125+ Daisy Tattoo Ideas You Can Go For [+ Meanings]

Daisy tattoos symbolize loyalty, love, patience, and purity. Daisy is a form of flower purely for the female kind and is one of the most versatile tattoos you can wear on your body. The tattoo is highly decorative and comes in different color and sizes. You can even add a custom design to the tattoos depending on your preferences.

Daisy tattoos are used by ladies to give them a more beautiful and appealing look. The tattoo has a rich historical reference and can portray a woman’s commitment to her loved ones. It is a diverse art and carries high values with little artwork.

Daisies belong to the family of Asteraceae flowering plants and are at least 4000 years old. With soft petals and humble appearance, it is almost impossible to ignore its fascinating design a woman can have on her body. If you are looking for some stylish and fashionable daisy tattoos than the below recommendation might help you in decision making.

daisy-tattoo       daisy-tattoo

The Lovely Daisy

The lovely Daisy is a small tattoo in pink color with the words “Love” written on the flower stem. This tattoo is perfect for people who are looking for decent yet attractive daisy tattoos. You can wear the love daisy tattoo on your wrist or neck although it will also fit perfectly on your shoulder.

The love daisy tattoo symbolizes the strong bond between your family and friends. It speaks about your emotions and feelings towards them and can be a simple way to express your love.

The Side Chest Daisy Tattoo

The side chest daisy tattoo is a representation of a strong connection with your family members and portrays multiple full-grown daisy flowers. The tattoo covers almost all of your back and is easily customizable depending on your preference.

The side chest daisy tattoo comes in different colors. Its stem is made from black ink whereas the flowers contain shades of yellow and pink. However, you can customize the color on flower depending on your interest and can even add leaves and other textures on the tattoo’s surrounding.


Ying Yang Daisy Tattoo

The tattoo incorporates famous Chinese symbol Ying and Yang to create stunning artwork on the wearer body. Ying Yang symbol speaks of the Chinese philosophy that for all the good things in the world, there is a little bad and vice versa.

The tattoo is perfect for those who are fond of South East Asian culture and loves following the trend. The tattoo depicts a daisy flower with its core picturing the Ying Yang symbol. You can wear this tattoo on your wrist or neck, and it blends perfectly with every skin color.

The Bold Daisy Tattoo

Bold daisy tattoo stands out for its magnificent yet straightforward execution. If you are into bright and high-pitch tattoos, then this one might be one your choice. The tattoo consists of heavy black ink and gray shades. Besides, the pistil of the flower is popped up, unlike the ones above and your artist can further decorate it with classic artwork.

daisy flower tattoo

Colored Daisy Arm Tattoo

If you are looking for a mixture of colors for your arm than Color, Daisy arm tattoo might be your pick. The tattoo consists of several daisy flowers along with highly interactive artwork. Besides, the tattoo depicts a garden and contains tulips, red roses, and other flowers to give a more eye-catching look.

Besides, the tattoo also contains a bird and butterflies to picture a more realistic garden look. There are multiple colors for the daisy arms tattoo, and you can even pick one of your choices. The tattoo fits perfectly on every skin color, and men can also get this design.

Daisy Bee Tattoo

Daisy bee is a small but highly attractive tattoo a woman can wear. If you are a regular attendee of parties and events, then this tattoo might enhance your appearance on every occasion. The tattoo is lovely and contains two daisy blossoms with a bee buzzing over its petal.

The bee represents the motherhood, and the flowers are the family members. In other words, the tattoo signifies the importance of woman in the family taking care of her people and cherishing their presence.


The Orange Daisy

If you are into vibrant colors instead of black and gray artwork, then orange daisy might be your amusement. The orange daisy tattoo is a breathtaking piece of artwork and uses multiple color combinations to form a unique design

The primary color consists of orange and gold to create a reflective effect for the audience. The tattoo has an outline with black ink, and anyone can wear the tattoo regardless of skin color.

The Nape Daisy

The nape daisy tattoo specifically is for a person’s nape and features dynamic color patterns with bright hues. The tattoo consists of daisy flower along with stem and two leaves hanging on its right and left. It is an exciting pattern on the neck and posses white bud with a yellow core. Additionally, you can also add variations to the tattoo by adding more leaves and flowers around its surroundings.

Smile Daisy

The smile daisy tattoo is for ankles, and it contains the inscription of a smile on its stem. The tattoo is for the hilarious individuals who love staying happy and cherish positivity in life. The tattoo also symbolizes positivity and hope to the wearer.

Daisy and the word smile are two strong symbols and can motivate person during the time of distress. The smile daisy tattoo is not specific to female, and a male can also wear it to showcase his positive attitude. However, the tattoo only fits perfectly on light skin tone and might look a little odd on brown or black people.

Daisy On Feet

People love to walk in the garden and flowers. If you love decorating your body with stylish art that can wow the audience than daisy on feet might be on your checklist. The design is elegant and attractive and easily blends with any complexion.

Having daisy tattoo on feet also helps to showcase it to a wide audience, and you will feel more warm and feminine with the stems and leaves adorn on your feet instead of the shoulder or lower back.

Daisy Behind Ears

Daisy behind ears tattoo looks eye-catching and is small and simple to wear. If you are not into getting tattooed on foot or wrist, then this might be the perfect replacement. The tattoo demonstrates gentleness and is a sign of beauty.

Besides, it is a mixture of yellow, white, and green color and can be your way to look more radiant and charming to the people.

The Shoulder Daisy

The shoulder daisy tattoo is adorable and is done using dark black ink. It is heavily customizable, and you can decorate it depending on your interests. As its name suggests, the shoulder daisy tattoo is embedded on a female’s shoulder and is larger than many of the tattoos above.

The shoulder daisy tattoo contains around five daisy flowers made with black and gray color combination. It also hosts flower stem and plant leaves, and you can further add butterflies and other texture to make it look more vibrant.


Multiple Daisies Tattoo

The multiple daisies tattoo portrays three daises from three different angles to provide a closer look at the flower. The tattoo is drawn using black ink and grey shades and is one of the methods to have a better insight into the flower.

Additionally, you can also decorate the tattoo with further touchups but make sure not to disturb its angel or decorate it with strong shades since this might render it unappealing.

The Bright Butterfly Daisy

The bright butterfly daisy tattoo is one of the masterpieces of artwork. The tattoo consists of a large butterfly flying over daisy flowers representing freedom and love. The butterfly is blue, but you can change its hue depending on your style.

The daisy flowers rest underneath the flying butterfly attached to leaves representing a close connection between freedom and purity. The flowers are decorated with light blue color to provide a more meaningful outlook to the overall tattoos’ appearance.

You can have this tattoo done on your ankle or shoulder depending on your taste. Further, the tattoo is not bound to any gender, and a man can also wear it if he deems fit. Besides, the bright butterfly daisy tattoo fits perfectly with every skin complexion, and you can heavily change its appearance to make it look more appealing.


Wrapping Up

Picking up a Daisy tattoo might be troublesome. There are many variations and combinations one can make using the flowers. Daisies are suitable for women. However, the trend is rapidly changing. With more men looking to decorate their body with fashionable daisy tattoos, the future only means more customization and changes in the traditional daisy tattoo’s style and appearance.