95 Lucky Frog Tattoo Ideas That Will Inspire You

Tattoos are one of the most versatile types of body artworks. It is worth mentioning that frog tattoos are an adorable tattoo design. The first thing that often comes to mind when you hear the word frog is the color green. A great thing about frog tattoos is that they could take any symbol, design, and style. For example, there’re many frog tattoos that are very elegant in nature.

 They are quite popular and most you might have seen the tattoo of a frog without noticing. Also, keep in mind that frog tattoos are not only highly symbolic, but they are also very cute, and fun.

In most cases, they’re often displayed as armbands, on the ankles, lower back, shoulders, chest and upper back.

Despite the several different ways you can draw frog tattoos, they could also mean a number of things to different people. Although their most common depictions are often the frog on a lily pad or the famous red-eyed tree frog, keep in mind that tribal frogs are also growing immensely in popularity these days.

It is worth mentioning that tribal frogs are representative of a deep connection with the elements, growth, change, as well as transformation. You can ink a peace frog with the beautiful wings of an angel in order to closely resemble the artwork of various hippies from the 60s. It is worth mentioning that these frogs are also symbolic of peace, tolerance, and love.

On the other hand, the Celtic frog tattoos tend to get their main inspiration from Celtic tradition. These tattoos represent restoration and healing.

Frog Tattoos


Dating far back to ancient Egyptians, Heket was the revered Egyptian frog deity. She was an important fertility goddess known for breathing life into all newborns. On the other hand, in many Native American tribes, the frog is considered the symbol of change and transformation. Metaphorically, transformation enables the frog to walk in two different worlds. And through incredible self-evolution a frog emerges as the victor of water and it becomes very adept at land life as well as an adult.

As a result, sticking with this key theme, it’s easy to see and understand why many individuals who have experienced a major change in their life are often drawn to frog tattoos. The frog is also a symbol of fertility in various cultures.

Also, keep in mind that Tsimshian folks have long believed strongly that a frog is the link between humans and Mother Earth. The Mayans and Aztecs especially associated the frog with rain – and this equates to growth in agricultural in that part of the world.

To these people, the frog was considered a rain bringer. And note that many legends even claim that the frog was a rainmaker.  And as a result, the frog in this regard was symbolic of life – in particular, symbolic of the healthy continuation of life.

So, if you love frogs and are thinking about getting a frog tattoo, then you should take a careful look at some of the following frog tattoo ideas.

Black and Grey


The gorgeous and striking tree frog tattoo is performed meticulously in the famous black and gray technique. It will look quite distinct and overwhelming, especially on the inner lower part of your hand. It is ideal for men who have beefy hands. Tree spreading roots rather than the feet exhibit the wonderful and superb capability of this amazing creature to undergo metamorphosis.

Keep in mind that this is one of the key features of this tattoo design and provides it plenty of creativity and originality, which you will love.

Blue Frog


If frogs are cute and adorable, then there is no denying that blue ones are more fun. For example, this pretty tattoo looks 3 dimensional. It is worth mentioning that all the shadows coupled with the breathtaking blue and black combination make this tattoo design even more interesting. This tattoo will look great on your arms, chest and back. So are you ready to get one?

Frog Tattoo Resembling a Butterfly


This splendid and eye catching frog tattoo is inked in blue color on the lower back. Although at an initial glance it may look like a butterfly, it is only illusion. You can notice 4 petite bluish frogs with sophisticated black lines, if you observe closely. This is what gives elegance and gracefulness to this image, and it perfectly goes in tandem with frogs.

Monochrome Tree Frog


This huge monochrome tree frog tattoo is stretched beautifully along the side of a female’s body. The design is bold and this image is often chosen by tattoo enthusiasts who’re fancy of minimalism and are also eager for changes. They look for something offbeat and unconventional, and this is ideal because the frog is often believed by many to be the outset of new energy, life, and prosperity.

Green Frog


The cute and minimalist frog tattoo is inked in the middle of a foot. The design stands out because of its sheer simplicity. It is worth mentioning that the beautiful blend of all various shades of green, dainty curved stems and subdued colors make this tattoo very attractive. In case you cannot stand the sight of acid-bright colors, then this design can become a part of you.

Japanese Frog


This is a beautiful Japanese frog, and it’s believed by many to bring good luck for people who wear it. We love the contrast, the starts as well as the wide array of colors on this design, which makes the tattoo oh-so-fabulous! Wouldn’t you like to get one on you? It looks amazing.



Are you looking for some creativity? Foot prints? Can you ask for more cuteness! Here is a great tip – let the cute frog start on side of the waist, and then you will see its foot prints leading to a gorgeous flower pad. Isn’t it adorable? You should go and get it right now!

Frog on Waves

This astonishing frog tattoo inked in vibrant colors on the arm makes this design attention-grabbing and appealing. Note that the green frog on the beautiful bluish wave seems so realistic, and it seems like the animal is actually on a surfboard. The attention to detail in this design is awesome.

It is worth mentioning that the glorious and detailed shadowing of the tidal wave is great: the transition from deep-blue to green and the unique black outline really stand out in this design among others.

Frog Tattoo

3D Frog Tattoo

This extravagant and bold 3D frog tattoo is inked well in deep green. In addition, the inclusion of purple and yellowish colors perfectly decorates the inner part of the hand. It is mesmerizing to look at. The tattoo looks totally realistic as well as extraordinary at the same time, and can suit those individuals who are seeking something offbeat and unconventional.

This type of frog tattoo design really characterizes its owner, as an individual with an out of the box mindset and behavior.

3D Frog Tattoo

Tribal Frog

This tribal frog tattoo is most appropriate to show off your love for classy and quirky stuff. We love and adore how abstract the entire art is, while keeping the important ‘frog’ factor alive at the same time. There is plenty of detail that you can admire in this design. If you are a fan of black, then this design is perfect for you as it looks stunning.


Mini Frog

The awesome and miniature frog tattoo design is great to look at. It is on the nape and will look great on almost anyone. It is ideal for people who are looking for something simple. This wriggly and tiny creature climbing up with ease can fit for people who are looking for something creative as well as diminutive.

Regardless of its small size, this climbing and the agile green frog has great symbolical meaning behind, as it tends to signify the way to your enlightenment and emotional awakening.



These were some of the amazing frog tattoo ideas that you will like. In many cases, the frog designs would be applied with a variety of bold colors, especially those that have more details. It’s highly advised that you contact a professional tattoo artist if you want a colored frog.

The frog tattoo design would only look elegant and unique if the artist applies it correctly.

 In order to ensure that you really enjoy and appreciate your tattoo and that the tattoo appears elegant and bold as well, you would like to make sure that you find a professional tattoo artist who is experienced. Great for people of all age groups, this great art work on the skin will absolutely grab many eye balls.