerizing tattoos looks.