115 Flash Tattoo Ideas to Try Out Now

Originally if you ended up going to a tattoo parlor uncertain about what design you want to get, you would end up getting a flash tattoo. Flash tattoos are drawn tattoo designs on a piece of sheet or cardboard, and usually hung on the shop’s walls. These are ready to go tattoo designs which you can choose on the spot and the tattoo artist can easily copy it and tattoo you. If you want to get a tattoo quickly, then flash tattoos would be the ideal choice.

 You can even get a customized flash tattoo upon request. These tattoos are quite unique and include some of the most exotic designs. There is a lot of history attached to flash tattoos and how they were a major thing back in the early days. This is what makes this tattoo even more special and interesting to get. If you want to get a flash tattoo, read further below. Mentioned below is everything you need to learn about flash tattoos, and you will also come across some amazing designs for your next tattoo.tattoo flash

The Meaning behind Flash Tattoo


Flash tattoos are also about getting your tattoos done in one sitting, and you’re out in a flash. All you have to do is select a pre-drawn tattoo design known as a flash tattoo, and your tattoo artist does it then and there. The designs present on flash tattoos have a lot of western style and approach as they derive from the western origin, making this style very old and vintage.

A very interesting meaning behind flash tattoos is how they originated and kept a secret. Way before tattoos became a popular thing, and was accepted by society, it was great risk to carry out tattooing in America. This is why any tattoo artist would set up discreet tattooing shops in the back rooms of a pool hall, bar, or any low-key place. The tattoo artist would carry all the necessary tools in a bag and have the own flash tattoo sheet hung on the walls, so that as soon as a customer came in they could just  pick one design and get done instantly.

 One of the main purposes of a flash tattoo sheet was so that the tattoo artist could easily pack up their deigns and be gone in a flash if the police decided to show up or crash, as tattooing wasn’t quite legal and open back then. Hence; there is a lot of secrecy and mystery attached to flash tattoos, and these are the two major symbolisms you can live by and apply to your daily lives, especially if you’re a closed book. Getting a flash tattoo might give people the idea of your secretive characteristics and nature.

Flash tattoos sheets are used till today and hung around tattoo parlors as it adds to the décor and aesthetic of a tattoo shop. A tattoo parlor without flash tattoo sheets doesn’t really look like the ideal tat store; hence flash tattoo sheets are a big representation of a tattoo parlor and helps make a tattoo shop stand out from the rest.

There are numerous meanings behind flash tattoos and these differ with the designs you choose. You will come across many vintage designs from birds, and skulls to flowers that all have different meanings.  Flowers are one of the most popular flash tattoo designs mainly used by women. These tattoos signify a sense of nature, and also represent a beautiful transformation. If you want to showcase a specific transformation in your tattoo, a flower flash tattoo is the perfect way to do that. You can also go for prominent flash tattoos such as animal tattoos that may come with other designs. If you want to stay subtle you can choose more delicate designs such as snowflakes or stars. These delicate flash tattoos add a sense of uniqueness and subtleness, and also come with a lot of individual meaning

The meanings behind flash tattoos are very diverse, especially as you have so many designs to choose from. This of course depends on the type of tattoo parlor you go to and the number of designs they showcase. But each flash tattoo design is always interesting and filled with details. Once you choose a design you can incorporate any meaning you want. But, the true meaning that outshines in flash tattoos is secrecy, and aesthetic.

flash tattoos

Ideal Placement Options for Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos are very diverse; hence when it comes to choosing a placement you have many options. For your flash tattoo to look good once tatted you have to make sure you choose the correct placement. When choosing where to place your tattoo you must consider the design and size of your tattoo. If you are going for a small delicate flash tattoo such as of a star, moon or any symbol, then you can get it on your wrist, fingers, hands, behind the ear, neck, or in the collar bone area.

 If you’re going for a bigger flash tattoo then you must choose a place that will allow the tattoo artist to properly tattoo the design according to the size you want. For such tattoos placements such as the back, chest, stomach, thighs, legs, hands, and neck is perfect.  You have so many placement options, and you will have many designs to choose from as well.

 This might make it a bit overwhelming and confusing to you when it comes to choosing. But make sure the placement you choose is according to the design. Once you have your tattoo design in front of you on the flash tattoo sheet you can easily select the placement accordingly.

Flash Tattoo Designs

Skeleton Claws Flash Tattoo

You will come across many simple and subtle designs in flash tattoos, but one of the most interesting and meaningful ones is this skeleton claws flash tattoo. This tattoo includes a section’s hand outlined in black ink, with the rest of the design showcased with negative space. This tattoo is very symbolic as it represents that you’re feisty and will fight back at anything. It also symbolizes a protective side of you, and how your will guard and shield anything or anyone that means the most to you. The tattoo artist has carried out many interesting details within the hand which makes it very realistic and unique.

The Silent Serpent Flash Tattoo

This next design consists of the silent serpent flash tattoo which is a good choice if you want to go subtle. This tattoo comprises of an outlined snake with its tail twirled in a spiral design, and the artist has included some lines within the tail of the snake. There are also a few black dots to showcase the mouth of the snake, as there are no eyes or tongue tattooed.

 This tattoo symbolizes your knowledge and strength, giving a message to people that you are not to be taken lightly, and no one can play you.  The tattoo also represents determination and a motherly strength when it comes to protecting those you love.

Floral Flash Tattoo

Floral flash tattoos are very common as you will find them on very flash tattoo sheet in different parlors. This is a go-to design that comes in many different designs and sizes. Floral designs are very among women; however they are now very common among men too. This tattoo includes a black outline of a swirly floral design incorporating a single flower with lines all over.

 These tattoos would look beautiful anywhere on the body, especially the torso. Floral flash tattoos are also very meaningful as they symbolize strength and beauty which every woman as.  You can also get color added to this tattoo to make it pop a bit more adding an additional touch to it.

Hopeless Romantics Flash Tattoo

If you want to go a bit dramatic and meaningful with your flash tattoo, then this hopeless romantic tattoo is another good option. This tattoo included a modernized monochromatic tattoo of a Skeleton holding a woman outlined in black, with a lot more black inked detailing. This tattoo includes a lot of line work and imagery which brings out a realistic touch in the tat.

This tattoo comes with a very deep meaning as it showcases how you may love the wrong people in your life, and you may need to change the ways you deal with a relationship. It is also a good way to showcase a loss of someone you deeply loved and had a romantic connection with.

Butterfly Flash Tattoo

You can also incorporate insects in your tat such as this butterfly flash tattoo. This tattoo features a black and grey inked butterfly with subtle detailing bringing out a unique touch in it. This tattoo is perfect to showcase gracefulness, and beauty. Getting this tattoo will help symbolize your adoration for nature and tranquility, and also represents your specific transformation in life.

If you were innocent once, the transformation from an innocent to a bold and confident person is beautifully showcased in this. If this is something you want to showcase, but are unable to through words or actions, then getting this butterfly flash tattoo is the right way to go about it.

Feminist Flash Tattoo

Feminism is something that is greatly being recognized in the coming years, and is a movement that plays an important role in a woman’s life. This feminist flash tattoo includes an outline of a woman wearing shades sipping on a cup mug of coffee. The artist has used a unique tattooing technique by showing just half ways of the woman, while the other half covers within hair.

This simple outlined design is what makes the tattoo so unique and meaningful at the same time.  This tattoo symbolizes how much you value feminity, and how willing you are to stand up for women rights. Women’s rights are something that you would look into everyday, day by day, just like how you keep on sipping on coffee or tea. This tattoo would suit and look good on both men and women.

Floral Clock Flesh Tattoo

Try out something unique and subtle with your tattoo by going for this floral clock flash tattoo. This tattoo comes with a black inked clock made from different flowers and leaves spiraling around roman markings appropriately positioned in a mark setting. This tattoo includes a subtle sketched technique which is what makes this tattoo look so unique.

When it comes to the meaning of this tattoo, it is quite simple yet deep as it means you’re a time conscious person, and that time is something you will use very effective and achieve whatever you want with the time you have left on this earth. This tattoo is a brilliant way to showcase how much importance you give to time, as this way people will learn to be time conscious around you and won’t end up picking you an hour late.

“Diamonds on Me” Flash Tattoo

If you can’t afford to get real diamond, you can surely think of getting a tattooed version with the help of this Diamonds on me flash tattoo. This tattoo incorporates around four to five diamonds tatted in different sizes, and some even include subtle coloring along with some starry detailing in the background.

 The meaning behind this tattoo is very subtle and cute as it represents you as a true gem, and showcases the sparkle that comes within your personality. You may have a very laidback personality, but at the same time you can be rough and tough, and these diamond flash tattoos represents that. The best part is that you can showcase these tattoos anywhere you like as the design is very flexible.

Feather and Birds Flash Tattoo

This beautiful birds and feather flash tattoo is a must try, and comes with some beautiful imagery and meaning. This tattoo includes a black inked feather with black birds coming out of the tip of the feather. The entire tattoo includes black ink which makes it more prominent in appearance. The meaning behind this tattoo is beautiful as it symbolizes strength and spirituality through a flock of birds. It also represents your freedom and value, an s you don’t let your thoughts get in the way of these two important things in life.

Triangular Floral Flash Tattoo

You can also go for this beautiful triangular floral flash tattoo that includes different flowers inked in black within the shape of an upside down triangle. The way the flowers are presented in a triangle brings out uniqueness and makes this tattoo stand out from the rest. This tattoo also sends a beautiful message of beauty and love, at the same time showcasing you as a hopeful person. There are many other meanings attached to this tattoo such as positivity, balance and confidence. These are the few traits you must live by, and getting this tattoo may help you do that.

Fox Flash Tattoo

Another animal you can incorporate in your tattoo is through this fox flash tattoo. This tattoo features a black and grey inked fox standing upwards. With a colored apple inked over its head. The artist has carried out a lot of shading in this tattoo bring out a realistic touch in this flash tat. This tattoo represents the mastermind in you and showcases how you may have a slight sly nature. Fox tattoos also represent wisdom representing you as a good life consultant. Animal flash tattoos are very common and you will come across many more types of these.


Why Are Flash Tattoos Called Flash?

Flash tattoos are called flash as in the early days when tattoo weren’t acceptable at all, artists would carry out tattooing processes discreetly behind bar rooms or pool rooms. They would make flash tattoo sheets and hang them around so customers can choose a design and quickly get one tatted. If a police clan showed up, the artists can quickly close the shop without getting caught, and can just grab the flash tattoo sheets in a flash.

What Are The Types of Flash Tattoos?

There are two types of flash tattoos; market and collector flash tattoos. Market flash tattoos include classic designs such as hearts, flowers, and many other pop culture designs. These tattoos are common flash tattoos found on the charts hung around in the parlor and you can achieve them in one sitting. These tattoos are a good selection for when you want to g simple. Collector flash tattoos aren’t generic like the market ones. These are custom made designs. You can discuss the design with your tattoo artist, or find it in their portfolio, making it a collector flash tattoo.

Final Thoughts

Flash tattoos are one of the most interesting tattoos you will come across. Even though most of the designs are very simple in nature, the fact that you can choose a design from so many choices hung on the wall makes it very thrilling to get these tattoos. You can go wherever you like and select an appropriate flash tattoo design. The designs mentioned above will give you an idea on what to expect and what you can achieve with the help of a flash tattoo. These tattoos come with a lot of meaning as well, so why not try it out and achieve some meaningful and unique body art?