160 Kick-Ass Dragon Tattoo Designs to Choose From (with Meanings)

Dragon tattoos are very intimidating for some people. However, they make you look super cool and help you achieve that fierce look that you have always strived to achieve. You might not know this, but the dragon tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs all over the world in both the genders.

Since time, humans have fancied dragons and viewed them as powerful mystical beings that are majestic, beautiful, evil, good, peaceful, feminine, and masculine. In some cultures, it is a fiery being, and in some, it is a watery being. Nobody knows precisely how real dragons look like and if they ever existed. However, in the current time, we think of them as a sign of power, wisdom, and fierceness.

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What Does My Dragon Tattoo Mean?

When you talk about tattoos, they are very personal and they can mean anything the person wants them to mean. However, usually when you get a dragon tattoo, it can mean that you have a bold, loud, wise yet calm, passionate, and fierce personality.

The dragon meaning deviates in every region. If you go in Asian region, countries like China and Japan, you will see that they celebrate dragons. They believe that a dragon is this wise and calm creature, who they need to follow for a successful life.

On the other hand, if you go in European region, they have a very twisted mindset about the being. They think that dragons are evil and the humans need to stay them. For that reason, your Dragon tattoo can mean anything you want.

Will My Dragon Tattoo Look Too Loud And Bold?

Dragon tattoos are usually very loud and bold pieces of art. However, you can get a dragon tattoo that is neither loud nor bold. Your tattoo is your personal thing. It reflects your personality and life choices. It is entirely up to you if you want it subtle.

However, you need to ask your tattoo artist, if he can make it subtle for you. You can provide the tattoo artist with your favorite designs and size of the tattoo.

Where Will I Feel The Least Amount Of Pain?

Getting a tattoo hurts. There is no lie in that but beauty comes with pain. However, there are a few places on your body where getting the tattoo will hurt the least like on your outer shoulder, thighs, fingers, inner wrist, upper back, hips, and neck. For the reason, these places have the least pain receptors in them. However, you will feel a little pain.

But, I think that a tattoo is one in a lifetime experience for many people. So you should get a tattoo wherever your heart desires. A dragon tattoo is a sign of power so you should not shy away from getting it on places where it hurt a little more.


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Best Dragon Tattoo Designs

When it comes to dragon tattoos, you get a wide range of ideas that you choose from. In this section, you will see a few tattoo designs, to choose from.


The Classic Dragon Tattoo


dragon tattoo

When you get a dragon tattoo, you need to make sure that the tattoo has all its classic details like the dragon claws, flames, scales. The tattoo needs to have its own personality. It needs to be a statement. You can get the classic tattoo anywhere on your body.

Best Places to Get a Dragon Tattoo

Finding the ideal spot for your tattoo is a crucial step. When it comes to dragon tattoos, you have a wide range of placement options. Here are a few of them:

  • stomach
  • arm
  • wrist
  • back
  • chest and
  • on the side of your body
  • thighs
  • biceps
  • fingers
  • waist
  • arms
  • feet
  • hips
  • neck
  • toes

However, thighs and biceps are more popular for getting a dragon tattoo in a way that it looks like the dragon art wraps around the thigh or bicep. But in the recent years, chest and stomach is also becoming a popular spot to get a dragon tattoo. Therefore, you can have the dragon right in the middle of your body.


The Tribal Dragon Tattoo

dragon tattoo

When you talk about inking, tribal tattoos are some of the most requested tattoos of all time. The fluid shapes with black ink have a unique spark in them. When you think of it tribal style and dragon tattoos go a long very well as tribal art is old as well as the legends of dragons.

A European dragon with large wings looks striking. And the good thing about these tattoos is, they are very easy to make. Because, they do not have colors, complicated designs, or shading in them. So that makes them the quickest and easiest dragon designs of all.



Floral Mix Dragon Design

Dragon tattoos made out of floral designs are fascinating to look at and get tatted on your body. These designs consist of small geometrical black inked flower designs that make up the perfect dragon skin texture



Flowers and dragons are two entirely different things. People think of flowers as delicate living beings, which are feminine. On the other hand, dragons are a sign of extreme power. However, you can combine both the things and make a tattoo showing that you are a strong woman who can be subtle and assertive at the same time. It is a beautiful idea.


The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your whole arm, or back. If you want to showcase it uniquely, you can get it tatted all over your neck.




Colorful Dragon Tattoo

Since none of us have seen the real dragons, it gives them leverage to be as creative with your dragon tattoo ideas as you want. You can get dragons tatted in different colors, shapes, and sizes. You can incorporate your creativity and imagination into your dragon tattoo. You can choose between colors like red, purple, blue, black, green, bronze, gold, and even multicolor.

All the different dragons have various characteristics. So, do some research before getting the tattoo. You need to search what feature does a particular dragon has and get the tattoo according to your personality.

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A Phoenix and Dragon Tattoo

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Phoenix is another beautiful, celestial being. The dragon and phoenix symbolize Yin and Yang, from the Chinese culture. The Feng Shui legend has it, the phoenix and dragon make a perfectly balanced combination.

The dragon and phoenix combine their powers to show love, commonly known as ‘Celtic Love Knot’. It shows that the phoenix and dragon are in a perfect marriage. This makes the tattoo an ideal couples tattoo. Since that tattoo is unisex, it works for both partners.

The Chinese Tattoo Dragon

a dragon

When you talk about the Chinese culture, a dragon shows good luck, power, and super strength. Chinese celebrate the dragon like nobody else. They celebrate the Chinese New Year around it. They believe that whoever is born under the dragon zodiac is serious, reliable, honest, and independent.

In the Chinese art, you can see that they draw the dragon with flaming pearls in their hands. This symbolizes dragon’s immortality, wisdom, spirituality, and prosperity.

If you think you comprise these attributes, then it is the perfect tattoo for you, or if you are someone who was born in the year of dragon. The Chinese dragon has a snake-like long body that makes it a perfect arm, thigh, shoulder, and waist tattoo. It is a cultural eye-catching tattoo design.


The Japanese Dragon Tattoo

You must know that Japanese art is more delicate and has more shading than Chinese art. For that reason, Japanese art is more prevalent in tattoo art. If you’re aiming for a tattoo that has a dramatic touch to it, then you should go for this fascinating tattoo.


When you talk about the Japanese dragon, the locals think of it as a destructive being, terrifying and evil, like European dragons. However, they think of some dragons as wise and generous, and they use their superficial powers to favor the people. You will see that the Japanese dragons do not have wings. Japanese see them as sea serpents. These dragons also symbolize wisdom and strength, reminding us to use these excellent and unique attributes for something good that would benefit us and others as well.


The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your arm, or at the back of your neck.


The Dragon Tattoo Sleeve

dragon tatooo

Dragon tattoos are very diverse. You will see that many people get dragon tattoos to make a sleeve out of them. You can get a large size dragon tattoo, which would cover your entire arm from your wrist to your shoulder. Many crazy tattoo enthusiasts opt for the dragon tattoo sleeve. This tattoo looks very liberating on women, as it portrays women as strong and unstoppable. You can get it from your bicep to your forearm. You can add elements to the design and make it look interesting.




The Back Dragon Tattoo

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In the recent times, back tattoos are gaining a lot of attention. Your back is the perfect canvas for huge tattoo like dragon. It will be one tattoo that will show off all the details of your dragon. You can the scales, curves, and claws clearly in this tattoo with a mirror. It will be the perfect accessory when you wear a backless top. It is a bold and self-assuring tattoo.

The large back dragon tattoo will show that you have a big bold personality. You are an independent lady who is strong, beautiful, and sexy!

A Small Dragon Tattoo

small dragon tattoo

If you are inking yourself for the first time the getting a petite, small tattoo is a wise choice. It is also a good option for those who are not fans big bulky tattoos, or you have low pain tolerance. Big or small, dragon tattoos will always portray strong, powerful personality.

The Koi Dragon Tattoo

koi dragon

This Koi dragon tattoo is another fantastic dragon tattoo that you should get. Theses tattoos mostly include black tatted images of a koi dragon and bring out the fierceness and anger alive in your tattoo.


Koi fish teaches that humbleness will take you a long way and let you overcome some of the biggest challenges in life, like swimming against the upstream and get you to the top. If you believe in humbleness, then this tattoo is ideal for you. The tattoo represents power in humbleness.


The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your back, as the artistic depiction of the tattoo fits perfectly well there.


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The Celtic Dragon Tattoo

When you talk about the Celtic mythology, dragons have a significant part in them. In the mythology, you will find many references about the creature. They say that dragons are the gate keep of many mystical realms. They provide power and energy to these lands. For the reason, they have divine qualities and superficial powers.

Wales also have dragon in their flag that shows coats of arms. The Celtic art shows that the dragon is usually eating its own tail, which is a symbol of immortality, and its natural cycle.

The Bearded Dragon Tattoo

In the current world, lizards have closet resemblance that we have to dragon. For this reason, in many cultures around the world, people say that these reptiles have mythical powers as dragons.

In these cultures, they think of bearded dragons as the sign of wisdom, spirituality, and fierceness. You can still find bearded dragons in Australian lands. Most people call them Australian lizard. You can find several interesting dreamtime stories about the creature.

The bearded dragon does not literally have a beard but it has extra skin on its neck. The skin puffs up when the animal feels under attack. This tattoo represents its land, nature, wildlife, and its unique powerful qualities.


The Dragon tattoos have a lot of significance in all many cultures around the world. Many culture have legends of the creature as evil, some have them as a humble being. In many cultures, people think that the dragon has large wings, some think that it lives deep in the sea.

However, dragons are some of the most fascinating creatures for humans. Humans around the world are always in search of these mythical creatures. So they get it inked on their skins to show their love for the creature.

Is it fine if my dragon does not have any color?

If you are worried that your tattoo will look stupid for not having color in it, then you are wrong. You can get a beautiful dragon tattoo with no color at all. Many people think that they need to make their dragon tattoos vibrant and colorful. A tattoo is entirely your personal choice.


You can achieve one of the hottest tattoos on your body with the help of these fascinating dragon tattoo ideas. So hurry up, book that tattoo appointment, and enlighten the fiery personality in you.