155 Charming Angel Tattoos – Most Popular Designs of 2022

Angels are heavenly beings that most people believe in. It’s a creature that is superior to any human in the planet. It’s said that angels guide you, and all other human beings, in everything that you do. According to religious people, angels have been sent by the Almighty to watch over His beloved humans. Whether angels truly exist or not, is yet a debatable issue.

To most people, it doesn’t matter if angels really do exist or not. Angels are still considered one of the most adorable representations of heavenly beings. In fact, many people are getting angel tattoos simply because they are too cute and adorable.

Some people might have only gotten angel tattoos because of its appearance, but other people really have deeper and bigger reasons why they get one. Many people have claimed that they have seen angels and some even had encounter with them. Although there’s really no scientific proof to their existence, the faith of believers still remains strong, and that’s something everyone should respect.


Type of Angel Tattoos

There are several types of angel tattoos based on which angel was used in the design, or which specific part of an angel is used. Throughout history, many angels have been named in the Bible. Starting from the Old Testament up to the New Testament, angels were already mentioned in the scriptures. As a result, there are many illustrations of different angels based on the description written on the scriptures. Some of the illustrations show baby angels, and others also show full-grown angels.

Angel Tattoos based on the Duties of Angels

There are essentially 4 classifications of angels based on their duties. They are the seraphim (or angel of love), archangels, guardian angels, and fallen angels. You can choose which classification of angels that have a deeper meaning for you. Let’s look at each classification one by one.

  1. Seraphim
    • This kind of angel is believed to be the closest to God. Seraphim angels are described to be always flying above the throne of God. Their role is to give praise and glory to God every day. These angels have six wings and 4 heads, but only use 2 wings to fly. The other wings are used to cover their feet and face, for God is too holy for their sight to behold. Also, they are the ones who usually appear in front of humans and deliver a certain message from God. Getting Seraphim Angel Tattoos is common for women who strongly believe in the Seraphim’s power in love.

  1. Archangels
    • Archangels are the ones on top of the Angel Hierarchy. They are considered as the second most powerful being, next to God. They are given the most important responsibilities. Aside from being the messengers of God, Archangels are also the ones responsible to fight against all evil. They are given the power to combat against the works of evil. The Archangels do not only have duties in heaven, but they also carry out missions on earth. The word Archangel comes from two Latin words arche (which means RULER) and angelos (meaning MESSENGER). That’s why Archangels are known to govern over the earth on a daily basis, and of course based on the missions given by God.
  2. Guardian Angels
    • These are the angels whose duties include watching over humans closely. Many cultures believe that each person in the world has a guardian angel. From the moment that you were born, a guardian angel has already been assigned to guide and watch over you. Another fact about guardian angels is that they have names, and those names are given by God himself. Many cultures, and churches as well, discourage people from naming their guardian angels because once you do that, you will be tempted to call them at your disposal. By getting Guardian Angel Tattoos, you will be reminded that someone is watching over you and protecting you from all the nativities of the world.
  3. Fallen Angels
    • Fallen Angels are often perceived as demons and chariots of Satan. However, there’s a great difference between Fallen Angels and Demons. Fallen Angels are angels who have committed sins against God. These creatures are naturally assigned as angels but they gave in to temptations. Most Fallen Angel Tattoos are designed with the angel on bended knees, seemingly asking God for pardon and mercy.

angel tattoos

Angel Tattoos only using Angels’ Body Parts

There are also popular angel tattoos that don’t illustrate the full appearance of angels. Sometimes, only the significant body parts are used to represent the angels. The most commonly used angel design is the angel’s wings.

Here is a brief discussion on the most popular tattoo designs using body parts of an angel:

  1. Angel Wings Tattoo
    • This is the most popular angel tattoo design for both men and women. Sometimes, this kind of tattoo is mistakenly seen as wings of a bird. Nevertheless, it still remains as a classic design. Angel wings tattoo can be big or small, depending on your preference and the placement of the tattoo. This tattoo is often done in black ink, but other people prefer to have it colored.
  2. Angel Head Tattoo
    • This is another kind of tattoo design that never gets old. An angel’s face displays an aura of pureness, innocence, goodness and holiness. Having it as a tattoo will add to your charms. You can choose from the different types of angels for the design of your tattoo. The most commonly used face is that of Angel Seraphim’s and Cupid.

Meaning of Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos have deeper meanings compared to any other tattoo. However, the meaning of the tattoos depends on the type of angel used in the design. Usually, guardian angels are used to represent protection and authority. Since guardian angels are tasked to closely watch over humans, people getting guardian angel tattoos strangely feel safer.

Fallen angel tattoos could mean repentance for the sins you have committed. Fallen angel designs are usually seen with its head buried in his hands, seemingly regretting the sins he committed. Many people who get this kind of tattoos want to remember their sins and earnestly ask God for forgiveness. This is also one way of showing to others that you are humbling yourself in front of someone mightier than you.


Ideal Placement of Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos can literally be placed on any part of your body. If you want to get huge tattoos, then that would be perfect on your back. Your back has an almost flat surface, making the design clearer. It’s also wider than any other body part, so you can have a well-detailed tattoo placed there. The most common design used for the back part is the angel wings, usually occupying the whole upper back portion. There are even people who use the whole back as canvass for their tattoos.

For smaller tattoos, you can put it on your shoulders, arms or hands. These body parts are ideal for tattoos that are only up to a maximum height of 5 inches and width of 3 inches. These placements are also perfect for people who want to flaunt their angel tattoos,  since they are usually exposed.


Angel Tattoos Preparation Tips

Since all angels are naturally charming and appealing, the only problem you’ll have is choosing the best design for your tattoo. If this is your first time getting a tattoo, then you have to think about its design carefully. You will never run out of designs, so there’s no need to rush. You can take all the time to decide on the design of your tattoo so that you won’t regret it later.

For those who already have tattoos and only plan on getting a few more tattoos, then you should also carefully think about a design that would naturally blend in your existing tattoos. You should never add tattoos that will loom awkward when placed side by side another tattoo. Make sure your tattoo design remains harmonious when seen by other people.


Average Service Cost and Standard Prices of Angel Tattoos

Usually, tattoo artists put a lot of details when doing angel tattoos. Since angel tattoos have faces like humans, it would be harder to draw compared to tattoos only composed of geometric shapes and patterns. Because of the factors mentioned above, the average cost of service for this kind of tattoo usually ranges from $150 – $300. That is only for local tattoo artists. If you choose international and highly skilled tattoo artists, it would probably cost you twice that price.

Other tattoo artists also charge an hourly rate, instead of charging per tattoo. The thing is, bigger tattoos would be more expensive that smaller tattoos. If you have enough money that can afford an extravagant tattoo design, then you can go for it. Anyway, that tattoo will become a part of who you are, so it’s worth spending for. Don’t compromise the quality of your tattoo just because you want to avail of cheaper service cost.


Maintenance Tips after Getting Angel Tattoos

Newly done angel tattoos are still very delicate. You need to perform necessary aftercare procedures in order to keep your tattoos as beautiful as it is after the procedure. Aside from letting your skin totally heal after the procedure, there are still a lot of things you need to consider.

For the first three weeks, you should avoid going to the gym and avoid working out. Moving too much will cause your skin to move as well. When this happens, your skin will take longer than usual to heal. Also, your sweat might reach your tattoos which can cause infections due to toxins and dirt.

Also, you should avoid sleeping on your tattoo. If you sleep on the side where your tattoo is, then there’s a high chance that the ink will fade because it’s rubbed on the linens.