95 Gorgeous Chrysanthemum Tattoo Ideas to Flaunt on Your Body

Flower tattoos have always been a great way to achieve a subtle and elegant tattoo look for both men and women. But, when you’re choosing a type of flower to get tatted on your body, you have to put in a little effort in researching the type of flower that’s unique and has a beautiful meaning. To make life easier for you, we have chosen one of the most beautiful flowers on this planet that originates from China and is the perfect flower to add to your tattoo collection.

It is a beautiful flower, known as Chrysanthemum and only grows in China and some parts of East Asia during autumn. Chrysanthemum is a flowering plant with a rich history and profound meanings attached to it. These flowers are a symbol of perfection and are also known as the ‘Queen of the Fall Flowers.’ Chrysanthemum has countless varieties; you will find this exotic flower in different vibrant and eye-pleasing colors like white, orange, yellow, bronze, red, purple, and pink. This means you have so many ways you can present your chrysanthemum tattoo on your body.

If you plan to adorn your body with these breathtaking flowers, you must go through this article. You will come across some of the best chrysanthemum tattoos along with their wholesome meanings.

Chrysanthemum Tattoos

The Meaning behind Chrysanthemum Tattoos

Chrysanthemum tattoos have a deep connection with the Japanese culture even though they originate from China. In Japanese culture, people believe that the chrysanthemum flower represents a man’s generosity and greatness. Have you ever wondered how this flower got such a unique and beautiful name, chrysanthemum? The name derives from a Greek word Chrysos, which stands for gold, and anthemon stands for flowers. So if you combine both the words together, it means a ‘golden flower,’ and this is why many Christians believe that chrysanthemum flowers represent the sun, which, in turn, symbolizes long life.

Chrysanthemum flowers are usually associated with happy occasions and joy. You’ll find these flowers used in the décor during grand celebrations like weddings, birthdays, baptisms, etc. People also give chrysanthemums as a token of love during these grand celebrations as these flowers are a symbol of love for friends and family, as well as rebirth, positivity, peace, and joy.

Chrysanthemums come in different colors as there are at least 200 species of this unique flower. Each color has a different meaning. Hence you have to make sure you choose the right color for your chrysanthemum tattoo and know what it represents. White chrysanthemums symbolize pain and truth, red and pink one symbolizes love and passion, while yellow chrysanthemums represent unrequited love.

Many Christians from the western part of the world believe that chrysanthemums connect with the concept of death due to which these tattoos are quite common among them. Many people like to experiment with chrysanthemum tattoos, as there is a lot you can do with it. Chrysanthemum tattoos that include stylish details tend to signify sensuality and fertility and the emotional feelings of the wearer.

The meaning of a chrysanthemum tattoo tends to change when you mix them up with different elements. For instance, if you get a tattoo of chrysanthemum and a skull, it means that you’re an invulnerable person who is full of energy as this tattoo becomes a protective amulet. Skulls symbolize death, and chrysanthemums represent new life. So combining these two elements, you get a tattoo with a profound meaning. There are many other elements you can incorporate in your chrysanthemum tattoos, such as butterflies, snakes, lions, dragons, waves, and many other things and creatures.

The meaning of your chrysanthemum tattoo will even change depending on the number of flowers present in your tattoo. If you get a tattoo with two large chrysanthemums or one with full bloom and the other in a bud form, it represents loyal and loving relationships with your family. The meanings and significance behind a chrysanthemum tattoo are endless and beautiful. If you feel like you can click with these meanings, you should definitely give it a try.

 Some people feel attracted to the appearance of a chrysanthemum tattoo and don’t research much about the meaning it holds or the emotions it conveys. Hence it’s completely fine if you get a chrysanthemum tattoo just for the sake of the design. Make sure you go through all the chrysanthemum tattoo options properly and choose the best one for you.

Chrysanthemum Tattoos

Ideal Placement Options for Chrysanthemum Tattoos

Chrysanthemum tattoos are so breathtaking that whichever area you place them on your body, it will still look beautiful as ever. Chrysanthemum tattoos look like a work of art; so, it will accessorize your body wherever you get it inked. Not to mention, these tattoos come with a variety of designs in so many beautiful colors, giving you plenty of placement options. One of the most common placements for chrysanthemum tattoos is the arm in which sometimes the tattoo extends to your shoulders and collar bone.

Another commonplace for these tattoos is the thigh. Choosing a placement for your chrysanthemum tattoo solely depends on the design you choose. If you’re going for a small chrysanthemum tattoo that includes only one flower, you can consider getting it on your hands, palms, neck, or upper back. Some people even get it behind their ear for a unique tattoo look. Bigger chrysanthemum tattoos are more in style these days and help you achieve a cool and elegant look.

If you’re a fan of extravagant tattoos, you can consider getting those on your thighs, full legs, rib cage, stomach, chest, or back. If you want to go all out, your chrysanthemum tattoo can connect and go through your whole body to achieve a full-body tattoo look. There are so many placement options for chrysanthemum tattoos, but it depends on how comfortable you are with a specific placement. Once you’ve chosen the tattoo design, finding the ideal placement for it becomes much easier. So make sure you go through all the chrysanthemum ideas mentioned above.

Chrysanthemum Tattoo Ideas

Chrysanthemums with Waves Tattoo

Chrysanthemums with Waves Tattoo

If you plan to achieve a whole tattoo look with lots of elements, you must go for this Chrysanthemum with waves tattoos and wear an amazing tattoo look. This tattoo consists of full sleeve tattoos with a black inked background, and over that are different chrysanthemums in yellow, pink, and green. One of the main features in this tattoo is the waves inked in grey. The tattoo artist has beautifully portrayed the waves flowing over the flower, covering up your whole sleeve.

This tattoo is quite significant as the waves represent water and earth, meaning that you’re about to enter a new life or trying to change as a person. This tattoo is a good reminder for those who need the motivation to change themselves into better and emotionally stronger people.

Chrysanthemum Skull Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Skull Tattoo

You can also go for this chrysanthemum skull tattoo to achieve a dramatic look in your tattoo with a strong meaning. This is one of the coolest tattoos you will come across, and skulls are quite frequently seen in Chrysanthemum tattoos. This tattoo incorporates a reddish inked chrysanthemum shown below and features different green leaves. The tattoo artist has placed a white and grey inked skull with daunting black inked eyes over the leaves and the Chrysanthemum.

This is another descriptive tattoo, so you will want to select a bigger place to get this tattoo tatted on. This tattoo has a strong meaning attached to it as it combines the meaning of both the skull and Chrysanthemum. Thus, it defines you as a person who has energetic vibes and isn’t vulnerable. Skull tattoos are famous for representing death and new life; hence this tattoo perfect for those looking for a way to change them.

Chrysanthemum Snake Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Snake Tattoo

This chrysanthemum tattoo with a snake is one of the sexiest tattoo looks, which will be hard to resist. This is the perfect tattoo for you if you want to add a furious element to your pleasant chrysanthemum tattoo. This tattoo includes plain blossoming chrysanthemums with a little red detailing, and a black inked snake swirled around the chrysanthemum.

This snake looks quite dramatic, especially with the extra dark shading. Chrysanthemum tattoos that include snakes represent protection and wellness as snakes are a creature with supernatural powers. Hence, with the help of these powers, you can ensure to stay safe and feel protected.

Chrysanthemum Dragon Tattoo

Chrysanthemum Dragon Tattoo

Another way to present your chrysanthemum tattoo is to accessorize your body with this cool and vibrant chrysanthemum dragon tattoo. This tattoo features a blue chrysanthemum, and a few pink flowers over a black and grey inked background, and a grey inked dragon swirling all over. The dragon is holding an egg, which could mean she is protecting its egg, risking her life, and would do anything to protect it. This tattoo has a lot of minute details, which makes it so cool and unique.

This tattoo has a very Japanese touch to it, especially the way it has been tatted, and is the perfect option for you if you want something dramatic with many elements. Chrysanthemum tattoos that feature dragons are quite meaningful as the dragon symbolizes courage. Who doesn’t want to be courageous and brave? It’s a quality we all want to develop. If you’re seeking courage in your life, maybe getting this meaningful tattoo would help you.

Chrysanthemum Bird TattooChrysanthemum Bird Tattoo

Try out this feminine chrysanthemum tattoo featuring a bird and achieve a classy and interesting tattoo look. This tattoo looks very simple, but with all the details and tattooing skills, you can easily achieve a unique chrysanthemum tattoo. This tattoo incorporates a sea blue and green Chrysanthemum and below that is a white and grey inked bird with its wing flapping. The bird looks like a swan and includes some incredible details like the red ink and the lines made on its wings.

This tattoo symbolizes vitality and freedom, which are one of the few traits that may represent your personality or the person you want to become. If you want to show your care-free life or want a constant reminder of living your life to the fullest, you must get this tattoo.

Chrysanthemum tattoos  


Are chrysanthemum tattoos still popular?

Yes, chrysanthemum tattoos are still popular, especially among Asian countries. The Japanese and Chinese give much appreciation and respect to these types of flowers. Some even feel it’s a must to get this type of tattoo. One of the main reasons why chrysanthemum tattoos are still popular worldwide is the variety of meanings they hold and their different colors. It allows you to experiment with your tattoo and add different elements to it, which makes the tattoo even more meaningful.

How much do chrysanthemum tattoos cost?

Chrysanthemum tattoos cost around a minimum of $150-$200 if you’re going for a small one with less detailing and elements. But if you choose a chrysanthemum tattoo with exotic detailing and one that takes over a larger space of your body, you may have to pay around $300-$500. The cost sometimes depends on the place you’re getting your tattoo done from as some tattoo artists charge their clients on an hourly basis. This again depends on how long your tattoo will take to finish.

Will drinking help calm my nerves during the tattooing process?

This is a big NO! Drinking will make your tattooing process worse as you may start to bleed more than usual. Not to mention, the bleeding will ruin the whole outlook of the tattoo. Besides, this will make it difficult for the tattoo artist to execute the design properly. Some tattoo artists straightaway don’t allow clients to go through the process if drunk as it’s unprofessional and comes in the way of the process.

Final Words

With the help of these mind-blowing chrysanthemum tattoo ideas, you can now achieve the tattoo of your dreams and be forever satisfied with your body art. Chrysanthemum tattoos help you wear a subtle floral tattoo look that everyone falls in love with. Choosing this type of tattoo might be one of the best decisions you will make. So hurry and get yours now with the help of these tattoo ideas.